Porcelain Fruit Bowl

Having fruit readily available for kids and personal consumption is easiest way to remember it's there for a midday respite. But you don't wanna put the fruit in just any bowl. You prefer to have your fruit in something more decorative that will accent the space around it. For you we have a collection of porcelain fruit bowls. Find yours in this wonderful collection.

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The big white porcelains nest free

The big white porcelains nest free
I really love this cute, tiny, white porcelain fruit bowl. Perfect for any design, as the pattern of the bowl is both modern and traditional at the same time. A truly amazing piece for your dining room or kitchen.

Whittier Canoe Fruit Bowl

Whittier Canoe Fruit Bowl
Elegant classic bowl for fruit and vegetables. It's oval, crafted of white glazed porcelain and has curved edges so looks like a boat with raised a bow and a stern. It's dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator safe.

Hand Carved Porcelain Lace Fruit Bowl

Hand Carved Porcelain Lace Fruit Bowl
Lacework design makes this porcelain fruit bowl particularly decorative. Besides, open concept design provides air circulation - the fruits remain fresh for long. The crochet style ceramic bowl is all white.

White Porcelain Berry Bowl

White Porcelain Berry Bowl
A nice choice for when you need or simply want to display your fruit for your guests and would want a beautiful and fashionable piece to help you do that. This fruit bowl sports the porcelain structure and comes with individually drilled holes.

Whittier Faceted Fruit Bowl

Whittier Faceted Fruit Bowl
Pretty traditional fruit bowl made of glossy white glazed porcelain with a solid design. It's round and has faceted walls. It's dishwasher, microwave, oven and refrigerator safe. Such bowls can be stacked.

Hanging fruit basket color options made

Hanging fruit basket color options made
Add something fun to your interior decor with this hanging fruit basket that sports the beautiful combination of porcelain and metal and comes in a baby blue finish that brightens up any space almost instantly.

Leaf 2 Tier Stand

Leaf 2 Tier Stand
Pretty-looking contemporary fruit stand crafted of chromed steel wires. It has 4 low feet and consists of a thin round stem with 2 size-varied round bowls in 2 tiers. Bowls have walls with an openwork leaf design. A stand must be hand-cleaned.

Our advice Buying Guide

Where to display a porcelain fruit bowl?

You can display a porcelain fruit bowl in several places, but the kitchen and the dining room tend to be the most popular locations. Depending on the coloring of your porcelain bowl, the center of your dining room table and casually placed on your kitchen countertop tend to be two good options.

A trend that we’ve loved seeing is a blue-and-white chinoiserie porcelain fruit bowl filled to the brim with bright yellow citrus. This, placed in the middle of a darker brown hardwood dining table, is a classic yet modern centerpiece that will look good no matter the season.

What else apart from fruits can you store in a porcelain fruit bowl?

As the name implies, fruit bowls were designed to hold fruit making it quick and convenient to grab a healthy snack in a hurry. However, just because this was the original purpose does not mean that you can't have a little fun and use it to inspire a whole new way of thinking.

Porcelain fruity bowls look classy on their own, but to add to their flair consider using them to hold flowers or a variety of pretty little succulents surrounded by white pebbles.

Alternatively, use them to hold unique little candles with colorful pebbles all around or display a string of LED lights inside a lace fruit bowl allowing the light to shine through and create a cosy effect.

Is porcelain a good choice for a fruit bowl?

The decision on whether porcelain is a good choice or not for a fruit bowl varies from person to person.

Porcelain fruit bowls certainly have an elegant appeal that looks beautiful with both traditional and modern decor but nevertheless, this material is exceedingly fragile. Once dropped on the floor, it’ll shatter into countless shards. This just goes to show that a fruit bowl made of porcelain isn't the most practical option for households with little ones running around. You may also want to avoid purchasing one if you’ve got a cat that climbs on your furniture. The last thing that you want is for your cat to push your delicate fruit bowl off the table or counter.

If you really can’t resist the striking designs of porcelain fruit bowls and must get one for your home, it’s better to choose double-fired porcelain, for a little bit of durability and resilience.

Besides their stylish appearance, porcelain fruit bowls can keep your fruits from going bad faster. You can now enjoy your fresh fruits for much longer!


Porcelain lace fruit bowl

Porcelain Lace Fruit Bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 2

Fruit bowl finished with openwork pattern. It is made of high quality porcelain. Handy gadget for each home. Classic form and contemporary design.

Porcelain fruit bowl 18

Porcelain fruit bowl with a lovely design and large space. This fruit bowl is carved from porcelain and is quite large with a lot of space for holding fruits. It has a lace clothe design with the holes in it having different shapes and dimensions.

The little white porcelain s nest ready to by lapetiteecharlotte

Porcelain bowl with a stunning nature-themed design. This fruit bowl is made out of fire glazed porcelain and has a polished finish. The design is themed after a bird’s nest which gives the bowl such a beautiful look and makes it a quality acquisition for your kitchenware set.

