Kitchen Utensil Crock

Tired of rummaging through a cluttered kitchen drawer to find that spatula or the slotted spoon? This collection of kitchen utensil crooks is exactly what you've been reaching for the whole time. The most convenient way to keep all your most used kitchen utensils close at hand, you can even choose to add a couple more to add different colors and expand your room for more utensils.

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Cucina rustic kitchen accessories crock blue

Cucina rustic kitchen accessories crock blue
These rustic receptacles might be used in numerous ways, e.g. as plant pots or wooden kitchen utensils stands. Hand-thrown terra cotta crocks are finished with distressed light blue glazing for antiqued feel.

Trio of antique crocks

Trio of antique crocks
Kitchen utensil rack in neutral form. Handy gadget for each kitchen. It is completely made of stoneware. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers for functionality.

Awesome antique red wing pottery 2

Awesome antique red wing pottery 2
A receptacle destined to accommodate many kitchen utensils through years: a fine example of pottery. Some stylish stencil patterns on it provide an antique vibe and feel. 2 galloon volume - pretty big!

Stoneware utensil crock kitchen counter

Stoneware utensil crock kitchen counter
Great kitchen or bathroom container, made of high blue-shaded shabby-style ceramics. Each gutter was made separately and manually. Awsoeme utensil crock holder - fit small and large kitchen accessories.

Utensil Crock

Utensil Crock
Aesthetic and useful decorative round vessel for smaller kitchen utensils storage. Made of glazed ceramic finished in dark blue. It has horizontally grooved top and bottom parts. It is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Stoneware Utensil Crock

Stoneware Utensil Crock
This decorative crock may serve as an embellishing countertop accent or as a functional receptacle for kitchen utensils. It is white inside, with beautiful raspberry red enamel covering the outside surface.

“My Kitchen, My Rules” Ceramic Tool Crock

“My Kitchen, My Rules” Ceramic Tool Crock
Add a distinctive and functional accent to your kitchen with this ceramic tool crock. It is solid and durable and works great with many other items. Features "My Kitchen, My Rules" caption displayed on front. Hand washing recommended.

Our advice Buying Guide

Keeping everything organized in a kitchen, no matter what size it is, is challenging when it comes to cooking utensils. You want them in order, easy to reach, and you have a lot of them, so that poses another issue. However, there are solutions to this dilemma including the use of a kitchen utensil crock. The next challenge is deciding on the style, color, and material. Because there's such a broad selection, we're going to help narrow your focus.

How to organize with kitchen crocks?

When figuring out which utensils to place into each kitchen utensil crock, the first step is to clean out your drawers. Wipe everything clean, organize the utensils on your countertop, and set everything aside you use most often. Then, group those you use most often according to size, and you’re ready to select a kitchen utensil crock that’s appropriate for storing those items. The rest of the items can go back into your utensil draw using storage bins, baskets, or other kinds of containers.

What are kitchen utensil crocks made of?

The most popular materials used in making utensil crocks are:

  • Ceramic, Porcelain, or Pottery: these are a popular choice not only because they clean up quickly but also because they're available in a multitude of colors, shapes, themes, and design options. If you'd like whimsy, you can pick one with a funny saying. If you'd like country, you can select one featuring a chicken. The sky is the limit regarding ceramic, porcelain, and pottery.
  • Metals: for those who are utilizing a modern and contemporary theme in their kitchen decor, this style is optimal. Not only does it add a bit of sparkle but it does so in a subtle way. It's also possible to add copper to a country style kitchen, as well.
  • Plastic: if you'd like a "no muss, no fuss" option for your kitchen utensil crock, plastic is the most durable, easy to maintain, and versatile of the choices. Not only does it go into the dishwasher safely, but you can find a color, design, and style to suit just about any decor.

How to select the right size of utensil crock?

Once you've decided on the material for your kitchen utensil crock, it's time to determine the correct measurements. Because you've already determined what will go into these storage crocks, you'll be using these items as your guidelines. For example, if the majority of what you're storing consists of long-handled wooden spoons, spatulas, and serving utensils, then you'll need a tall kitchen utensil crock. If you're storing small measuring spoons, thermometers, and whisks with short handles, then you'll need a smaller utensil crock. If you have space, consider grouping the crocks on a lazy Suzan for easier access.

How to maintain kitchen utensil crocks?

How you’ll maintain your kitchen utensil crock will depend on the material you’ve chosen. For example, if you’ve chosen copper, you’ll need a specific cleaner. However, in between cleanings, you’ll need to wipe down your crocks. You’ll find this is especially true if you keep them next to your stove because food and grease will continuously spatter on to them. You can prevent these things from drying or cooking on by wiping your crocks down frequently.


Crock for utensils primitive with rustic

Crock for utensils primitive with rustic
Kitchen utensil crock holder with star motif, primitive style, highly recommended for rustic kitchens. This handmade item comes finished black, with mustard star. It's wooden and made only to order for a unique using experience.

Utensil crock

Utensil crocks suitable for kitchen use. These elements are finished in different colors and they are perfect for preparing meals, storing spices, etc. All of them are resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures.

