Tall Wooden Giraffe

Give you home a very primal gift. Give it a tall wooden giraffe. If you have a mostly-African inspired decor, this is a must-have item. These gorgeously crafted giraffes will add a sense of wonder and make you think of the Serengeti every time you gaze upon its wooden majesty. Take a look through our collection and see if you can find the giraffe to compliment your home.

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Giraffe chainsaw carving 6 ft tall

Giraffe chainsaw carving 6 ft tall
A lovely sculpted decoration for indoors, that will drown your home in African wildlife accents. The 6' tall giraffe is hand-carved from sturdy hardwood, beautifully hand-painted, and well-balanced to always stand in the proper position.

Wood Giraffe Statue

Wood Giraffe Statue
Charming contemporary statue of a giraffe hand-carved of wood. It features a colourful finish with an intricate floral-geometric design. It's quite tall and sleek, has a black rectangular base and a weatherproof finish so can be used outdoor.

Attractive Wood Giraffe Statue

Attractive Wood Giraffe Statue
Wonderful blending styles statue of 2 funny height-varied giraffes on a triangular base. It's hand-carved of quality wood and features a vivid colourful finish with an intricate undefined design. It's quite tall and sleek, matching most interiors.

Wooden giraffe

A wooden giraffe maker store :) Wooden giraffes of all sizes and heights, but there's one feature they share: spots! A paradise for those customers who are willing to purchase a tall wooden giraffe for a Safari inspired interior decoration :)

Giraffe wooden

Designed to impress with its size and wonderful detailed crafting, this tall wooden giraffe will be an eye-catching accent in any decor. Enchanting both younger and older family members, can quickly become a real symbol of your house.

Top 10 gifts from south africa

Top 10 Gifts from South Africa

Large metal giraffe garden ornament

Anyone who loves exotic African climates will be delighted with this phenomenal giraffe figure. Beautiful workmanship, long and slim design and nice color scheme create a sensational whole that works well in any decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Fancy a piece of the African bush at home? A tall wooden Giraffe is one way to get it done and quite a popular one at that. There’s nothing more eye catching than a tall replica giraffe peeping out of the trees in your garden. Why it can even make for a great centerpiece indoors if you have a safari inspired décor (or not).

If you were forced to leave your memoir wooden giraffe at the airport, after the South African airline refused to allow it to be carried into the cabin, then there’s no need to fuss. You can get one right here at home. Here’s a guide to help you with the details.

Where are you going to place the wooden giraffe?

The first and most important thing is to find a permanent place for the Giraffe. Will it be fortunate enough to share your living room with you? Or will it have to make do with the Alder trees outdoor? The intended place will determine the size and the material of the giraffe.

How tall are wooden replica giraffes?

Wooden Giraffes can range from a few inches to up to 16 feet in length. Replicas sold in Airport souvenir shops in Africa are typically 8 feet in length. Measure the room or the spot outdoor where you intend to place the giraffe.

For indoor use, always double check the space. Many a time, people make the mistake of ‘assuming’ that it will be a great fit for the room. And then realize, that it’s a lot bigger than it appeared to be. Don’t leave it to guesswork.

What kind of wood should you choose?

If it’s for the outdoors, you need tough, waterproof wood that can withstand the elements. Acasia, Cedar, Cypress and Douglas fir are some of the good local varieties.

A lot of the wooden giraffe statues are handcrafted by indigenous tribes and artisans and are imported from countries like Namibia, Congo, Zimbabwe and Peru.

So, don’t be alarmed if you find Albizia, Ironwood or Ebony. These are equally durable hardwood varieties and once sealed, will last for years without rotting or warping.

If it’s indoors, you can pick just about any type of wood.

What are the most attractive finishes for wooden giraffe replicas?

Wooden giraffe statues can be hand painted and have incredibly detailed, life-like features. However, contemporary designs are also quite popular. These can have colored mosaics or motifs and make for great focal points in a living room.

One of the most attractive finishes that we have come across, features a hand painted finish with the spots created with a blow torch. Unlike paint, the blow torch marks are permanent and amplify the natural grains of the wood.

Does a tall wooden giraffe need a pedestal?

Due to the height of these statues, they can be knocked over pretty easily, especially if you have rambunctious kids at home. The last thing you need is an 8-feet hardwood statue crashing into your LED TV.

A pedestal gives it the much needed balance and prevents it from tipping over at the slightest jolt or bump. Having said that, it’s not uncommon to come across statues without a pedestal that is perfectly balanced and stays rock solid even on bumpy outdoor turf.


Hand carved giraffes south african wooden giraffe 130cm tall

... / Hand Carved Giraffes / South African Wooden Giraffe – 130cm tall

Tall wooden giraffe 1

A tall sculpture to put into your living room, which is bound to give it a unique, African vibe. The sculpture is made to resemble a giraffe and is carved out of oak wood with a dark shade and a shiny finish.

Tall wooden giraffe 2

What about having a giraffe in your garden? Don't worry, it's not illegal as long as we are talking about a wooden one. Detailedly crafted, this real-sized giraffe will be a fabulous accent, enchanting both the kids and adults.

