Extra Large Ottomans

Ottomans are the perfect dual-purpose decorative pieces, but… extra large ottomans? That’s double the comfort!

Before falling in love with a specific model, start by thinking about where exactly you’re going to place it. These bad boys are especially popular in the middle of a living room’s seating area or the bottom of a bed. Still, nobody is stopping you from placing yours underneath a window or to create a small reading corner if that’s your kind of priority.

Once you’ve found the sweet spot, measure it to avoid unpleasant surprises, and look for a big ottoman that’s around one inch lower than your chairs or sofas (it’s not going to be very comfy to put your feet up, otherwise).

As for colors and decor, here are fifteen exciting ideas.

Big ottoman in a neutral color

Big ottoman in a neutral color

Your extra large ottoman should still look in harmony with the rest of your room and, especially, the pieces of furniture and elements around it.

For the best results, choose it in a color that’s already present in their palette.

Neutral hues are a safe and stylish choice, particularly in contemporary and traditional settings. 

Oversized ottoman for your living room

Oversized ottoman for your living room

If you’re planning on placing your new extra large ottoman in the middle of your seating area, a round shape is the most popular and versatile.

It facilitates conversation and, by getting rid of sharp edges, will even make smaller areas look bigger than they actually are. 

$479.99 $635.99

Square & large ottoman coffee table

Square & large ottoman coffee table

Fairly large living room? L-shaped nook created by a sectional sofa? Then you can easily consider a square ottoman and use it as a coffee table, too.

In fact, this shape will give you an even wider surface area, which is handy if you like to host and tend to run out of space for all those cups and treats.

$286.99 $452.99

Large ottoman in a bench style design

Large ottoman in a bench style design

Not all extra large ottomans are either round or square! If you like to think outside the box, we bet you’re going to love a bench-style design.

These oversized ottomans work particularly well when placed against the wall or if you’re mainly after additional seats and storage space. So much room for blankets, magazines… and getting rid of clutter asap when your guests show up early!

Oval ottoman coffee table

Oval ottoman coffee table

Rectangular and oval ottomans are the most comfortable and practical options if you have a traditional sofa with a couple of chairs on its side, as it makes it easier for everyone to reach it in the middle.

Still, we recommend the latter if you’re already worried that your seating area will feel cramped: by removing the corners, you’ll actively improve its visual flow.

Rectangular & extra large ottoman with storage

Rectangular & extra large ottoman with storage

If you have a traditional sofa set up and you want to get as much surface area as you possibly can, then an extra large ottoman in a rectangular shape is the one for you.

This is also the best choice for the bottom of your bed.

Either way, these ottomans are usually the ones that offer you the most storage space without having to keep those items in plain sight.


Oversized ottoman coffee table with bottom shelf

Oversized ottoman coffee table with bottom shelf

A delightful storage idea is to use the top surface to put your feet up or serve drinks and the bottom one to keep your favorite items always at easy reach.

From magazines to a couple of blankets and some decorative items to showcase, this design combines comfort and practicality impeccably. 

$579.99 $609

Extra large ottoman coffee table with lift top

Extra large ottoman coffee table with lift top

Not a fan of removable lids? Then consider a big ottoman with a handy lift top.

As well as resulting in lots of practical storage space, it makes it a breeze to pull a tray full of drinks or food closer to you when you’re watching TV. 

Traditional bedroom ottoman

Traditional bedroom ottoman

If you’re planning on placing your new extra large ottoman at the foot of your bed, we recommend sticking to a rectangular shape that’s around three-quarters of its width.

This will ensure a balanced result and a pleasant visual flow while still guaranteeing plenty of storage space and a comfortable top surface to sit on when getting ready.

$237.99 $279.99

Fluffy bedroom ottoman

Fluffy bedroom ottoman

How about adding some fluff? A faux fur ottoman is a stylish idea if your bed frame is fairly simple and streamlined.

Given its interesting texture, it’s also a great choice for Scandinavian interiors and, when opting for golden or unusual legs, the boldest Hollywood regency rooms. 

$122.99 $128.99

Leather ottoman

Leather ottoman

You just can’t go wrong with leather (or vegan leather, for our veggie friends!). This material never fails to convey a majestic feel, but it’s also one of the most versatile.

Sturdy tufted leather designs also make it even easier to balance a tray full of cups without incurring in messy spillages. 

Large pouf style ottoman

Large pouf style ottoman

Another interesting take on extra large ottomans is to choose them in a pouf design.

We think you’d especially enjoy them if you like rearranging your furniture every once in a while (they’re much more versatile and moveable than a coffee-table design) or if your main focus is additional seating rather than a surface to serve drinks.

