Cast Iron Patio Furniture Sets

Cold and calculated, tough and rugged, and symbolic of the old west, cast iron is timely and can handle anything with integrity. So it makes sense that it can be used as patio furniture. Cast iron patio furniture sets are solid and steadfast, as well as handsome, and will accent your patio with a nostalgic tip of the hat to frontier times. See collection for details.

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English White Cast Iron Garden Bistro Set

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This beautiful white cart iron garden bistro set offers two intricately detailed chairs and a table that make for the perfect addition to any backyard. Each piece in this set is made from cast iron and aluminum materials, making them incredibly strong and sturdy for years of regular use. The cabriole-inspired legs and back splat of the chairs make them something special.

1 Reason To Buy

  • Cast iron legs and aluminum body make these chairs and table very sturdy and able to withstand years of regular outdoor use without any issues. - English white color that is incredibly versatile and looks great when put in any backyard regardless of décor style. - Perfect for adding an elegant and swanky look to an otherwise bland-looking backyard area. - Ornately decorated chairs that all of your guests will be comment on when they come to visit. - Table has intricately detailed large round top and curved out legs for an interesting yet functional design. - Table and chairs are heavy enough to remain stationary but easy enough to move when necessary. - Comes with a 30-day warranty.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • Assembly can be a bit complicated when doing it alone, according to some customers. - A few customers have complained about chairs not being very comfortable to sit on for more than an hour or so.
Zero-Gravity Metal 3-Piece Bistro Set

Zero-Gravity Metal 3-Piece Bistro Set
This zero-gravity 3-piece bistro set is made up of two metal chairs and a table. This set is weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use in your backyard. The detailing of these pieces will be sure to impressive your neighbors and guests. The back support of these chairs makes it easier than ever to relax in your backyard.

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This zero-gravity 3-piece bistro set is made up of two metal chairs and a table. This set is weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use in your backyard. The detailing of these pieces will be sure to impressive your neighbors and guests. The back support of these chairs makes it easier than ever to relax in your backyard.

1 Reason To Buy

  • Durable metal construction that lasts for years without showing noticeable signs of wear. - Weather-resistant design makes this furniture set perfect for use in the backyard. - Low-maintenance design (just wipe down with a dry cloth when necessary). - Zero-gravity design offers unparalleled back support so you can relax in complete comfort outside on nice warm days. - Makes a great way to relax by the pool outside. - Chairs can support up to 250 lbs of weight. - Cast iron and cast aluminum materials are resistant to rust and wear, making them incredibly sturdy. - Intricate detailing makes each piece of furniture in this set entirely unique and beautiful. - Available in two different colors—White and Bronze. - This furniture set looks good in any backyard. - Assembly is very easy and straightforward.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • A couple of people have said that the chairs in this set aren’t very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.
Cast Aluminum and Iron 3-Piece Bistro Set

Cast Aluminum and Iron 3-Piece Bistro Set
The cast iron material that this 3-piece bistro set is made out of makes it ideal for outdoor use, and it is designed to stand the test of time. This weather-resistant furniture set is made up of a table and two chairs. The unique design and detailed styling of each piece makes it a perfect addition to anyone’s backyard.

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The cast iron material that this 3-piece bistro set is made out of makes it ideal for outdoor use, and it is designed to stand the test of time. This weather-resistant furniture set is made up of a table and two chairs. The unique design and detailed styling of each piece makes it a perfect addition to anyone’s backyard.

1 Reason To Buy

  • Completely rust-resistant so none of the pieces in this set will wear away over time. - Weather-resistant design makes each piece in this set perfect for outdoor use. - Made from strong cast iron and aluminum materials, so you can count on each piece to last for many years. - Seating capacity of two. - Ideal for intimate gatherings in your backyard with a glass of wine. - Elegant detailed design of this set will add a breathtaking elegance that your guests will notice right away. - Available in two different finishes—copper and sand. - Versatile design that goes well in just about any garden or backyard. - Round table with curved out legs for an interesting look that will have all your neighbors talking. - According to most customers reviews, assembling this table is easy and simple.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • Some customers say that this table is a bit wobbly even on flat surfaces.
Cast Iron Patio Bistro Set Matte Black Finish

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This patio bistro set has a beautiful matte black finish and is made of durable cast iron material. The table top and chair seats boast a wonderful brown and white mosaic design, which makes them incredibly unique and elegant. The sturdiness and beauty of this patio set make it a great addition to any backyard, and you can count on each piece to last a long time.

