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Everyday tea drinkers need tea kettles made in USA that are durable to last years and trendy to look at when left on the stove. Tea kettles with short spouts and open handles and electric tea kettles are the marker for modern homes. For a touch of the classics, people choose tea kettles with long spouts and full handles. If you're seeking a stainless steel tea kettle that won't rust, check out our long list of amazing tea kettles below.

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Updated 27/01/2023
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Tea Kettles Made in USA With A Five Layer Base

Tea Kettles Made in USA With A Five Layer Base


What We Like: The innovative bottom allows water to boil faster

What We Don't Like: Screws on the handle are visible

Not So Good For: Gas or glass stove tops

Perfect For: People with busy lifestyles needing hot water quickly

This American-made tea kettle comes in black, white, or red, with bronze accents and a stamp on the side for more character. Its heavy-duty Teflon build makes this tea kettle a purchase that will last a long time. The five layers on the bottom made up of aluminum and iron heat water up quickly.

It is resistant to rust and features a heatproof handle, a stainless steel body, and a button on the handle to open the spout. Pair this kettle with black or white marble countertops and white or black cabinets for a strong color balance.

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Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Made in USA With Quote

Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Made in USA With Quote

kate spade new york

What We Like: The cute personal quote message on the cap

What We Don't Like: Handle is not heatproof

Not So Good For: People wanting to keep accessories at a minimum

Perfect For: Those who sip their tea and take their time

Made with the modern kitchen in mind, this gorgeous tea kettle made in the USA has a cute quote on the spout lid that reads, "Whistle While You Work." It has a polished enamel body in turquoise with stainless steel parts that help fight against rust.


For people who can't stand the whistle sound on a tea kettle, this is your pot because the whistle on it can be removed. Its shiny metal handle is pretty, but you will have to use an oven mitt or potholder to pick it up when it's hot.

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Kettle Made in USA With Hammered Design

Kettle Made in USA With Hammered Design

Old Dutch International

What We Like: Antique handle, body, and spout

What We Don't Like: Lid knob is small and harder to grip

Not So Good For: People with dexterity issues

Perfect For: People wanting a vintage appliance in their kitchen

Antique with a hammered copper body, this USA made tea kettle has a long spout, a wide lid for easy cleaning, and a black knob. The black handle has a hand grip molded into it and folds up and down to make cleaning easier than handles that don't move.

The clear coat protects the finish from tarnishing and changing colors. Its simple copper-plated hue and design makes it a suitable match for many home styles. Use it on gas and electric stoves but not on glass or induction stovetops.

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American Made Tea Kettle With Phenolic Handle

American Made Tea Kettle With Phenolic Handle


What We Like: Durable and impact-resistant handle

What We Don't Like: Lid handle is small

Not So Good For: People looking for a feminine product

Perfect For: Using on a variety of stove top types

Resistant to rust, this tea kettle made in the USA can hold two quarts of water or ten six-ounce cups of tea for a get-together. Its body is designed as one piece to eliminate seams on the inside to prevent rust. The enamel inside prevents hard water and calcium from building up making it hard to scrub off.

Although this tea kettle works well on any stove top type, it does require hand protection to avoid burns. Choose between eight colors: aqua, black, yellow, red, fog gray, blue, marigold, and sage green.

$49.95 $60

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USA Made Tea Kettle With Metal Ring Base

USA Made Tea Kettle With Metal Ring Base


What We Like: Heatproof handle and speckled body

What We Don't Like: The whistle feature is loud

Not So Good For: Using on gas burner stoves

Perfect For: Elderly hard at hearing and needing a good handle grip

This American-made tea kettle boasts a pastel pink, blue, or green body with black and white speckle accents and a smooth silver ring base. It can hold just under three and a half quarts and is more affordable than other tea kettles. The kettle is not enameled, and it works on all stovetops.

It features a heatproof handle, a simple touch button to open the lid, and comes with a loud whistle to get your attention. Because the whistle is loud, it does great in large houses with multiple floor levels, but not so much in small quarters.