Still, this doesn't mean that you’ll have to give up on extra storage space: most of them are actually hollow!

Large ottomans in ornate designs

Large ottomans in ornate designs

Your new extra large ottoman can easily become the star of the show. Instead of a versatile monochrome model, be bold by choosing one with a unique pattern.

This is an intriguing decorative choice that works best in seating areas with simpler pieces of furniture in one hue, but it could end up feeling overwhelming if your sofa and chairs already showcase some bold patterns. 

$349.99 $805

Minimalist oversized ottoman

Minimalist oversized ottoman

Not a fan of tufted or overly decorated designs? Monochrome ottomans with a plain top surface are the safest choice in minimalist and contemporary rooms.

They’re also super practical if you’re mainly going to use their top surface to display decorative items or serve drinks. 


Quirky oversized ottoman coffee table or bench

Quirky oversized ottoman coffee table or bench

Whether you’re after one to put your feet up or to gain some extra seating, your new large ottoman can be the perfect opportunity to showcase your decorative flair.

For example, how about a model that’s made to look like a vintage trunk or suitcase?


Our advice Buying Guide

Extra large ottomans are appealing furniture pieces, which are capable of adding an accent to a living room's décor. They don't just offer an extra visual layer as they are also extremely comfortable and functional add-ons to a den or living room. Ottomans, especially the extra large models, are pieces of furniture that consist of padded and upholstered benches or seats without arms. An upholstered ottoman can be utilized as either a footrest or stool. But, you'll often find ones that are paired with club chairs, recliners, and sofas.

To get the best extra large ottomans, here are the factors you need to consider.

What shape of an extra large ottoman should you choose?

When choosing between several different extra large ottomans, you'll find that they come in different shapes. An ottoman's shape has a huge impact on how it will fit in with the existing furniture in a room.

  • A round ottoman, for instance, is great as it packs comfort in a small package. It's also used in complementing round sofas. Round ottomans may serve as the visual contrast you need if most of your furniture pieces are made up of right angles and straight lines.
  • Square extra large ottomans, on the other hand, are great partnered with all types of sofas. An ottoman that takes the square shape paired with upholstered chairs will create a unified look. A square extra large ottoman will also be great as an alternative or substitute for a coffee table, especially if the room's dominated by hard angles and lines. In such case, the extra large ottoman will soften the appearance of the room.
  • Rectangular extra large ottomans are great as coffee tables. They are used as places to sit or as stools as they're fitting for the job.

What are the best materials for extra large ottomans?

When choosing a material for an ottoman, you need to assess your lifestyle first. An extra large ottoman that's made of leather is quite durable. It's also resistant to fraying or tearing, unlike fabric. But, it's prone to staining especially with oil, ink, and peanut butter. If you have kids and pets around, we suggest you skip on leather extra large ottomans. A similar option but less expensive is a vinyl ottoman.

Fabric is considered as the all-around material as it works with any type of furniture. But, it can be hard to pair with leather sofas or chairs. A microfiber ottoman would be a great choice for you if you are looking for a piece of furniture that is easy to maintain and clean. On top of that, it's also extremely comfortable and soft.

If you are truly worried about soiling or damaging the material that makes up an extra large ottoman, there are ottoman slipcovers available. Although they are quite hard to find if you have an extra large ottoman, we believe you would still find some for sale that will ensure your furniture is protected. The covers will also allow you to transition to styles in a snap.

You now know what to look for when shopping for an extra large ottoman. Dive into the marketplace today!


Blaine Tufted Ottoman

Blaine Tufted Ottoman
Kick back and relax in style with this chic tufted ottoman. The extra-large 20'' H x 64'' W x 29'' D dimensions enable you to convert the piece into a stylish coffee table with the addition of a serving tray. Upholstered in supple faux leather, the ottoman can support up to 300 lbs. so it can also function as additional seating for guests.

Meraz Cocktail Ottoman

Meraz Cocktail Ottoman
Covered in stunning white bonded leather, this oversize ottoman makes a big style statement in your modern home. Filled with high-density foam and featuring a trendy tufted cube pattern, you can use it in place of a chaise for extra seating or place it under a mirror in your entryway for a stylish way to welcome guests.

Arjunreddy Sleeper Bed Tufted Ottoman

Arjunreddy Sleeper Bed Tufted Ottoman
Sleek yet multifunctional, this ottoman sleeper combo is ideal for living areas with limited space. The durable steel frame comes with a plush 4” thick mattress and folds into thirds to create a streamlined cube. It comes with a durable microfiber cover that is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Sunday 62" Rectangle Cocktail Ottoman

Sunday 62" Rectangle Cocktail Ottoman
This gorgeous contemporary ottoman has a low profile and a deep seat to give your space a relaxed vibe. The seat features an innerspring core, wrapped in high-density foam cushions covered in feather down for ultimate comfort. The recessed legs provide a stable base without sacrificing style, and the frame is doweled and corner-blocked for added durability.