1 Reason To Buy

  • Includes two chairs and a table. - Very sturdy cast iron frame that is weather-resistant and will stand the test of time through years of outdoor use. - Brown and white mosaic design on chair seats and tabletop that make this outdoor furniture set truly one-of-a-kind. - The perfect addition to any backyard or garden that needs a touch of elegance. - Chairs fold flat when you are not using them for easy and convenient storage. - Perfect furniture set for any patio or deck area. - Elegant and detailed design with unique pattern that your guests will be sure to love. - Table has curved out legs for unique aesthetic.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • Table and chairs are fairly light and can be a bit wobbly, especially on very windy days outside.
White Aluminum and Cast Iron 3-Piece Bistro Set

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Made from aluminum and cast iron, this 3-piece bistro set is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of beauty and elegance to their backyard. Each of these pieces is incredibly durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs. The foot covers on the chair legs will prevent your deck from getting damaged, and maintaining the chairs and table is very easy.

1 Reason To Buy

  • Extremely durable aluminum and cast-iron construction make this furniture set very strong and long-lasting through years of regular use. - Low-maintenance design so each piece in this set is very easy to clean. - 24” diameter tabletop is large enough for you to set your drinks and snacks on without any issues. - White color goes well in any backyard, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. - Perfect for those who want to add something to a drab-looking backyard area. - Foot covers on each of the chairs so that your deck or patio area doesn’t get scratched or scuffed up. - Intricate design on the table and chairs that makes for a beautiful decorative piece.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • Some customers who purchased this bistro set say that the paint on it chips off fairly easily.
Garden Patio Bench with Steel Frame

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This antique style bench has an incredible bronze finish that will be sure to add a noticeable elegance to your backyard or garden. With a very durable steel frame, this bench is particularly well-suited for outdoor use. The unique rose design makes this bench uniquely beautiful, and it’s the perfect way to make your garden stand out in a good way.

1 Reason To Buy

  • Highly durable steel frame that is ideal for outdoor use and will hold up for many years without showing signs of wear. - Beautiful antique design that is perfect for those who want a more elegant-looking backyard. - Intricate rose design makes this bench particularly special and interesting. - Available in three different finishes—Bronze, Black, and White. - This bench can look good in anyone’s backyard or front yard. - High weight capacity of 300 lbs. - Weather-resistant design means that you can keep this bench outdoors all the time without having to worry about it getting damaged. - Designed for two people to sit on it at the same time. - Detailed craftsmanship with high-quality materials. - Very easy to assemble right out of the box.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • Legs are a bit on the thin side. - Some customers have complained about bench being a bit wobbly.
Steel Patio Park Garden Bench

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With an ultra-durable steel frame, this bench will help make your garden or patio area complete. The cast-iron backrest offers plenty of back support and style at the same time. The overall quality of this bench’s design is quite impressive, and it’s the perfect place to sit outdoors by your home on a nice warm day.

1 Reason To Buy

  • Classic black color that will look good in any home’s garden or backyard. - Steel frame and cast iron backrest that are extremely durable and look very elegant. - The perfect way to make your drab backyard a little bit nicer overall. - Weather-resistant design so you won’t have to worry about this bench quickly wearing away from exposure to the elements. - Intricately detailed backrest that will add the perfect aesthetic to your garden. - Solid straight legs that will keep the bench in place at all times. - Heavy enough to remain stationary most of the time with no wobbling while still being light enough to move around when necessary. - Versatile aesthetic that will look good no matter what the rest of your outdoor furniture is like.

1 Reason NotTo Buy

  • Some customers have said that assembling this bench is a bit complicated, especially when doing it alone.

Our advice Buying Guide

Cast iron patio furniture sets are known for their beautiful, elegant designs, but did you know they are the best furniture to use in areas that see lots of moisture? They're the finest choices for homeowners who reside in a coastal region, where humidity is high. Cast iron furniture is exceptionally durable as well. It has the ability to stand the test of time and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Because buying a set for your patio requires a large investment, you need to ensure that you will get the most out of the money you'll spend. To get the right patio furniture set for you, consider the factors that we will list down below.