Wood giraffe from bali indonesia by owned by cv

Wood Giraffe from Bali Indonesia by owned by CV ...

Hand carved giraffes south african wooden giraffe 100cm tall

... / Hand Carved Giraffes / South African Wooden Giraffe – 100cm tall

Kenyan olive wood giraffe beautiful hand carved olive wood giraffes

kenyan olive wood giraffe beautiful hand carved olive wood giraffes

Large wooden giraffe ornament hand carved from olive wood

large wooden giraffe ornament hand carved from olive wood

Giraffe statue

A tall wooden giraffe statue that plays the role of attractive decoration. Its solid wooden construction is resistant to wear and damage. Small rectangular base provides stability and support on the best level.

Wooden giraffe sculptures

The slender, tall and very stylish design of this wooden giraffe captivates. Beautiful color finish and extraordinary form bring exotic and very cozy character to the decor. The giraffe carved in wood impresses.

Wooden giraffe 100cm tall hand carved giraffe statue

Wooden Giraffe - 100cm Tall Hand Carved Giraffe Statue

Wooden Carved Giraffe 20in tall

Tall wooden giraffe 3

are bali figurines art wooden range the wood prices and

Tall wooden giraffes for sale

Wooden Giraffe with Metallic Spots

Wooden giraffe

Create your own savanna-jungle African area in the interior or exterior, by choosing this lovely tall and hand carved giraffe wooden figure. Everyone will be impressed how awesome it looks in your home.

Statues b satwa funky coloured wooden tall giraffe statue 1

... Statues › B Satwa › Funky coloured Wooden Tall Giraffe Statue

Foot tall standing giraffe 72 inches

Foot tall standing Giraffe (72 inches)

Wooden giraffe 150cm

Wooden Giraffe 150cm

2 Piece Giraffe Figurine

2 Piece Giraffe Figurine

South african wooden giraffe 110cm tall

South African Wooden Giraffe – 110cm tall

Large giraffe statue

A gorgeous decoration for indoors, that will transform your home into African Safari. The statue is shaped like a giraffe, crafted with attention to details and hand-painted, standing on a round sturdy base for balance. Measurements: 12 1/4'' tall.

Tall wooden giraffe 2

Tall giraffe figurine made of wood. Stylish decoration for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wooden giraffes

Painted Jacaranda Wood Giraffe Sculpture - 18\"

Olivewood giraffe carving 4 foot tall

Olivewood Giraffe Carving 4 foot tall

Giraffe statues

Does not it look alive? But she eats less, so is better that the real one. A long wooden giraffe will decorate your garden. Many will think it is true. Tall giraffe statue is all made of wood, has 150 cm and is very durable.

3 Foot Tall Hand-Carved Wooden Giraffe Statue Decor

Measuring 7.8 x 3.2 x 39.2 inches, this tall wooden giraffe will be an eye-catching accent wherever appearing, truly embellishing one's indoor, as well as outdoor surfaces.

Golden Wooden Giraffe

Small wooden giraffe

A beautiful fair-trade hand-carved giraffe. #homedecor #homedecoration

Aspire tall giraffe statue 4

Aspire Tall Giraffe Statue

Striped wooden tall giraffe statue 100cm these wonderful 100cm tall

striped wooden tall giraffe statue 100cm these wonderful 100cm tall ...

Tall wooden giraffe

Beautiful, tall and slim wooden decorative giraffe is a charming accent of the interior of the safari style and more. Beautiful artistry and attention to detail fascinate by bringing in a unique atmosphere directly from the African savannah.

Striped wooden tall giraffe statue 100cm these wonderful 100cm tall

striped wooden tall giraffe statue 100cm these wonderful 100cm tall ...

Wooden giraffes for sale

Love this for African Room

Tall kenyan olive wood giraffe thumbnail 1

Tall Kenyan Olive Wood Giraffe thumbnail

Tall wooden giraffe 4

wooden tall comical giraffe statue 60cm these wonderful 60cm tall ...

Wooden giraffe decor

Giraffe...mother and child...17" and 9" tall...#wood sculpture.

6 foot tall wooden giraffe

Growth chart with giraffe theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood and fitted with photo frames. Positive accent for any kid's room.

Carved wooden giraffe

Wooden Giraffe Head Mount Wall Statue Bust by Private Label. $39.99. This awesome, hand-carved wooden replica African giraffe head wall mount is a perfect addition to any jungle themed room. The head measures 19 inches tall, 8 1/2 inches wide and 7 inches

Metal giraffe statue

Fair-trade hand-carved statue of a giraffe,This is a 80cm tall giraffe

Kenyan South Africa Wooden Giraffe Figurine Home Decor

Ebay 370


Hand carved wooden giraffes

Figurine in the shape of giraffe. It is completely made of wood. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Tall wooden giraffe 5

Painted Jacaranda Wood Giraffe Sculpture - 18\"

Carved giraffe

Giraffe for jungle room!