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Electric Tea Kettle Made in USA

Electric Tea Kettle Made in USA

Hamilton Beach

What We Like: Automatic shut-off feature

What We Don't Like: Needs to be plugged in to work

Not So Good For: Kitchens with limited outlets

Perfect For: Watching the water inside boil

This USA made tea kettle does not whistle like others do, making it a great option for homes with sleeping babies or sensitive pets. It has a modern look that lets you visibly see when the water is boiled. The auto shut-off function comes in handy when distractions take you away from the kitchen.

Some drawbacks to this product is it requires you to plug it in and it holds less than two quarts. If you are the only one heating up water for tea or hot cocoa, then the smaller quart capacity will not be a problem.

$34.99 $49.99

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Tea Kettles Made In USA

Buying Guide

Nothing says, “Ready for tea,” quite like a whistling tea kettle made in the USA. (Unless it is a whistling tea kettle made in the UK.) Made in the USA is a label that is a point of pride with many companies and buyers in the United States. In an era that has seen more than its share of outsourcing, that label means jobs for people in the US, as well as being an indicator of value.

A whistling tea kettle has a device on the spout or top of the kettle that is activated by steam. When the pressure of your kettle reaches that boiling point, the kettle sounds off to let you know that it is hot. The whistle of a whistling tea kettle signaled a lot of things in an old-fashioned kitchen. Not only were tea kettles used to heat water for tea, they were also used to heat water for washing dishes and other clean-up tasks. Whistling tea kettles come in different designs. Some are utilitarian, some are decorative.


If it is for the kitchen, you can bet that Cuisinart has it. In this case “it” is a classic whistling tea kettle with a black stainless-steel base and black handle with a trigger to lift the whistling cap for pouring. The lid lifts for filling.


Your whistling tea kettle can add a splash of color to your kitchen if you get the Osaka enamel coated whistling teapot. It works much like the model from Cuisinart, but has a different pot shape and will certainly brighten up your kitchen.


If you are running a restaurant or if your kitchen looks like Grand Central Station most days, the glass Whistling Kettle from Medelco might be just the thing. It has a twelve-cup capacity and will enliven any gathering with its cheery whistle.

Jacob Bromwell

Handcrafted from copper, these kettles might have minor imperfections but it makes them all the more beautiful. Copper has the happy ability to wear well, clean up easily, and will match your copper-bottom pans. That is quite a lot to whistle about if it comes right down to it. So it does – every time you heat it up.

The safest tea kettles are made of stainless steel. The material is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and it does not contain aluminum that could end up in your drink.

Whistling tea kettles are sort of like apple pie – they work in all kinds of venues. There are variations on a theme, but in the final analysis, the important things are that they whistle when the pot is hot and that they wear well over time. Many people believe that “Made in America” is a good indicator of value.

Best Ideas

Mega Chef 2.8 qt. Stovetop Whistling Stovetop Kettle

Mega Chef 2.8 qt. Stovetop Whistling Stovetop Kettle

Elegantly styled with a brushed silver design and delicately curved double handle, the MegaChef Whistling Stovetop Kettle is as beautiful to look at as it is easy to use. Heat up to 2.8 liters of water on your stovetop in no time with this marvel in stainless steel durability.

Vintage culinary essentials whistling

Vintage culinary essentials whistling

Made in the USA, this whistling tea kettle constitutes a very solid, stainless steel item. It will add a cool, retro vibe to any interior, fitting best to classic kitchens or living rooms.

Enamel On Steel 1.6 Qt. Oolong Tea Kettle

Enamel On Steel 1.6 Qt. Oolong Tea Kettle

Stylish fixed whistle tea kettle with easy grip stainless steel handle and bulky body topped off with vivid orange finish. Other finishes, to be chosen according to one's current kitchen decor, are available.

Mr. Coffee 2.5 qt. Stainless Steel Whistling Stovetop Kettle

Mr. Coffee 2.5 qt. Stainless Steel Whistling Stovetop Kettle

Add a touch of rustic farmhouse design to your kitchen with this stainless steel whistling stovetop kettle. Made by Mr. Coffee, a well-known brand focusing on functionality, this kettle is compatible with electric, gas, induction, and glass stove types, making it a valuable asset to any kitchen.

