Unique Salt And Pepper Mills


Salt and pepper shakers are still the most used fixture of any dining table. and if you prefer to grind your own salt or pepper but the standard peppermill is a little blasé, then why not have a pepper mill that matches your personality. Unique salt and pepper mills give you the ability to apply your own pepper and salt while accenting your eclectic style as part of the aesthetics of your dining space.

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Unique salt and pepper shakers

A charming set of salt and pepper mils that will be a admirable decoration of your kitchen top. They are in a natural color of the wood, in black, and in red. The round tops feature different, funny patterns.

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Unique salt and pepper mills

The amazingly impressive salt and pepper mills are a great way to get accented by the decor of the kitchen, which is very functional at the same time. Greatly decorated captivating in fine details and perfectly present on the table.

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Cool salt and pepper mills

This mills will add a little art to your table. Hand-painted with unique design are very eye-catching accessory. Made from natural wood. Fully adjustable grinding mechanism provides three modes of pouring.

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Cool pepper mill

Handcrafted from wood, this set of salt and pepper mills embodies the best features of the contemporary design. Their unique appeal is the effect of a designer work of G3 Studios. Available in various patterns and sizes.

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Unique salt and pepper mills 1

This inimitable turquoise salt and pepper constitute a unique example of modern art in household goods. After being very popular in the 50s and 60s kitchens, turquoise lacquer gets its honours once again, adding warmth and vividness to interiors.

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Old fashioned pepper grinder

Salt and pepper grinders in vintage style. It is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Great gift idea.

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Salt and pepper mills 3

Salt and Pepper Mills

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Wooden salt and pepper grinders

A unique set of wonderful customised salt and pepper mills hand turned of 7 different woods from creamy to dark brown shades with multi-layer lacquer finish. Mills are equipped with quality grinder mechanisms of stainless steel and ceramic.

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Beautiful carl aubock horn pepper salt mill vienna 1950s

Beautiful carl aubock horn pepper salt mill vienna 1950s

I am not a fan of using natural animals parts like horns or bones to produce the kitchen utensils. Maybe some people find it beautiful, but the ethical aspect is more important thing. I will definitely choose the glass or ceramic one.

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Wooden salt and pepper grinder

No. 330 Coarse Salt & Pepper Mills by Marlux

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Unique Salt And Pepper Mills

Buying Guide

Some people are avid collectors of salt and pepper mills, while other people have just one set in their homes. Whatever your take is on salt and peppers mills, there's no denying that there are some cool and interesting items out there for your kitchen. When looking to buy something unique for any room in the home, you should consider a few things beforehand. For unique salt and pepper mills, here are some tips you should remember when shopping for them.

Salt and pepper mills can range from a couple of dollars in price to as much as $1000 or more. Since there are so many different variations, and you will no doubt find many that you like, it's a good idea to set yourself a budget first. If you want to invest in a beautiful and unique salt and pepper mill set, a budget of $100-$250 will go a long way. For an antique set or limited edition, you may have to stretch the budget up to $500-$750. It all depends on the individual circumstances and how much your bank account will allow you to afford.

Here are some unique styles of salt and pepper mills to think about.

  • Old fashioned salt and pepper grinders: Just like the old salt and pepper grinders which were used in factories decades ago, these miniature versions are a unique way to dispense salt and pepper. Your guests will be amazed by the intricate design and interesting items. A crank-operated mechanism at the side allows you to easily dispense the salt and pepper.
  • Rubik's cube: For the puzzle lovers or the mathematicians out there, Rubik's cube salt and pepper mills will add color and frustration to your kitchen. The top of the mill is a real Rubik's cube which can be solved or twisted to dispense of the grains.
  • Chess themed king and queen: The king and queen of Chess are the ideal shape for salt and pepper mills, so it's no wonder that somebody thought of turning them into just that. You can easily tell the difference between them since the king has his famous cross, while the queen has slightly more decoration.

Regardless of how much money you're going to spend on salt and pepper mills, choosing the right style is important. The less money you spend, the less you may feel that this is an important factor, but it will certainly save time and effort in the long run.

You can decide which is the right material for your kitchen by looking at the style and the accessories that you already have. For cottages and smaller kitchens, wood is a popular material. There are many wooden salt and pepper mills, for example, the Chess pieces.

Glass is another common material to use in the manufacturing of salt and pepper mills. You can easily see through the glass to monitor how much salt and pepper remains, and top it up as necessary.

If neither wood nor glass is suitable for you, consider ceramic. A popular material which can be hand painted easily to suit your tastes, it is versatile and flexible to suit many surroundings.

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Painted salt and pepper grinders ive been meaning to do

Painted salt and pepper grinders - I've been meaning to do this!

Pepper mills like sara moultons exotic wood salt and peppermills

Pepper Mills Like Sara Moultons Exotic Wood Salt and PepperMills and Wooden Salt Cellars, Unique Colorful Handcrafted Grinders

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Purple spectrum collection salt and pepper mill set 9 99

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Pepper Mill Imports Atlas Pepper Mill, Copper/Brass 9"

With this amazing, hand made atlas pepper mill made from beautiful copper your kitchen will truly gain a complete and fully decorated look, while you can enjoy the grinding mechanism designed to maximize flavor and aroma.

Wooden salt and pepper mills

animal pepper mill

Salt and pepper shakers 20

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Unique salt and pepper grinders 4

Iconic shape and powerful ceramic grinding apparatus, cutting salt and pepper, as well as other spices down to size, stand behind the awesomeness of this stylish kitchen utensil set.

Unique salt and pepper grinders

Unique salt and pepper grinders - a smart accessory to top off an ultra-modern kitchen theme. Y shaped, coming in sleek, trendy colours next to monochrome versions, they nail the trends to great extent.

Wood salt and pepper grinders

Traditional salt and pepper mills are ceramic and come in the form of small boxes.This an innovative way of to add spices to your dishes-elegant design and eletric mechanism in green and white color and unique long standing form-bend like stems of flowers.

Unique salt and pepper grinders 5

Unique, stylish and very useful accessories for kitchen and dining room use. These grinders for salt and pepper are reliable. They feature durable metal constructions and "P" or "S" letters for pepper and salt.

Home Toolz Salt & Pepper Mills - Right Hand #1002 / Left Hand #1001 Gift Set

Three design savvy recycled salt and pepper sets

Three Design-Savvy Recycled Salt and Pepper Sets