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Covered in a variety of colors and patterns and perfect for placement in the eclectic home, Kilim ottomans can be an excellent addition to any room where a spark of color is welcome. The unique geometric patterns are highly variable, and it's rare to find two Kilim ottomans that are identical.

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Updated 30/09/2022
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Vibrant Multi Colored Kilim Upholstered Ottoman 

Vibrant Multi Colored Kilim Upholstered Ottoman 

Bungalow Rose

This 21-inch tall handmade ottoman with natural wood legs is done in the Kilim style and has a 15" by 15" footprint. The hand-woven wool upholstery features a variety of colors and geometric patterns that can fit into a wide range of decor styles. It adds a touch of whimsy to any room in your home.

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Unique Cube Shaped Kilim Ottoman Coffee Table

Unique Cube Shaped Kilim Ottoman Coffee Table

Union Rustic

Found in nearly 30 unique color combinations and geometric patterns, this ottoman is a versatile addition to any room. Great as an extra seat, a coffee table, or a resting area for your legs. The almost perfect 16 by 16 by 16 inch cubed shape is unique and easily fits into compact furniture arrangements.

$329.99 $369.99

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Chic Pastel Blue Kilim Ottoman

Chic Pastel Blue Kilim Ottoman

Bungalow Rose

Covered in a pastel blue wool upholstery, this 20" tall pouf-style ottoman is fashionable and can help add an eye-catching addition to your living room, den, or reading nook. The 15" by 15" footprint makes it easy enough to tuck into a small room without being in the way.

Designer Advice:

The geometric patterns imitate floral or starburst patterns and include various shades of pale blue, tan, and cream. If you are looking for an ottoman that can be a practical addition to your seating arrangement while also adding a stylish new dimension to your decor and color aesthetics, a kilim ottoman is a great choice.

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Bright and Durable Kilim Ottoman

Bright and Durable Kilim Ottoman

Bungalow Rose

Able to support up to 400 pounds, this extremely durable ottoman has a 15" by 15" footprint and can fit into any room of your home. The wool upholstery is a hand-woven kilim style rug to provide a level of fashion not seen in other ottoman coverings. For anyone searching for bright colors and vibrant patterns, you found it.

Designer Advice:

The rounded pouf style top on this ottoman adds comfort for your feet or when used as a seat. The solid wood frame is durable and well constructed on this 21-inch tall ottoman. The pattern of geometric designs is done in an array of bright colors to help add style and sophistication to any area of your home or office.

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Contrasting Blue and Black Kilim Ottoman

Contrasting Blue and Black Kilim Ottoman

World Menagerie

Covered in heavy wool upholstery, this heavily contrasting blue and black geometric ottoman is made with a sturdy wood frame that can support up to 500 pounds. This ottoman can be perfect as a coffee table, leg rest, or step stool. This 16" by 16" square ottoman can work in a living room, bedroom, or office.

$209.99 $400

Designer Advice:

The deep blue color on the diamond patterns contrast exceptionally well with the jet black. This ottoman can fit into a range of decor aesthetics including modern, contemporary, whimsical, and more. It weighs 25 pounds, so it is quite sturdy yet equally easy to move around the room as needed.

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Fashionable Pouf Style Kilim Ottoman

Fashionable Pouf Style Kilim Ottoman

Bungalow Rose

Standing 21" tall, this 15 by 15 inch square ottoman is covered in a wool upholstery that features vertical stripes of earth-tone colors. With the subdued colors, it fits into almost any decor without standing out or blending in and becoming invisible. 

$324.99 $329.99

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Kilim Ottomans

Buying Guide

Kilim is a type of flatweave often seen in Turkey and surrounding areas, including northern Africa, Central Asia, and China. Characteristics of Kilim include the pattern is woven in, not attached, it does not have a pile, and the patterns are often created diagonally to avoid developing slits in the fabric. It is a sturdy fabric often used in rugs, cushions and – of course – ottomans. The colors are bright, and are often geometric, although they can sometimes be floral. The traditional handcrafted fabrics create unique items, whether it is a kilim ottoman, rug or pouf.

A sturdy cube

Imagine a sturdy cube made of kilim. The fabric is a rusty red, decorated with what appears to be a spray of flowers or perhaps a snowflake. Bold wall of Troy patterns in white, march across the rust red. This tough, cube-shaped pillow can travel many miles, and endure being sat upon many times without losing its shape. The unique weaving style known as kilim adds durability as well as beauty.

Traditional stripes in neutral colors

In understated gray with lighter pinstripes, with a sturdy frame that stands upon four small wooden legs and supports a buttoned pillowtop, this style is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It is easy on the eyes and can readily blend with a conservatively toned room.