Classic 1.3 Qt. Brooklyn Whistling Tea Kettle

Classic 1.3 Qt. Brooklyn Whistling Tea Kettle

Tea kettle made of stainless steel. It has a plastic handle and whistle to alert when boiling water. High capacity and classic form is an essential addition to any kitchen.

3 Qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

3 Qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

If you want to a kettle which is not only useful but also good looking this one is a perfect choice. Made of solid stainless steal in distressed, gold finish this kettle will last long. Loud whistle provide safety.

3-qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

3-qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

Pretty modern 3-quart whistling kettle of quality silvery-finished steel. It has a C-like open end handle with black silicone insulation, a removable round black lid with a grip, is equipped with a trigger-lifted flip-up spout cap and hand washable.

Mr. Coffee 2.5 qt. Stainless Steel Whistling Stovetop Kettle

Mr. Coffee 2.5 qt. Stainless Steel Whistling Stovetop Kettle

Start your day off right with this cheerful retro-style whistling stovetop kettle. Made of durable stainless steel, this kettle has a flip-up spout for easy handling and pouring. The 2.5-quart kettle is compatible with a wide variety of cooktops to integrate seamlessly with your kitchen.

Best tea kettles made in usa

Best Tea Kettles - Made in USA

Tea kettle made in usa

Whistling tea kettle made of stainless steel. It is modern and stylish at the same time. It has a black plastic handle and a name of its creator engraved on one side. It enables you to boil water in a more traditional, non-electrical way.

Whistling tea kettle made in usa

With this whistling kettle you will be able to hear water boiling from the other end of your house. It has stainless steel construction, with a tight lid, a wooden handle, and 2 liters of capacity.

Whistling tea kettle has both this handsome tea kettle is

Whistling Tea Kettle has both. This handsome tea kettle is made ...

Enamel On Steel 1.8-qt. Classic Whistling Tea Kettle

Enamel On Steel 1.8-qt. Classic Whistling Tea Kettle

Pretty classic whistling kettle suitable for all stovetops. It's crafted of stainless steel with a vivid red enamel finish. It's round, has a short round spout with a flip-up cap, a lid with a round knob, a locking handle with a plastic grip.

Alexa 3-qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

Alexa 3-qt. Whistling Tea Kettle

Cool stylish whistling kettle working on all stovetops. It's made of stainless steel but has an aluminium capsulated bottom. It's round, has a short round spout, a lid with a C-like plastic grip, and a large C-shaped plastic handle.

Whistling tea kettle made in usa 1

Cute whistling tea kettle straight from USA! Stainless steel with bright red safety handle that always remains cool. It accommodates 11 cups of liquid. The lid is removable - just pull the red knob up.

Alessi Michael Graves Kettle with Bird Whistle, Ivory Handle

This kettle has got a bird whistle and is available in four colors: blue, white, ivory and stainless steel with black accents. It is adorable and perfect for your everyday tea and coffee.

Made in usa tea kettle

designed in america made in germany 1 year limited warranty

Oolong whistling tea kettle jpg


Tea kettle made in usa 2

Tea Kettle Made in USA

American store

American Store

Cuisinox whistling kettle

Cuisinox Whistling Kettle

Enamel On Steel 1.25 Qt. Demi Tea Kettle

Enamel On Steel 1.25 Qt. Demi Tea Kettle

Cool traditional whistling kettle made of steel with a green enamel finish. It's round, has enemeled interior, a large locking handle and a dashy lid. A handle, a lid knob, a spout lever are of black plastic. It works on all stovetops.

Stainless steel tea kettle made in usa

If you dream about cute, rural kitchen inspired of vintage style, this classic kettle is dedicated special for you and your kitchen. It is made of copper and covered with enamel. Kettle is decorated of hand-painted wildflowers.

American made teapots

Why not choose a piece of utterly huge practical appeal with this tea kettle that sports the high durability stainless steel structure and the finest cobalt blue finish with a glossy touch to it, adding a slight retro vibe to the overall appeal.