White ceramic fruit bowl with holes

A ceramic bowl with a lovely design. The bowl is made from stoneware clay which makes it quite resistant to impact from light falls. It has a satin green color with a brown finish on the rim. The bowl has holes in it which make the bulk of its cultural design. It can only be used for holding large food items such as fruits.

Porcelain fruit bowl 5

Porcelain bowl with a plain but stunning design. The fruit bowl is made from porcelain and has a glazed and polished finish. The outer part of the bowl has a white color and has a beehive design all over its sides. The inner part has a more brownish color.

Pottery fruit bowls

This is an elegant looking carved fruit bowl. Unlike most fruit bowls made of plastic, this one is crafted from porcelain which keeps your fruits cold and fresh for longer. It features intricate carvings all round. It’s a perfect addition to your kitchen fruit bowls.

In ceramic fruit bowl carved baskets of fruit blue decoration

... in ceramic fruit bowl carved baskets of fruit blue decoration

La Stanza Dello Scirocco by Mario Trimarchi Fruit Bowl

La Stanza Dello Scirocco by Mario Trimarchi Fruit Bowl

White ceramic fruit basket

HandCarved Porcelain Fruit Bowl

I am totally obsessing right now over ceramic fruit bowls

I am totally obsessing right now over ceramic fruit bowls!!! Holy Bowl Bowl Porcelain Fruit Bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl

Porcelain lace bowl by Isabelle Abramson

Porcelain fruit bowl

beautiful textured - inspired by sea urchin pottery

Porcelain fruit bowl 4

extra large bowl. fruit bowl made of black clay with white glaze, modern pottery minimal ceramic

Ceramic fruit bowl

ceramic fruit bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl

White Porcelain Carved Organic Fruit Bowl: 7.5 x 4". $120.

So if you have an extra grand to blow on

So, if you have an extra grand to blow on something pretty....

White porcelain bowl with delicate lace inspired carving measures approximately

White porcelain bowl with delicate lace-inspired carving. Measures approximately 3.75 wide and 1.5 tall. Glazed with milky white, food-safe,

Porcelain fruit bowl 29

Handmade Porcelain Fruit Bowl

Beautiful ceramic berry bowl by ningswonderworld

Beautiful ceramic berry bowl by Ningswonderworld!

Ceramic fruit bowl designs

NEW Pierced porcelain basket in Cornflower blue by KiefferCeramics, $170.00 Beautiful!

Porcelain fruit bowl 33

Antique Bavarian square plate with handles

Porcelain fruit bowl 21

@Bianca Williams, I kind of like this shape for a fruit bowl, so you can see everything in it

Meissen 1900s not usually my style but oh what a

Meissen 1900s Not usually my style...but oh what a gorgeous piece!

Porcelain fruit bowl 1

white porcelain fruit bowl: made by isabelle abramson

Porcelain fruit bowl 6


Handmade ceramic fruit bowl spotty blue

Handmade ceramic fruit bowl (spotty blue)

Like this item 520

Like this item?

Teneh Fruit Bowl

Teneh Fruit Bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 25

Leafy Bowl Carved Pottery Centerpiece Fresh by thewheelandi, $245.00

White fruit bowl with holes

Ceramic Fruit Bowl Berry Bowl Colander with coaster dish handcarved

Porcelain fruit bowl 2

Fruit bowl that plays practical and decorative roles in dining and other indoors. This original bowl provides space for fruits and its porcelain construction includes an attractive, multi-color theme.

Crystal Palace Centerpiece Fruit Bowl

Crystal Palace Centerpiece Fruit Bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 28

Holiday Gift: Alice Moon Cups at Horne : Remodelista

222 Fifth Adelaide Blue & White Square Fruit / Dipping Bowls, Set of 4

Porcelain fruit bowl 20

Ceramic (fruit?) bowl with blue hand-painted brush strokes

Rs prussia porcelain berry fruit bowl set floral mold

RS Prussia Porcelain Berry Fruit Bowl Set Floral Mold

Porcelain fruit bowl 32

Antique T C Brown Westhead Moore 1880s Large Porcelain Fruit Bowl Canova | eBay

Takeshi omura lovely shape would make a gorgeous fruit bowl

Takeshi Omura. Lovely shape - would make a gorgeous fruit bowl or table centrepiece.

White ceramic fruit bowl

Oh my god this is amazing. Carved Porcelain Fruit Bowl. $3,400.00,

Personalized wedding gift fruit bowl lace design anniversary commitment ceremony

Personalized Wedding Gift - fruit bowl- Lace design - Anniversary, Commitment Ceremony

Porcelain fruit bowl 9

Vintage Cream Stoneware Bowl...I use my crocks all the time. they may be antiques but why let them sit on the shelf and gather dust!

Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl

Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl