Metal Kitchen Canisters

You decorated your kitchen with the most modern concepts because you wanted the most contemporary look available. Why should your kitchen canisters not follow that same motif? For you, we offer metal kitchen canisters that will hold all of your ingredients and an airtight seal that prevents moisture from ruining the contents within. See collection for more details.

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Set 2 Vintage Style Metal Flour Sugar Canister Farmhouse Country Kitchen Bins

Set 2 Vintage Style Metal Flour Sugar Canister Farmhouse Country Kitchen Bins
Add these amazing kitchen bins to always make sure that your sugar and flour are stored neatly and organized to perfection, while the vintage and slightly distressed finish of the metal containers add a certain amount of appeal to your decor.

Vintage art deco aluminum canister set

Vintage art deco aluminum canister set
Set of two canisters intended to storage spices. They are made of metal (stylised on the rock) and has copper lids. Smaller caninsters are dedicated to tea and coffee, bigger to flour. They will play them role perfectly in your kitchen.

3 Piece Provincial Canister Vase Set

3 Piece Provincial Canister Vase Set
A set of three well-made canisters which are attractive pieces that are specially designed to store tea, coffee and sugar. They are constructed of high-quality materials like ceramic, mango wood and metal.

Avocado green 70s metal kitchen canister

Avocado green 70s metal kitchen canister
Organize your pantry to the maximum with these kitchen canisters that come in a set of four and make for a charming and retro-styled addition for your interior, especially with their design straight from the 70s and the beautiful avocado green finish.

Reserved for caos1 vintage galvanized

Reserved for caos1 vintage galvanized
Rustic kitchens need decorations that bring vintage accents into the play. Just like this eye-catchy canister set made of galvanized metal. Each of those tins has a large black sign, and a deep lid with a convenient handle.

Vintage Copper Kitchen Canisters Set Of

Vintage Copper Kitchen Canisters Set Of
A captivating decoration for kitchens and dining rooms, in shape of a gorgeous set of four canisters. Emanating with vintage flavor and durable construction, each of those cuties is made of copper and beauitfully-polished for extra appearance.

Ceramic stainless steel canisters set of 3

Ceramic & Stainless Steel Canisters, Set of 3

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Metal kitchen canisters are great for keeping flour, sugar, pasta and more safe from moisture, insects and rodents. They cannot be broken like glass canisters. Another plus is that they give you the opportunity to use them to beautify your home. You can match colors or color-coordinate them to the colors in your kitchen.

What's the history of a metal kitchen canister?

By the 1850s, tin canisters were standard in U.S. kitchens because traveling salesmen sold them filled with coffee or tea. Some of these canisters carried the company name. In the 1940s, enameled canisters were used widely. They often bore labels such as “flour” and “sugar” that identified their contents. In keeping with practical identification, many canisters with labels are available today.

What styles and colors of metal kitchen canisters are trending?

Metal kitchen canisters are available in dark colors like espresso and deep blue, bright colors such as avocado green and fire engine red. They offer more choices by being available in shiny finishes or hammered finishes as well as in patterns and with floral motifs. Metal kitchen canisters are also available with reproductions of famous labels and styles of bygone days. Pieces of any era can be found in one or more of the following materials: stainless steel, galvanized tin, chrome or aluminum.

While some retro metal kitchen canisters come in very busy and colorful patterns that cover every inch of the storage vessel, others have a clean and very modern look. That’s because in the 1950s chrome accents were popular, as were the colors pink, aqua, turquoise, black, gray and copper. The materials used in making canisters of several eras are sometimes mixed. For instance, a set might have metal containers and wood tops.

What are the uses of metal kitchen canisters?

You can place metal kitchen canisters on your kitchen counter, but they are not just for foodstuffs. Use them in your laundry room or bathroom. Parents can use them to store children’s crayons, marbles, game pieces and more. If you’re a hobbyist, a person who makes home repairs or someone who sews, use them to keep nails, screws, glue, pins, needles, thread and more. Remove the lid on them to keep tall items such as wooden spoons, rulers and paint brushes. Since they come in so many colors, you are sure to find one that complements the decor of your home.

What are the best tops for metal kitchen canisters?

Since historically they were always about food preservation, metal kitchen canisters have airtight seals. Some have push-down lids while others have latches. Still others have handles or knobs on their tops. Metal kitchen canisters usually come in sets of three, four or five. The pieces of most sets can be nestled inside each other to conserve space when not in use.

Even though we now have cabinets with lots of shelves in our kitchens that’s no reason to ditch storage containers for that room. Even if you don’t need them for your kitchen, you don’t have to think too hard to find other places in your home where you can use metal kitchen canisters.


Metal kitchen canisters

A stunning set of four kitchen canister pieces that are made from durable and strong metal to ensure years of use and would easily fit in with all of your kitchen decor thanks to the vintage look and appeal that they give off.

Vintage metal kitchen canisters

Get your kitchen fully organized anytime with these metallic canisters meant to last for years. The canisters can be marked or labeled for easy organization and come in a wide range of sizes too for all your kitchen storage needs. They are finished in a neutral cream shade as well but can be customized with different colors.

Vintage owl canister set

Vintage pink plastic canister set from the 1960s. Canisters are labeled in descending order of size, Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Tea. Knife, fork, and spoon stylized decoration on the sides of each. The lids are topped off with clear plastic knobs.

Kitchen canisters 7

Kitchen Canisters

Metal kitchen canisters 2

Expand storage and get your kitchen organized with these beautiful and functional metal canisters. Available in a variety of sizes, these pieces are designed to provide ample storage bin capacity for all your small kitchen stuff. They are also available in a wide range of colors.