How to select the right size cast iron patio furniture set?

The first thing you need to consider is the amount of outdoor space you have, as well as how it's shaped. Use the shape and available area of your patio in determining the right size of outdoor furniture for you. Leave enough space that you'd still be able to access the other parts of your patio comfortably.

For small spaces, a bar set made of cast iron will work better compared to an outdoor dining set. Bar sets are narrower with stools that take lesser room compared to regular-sized chairs. Check out cast iron bistro furniture sets as well as they have slimmer profiles.

Should you get cushions for your cast iron patio furniture set?

Is your outdoor space or patio exposed to elements around the clock or you have an overhead covering? If your furniture set will be exposed, then you need to make sure you don't add cushions to the seats. If you do, mold and mildew will develop in the fabric of the cushions which is something you don't want as that will lead to respiratory diseases. If you really want to make the seats comfortable through the use of cushions, then you may go ahead and get some cushioning but make sure you get a patio umbrella as well. Your other choice would be storing the cushions when they're not in use.

How to shop for cast iron patio furniture sets on a tight budget?

A tip when buying furniture sets: buy in the last week of July to the first week of August as it'll increase your chances of getting an attractive furniture set for less money.

Consider browsing online for available cast iron patio furniture sets as online stores often offer huge discounts.

If you're economizing, your best option would be to purchase a set that's cleaned and refurbished. It will save you thousands of dollars and it'll look as good as new at the same time.

You are now ready to get a new stunning addition to your home! Go ahead and check your options online. We guarantee you won't regret it.


Cast iron patio furniture sets

A stunning set for your patio made from wrought iron and sports the charming and delicate structure with the ornate accents. It will seat up to four people comfortably on your patio or in your garden.

Cast iron garden furniture 3

The garden chair, which is made of solid and high quality cast iron. The blue color creates the interesting seating place. Try it at the porch with blue or gray table, and enjoy fantastic outdoor place to eat.

Cast iron outdoor furniture

Enrich your outdoor area with a romantic vibe: this cast iron outdoor set with a loveseat, armchair and small round table draws eyes with floral pattern and lucid white finish. Due to metal construction and resistant coating, it's maintenance free.

Antique bistro table and chairs

Patio dining set with a durable table made of solid cast iron. The table is available with four chairs. Construction of all these elements includes many decorative floral accents and scrolls. White color looks great in any outdoor stylization.

Cast aluminum patio furniture sets

This beautiful set of patio furniture made from cast aluminum is a perfect combination of functionality and attractive appearance. Charming decorative details, soft cushions of seat chairs, benches and ottomans and a practical table make up the complete unit.

Wrought iron bistro set

An outdoor dining set that includes elements resistant to weather conditions like rain or low temperatures. An oval table is available with six armchairs in neutral black color so the whole set looks attractive anywhere.

Christopher Knight Home Thomas Cast Aluminum Dark Gold 3-piece Bistro Set

Aluminium bistro set, perfect for your garden. Weather resistant and durable, this set will drop your guests dead with envy. Dark gold colour gives it a noble, luxurious vibe. The rich finish and detailed ornamentation create a really high-quality look.

Lawn ornament outdoor furniture cast iron cast aluminum sea island

Lawn Ornament Outdoor Furniture Cast Iron - Cast Aluminum Sea Island Patio Table - with pedestal - 28in H x 51in D |

19th century ornate italian botanic arboretum solarium cast iron paired

19th Century ornate Italian botanic arboretum solarium cast iron paired 4 piece garden patio furniture set loveseat settee two chairs table

Cast iron outdoor furniture 4

cast iron outdoor furniture 4

Cast iron marble table four 4 chairs vintage garden conservatory

Cast Iron & Marble Table Four 4 Chairs Vintage Garden Conservatory ...

Cast iron grape vine bench lawn yard patio 33 long

... Cast Iron Grape & Vine Bench Lawn Yard Patio 33" long ~ will ship

Lot 315 four piece cast iron garden furniture set settee


Kirklands patio furniture

Set of patio furniture in vintage style. It consists of round table and 3 chairs. Construction is made of cast iron and decorated with openwork pattern. Elegant accent for the garden, patio, restaurant and more.