Kitchen utensil crock

This ornamental household good is a utensil crock, embellished by a beautiful ivory paint and floral motifs. Handcrafted in India, adds simple sophistication to the kitchen. Recommended hand wash only.

Utensil crocks

A pair of very convenient crocks for storing utensils, which make everyday life easier. Made of high quality ceramics in white and turquoise colors with a gloss finish, they will be a nice accent of the kitchen countertop.

Vintage utensil crock

Old glazed crock for decoration. Garden? Patio? Backyard? Perhaps a vintage plant stander or pot cover? Porch décor element? You choose. This unique stoneware represents 19th century pottery techniques. It's salt glazed.

Rustic farmhouse love the old pins and spoons

Rustic the old pins and spoons

Utensil crock holder 9

Comfortable kitchen is very important to make cooking a real pleasure. The utensil crock holder for kitchen accessories, ladles and scoops - has Provencal style, delicate beige and is made of good quality ceramics.

Large kitchen utensil crock

My little white home by Nadine; old jars

Crocks for kitchen utensils

I always pay attention to details in my kitchen décor. Consequently, I even try to store my kitchen utensils with style. A kitchen utenstil crock has to look good, not only be practical. This neutral cream crock fits any palette.

Kitchen crocks

Old ceramic pots and vases don't have to be unnecessary - you can give them new life! For example - this simple, old-fashioned canister is used as rack intended to storage kitchen utensils and cutlery.

Kitchen crock

Keep order in your kitchen with this utensil crock. Three cups in different sizes just to storage common used kitchen tools, placed on wooden lazy Susan, which allows you easy access to them. Very stylish and practical.

Kitchen utensils crock

kitchen utensils crock

Crock for kitchen utensils

cosiness! *** ****

Utensil crock holder

In the past, this type of ceramic container was used as a packaging of marmalade. Not, this old-fashioned element is still useful - you can use it as a rack for spoons or other cutlery. It will be fit to vintage kitchen.

Kitchen utensil crock 7

Crocks...and old wooden utensils.

Kitchen crocks for cooking utensils

A charming and functional accent of a kitchen countertop. It's a holder for kitchen utensils made of high quality porcelain in a white color. A universal and timeless design will suit any kitchen decor.

Clean clear kitchen counters a happy medium between pretty and

Clean & Clear Kitchen Counters- a happy medium between pretty and useful

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Mud Pie Concrete Utensils Crock, Gray

Kitchen utensil crock stoneware and ceramic utensil holder kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat bestthisthat

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Kitchen utensil crocks

Install two end wooden brackets under a narrow kitchen cabinet, install a short curtain rod or other decorative bar, and hang kitchen utensils that don't fit in drawers or crowd those crocks on the counter top!

Stoneware utensil crock 2

Ideal to store your cutlery, this kitchen utensil crock is a proposition directed to those, who like to have everything organized in their kitchen. Handcrafted from high-quality ceramics guarantees long-lasting solidness.

Kitchen utensil crock 3

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Home essentials kitchen utensil crock 1

Home Essentials Kitchen Utensil Crock

Kitchen utensil crock 5


Kitchen utensil crock 11

Sunny Simple Life: It's The Little Things, vintage rolling pins, crocks

Kitchen utensil crock 10

Cobalt Blue Kitchen Accessories and decor items such as crock pots, utensils, blenders, mixers, tea towels, mugs and more. #cobaltbluekit

Italian utensil crock

So love salt glazed pottery......

Utensil crock 3

utensil crock

Utensils crock

Mason Jar Ceramic Kitchen Decor Set: Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons, Spoon Rest, Utensil Crock (10 Piece)

Decorative crocks

Antique French White enamel pitcher. Want for a utensil crock in the kithen

Kitchen utensil crock stoneware and ceramic utensil holder kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat bestthisthat

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Utensil crock holder 7

You can not even imagine how you can use this utensil crock holder. Serving ice, using as a centerpiece with your favorite flowers on the party. Thanks to its deep surface and neat design, made of ceramics, in dark violet color.

Kitchen utensil crock 8

... kitchen gadgets tools le creuset large utensil crock dijon home

Kitchen utensil crock 1

Progressive Housewares CSJC-01W White Tool Crock

Home kitchen tools utensils utensil crocks le creuset

Home >> Kitchen Tools >> Utensils >> Utensil Crocks >> Le Creuset ...

Kitchen utensil crock 8

Pipe Up - would this pvc pipe idea work better than my utensil crock - hmm.

Sur La Table White Utensil Crock R26 WHITE , 8¼", 8.25"

Ceramic utensil crock

Vintage Kitchen Display How to Decorate a Kitchen Stylish & Practical Ways to Accessorize Your Space

Kitchen utensil crock

... Cooking Utensils & Holders Chantal White-Utensil Crock 92 15 Wt

Kitchen utensil crock 7

Fiesta Utensil Crock 6 5/8 inch FIESTA-447

Kitchen utensil crock 5

Kitchen: Utensil Crock

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