Ceramic Rice Cooker


It can be tricky to cook rice just right. Maybe for your kitchen, a ceramic rice cooker is a good investment. We think all kitchens should consider getting one. They make rice cooking a breeze, and cook it perfectly every time. And pretty much everyone loves rice. It is a staple of life across the world. Look in to this collection and pick your next ceramic rice cooker.

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Our Picks

Ceramic rice cooker 3

Ceramic installation dedicated to rice preparation. It looks like pot, but it has built-in coil heater. It is equipped with thermometer and themperature control. This item is must-have in every kitchen of Chinese's or Japan's cuisine lover.

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Microwave rice cooker black 1 5 ligatures

Microwave rice cooker セラクック black 1.5 ligatures

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Rice cooker ceramic pot

High quality ceramic rice cooker with a six-cup capacity and sturdy construction. The cooker is extremely versatile, offering settings for cooking rice, porridge, stew, soup, and other foods. The cooker is also energy star compliant for outstanding energy efficiency.

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Japanese ceramic rice cooker

If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, this Japanese ceramic rice cooker could be just what you’re looking for in your kitchen. Not only does it look great from the outside, it makes cooking rice an easy and fun experience.

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Ceramic rice cooker

A functional gadget or even a must-have if you don't like wasting your time. It's an elegant rice cooker made of high quality ceramics. It will quickly cook your rice without burning and you don't have to watch the time as it will do it for you.

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Ceramic rice cooker 4

This ceramic rice cooker represents the contemporary approach to household goods - stylish and functional. It guarantees multiple cooking functions – rice, porridge and soup taste delicious, without any “blanc” smell.

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Ceramic rice cooker 23

High-end ceramic rice cooker that can handle between 3-6 cups at any given time. The cooker comes in a compact design and a strong lid for faster and safer cooking. It is also energy-efficient and visually appealing thanks to its neutral graphite-like finishing.

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Ceramic rice cooker 6

Top of the line ceramic rice cooker designed to deliver quick and efficient cooking. The appliance can also cook several different foods including stew, soup, and others. It is super light too and comes with fire-resistant handles for easy portability.

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Ceramic inner pot rice cooker

Well-constructed ceramic rice cooker offering ample cooking capacity for a standard family. The cooker comes with two strong handles on both sides and a tight lid for safety and ease of cooking. It is finished in a shiny dark coat for great visuals and decorative value as well.

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Ceramic rice cooker 2

An aesthetic traditional Japanese rice cooker made of durable ceramic. It has a creamy bottom part but a centre with handles and a domed sealed double-lid with a round handle are glossy black. It can be used atop of a gas stove or over a campfire.

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Ceramic Rice Cooker

Buying Guide

A ceramic rice cooker should do one thing very well: Produce fluffy, well-seasoned rice without any additional work on your part. These kitchen appliances take the guesswork out of cooking rice, allowing you to avoid gluey or overly-sticky food without having to monitor the rice as it cooks.

Some considerations you’ll want to factor in include size, ‘smart’ abilities, and durability. Because these appliances can be costly, you’ll want to make sure yours is geared to last for a long time. Look for solid ceramic, non-stick interiors; and if the rice cooker comes with plastic tools and directions not to scratch the interior, that’s a good sign.

Look over the list of pre-set cooking options to see if the rice cooker is capable of keeping rice warm or cooking different types of rice - you’ll want your appliance to be capable of many different preparations. Finally, consider the size. If you’re just cooking for one or two people, stick to a 2-4 cup container to save kitchen space. Cooking for a crowd could justify anything up to a 12-20 cup size.

If you're pondering on whether a rice cooker is worth buying, then you'll need to consider a few factors, such as how often you cook rice and how much you value your time. This is because a rice cooker may be an additional appliance; however, it is a useful one at that.

There's nothing easier than throwing in your favorite variety of rice, be it white, brown or something exotic, pressing a button or two and getting perfectly cooked rice every time. The bonus is that you barely need to lift a finger or watch over it while it cooks, which means you can use that time to complete other household tasks or just relax.

Burnt rice is also a thing of the past with the ceramic rice cooker as it contains a thermostat that automatically shuts off and some rice cookers have a warm setting to keep the rice at a nice temperature until you are ready to eat.

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Ceramic rice cooker 24

Cocel Rice Cooker by 4th-market - Analogue Life

Kamado san rice cooker

Rice cooker in oriental style. It is made of high quality ceramic. Includes convenient handles for easy carrying. Handy gadget for each kitchen.

Ceramic microwave rice cooker

Donabe, the traditional Japanese clay pot cooker, are lidded earthen pots perfect for making rice, soups, sukiyaki, shabu shabu and braised meats and stews can be used directly on the stove or in the oven. Naoko Moore is the sole distributor of Nagatani d

Hannex 6 cup ceramic rice cooker 1

Hannex 6-cup Ceramic Rice Cooker

Ceramic rice cooker 3

Ceramic Rice Cooker

Kinto rice cooker

Kinto Ceramic Rice Cooker, White | Williams-Sonoma

Ceramic rice cooker 9

Rice cooker Koseru

Ceramic rice cooker 12

VitaClay VF7700-6 Chef Gourmet 6-Cup Rice and Slow Cooker VitaClay

Ceramic rice cooker 11

Do you remember the song - "my mug is full"? That is a mug - ceramic rice cooker, what the song is about! There are many poets who would like to write about this white, unconventional in its shape a ceramic pot with lid.

20-Cup Rice Cooker

20-Cup Rice Cooker

Azume ceramic rice cooker by ben oostrum kickstarter

AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker by Ben Oostrum —Kickstarter

Kakomi ceramic rice cooker 1 25qt on food52

Kakomi Ceramic Rice Cooker, 1.25QT on Food52

Korean traditional ceramic rice cooker with lid

Korean Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker with Lid ...

Korean traditional ceramic rice cooker with lid 1

Korean Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker with Lid ...