White patio furniture sets

Traditional and classic set of patio furniture, consisting of a low coffee table with a hexagonal shelf underneath and two matching chairs with unique backs, all made out of painted cast aluminum giving them a classy look.

Wrought iron bistro sets

Antique set of furniture intended to garden- they are modern, but is is stylised on old-fashioned, Victorian style. Set is composed of round coffee table and four sculptural chairs. Both elements are made of iron.

Antique cast iron garden chairs

Traditional setup for a vintage conversational area in a backyard garden, furnished with a low coffee table with a glass top and a set of furniture made out of white-painted cast iron, consisting of two chairs and a bench.

Cast aluminum bistro sets 3

Add a whimsical touch outside while getting a few extra seats and a nice round table to serve cold drinks - the filigree design of this outdoor bistro set obviously enriches its vicinity with a huge drop of romance. Cast aluminium, finished bronze.

Cast iron outdoor garden patio furniture sets benches chairs tables

Cast iron outdoor garden patio furniture sets benches chairs tables ...

Cast iron table and chairs

Fleur-de-Lis Cast Iron Bistro, Set of 3 | Kirkland's Love love love!

Somette pink tulip cast aluminum outdoor 3 piece bistro set

Somette Pink Tulip Cast Aluminum Outdoor 3 Piece Bistro Set
Elements of outdoor bistro design. This set features a solid table with round top and lower round shelf. Two chairs with strong, decorative backrests are finished in pink color. These cast aluminum items are lightweight and durable.

Heritage Outdoor Living Elisabeth Cast Aluminum 11pc Outdoor Patio Dining Set with 46"x120" Rectangle Table - Antique Bronze

It is a very large outdoor patio dining set created for large families and groups of people. The table and chairs feature solid metal frame with an antique bronze finish. The cast aluminum frame is rust free.

Glenbrook Bistro Set

Cast from aluminium, this sophisticated bistro set is designed to last for many years. Your floors are also safe with it: note the rubber feet tips. 2 chairs with openwork lattice seats and flaring backrests accompany three-legged round table.

Seater cast iron patio set garden set

seater cast iron patio set / garden set

International Caravan International Caravan Wrought Iron Scroll 3 pc. Settee Group

This group of products includes a high quality table, a loveseat and an armchair. All of these elements are made of wrought iron, so they are very solid and resistant to damage or wear. These are weather resistant products that are ideal for an outdoor use.

Christopher knight home nassau cast aluminum outdoor bistro furniture set

Christopher Knight Home Nassau Cast Aluminum Outdoor Bistro Furniture Set
A high level of relaxation and support - these are the most important advantages of this set. It includes two chairs and one table. These products feature a cast aluminum construction, so they are durable and weather resistant.

Tropitone patio furniture 17

This Tropitone patio furniture will make you feel like on holidays. This set of deep seating outdoor furniture including patio dining sets, deep seating sofas, gliders and chaise lounges. It features a 4 mil Powdercoat finish and full circumference welds.

Cast iron chair

Outdoor Bistro Set Patio Porch Garden Deck Furniture Chairs Picnic Table Metal

Somette ivy green cast aluminum outdoor 3 piece bistro set

Somette Ivy Green Cast Aluminum Outdoor 3 Piece Bistro Set
An aesthetic contemporary outdoor set featuring openwork frames of green coated aluminium. A table has a round top and 3 bowed inwards legs joined by a round shelf. Chairs feature curved legs, round seats, flared arched backs with floral scrolls.

Cast bistro set

The whole set was cast in colorless aluminum and constructed from a durable black cast iron construction. The natural brown finish adds antique character and florist motifs bring this bistro set of 2 chairs and a round table into a romantic dimension.

Vintage iron garden furniture

Small Bistro Table and Chairs wrought iron white | Garden & Patio > Garden & Patio Furniture > Furniture Sets

Best Selling Anacapa Cast Aluminum Bistro Set, Sand Finish

Charming, elegant set of a bistro table and 2 chairs. Sturdy, made of cast aluminum finished in sand. Decorative delicate openwork design of a round tabletop, chairs’ oval backs and round seats. Legs are S-curved. Ideal for outdoor use.