Deconstructed Large Ottoman

Deconstructed Large Ottoman
Elegant stylish ottoman with a large rectangular wooden frame finished in light brown and having a jute band with small nails. Its turned legs are chunky. A cushion is filled with polyfibre and feathers on top and covered in off-white linen.

Lacey Storage Ottoman

Lacey Storage Ottoman
Functional and beautiful, this Storage Ottoman in Espresso Finish is crafted from sturdy wood, and upholstered in durable fabric. The lid can be lifted for accessing ample storage area. Legs are tapered and provide proper stability.

Jessa Place Oversized Ottoman

Jessa Place Oversized Ottoman
Comfort and style blend seamlessly in this oversized ottoman designed to suit all your needs. It features durable frame construction with corners that are glued, blocked and stapled. Features Ca117 fire retardant foam and zippered black bottom.

Baxton Studio Keswick Beige Linen Modern Tufted Ottoman

Baxton Studio Keswick Beige Linen Modern Tufted Ottoman
A modern-styled ottoman that is perfect for small rooms. It is an element that has got a solid wooden frame, decorative legs and foam filling. Thanks to these advantages, the product meets high quality demands.

Large Storage Ottoman

Large Storage Ottoman
Unique and classy ottoman in black color that is accentuate by contrasting white stitches. Lift the top and find a large storage space for organizing your blankets, shoes or magazines. It can be use as a large seat.

Baxton Studio Liverpool Linen Modern Storage Ottoman And Bench

Baxton Studio Liverpool Linen Modern Storage Ottoman And Bench
It is a modern piece of furniture that has got the function of an ottoman and bench. Its top is filled with soft foam. The wooden construction is stable and durable. This product also features a spacious storage compartment.

Extra large ottomans 1

This elegant ottoman fits, mostly, larger rooms, and can be quite useful in many situations. Upholstered in an off-white fabric, the ottoman has a good resistance against wear and tear, and it's decoratively button-tufted for even lovelier appearance.

Extra large ottomans

Here is something more original, what is going to work only in larger interiors. This ottoman coffee table is a large square, resting on 4 tapered legs, which, just as the rest of the frame, are made of sturdy wood. The top is well-padded, elegantly button-tufted, and firm enough to put a tray with drinks on it.

Huge round ottoman

I did a lot of searching for ottomans before I bought this one. It has got a super large size, button tufted top and rectangular shape. Everyone of my guests is impressed how cool this product is.

Large fabric ottoman

Cozy set of furniture intended to living room which connects classic with luxury. It is composed of three, comfortable sofas covered with bright canvas and very elegant, extra-large, leather ottoman, which can be used as a coffee table or seat.

Kravet vassar for living room

Kravet Vassar for living room

Big square ottoman

Very large ottoman in a classic, square shape. It stands on a very solid wooden frame with four legs that improve stability. Soft top that is thickly cushioned and finished in universal white color can be used as a seat or serving top.

Huge ottomans

We love functional ideas for small spaces! The ottoman can be used as a coffee table and extra seating in the drawing room. Nail heads and round shape creates the stylish product, that fits perfectly to any style and decor.

L shaped slipcovers

What can not be denied to this large linen ottoman is its huge size. In fact, it also functions as a upholstered puff with wooden legs. Dark graphite linen's color on a large space is a coherent modern whole, which plays well with beige slipcover of sectional.

Best large square ottoman coffee table 1

best large square ottoman coffee table

Oversized ottomans 1

Oversized ottoman with a nice button-tufted construction that looks very attractive in any decor. It features an interesting green color and its large top provides space for serving trays, sitting, etc.

Extra large ottoman

We love the simplicity and elegance, so we purchased this storage ottoman to drawing room. The square shape and leather black upholstery makes this product a fantastic choice. And we can use it as a coffee table too!

Extra large tufted ottoman 195 photo ottomanextralargecocktail jpg

Extra Large Tufted Ottoman $195 photo OttomanExtraLargeCocktail.jpg

A delightful design before after by sita montgomery and why

A Delightful Design: Before & After by Sita Montgomery (and why I love Instagram)

Oversize ottoman

The list of advantages of extra large leather ottomans poufs is almost endless: storage, footstools, or - elegant coffee tables. White has this arrangement of power that visually enlarges the interior and brightens it. Nicely combined with a strong quilting.