Bold pouf with a striking geometric pattern

Enjoy a bold pouf with a striking geometric pattern on its sides and top. A corded seam on each end helps it stand up, and adds interest to the overall appearance. The shape is something like a tubby soft drink can – but far more attractive, and definitely softer. Use it to prop up your feet at the end of a long day or offer it to a pint-sized guest as a seat. It is sure to delight and to elicit comment from people who appreciate woven crafts.

Tripod camelback ottoman

There is no form stronger than a tripod, and that is shown with a camelback ottoman. Three carved legs are shaped to resemble a camel head and leg, then slotted together to form a hollow where a cushion made from kilim rug material is nestled. It forms the perfect place for your feet to rest from your personal safari. The camel heads remind one of the long tradition of trade goods carried across the Sahara on the padded feet of those tall beasts.

Add interest to your ottoman by teaming it up with a matching kilim rug. Add a kilim pouf pillow or two, especially if the ensemble is intended for a child’s room. The bright rug and comfortable pillows make a pleasant place to lounge or play.

Regardless of the style of ottoman you select, kilim fabric will make it special. The handwoven unique designs are created with both beauty and durability in mind. Like all handcrafted items, the uniqueness of the design is the special part.

Best Ideas

Kilim stools

This klim ottoman constitutes a great example of the oriental art, especially if you like Arabic climates. Embellished with patchwork patterns, it will add a pure, rustic vibe into all kinds of interiors.

Kilim ottomans 2

A fashionable pair of two small ottomans that can be used as a footstool, an extra seat, or a compact table. Upholstered in western-patterned fabric, ottomans also have tiny nail head trim, and wood bun feet for stability.

Kilim ottoman 8

Kilim Ottoman

Rug ottoman

Unique ottoman mounted on wooden legs and fitted with wheels. It is covered with fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Great as additional seating or footstool in any interior as needed.

Kilim coffee table

Straight from a Turkish vault of fine masterpieces, the large ottoman is going to make your life much easier. It can be used as a footrest, a coffee table, and even a place to lie down with your favorite book. It's upholstered in patterned carpet and stands on turned wood legs in an espresso finish.

After snowshoeing rest your feet on this antique kilim ottoman

After snowshoeing rest your feet on this Antique Kilim Ottoman

Kilim ottoman 21

Kilim Ottoman

Kilim ottoman tapestry bum candy

Kilim Ottoman--Tapestry Bum Candy

Kilim ottoman 11

Kilim Ottoman

Kilim ottoman coffee table kilim ottoman coffee table kilim ottoman

Kilim Ottoman Coffee Table: Kilim Ottoman Coffee Table,Kilim Ottoman ...

Kilim ottoman 60

kilim ottoman

Kilim ottoman with fluted legs from a unique collection of

Kilim Ottoman with Fluted Legs | From a unique collection of antique and modern ottomans and poufs at

Kilim ottoman 6

The kilim rug is an oriental rug, produced in a plain weave. Most probably it originates from Central Asia - today it also takes the form of the upholstery of a long comfortable kilim bench. It is a home center of exotica and colors.

Kilim ottoman coffee table

Our advice? Choose as an interesting coffee table as possible! Nothing invites life to a living room as effectively as a proper coffee table. This one here, upholstered with a black-and-white, interesting pattern, is a great example of that!

Kilim ottomans and benches

Wendy & Gavin's Bright White Cottage

Kilim ottoman

A low-profile ottoman with colorful upholstery and distinctive patterns, just splendid for contemporary homes. Its wide seat is firmly integrated with a wood frame thanks to a nail head trim, and it rests on wood legs with small caster wheels for easy mobility.

One kings lane the living room olivia kilim ottoman would

One Kings Lane - The Living Room - Olivia Kilim Ottoman - would like to reupholster our ottoman similarly but different colors / fabrics.

Kilim ottomans 5

This vintage ottoman enchants with its kilim finishing and repainted fresh wooden legs. It will match perfectly an orientally-inspired living room decor. Can also serve the role of a coffee table.

Silk upholstery iron frame polyfill professionally clean 21 h 61

- Silk upholstery - Iron frame; polyfill - Professionally clean - 21"H, 61"W, 21"D - ImportedAn additional $75 will be added for oversize shipping and in-home delivery. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. This item is only available for delivery within t

Kilim pouf ottoman

A fashionable pair of large ottomans that go, especially, well with low-profile tables. Those kilim ottomans boast of quality material design and beautiful pattern, giving you a very comfortable seat thanks to their soft filling.

Kilim benches and ottomans

With this kilim ottoman your entryway, living room, or bedroom will be upgraded in a second. The seat is medium-firm, upholstered in a patterned carpet, and rests on turned legs made of espresso-finished wood.

Kilim covered ottoman 1525 00 kilim covered ottoman by lee

kilim covered ottoman $ 1525 00 kilim covered ottoman by lee ...

Kilim covered ottoman

kilim covered ottoman

Vintage kilim ottoman 1

vintage kilim ottoman.