Garden patio garden patio furniture furniture sets 43

Garden & Patio > Garden & Patio Furniture > Furniture Sets

Furniture on at the near end of the pool is

... Furniture on At The Near End Of The Pool Is This Victorian Cast Iron

Best Selling Bistro Set with Ice Bucket

This set includes solid and attractive pieces of furniture created for use in outdoor bistro areas. The table has got a round top and a solid frame. Two chairs feature arms and durable backrests that assure comfort and stability.

Cast iron outdoor dining set

Rugby Stripe Outdoor Rug in Outdoor Living FURNITURE + ACCENTS Pillows + Rugs at Terrain

Bistro set outdoor patio furniture 3 piece rose pattern brown


Cast Iron Soup Pot with Lid

Cast Iron Soup Pot with Lid
This Soup Pot with Lid in Aqua Finish features enameled cast iron construction, providing efficient work on all heat sources. Includes curved sides, convenient handles, tight sealed lid, and ensures even heat distribution and superior heat retention.

Meadow Décor K7C6-W5448 Kingston 7-Piece Counter Height Patio Dining Set, 72-Inch, Walnut

This dining set includes a table and six chairs based on welded cast aluminum frames. Each chair is equipped with a soft seat cushion and solid, decorative backrest. Each chair also provides support thanks to its arms.

Heritage Outdoor Living Cast Aluminum Barbados Sling Outdoor Patio Swivel Rocker - Antique Bronze Finish - Set of 2

Lots of work, many hours spent in the office in front of the computer. This requires a cohesive tropitone patio furniture chair with aluminum frame and good design. The seat is padded with a five-level powder coated in an antique brown color.

Iron garden furniture vintage

White furniture with yellow geometric patterns make a perfect outdoor seating arrangement.

Outdoor products 2

Outdoor Products
Outdoor bistro set with comfortable chairs that include cast aluminum frames with rose theme on their backrests. These chairs are available with a durable table that features a round top and small round shelf.

Somette red daisy cast aluminum outdoor 3 piece bistro set

Somette Red Daisy Cast Aluminum Outdoor 3 Piece Bistro Set
Bistro set for indoor and outdoor use. It consists of round table and 2 chairs. It is made of cast aluminum and finished with elegant pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Oakland Living Stone Art Bistro Table, 24-Inch

Designed for outdoor areas, this bistro table can be a great piece for placing in your garden or on your patio. The table has a round top designed of natural stone, and a rust-free cast aluminum frame covered in a hardened powder coat finish.

Oakland Living 3-Piece Rose Bistro Set with 23.5-Inch Cast aluminum Top Table

A high quality table that features a solid cast aluminum construction and a spacious, decorative top that has got a round shape. The set includes two solid chairs that are made of the same materials for enhanced solidity.

Heritage Outdoor Living Flamingo Cast Aluminum 9pc Outdoor Patio Set with 42"x102" Oval Table - Antique Bronze

A chic patio set (for 8 persons) of antique bronze finished aluminium. An oval tabletop has a grid design. Two swivel rockers (with circular bases) and 6 chairs (with curved legs) have sloped arms, squarish grid seats, arched backs with scrolls.

Scroll Toilet Paper Holder W/ Magazine Rack

Airy and romantic accent in a decor doesn't have to be devoid of functionality. This all-swirly rack is able to efficiently hold magazines and other reading materials. It looks pretty and does the job well.

Best Selling Nassau Cast Aluminum Outdoor Bistro Furniture Set, Brown

This set includes high quality pieces of furniture designed for an outdoor use. The table and two chairs are made of cast aluminum, so they are resistant to negative outdoor conditions like bad weather.

Cast aluminum patio furniture sets 1

This is a set of two simple, but elegant patio chairs. The profile is made of cast aluminum in deep brown color. They are upholstered with solid, red cushions, which are easy to clean. Their simple beauty will give your space a cosy look.

Cast Iron Cookware Cleaner

Cast Iron Cookware Cleaner
Cleaner dedicated to enamelled cookware made of cast iron. Convenient and liquid forumla allows to easy cleaning. It consists of fully biodegradable components.