Metal kitchen canisters

Some kitchen receptacles to store spices, sugar and flour - dressed up in charmful vintage style. Pale pink metal canisters sport chrome details and air-tight lids. They're both practical and stylish, in an understated, but appealing way.

Originals Plain Flour Tin

Originals Plain Flour Tin

Metal kitchen canisters

Kitchen canisters in vintage style. It is completely made of metal and finished with interesting pattern. Suitable for storing food and others needed stuff. Handy gadget for each kitchen. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Set of six vintage aqua and chrome kitchen canisters and

Set of Six Vintage Aqua and Chrome Kitchen Canisters and Metal Storage Rack Lincoln Beauty Ware found at jacklom3 on Etsy.

Farmhouse Canisters (Set of 3)

Farmhouse Canisters (Set of 3)

Metal kitchen canisters

For you farmhouse kitchen: Galvanized Canisters, $58.00

Vintage metal canisters

Love, love, love the cabinets. Also the old bread box used for stuff the usually lies on the counter.

Aqua kitchen canisters

Should have bought this set on Etsy when I had the chance! Love!!! Lincoln Beautyware Set of Six Vintage Aqua Chrome Kitchen Storage -

Primitive kitchen canisters

Galvanized Cannisters - set of 3. An antique inspired set of three galvanized tin canisters are a great addition to the kitchen or laundry. Sizes: Large: 11.5 x 7, Medium: 9.5 x 5.5, Small: 7.5 x 5. #vintage #farmhouse #kitchen

Metal cannisters

٠•●●♥♥❤ஜ۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩ஜ❤♥♥● Mix & match vintage kitchen tins ٠•●●♥♥❤ஜ۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩ஜ❤♥♥●

Metal canister sets

I love these cute vintage kitchen canisters, so lovely and useful. I' definitely put my tea bags and coffee in these.

Large canister sets

This set of large canisters makes an ideal kitchen addition. Its cream color will provide a festive touch to your daily stuff. Crafted of low-maintenance earthenware and dishwasher safe. Each canister sits in a metal rack that measures: 6.6 x 6.6 x 2.75".

Kitchen canisters ceramic

Three canisters set in Italian style. Cast aluminium base (chocolate brown) features Fleur De Lis motif. The canisters themselves are ceramic, finished smoothly and slightly polished, sporting cream hue.

Metal kitchen canisters 10

Metal cans done shabby chic

Mod stainless steel canister set vintage kitchen canisters

Mod stainless steel canister set, vintage kitchen canisters

International poppies kitchen canister set poppies canister set set

international poppies kitchen canister set poppies canister set set

Pc stainless steel canister set oval by calphalon

pc. Stainless Steel Canister Set: Oval by Calphalon

Canisters straight wall 18 10 stainless steel 1 25 qt

canisters straight wall 18 10 stainless steel 1 25 qt covered canister

Metal kitchen canisters 2

piece stainless steel amazon com oggi 4 piece stainless steel canister ...

French Country Canister Set ~ Kitchen Storage Canisters E2~ Decorative Containers ~ White Retro Enamel

This great set of kitchen containers is a practical solution for your home. Curiously they made from high quality stainless been smooth glaze. The product is made in a retro style by helping to give an interesting atmosphere throughout the kitchen.

Flour canister set

Vintage 6pc Pink Brushed Metal Tin Canister Set by Kromex

Metal kitchen canisters 5

The set of metal kitchen canisters. I know that giving the second chance for the old utensils is very important when we are taking about natural environment. But this canisters, looking like rusty should be repainted before reusing once again.

Metal kitchen canisters 1

... French Enamel Pots Red Clay Colored Metal Kitchen Canisters with Lids

Metal canisters

The vintage metal canisters presented on the picture were refreshed by their owner: all canisters were spray painted - now they're light blue - and hand lettered. In their new form, they successfully brighten the kitchen up.

Metal kitchen canisters

Faux Galvanizing Technique ... using paint colors to give the look. This is the actual link to the technique:

Metal kitchen canisters

Tall Galvanized Canisters, set of 3 - Tall Galvanized Canisters to set on your hutch or sideboard bring an irresistible farm house appeal to your home. Remember the set your grandma had? Brings you back to her house, doesn't it?

Metal kitchen canisters 11

Suzie: Amoroso Design - Stainless steel floating shelves, stacked tin spice canisters, subway ...

Metal kitchen canisters

Formula can upcycle - could use oatmeal cans too - I've been looking for something - this is the best idea yet! I totally see coffee bags on them!

Metal kitchen canisters 3

Industrial Shelf. SO easy to make. Would be cute in a boys room for Decor, trophies, books...

3 Piece Barrington Canister Set

3 Piece Barrington Canister Set

White ceramic utensil holder

Store your kitchen utensils neatly in a decorous ceramic holder in ecru. Decorous cast aluminium base showcases matching bronze finish and swirly floral motif. The ceramic receptacle is dishwasher safe.

Metal kitchen canisters 12

Metal Canisters With Chalkboard, Set of 3 - From -

Kitchen canisters pottery

Presented here Mercury Moss ceramic kitchen canisters appear to be mirrored, glass and stylized on antique glamor at the same time. Golden round covers perfectly match the whole set, which also proposes an initial shade of ivory.

Metal kitchen canisters 14

DIY Metallic Color Blocked Canisters :: Hometalk (I think I would like silver or pewter for the bottoms with these blue and green colors)

Cream stainless steel coffee kitchen canister

Cream Stainless Steel Coffee Kitchen Canister

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French enamel pots red clay colored metal kitchen canisters with

... French Enamel Pots Red Clay Colored Metal Kitchen Canisters with Lids