Terracotta Garden Thermometer

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An outdoor wall thermometer allows you to see what the temperature is before you venture too far out into it. A pro tip is to place it outdoors, but still in a place you can conveniently see from one of your home windows, so that you know the temperature before you even leave the house.

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Updated 16/02/2023
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Orange Raised Detail Terracotta Thermometer

Orange Raised Detail Terracotta Thermometer

This 12” diameter terra cotta thermometer is perfect for outdoor garden use, from the hard, sun-baked durable surface to the broad temperature needle. Raised numbers and a boho sun in the center finish the look.

Designer Advice:

Terracotta is a great material for detecting the temperatures in your outdoor gardens. This hard material isn’t harmed by the sun, as it’s been baked at high temperatures to turn the soft clay into a hardened clock. And the raised texture of the numbers and design elements add an extra dimensional layer that contrasts against the black hand gauge.

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Elegant Handcrafted Decorative Thermometer

Elegant Handcrafted Decorative Thermometer

Whitehall Products

This aluminum alloy garden thermometer is perfect for outdoor use due to its water-resistant metal material. The raised rose detail border and the lifted numbers list Celcius and Fahrenheit degrees in three aged finishes with a thin orange gauge.

$48.38 $52

Designer Advice:

When choosing an outdoor temperature gauge for your garden, it’s best to pay attention to the material of the thermometer. You need something that will stand up to the weather, sun, and water. Metal is a suitable option to use in place of terracotta garden thermometers due to its durability and superb weather resistance. Metal also has superior lifespans.

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Faux Stone French Garden Thermometer

Faux Stone French Garden Thermometer

Infinity Instruments

This poly-resin garden thermometer has a faux stone finish contrasting with the deep black indicator and numbers ranging from negative 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And raised centered detailing adds dimensional contrast to the rough face surface.

$51.54 $98.75

Designer Advice:

Faux stone is a fantastic alternative to terracotta material for your garden thermometer. Poly-resin is a water and mildew-resistant material, making it suitable for outdoor use in gardens and patios. And it can add a neutral natural style that looks great against any garden furniture in your surroundings. When picking a garden thermometer, pay attention to the temperature display - Fahrenheit or Celcius.

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Decorative Boho Sun Garden Thermometer

Decorative Boho Sun Garden Thermometer

Bungalow Rose

This garden thermometer is functional, displaying the temperature in large black print on a white face in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. And it’s stylish due to the attractive antique copper finish on the sun’s straight and curvy rays. 

$42.99 $43.99

Designer Advice:

An outdoor thermometer in a brassy orangish copper finish can match terracotta thermometers' symbolic orangish clay color. Copper can be a lovely outdoor choice to jazz up the look of your garden. And a white face adds neutrality that tones down the richness of the copper metal. Plus, a sun-shaped temperature gauge adds a cheerful aesthetic to gardens.

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Nice terracotta outdoor thermometer

Nice terraCotta outdoor thermometer

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Round wall thermometer for outdoor applications. It features a green frame and white face with a John Deere logo. This thermometer includes a red hand that shows temperature in C and F degrees (Arabic numbers).

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A very nice wall clock designed for outdoor use. It has got a round surface and its main area is responsible for showing current temperature. Of course it also includes a small round clock in its lower part.

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Charming thermometer finished with boat theme. Dedicated to outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is very well appreciated by customers.

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