Rustic Outdoor Thermometer

The rustic look is always in, and what better way to accessorize your home with a bit of form and function than by adding one of these outdoor thermometers? Be sure to place them where they can easily be seen from a window so you can dress for the weather before you go out.

Best Products

Two sided rustic charleston clock thermometer

Two sided rustic charleston clock thermometer
This is an interesting element that can be useful, but it can also play the role of a retro decoration in any home. This clock/thermometer brings the antique style into the room, but it can be also used outdoors.

Rustic Vintage Wide Owl Cast Iron Ornate Indoor Outdoor Garden Wall Thermometer

Rustic Vintage Wide Owl Cast Iron Ornate Indoor Outdoor Garden Wall Thermometer
My daughter is a big fan of owls, so I purchased this lovely owl vintage wall thermometer. It can be used at interior and exterior, and has the cast iron details.

Garden Thermometer

Garden Thermometer
This cool thermometer will be a great rustic accent for your outdoors. Made from cast iron, in the shape of a gecko, this funky item will catch the attention of your guests.

Wooden Outdoor Wall Mountable Garden Thermometer With Rustic Design 2 Colours

Wooden Outdoor Wall Mountable Garden Thermometer With Rustic Design 2 Colours
Always ensure that you are able to tell the temperature outside with utmost precision by going for this amazing garden thermometer with a rustic design and a charming, distressed finish to match it.

Woodland Wonder Pinecone Wall Clock & Thermometer

Woodland Wonder Pinecone Wall Clock & Thermometer
It is worth knowing what winds blow in our garden and how they bring the temperature. In addition, a rustic outdoor thermometer is a good opportunity for a decorative element. This one is brown in color, with a metal handle and a motif of pinecones.

Outdoor Rustic Clock 2 Sided Garden Patio Decoration Time Thermometer Charleston

Outdoor Rustic Clock 2 Sided Garden Patio Decoration Time Thermometer Charleston
A handsome pair of retro wall clocks will transform your inner or outdoor decor into a 19th century train station - well, kind of. These 2-sided clocks with thermometer are mounted on decorous black metal brackets.

Outdoor Clock

Outdoor Clock
Ideal to create the climate in your garden or patio, this wooden clock with thermometer will add a smooth, rustic appeal around the space. It features classic Roman numerals.

Our advice Buying Guide

There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning outdoor thermometer. Particularly the petite electronic, digital ones that seem to have invaded the world of these simple, trustworthy devices.

Whatever happened to the old, liquid-in-glass rustic outdoor thermometers of yore? Easily readable, as rugged as you need them to be and accurate enough to rely on without double checking the weather report on TV.

The fact is that many homeowners are swapping over to rustic outdoor thermometers. Not only do they last for decades without the slightest problem, but some of them also make great décor pieces. Like the advertising thermometers from the early 1900s.

If you are hunting for one of these gems, then here are some of the factors that you must consider.

How big an outdoor thermometer should I buy?

Rustic outdoor thermometers generally average between 9-12” in size. That’s the bare minimum size that you should aim for as it allows easy visibility even if you are trying to check the temperature from inside the house. (Installed outside the window sill)

There are of course much larger ones. Some manufacturers even offer custom sized ones for elderly people who might find it difficult to view a small-sized temperature gauge. Any size is fine as long as it doesn’t look like an oversized eyesore outside the house.

What materials are the most durable outdoor thermometers crafted from?

Aluminum, stainless steel and wood hold up well to extreme weather conditions. So do plastic, bamboo, and wicker. These can be painted or designed in just about any color combination that you need for easy visibility.

Some antique thermometers are made of zinc and porcelain. But porcelain is prone to cracks and dents even with the slightest gust of wind. On that note, if the prevalent conditions are windy, then look for a material that’s heavy enough to stay steady.

A thermometer bulb on a wooden frame, for example, will be flimsier than one on a stainless steel frame.

Also, check the installation mechanism. It must be easy to install and provide a secure fit that does not wobble.

Are rustic outdoor thermometers accurate?

There’s a reason why old timers swear by their rustic liquid-in-glass, outdoor thermometers that used mercury. That’s because they were accurate even at the extremes (Up to -40). A few degrees off maybe. But nothing severe enough to affect the decision-making process.

Mercury is no longer used in many countries due to toxicity concerns and has been replaced by a non-toxic alcohol liquid that expands with a rise in temperature. These thermometers may be off by 10 degrees or so at extreme temperatures. So prepare accordingly.

If you’d prefer an old-school mercury thermometer, then you’d have to buy an antique. Check whether it’s in working condition before you buy though.

What are the available designs of rustic outdoor thermometers?

When it comes to aesthetics, nothing can beat the old advertising thermometers. Almost every major brand those days, including Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mail Pouch Tobacco, and Hire’s Root beer, among others had large metal outdoor thermometers.

Small, local brands produced wooden ones. A lot of these are available on eBay. But you’d have to beware of counterfeits and fakes while buying antiques online. And they cost a premium.

Mail Pouch Tobacco, for instance, had a 40” metallic thermometer that they manufactured for niche rural stores. One of those in mint condition would cost you at least $300 now. Cheaper reproductions of old rustic outdoor thermometers are available for much less.


Vintage outdoor clock

Attractive and functional reproduction inspired by 1930's Coke thermometer. Its red color includes white signs and Coca-Cola logo. Temperature is indicated on a white background with red scale and numbers.

