Black Kitchen Canisters


For your darker colored kitchen, you don't want brightly colored kitchen canisters. You selected the decor, decided it needed to be dark, and for this choice, we have a collection of black kitchen canisters. Now your sugar, flour, or whatever you put in these canisters, will not offset your deep, rich color scheme. See collection for all black kitchen canister options.

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Our Picks

Black and white kitchen canisters

A stunning set of three goth-friendly canisters that will make for a nice, retro choice for your kitchen, especially with the black and white finish and the sublime pattern. They come in three different sizes for more versatility.

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Country kitchen tea coffee sugar containers canisters jars m2bb

... Country Kitchen Tea, Coffee, Sugar Containers Canisters Jars M2BB

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Bear kitchen canisters

Kitchen canisters in black color. They are suitable for different spices and other products of this type. Each canister includes a decorative, protective lid. They also include attractive bases with some stylish accents.

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Black kitchen cannisters

Get your kitchen fully organized with these black matte canisters. The pieces are already pre-marked but you can label them the way you see fit. They are incredibly large too and should provide the best place to store dried foods and other kitchen supplies.

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Simsbury 3 Piece Canister Set

Simsbury 3 Piece Canister Set

3-pieces set of canisters made of stoneware, with glossy white finish. Every canister features airtight lid with top pull and fluted sides. The canisters may be cleaned in a dishwasher and are appropriate to be used in a microwave.

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Certified international regency black 3 piece canister set

Certified International Regency Black 3-piece Canister Set

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Large black 4pc kitchen canister set seal lids ps4nd047 large

Large Black 4pc Kitchen Canister Set-Seal Lids PS4ND047 Large Black ...

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Home kitchen s p soho set of 3 black canisters

Home > Kitchen > S&P Soho Set of 3 Black Canisters

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Black and white canisters

Well-crafted kitchen canisters available in several different sizes. The canisters offer a unique balance of white and black. They also feature a lid at the top and overall impeccable craftsmanship that will completely transform your kitchen.

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Shop home home decor wallpaper taline kitchen canisters black white

shop home home decor wallpaper taline kitchen canisters black white ...

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Black Kitchen Canisters

Buying Guide

Yes, black kitchen canisters are great for storing food since they’re specifically designed to preserve food for longer periods. Not only will they keep your food fresh and protected from air and moisture, but they also won’t interfere with your current color scheme and design. Besides, black will match with just about anything and never goes out of style.

Are you going to be lifting and using your black kitchen canisters often, or will you be leaving them mostly in place? When you’re picking out materials for kitchen gear, you want to choose something aesthetic but also light and practical so they don’t bog you down while cooking.

A smooth ceramic is our favorite denser, more durable material for kitchen canisters; however, if you need them to be particularly lightweight, vinyl or plastic is the way to go.

Black kitchen canisters add weight and solemnity to the rooms they’re placed in. Whether or not they match your kitchen equipment depends on what color and material your kitchen equipment is made of.

If your kitchen equipment is mainly metallic—such as stainless steel, aluminum, or copper—then your black kitchen canisters will look right at home. If your kitchen equipment is made of a ceramic or melamine in a non-neutral color, then black kitchen canisters may not match precisely.

However, there’s a good chance that they’ll present an intriguing aesthetic juxtaposition, though—so don’t be afraid of buying black canisters, no matter what your kitchen looks like!

Best Ideas

4 Piece Canister Set

4 Piece Canister Set

It is a set of sealed food containers. Specially designed closure provides longer lasting freshness of food meal. This prevents ingress of air and dust. The containers are of different sizes. Perfect for every kitchen.

Details about tuscan drake design black ceramic kitchen canisters s

Details about Tuscan Drake Design Black Ceramic Kitchen Canisters S/3

Kitchens brilliant white and black colored contemporary kitchen

Kitchens,Brilliant White And Black Colored Contemporary Kitchen ...

Mackenzie childs courtly check canisters my mom just gave these

MacKenzie-Childs "Courtly Check" Canisters - my mom just gave these to me - love them!

Black white collection handcrafted 4 piece kitchen canister set

Black & White Collection Handcrafted 4-Piece Kitchen Canister Set

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Vintage kitchen canister tins new in

Vintage kitchen canister tins new in

These impressive kitchen containers for sugar, flour, coffee, and tea are perfect for any kitchen. Attractive colors in turquoise and copper are beautifully presented on kitchen shelves. Metal-based construction is durable.

Black kitchen canisters 1

Simple and beautiful kitchen canisters. These canisters are made from fire glazed ceramics so they don’t easily break. They also come in sets of three with each having different sizes. They all come with lids on top.

Black kitchen canisters

jars by paulova on etsy - gorgeous

4-Piece Avanti Canister Set

4-Piece Avanti Canister Set

Beth Kushnick 3 Piece Lidded Canister Set

Beth Kushnick 3 Piece Lidded Canister Set

Vintage 3 piece kitchen canister set 1950s black white checkered

Vintage 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set 1950s Black White Checkered Tin ...

Flour canister set

Vintage 6pc Pink Brushed Metal Tin Canister Set by Kromex

Black kitchen canisters 1

Orla Kiely canisters!