Ceramic Candle Holder

Having ceramic items in your home speaks to a taste of handcrafted items that shows a level of respect and class that cannot be found in items that come from a factory. Our ceramic candle holders are lovely, handmade, and will accent your decor with a beautiful custom look. If you are trying to find something that will give your home decor a little nudge, look at this collection.

Best Products

Elegant translucent pierced porcelain

Elegant translucent pierced porcelain
This stylish, porcelain tea candle holder is an eye-catching detail that will look great in any decor. The candle light looks beautiful from round holes, and the unusual form captivates. Subtle and delicate.

Porcelain tea light delight n5 design by

Porcelain tea light delight n5 design by
Very delicate and pretty, this fancy tea light holder has a hand carved dandelion design that lets through the light, creating truly romantic atmosphere. A fine decoration for any type of interior decor.

Handmade claystoneware pottery white

Handmade claystoneware pottery white
Handmade clay white ceramic candle holders are an excellent combination of beautiful style, subtle detailing and functionality. Pottery execution adds to them a unique expression that delights into the interior.

Bougie ceramique titulaire amour maisons

Bougie ceramique titulaire amour maisons
This handmade decoration is crafted of white earthenware and beautifully glazed for extra looks. This adorable Love House allows you to light a candle inside and to watch like your whole room is filling up with romantic ambiance.

Porcelain tea light delight n3 design by

Porcelain tea light delight n3 design by
One of the cutest pottery ideas to make your home warmer and cozier. Both of these ceramic candle holders has a unique design, allowing the light to shine through the holes, creating warm and homey atmosphere.

Hand carved lace votive candle holder

Hand carved lace votive candle holder
Candle holder for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. It is made of ceramic and finished with openwork pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds elegance for each place.

Ceramic lantern candle holder velvet

Ceramic lantern candle holder velvet
Lantern candle holder made of ceramic and finished with pastel colors. It is decorated with stars theme. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Sophisticated decoration for each place according to taste and need.

Our advice Buying Guide

Is ceramic a good material for a candle holder?

Ceramic is a great material for a candle holder. Ceramic candle holders offer a gorgeous handmade look and come in many varieties, allowing you to cast the perfect glow in your home for a cozy evening.

Ceramic is an excellent decorating material because it works with diverse aesthetics. It can be glazed or matte, depending on how much illumination you’re hoping to achieve in your home. Ceramic candle holders come in many colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your existing design scheme.

Ceramic is more resistant to heat and thermal fluctuation than glass, so it will last longer without wearing than other candlestick materials. It’s also stronger than glass, making it a worthwhile investment for your home.

Ceramic candle holders come in all shapes and sizes, many with intricate designs that allow warm light to dance in mesmerizing patterns.

Ensure you choose a ceramic candle holder that is sealed and glazed. Unfinished ceramics such as terracotta are porous and can absorb wax, essentially creating a giant wick, making the holder a fire hazard.

Will ceramic candle holder get hot when the candle is lit?

No, your ceramic candle holder should not get hot when the candle inside is lit. Ceramic, as well as other types of pottery, is an extremely poor conductor of heat. In order for it to get very hot when a small candle is lit, the candle would have to be lit for a very long time, essentially burning down to its base - and even then, the ceramic should only get warm at best. However, consult with the maker of your specific ceramic candle holder to be completely sure that you’re using it according to manufacturer safety recommendations.

How many ceramic candle holders to get for a display?

You can have as little as two ceramic candle holders for a display and as many five or more. As always with many decisions on décor, less is more. Two or three candle holders are typically sufficient to make the desired style statement. Having too many holders feels cluttered and chaotic.

The size of the ceramic candle holder will also be a factor. You will likely have to make do with just one or two if you opt for a large type.


Porcelain tealight holders

Porcelain tealight holders
A vintage set of elegant candleholders made in a variety of shapes and patterns out of white ceramic, giving them a sophisticated vibe. The ceramic candleholders all have a slightly different surface, giving them a unique look.

Ceramic candle holder

This chic set of porcelain lights is a perfect element of the decor, which introduces an exceptionally cozy atmosphere for the decor. Beautifully decorated in porcelain beautify the details. Perfect for living room or bedroom.

Ceramic candle holder 1

Candle holder in the shape of tree. It is made of high quality ceramics. Sophisticated decoration for each place according to taste and need.

Ceramic candle holder 13

Ceramics has been accompanying the world for thousands of years - it creates an amazing decorative material. It was made of this beautiful guardian angel who functions as a decorative ceramic candle holder for a small candle - holding it in angelic hands.

White ceramic candle holder

Entwining curls of this ceramic candleholder let the light shine through to create a shadow play in your ambiance. 3 tea-light candles can be acommodated here. Very elegant thanks to minimal, yet surprising form and white clay finish!

Ceramic candle holder 30

Set of original candle holders available in six variant of colors and pattern. It is composed of two hollowed out ceramic elements with little hole hanged on ropes. It will play its role perfectly in climatic bedroom.

Ceramic candle holder 34

Tealight holders tulips

Ceramic lantern designs

Feast your eyes on those stunning decorations with ceramic construction and intricate design. The pieces alone are a very beautiful addition to your home, but with a candle inside, you can truly see their decorative potential.

Ceramic candle holder 20

Gorgeous and creative DIY project for a set of plaster-dipped flower candles, made out of artificial flowers. If you have some spare plaster, try giving this project a shot as the results are truly breathtaking.

Ceramics candle holders

An adorable trendy table candle holder crafted of quality white ceramic featuring an openwork body. It has a unique form of 2 joined at the bottom part leaves with an intricate net of length and width-varied veins.

Ceramic candle holder 36

Attractive and durable candle holder made of ceramic materials. This element of home equipment is resistant to wear and finished in white color with some floral accents. It provides light and improves interior aesthetics.

Handmade ceramic candle holders

A splendid kitchen decoration that is entirely made of clay. The set is consisted of 3 lanterns and 1 tealight to spice up your contemporary home. Each piece is also neatly carved, presenting floral patterns all over the structure.

Ceramic candle holder 16

This ceramic candle holder is a designer lighting fixture. Inspired a bit by Halloween pumpkins, it has a spherical shape with various-size diamonds ripped, providing a magnificent glittering experience.

Take a look at whats been grabbing our attention this

Take a look at what's been grabbing our attention this week.

Ceramic candle holder

With this unique candle holder, you will be able to create a truly romantic ambiance in your outdoor area. Made of quality ceramic and beautifully designed, the candle holder accommodates 1 candle, and it comes with a matching pedestal.

Ceramic cutout candleholders

ceramic cutout candleholders

Ceramic candle holder 4

We fell in love with that incense holder. Absolutely gorgeous. It will also remain clean no matter how many incenses you burn in it – all the dust will neatly gather inside. Minimalistic appeal never goes out of fashion!