Rustic outdoor thermometer

Thanks to this durable thermometer, you can measure the outdoor temperature for years to come. Designed of hardwood and properly finished, the thermometer is weather-resistant and displays temperature using Fahrenheit scale.

Outdoor garden thermometer

Outdoor Garden Thermometer

Rustic outdoor thermometer 4

This old zinc thermometer is ready to complement any vintage outdoor décor or to add rustic hints to it. Wall-mounted, with pre-drilled holes for effortless installation. Indicates temperatures from -25°C to +55°C - alternatively, in Fahrenheit scale.

Taylor Heritage 481BZ Metal Dial Thermometer, 4.25-Inch

Metal dial thermometer to measure temperature indoors or out. Traditionally styled rustic thermometer that - importantly - features weatherproof construction. Functional, but also higly decorative outdoor accessory.

Taylor Heritage 483BZ Spirit-Filled Metal Thermometer, 7.5-Inch

Traditionally styled, rustic indoor or outdoor thermometer. This spirit-filled metal item features waterproof construction and includes a reliable mounting bracket. Its fonts are easy to read and they indicate temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.

Thermometer bear decor buy rooster thermometer buy esschert design usa

thermometer bear decor buy rooster thermometer buy esschert design usa ...

Tin Thermometer

Tin Thermometer

Rustic Deer Antler Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer

UMA Enterprises 35418 Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 11 by 26-Inch

Elegant, slightly vintage inspired outdoor weather station with clock (Roman numerals), thermometer and hygrometer - all elements are waterproof. Open square frames feature ring detail. This accessory is wall mounted.

Weathered Thermometer

Weathered Thermometer

"ABC Products" - {Final Close-Out} ~ Outdoor or Indoor - Thermometer - Farmer's Overalls Design - Wall Hanging -Old Country Vintage Design (Blue Finish - Accented With Shovel and Bucket)

Outdoor Galileo Thermometer

Outdoor Galileo Thermometer

Vintage style butterfly thermometer lawn stake

Vintage Style Butterfly Thermometer Lawn Stake

Old fashioned outdoor thermometer

If you want to always be able to tell the temperature outside with real precision then this thermometer will be a perfect solution, since it allows for precise reading and is, at the same time, weather-resistant to ensure that it lasts even in those cold winter periods.

Black Bear Relax Large Thermometer

Big outdoor thermometer

Thermometer in Wild West style. It is mounted on wooden strip. Desinged for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition to the garden, porch and more.

Vintage thermometers

A vintage decoration for indoors and outdoors that displays temperature using Fahrenheit scale. The 8'' thermometer provides accurate readings, has weather-resistant construction, and a large scale with a black metal hand.

Rustic outdoor thermometer 2

Enchanting with its ornate, antique appeal, this all-weather outdoor thermometer. It shows temperatures ranging from - 40 to 120 Fahrenheit degrees. A decorative item on the wall of your sunroom, patio, deck, or balcony.

Antique outdoor thermometer

Moon Face Outdoor Indoor Thermometer - New Moon Design

High quality outdoor thermometer

The beautiful rustic styling of this glamorous clock with wall thermometer is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The outdoor wall clock is beautifully presented outside the house, and bring an exciting atmosphere.

Rustic outdoor thermometer 3

Details about 8" Pine Cone Rustic Wall Mount Outdoor Brass Thermometer

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Vintage outdoor clocks

Add a funny accent into exterior with this garden treasures rain gauge wall mount thermometer. It features the rustic design, weather-resistant structure and ladybird motif. Adorable thing for your garden!

Deco 79 35417 Metal Outdoor Clock Thermometer, 17 by 14-Inch

Solstice Thermometer Clock

Solstice Thermometer Clock

Frontgate rustic flag outdoor clock handmade from western red kiln

Frontgate - Rustic Flag Outdoor Clock - Handmade from western red kiln ...

With its rustic finish and antique inspired shape this functional

With its rustic finish and antique-inspired shape, this functional garden thermometer will serve as a convenient and charming detail for your outdoor garden or back porch. 5"d x 7½"t

Ivy Silhouette 12" Thermometer

Ivy Silhouette 12" Thermometer

Terracotta garden thermometer

Bring the charmful vibes of a 19th century train station indoors... or out. Either way, this lovably antiquated wall clock luckily happens to be double-sided, so one gets a clock and a thermometer. 2in1, yay.

Thermometer and Hygrometer

Thermometer and Hygrometer

Dial Thermometer

Dial Thermometer

Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer

Whitetail Thermometer Clock Combo Finish: Antique Copper

Rustic outdoor clock

Rustic Outdoor Clock ...

Outdoor thermometer tru temp brand vintage collectible rustic

Outdoor Thermometer, Tru Temp Brand, Vintage, Collectible, Rustic ...

Whitehall Irish Blessing Thermometer French Bronze

Terracotta outdoor thermometer

Outdoor Thermometer Rustic Wood Thermometer by HendryxHouseDesigns, $35.00

12" Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer (Set of 5)

12" Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer (Set of 5)

Rustic wall hangings rustic cabin thermometers comforts of home

... Rustic Wall Hangings » Rustic Cabin Thermometers » Comforts of Home

Rustic style aluminum outdoor lovebirds on a branch clock thermometer

rustic style aluminum outdoor lovebirds on a branch clock thermometer

Hurricane Lantern Thermometer

Outdoors thermometer

Formerly, the antler decorated every rural noble estate and was a hunting trophy. For lovers of these animals and the rustic scandi style, we have an alternative in the form of an outdoor iron thermometer, with a carved likeness of a deer on the shield.