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Use your ottoman for more than just a seat or foot rest. Use it for a place to dine, to entertain, and to serve hors devours. For your hosting pleasure, we have a line of ottoman trays for home decor. Place one on your ottoman and leave it for the sake of giving it another use, or remove it when necessary. It is all up to you, and you can find them in this collection.

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Our Picks

Rustic industrial tray wooden tray

Rustic industrial tray wooden tray

Original tray made of wood and fitted with metal handles. Perfect for serving breakfasts, snacks, drinks and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

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Ottoman trays home decor 1

At first glance, it is a universal and timeless ottoman tray home decor, so it is suitable for any interior or garden. Made of optical glamour glass and stainless steel, it looks good in pairs - as seen from the bird's eye view on this photo.

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Ottoman trays home decor 3

A wooden tray for the ottoman constitutes a practical, yet stylish addition to one's decor. Ideal to serve drinks or small meals, it enchants with its distressed gray paint.

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Ottoman decor

LET US INSPIRE YOU ~ DREAM, CONCIEVE, CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME. the ultimate rural residential land release in North Queensland.

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Ottoman trays home decor 27

Rustic Wooden Ottoman Tray Ottoman Tray by DunnRusticDesigns

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Ottoman trays home decor 7

Tobi Fairley - Love the large stripped ottoman as well as the color combo.

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Ottoman trays home decor 6

- Ralph Lauren home decor.png

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Trays ottoman trays coffee table trays over 3 500 luxury

... Trays, Ottoman Trays, Coffee Table Trays, Over 3,500 Luxury Home Decor

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Ottoman tray decoration ideas

Ottoman Coffee Table Trays and Styling - Videos and Tutorial :: Hometalk

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Marrakesh laquered tray ballard designs how hard could this be

Marrakesh Laquered Tray | Ballard Designs. How hard could this be to make?? Tray ( build?) pretty paper or material in bottom, lacquer or mod poge?

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Ottoman Trays Home Decor

Buying Guide

Ottoman trays for home decor are a creative way to elevate the look of your living room. There are plenty of items you can put on your ottoman tray, from your morning coffee mug and newspaper to your work laptop, daily journal, and cell phone. Try to pick a tray with a gloss finish as this type of surface is easy to wipe down and clean. You should also pick a model that has built-in handles. This design feature allows you to move the tray off your ottoman whenever you want to put your feet up or use the cushion as an extra seat for a guest.

Style your ottoman tray so that it becomes a focal point of your living room. If you’re adding books to the tray, choose 3 or 5 and stack them from largest to smallest because an odd number generates visual interest.

Try to mix smaller accessories like mason jars, miniature picture frames, or fancy calligraphic pens with larger items like house plants or hardback travel books. Varying the size, material, and shape of the elements on your tray creates a diverse, stimulating, and attractive aesthetic.

Your ottoman tray should be square or rectangular. These two shapes for ottoman trays as home decor offer a larger display surface plus more functionality. Oval or round trays are fashionable but fit fewer items.

A square or rectangular shape also allows you to use the four-quadrant rule to display items easily. For this, you divide the tray into four equal quadrants, add a natural, practical, scented, and structural item to create a unified look.

If your ottoman is round, however, you may want to consider using a round tray. Less can be added to a round or oval tray, so keep it uncluttered by adding a stylish vase with flowers in the center.

Absolutely! Having two of them is a great way of using ottoman trays for home decor, making your living room truly unique.

For example, a practical option would be to place two identical ones next to your coffee table instead of adding more chairs. This will result in a stylish but more casual vibe, preventing two backrests from inspiring a busier or cluttered feel.

In fact, having two ottomans is a clever space-saving choice, especially in smaller living rooms!

Best Ideas

Ottoman tray decor

LOVE the white on white with the rustic wood accents!! - lookslikewhite Blog - lookslikewhite

Ottoman trays home decor 23

An aesthetic robust large serving tray in a traditional style. It's crafted of wood finished in black but has a creamy bottom, is rectangular, has simple raised edges with cutout elongated oval grips.

Ottoman trays home decor 2

65 Genius Gift Ideas to Make at Home | Glamumous!

Ottoman trays home decor 39

XL white monogram Greek key border light by sarahhansenannapolis

Madison Collection Elegant Large Rattan Serving Tray with Bamboo Wood Handles, Black

A functional product made of durable and wear resistant materials. This is a rattan serving tray that has got handles made of bamboo wood. Its black color looks nice in any decor. This tray is perfect for serving snacks and drinks.

Ottoman trays home decor 31

New Rugs, Puppies, and why my FitBit is trying to kill me... - The Lilypad Cottage

Ottoman trays home decor 30

Elegant setup for a sophisticated living room with a large square ottoman coffee table upholstered in a black, microfiber fabric with a tufted pattern, which provides a classy contrast to the white set of armchairs with a matching sofa.

Ottoman trays home decor 26

Decor Inspiration Ideas: Living Room |

Edmund Double Tray Storage Ottoman

Edmund Double Tray Storage Ottoman

If you need additional space for your stuff, and yet you are practical, this ottoman is something for you. Provides plenty of storage space, easily tops lift to reveal storage compartments. At the same time provides an extra seat in your living room. And it is beautiful, too.

Upholstered Decorative Storage Ottoman

Upholstered Decorative Storage Ottoman

Stylish ottoman with storage function. It is mounted on a stable wooden legs and upholstered in durable material. Opening flap offers storage compartment to store the necessary things.

Ottoman trays home decor 36

Grand living room with stone fireplace.

Ottoman trays home decor 8

Rectangular, wooden tray suitable for ottomans. It allows for serving snacks and drinks. It can also be used as a base for decorations. Simple shape of this tray matches any decor and its durable construction is long lasting.

Ottoman trays home decor 12

Ginnifer Goodwin on Decorating her Los Angeles Home - Ginnifer Goodwin Interior Design Interview - ELLE

Ottoman trays home decor 29

LOVE this tray -- perfect for on top of the ottoman!