Outdoor Clock And Thermometer Set


If you love to garden, love to spend time outside, but don't want to bring a phone or watch with you for fear it might get damaged, then these outdoor clock and thermometer sets are your solution. From simple to stylish, from individual clock and thermometer pieces to options with both on the same unit, always tell the time and temp while outside with these stylish sets.

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Our Picks

The secret garden sun moon wall clock thermometer

The secret garden sun moon wall clock thermometer

Wall clock with antique finish. Designed for outdoor use. Shield is made of metal and fitted with thermometer. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

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Outdoor clock and thermometer set

An exquisite pair of a pineapple clock and thermometer designed for outdoor usage. Their appearance is, simply, astonishing, with weather-resistant round dials, gold accented Arabic numerals and matching hands.

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Outdoor Scroll Clock Thermometer Set Garden Deck Patio Lawn Decor Set Of 2

Outdoor Scroll Clock Thermometer Set Garden Deck Patio Lawn Decor Set Of 2

The effective combination of a thermometer and a clock in the form of an outdoor clock is a perfect decorative and functional solution for any home. Beautiful artistry, stylish details, and solid artistry make the whole look perfect.

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Stainless steel clock barometer thermometer set 8 1

Stainless steel clock barometer thermometer set 8 1

Made from stainless steel, this outdoor series of clocks and thermometers is designed to withstand even in severe conditions, being properly secured. Corrosion-resistant, it will show you the temperature, air pressure and humidity.

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Outdoor hanging clock and thermometer

Outdoor Hanging Clock and Thermometer

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Taylor Tropical Island Clock With 14 Thermometer

Taylor Tropical Island Clock With 14 Thermometer

This beautiful wall clock will teleport you straight into a upalny tropical island. If you will feel too hot, you can always check the temperature, while looking at this smart feature. It has 14" size.

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Villanova outdoor clock and thermometer set traditional outdoor decor

Villanova outdoor clock and thermometer set traditional outdoor decor

The aluminum cast takes many dimensions. This time round decorative outdoor clocks with thermometer set, presented in a French-brown finish in hand. Open rear, decorating and quartz movement is their most important features.

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Solstice 14" Thermometer Clock

Solstice 14" Thermometer Clock

This 14" clock merges two function into one - it is a thermometer and it also shows the time. It has been made of aluminum and is finished in French bronze. Manufactured in the USA, it uses AA batteries which have been included.

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Outdoor solar clock

f you are looking for the fancy looking and interesting outdoor decoration for your home you should consider installing clock like this. Deep brown clock face with brighter numbers and hands creates a smooth monochromatic impression.

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Poolmaster 52551  Terra-Cotta Clock and Thermometer - Antique Gold (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The amazing terra-cotta clock with thermometer has the antique gold finish, sun and flowers details and the round shape. If you looking for an unique piece for the outdoor, choose this one.

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Outdoor Clock And Thermometer Set

Buying Guide

When stepping outside and looking at the day doesn’t meet your requirements, there is nothing like an outdoor clock and thermometer set. It is the perfect start-up for your outdoor weather station. Such clocks sometimes include a hygrometer, which measures moisture in the air. Add a barometer and a windsock, and you are set to do a little weather predicting of your own.

Summer is a deceptive time to work or play outside. The weather is warm, and the temptation is to just keep enjoying the sun. This is especially true when that sun is in conjunction with water and fun. When you are outside away from any clock, it is easy to ignore the position of the sun in the sky and the growing warmth. An outdoor clock can help you track time, especially a nice, big on that is readily visible from some distance. No need to risk your cell phone or wristwatch near the pool when a large clock is handily placed nearby. The same thing is true for the thermometer. When it has climbed up into the red zone or its dial hand has tipped past the 80-degree Fahrenheit mark, you know that it is time to head for some shade and a tall, cold drink.

Time and temperature are important, but so is the moisture content of the air. The degree of humidity can have significant effects on the human body. If the air is dry, as in the desert, then the heat doesn’t feel as uncomfortable even at a higher temperature. That makes it easy to dehydrate. A thermometer and a clock can help you remember to refresh your body fluids at frequent intervals – preferably with something non-caffeinated and with minimal sugar. At the other end of the scale, humidity can make your lungs work harder and can make the day feel at least ten degrees hotter than it really is, especially if the air is still. On a still, muggy day perspiration seems to pour off your face and down your back but doesn’t do a lot to help you cool off. The hygrometer will let you know that the feeling that you are swimming through the air isn’t your imagination, it’s the humidity.

Your clock and thermometer don’t have to be in the same unit. Sometimes they can be a matching set. A well-designed pair can make an accent for your patio wall or for the garden fence. A plain white combo set with large black letters is easy to read at a distance. They are even more attractive when set in an iron scrollwork frame for easy installation. But you can also pick up designer separates that come in brass with raised pictures surrounding the information faces.

Designer sets can come as standalone combos as well as separates. One fun combination emphasizes the thermometer rather than the clock. The background for the numbers is swimming pool blue, and a frieze of flip-flop sandals is imprinted around the edge.

Best Ideas

Pebble Lane Living 24" Outdoor Atomic Clock

Spa inspirations yangtze indooroutdoor wall clock

Spa inspirations yangtze indooroutdoor wall clock

A pretty wall clock in a design inspired by a bamboo tree. It is equipped in a small thermometer, which makes it a really functional gadget. You can hang it outdoors too as it features paint that is UV resistant.

Large outdoor clocks waterproof

A simple and practical wall clock created for indoor and outdoor use. It features a nice, blue frame and a white dial with black Arabic numerals and hands. The clock is also equipped in a thermometer and hygrometer.

Slate mosaic indoor outdoor clock this slate mosaic clock looks

slate mosaic indoor outdoor clock this slate mosaic clock looks great ...

Outdoor clock and thermometer wrought iron images

Outdoor Clock And Thermometer - Wrought Iron Images

Outdoor thermometer clock

With these amazing outdoor clock and thermometer set your outdoor setting will surely gain ample visual appeal thanks to the traditional design of the construction, while boosting the practical side as well.

Outdoor wall clock with thermometer 1

Two sided outdoor clock. First side is clock and on the other side - thermometer. Metal decorative bracket makes clock more elegant and antiquated clock face makes this item more vintage. This element diversify your garden.

National geographic decorative thermometer and clock set

National Geographic Decorative Thermometer and Clock Set

Outdoor clock thermometer set

Outdoor Clock & Thermometer Set

Small outdoor clock

The sun and the moon live in symbiosis and give way to each other every day. In this case - in the wrought iron outdoor clock with thermometer set, there was room for both of them. The sun is carved on the larger clock dial and the moon on the thermometer.

Outdoor wall clock with thermometer

A stunning, antique wall clock created for the outdoor use. The dial, surrounded with a beautiful frame in the colors of the earth, has old-fashioned numerals and hands. Apart from the clock there is also a thermometer and hygrometer.

24 outdoor clock

Totally awesome outdoor mosaic sea clock with 14'' thermometer. White and blue shades o mosaic elements look really fantastic. Instead of 6 at the bottom it has build-in thermometer, the hands of the clock are darker which is a really cool accent.

Matching outdoor clock and thermometer

Wall clock and thermometer for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of durable aluminum. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

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Outdoor clock and thermometer. Black and white design make it both elegant and stylish at the same time. It’s entirely water-proof, so you don’t have to be afraid of rain or anything else. The traditional design of letters is really nice.