Extra large ottomans 2

The space for conversations, entertaining and relaxing: functional living room with ottoman in the middle, arm chairs, fireplace and leather rug. Everything is in the pastel color palette for restful atmosphere.

Beautiful ottoman is from audrey lewis interiors in sydney the

beautiful ottoman is from Audrey Lewis Interiors in Sydney. The large ...

Everest extra large cocktail ottoman in chocolate jpg


Large round ottoman couch

Round ottoman for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need. It is covered with pleasant to the touch velvet fabric and finished with decorative nail heads. It can be used as coffee table.

Large ottoman 1

Large Ottoman

Extra large sectional with ottoman

Extra Large Sectional with Ottoman

Lawson extra large cocktail ottoman

Lawson Extra Large Cocktail Ottoman

Safavieh Hudson Collection Williamsburg Grey Linen Storage Bench, Large

Large storage bench padded entirely with handsome gray linen and standing on chunky wooden feet. The flip top is mounted on hinges for convenient opening. It looks particularly great in light colouring scheme of a decor.

More comfortable to put your feet on an ottoman than

More comfortable to put your feet on an ottoman than a coffee table!

Extra large square ottoman

This beautiful pouffe or ottoman constitutes a large piece of a stylish furniture. FInished with a unique dark purple, along with the button-tufting, creates an eclectic, modern appeal.

Extra large storage ottoman

A super-large, oversized ottoman coffee-table with a tufted pattern on the seat and a storage beneath it. The ottoman is upholstered in a microfiber material in a dark-brown colour, which nicely complements the aluminium legs.

This entertainment area also features an extra large sectional upholstered

This entertainment area also features an extra large sectional. Upholstered in a plush golden fabric with warm brown leatherette ottomans, the furnishings were custom designed to meet the requirements of the clients’ needs and were tailored to fit the s

Large rectangular ottoman

Contemporary design for an oversized, ultra-large ottoman with a single button on the top and legs made out of dark oak wood. The seat cushion of the ottoman is upholstered with a cotton material in a light blue colour, providing a subtle look.

Oversized round ottoman

Accent Ottomans Extra Large Tufted Ottoman with Bun Wood Feet

Home Source Industries 12591 Extra Large Folding Ottoman with Storage, Dark Brown

This extra large ottoman can be quickly folded for easy storage. Easy to clean and capacious, the ottoman is upholstered in faux leather microfiber, and has a removable lid that conceals a spacious storage compartment. It can also be used as a footrest or coffee table.

Ottoman how to make build and upholster an ottoman 1

Ottoman – How To Make, Build and Upholster an Ottoman

Extra large ottomans 5

Extra Large Ottomans

Ottoman in desert chenille fabric 4390 contemporary ottomans and

... Ottoman in Desert Chenille Fabric - 4390 contemporary-ottomans-and

Large ottoman

This living room decor includes a very large central ottoman in an octagonal shape. It provides an extra sitting space that is very soft. Two armchairs also include soft seats supported by durable backs and arms.

Storage Ottoman

It is a classic and elegant ottoman that has got a storage, round shape, cream finish and comfortable seat. It can be used as a footstool, ottoman, chair, coffee table and other.

Flash Furniture Cowan Oversized Ottoman, Mocha Fabric

This simple product is an oversized ottoman that serves as and additional sitting space in a living room. It can also be used as a footrest and as a coffee table. Wooden frame of this ottoman is supprotive and stable.

Oversized ottoman coffee table

Black and white living room with wood floors and gray accents.

Home Source Industries 12607 Extra Large Folding Ottoman with Storage, Coffee

Pretty modern folding ottoman having a sturdy large rectilineal wooden frame. A rectangular moulding padded seat can serve as a coffee table or a bench for 2 persons and hides a spacious interior. Upholstery is of brown material with black accents.

Large storage ottomans 10

Rectangular ottoman upholstered with polyester and quilted with decorative buttons. It is mounted on wooden frame and has capacious compartment. Provides saving space in all kinds of interior.

Large Round Tufted Storage Ottoman. This Contemporary Piece Adds Style And Comfort To Any Room. Each Round Ottoman Features Tufted Fabric With A Smooth Button Design. A Living Room Furniture Ottoman Perfect As A Coffee Table Ottoman Or Footstool. (Teal)

This contemporary styled, round ottoman in astonishing teal finish is fully covered with sleek, smooth fabric with tufted, buttoned finish top. It features a storage space and solid, wooden frame in dark brown.

Oversized leather ottoman

blue and orange. these are old school florida colors to me - I want them in my guest room!