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As taboo as it is rapidly becoming. there are still smoking lounges, and nothing says classy smoking lounge like a free standing ashtray. But it doesn't have to go in just a swank lounge. Use it on your porch where you have a smoke after a meal. Wherever you put it, it will give off a classy look that says you prefer not to just cast those smoldering butts on the ground.

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Vintage 1970s space age 21 white plastic

Vintage 1970s space age 21 white plastic

Free standing ashtray with durable metal construction. It stands on a round base that provides stability and it is finished in attractive and neutral white color with some black accents for enhanced aesthetics.

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Edenscape Free Standing Pedestal 2-Tier Towel Rack

Edenscape Free Standing Pedestal 2-Tier Towel Rack

Freestanding towel rack for the bathroom, poolside, and more. It is made of steel. It has 2 towel rails in various heights and an additional shelf for cosmetics and others as needed.

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Free standing ashtray 4

Beautiful free-standing ashtray featuring a strong rounded base and a stained glass top for outstanding elegance. The ashtray is constructed from metal and topped in a superb brass coated finish. Its small footprint makes it a great choice for small spaces too.

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Outdoor ashtray stand

What a stunning, very sophisticated and elegant ashtray, with an over the top, very rich design. The crystal rain drops and the iron stand give this one a really unique, one-of-a-kind appearance, great for a patio!

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Free standing ashtray 3

Modern free-standing ashtray with a globe design at the top, supported by a slender but sturdy metal stem, and a heavy rounded base for stability. The ashtrays offer a myriad of colors to pick from, including some, vibrant palettes and some dark neutral ones.

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Tall outdoor ashtrays

Elegant midcentury ashtray made from a combination of metal and crystal glass. The piece has a relatively tall stand and its vintage look makes it a great addition to your midcentury-inspired décor. It’s absolutely unique as well. There’s nothing like it out there.

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Standing spinning top ashtray pushdown spin off ashtray 1

Standing Spinning Top Ashtray, pushdown, spin-off ashtray

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Standing ashtray outdoor

Well-built free-standing ashtray featuring a compact design and a relatively low profile. The piece stands on a rounded metal base and is supported by a strong frame as well. It’s topped by a tainted glass cover for the ultimate balance of colors and style.

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Free standing ashtray 2

If you’re a smoker then this piece of furniture is a perfect addition to your porch or a patio. No more mess with ash lying around on the floor, this floor mounted ashtray made out of stainless steel is just great!

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Vintage free standing black chrome ashtray for sale

vintage free standing black & chrome ashtray - For Sale

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Free Standing Ashtray

Buying Guide

Have you ever dreamed of having an ashtray that doesn't need to be placed down on a table or chair? Free-standing ashtrays allow you to do just that, so you can use an ashtray for its purpose no matter where you are and regardless of whether you have a table to set it down on. If you have never purchased a free-standing ashtray before, you might be at a loss as to what you're actually looking for. Thankfully, this guide is here to help, giving you some handy tips to ensure you get the ideal free-standing ashtray for you.

Do you need a free-standing ashtray?

Free-standing ashtrays are useful for outdoor smoking areas, so if you smoke regularly in your garden, or you run a small business where your employees often smoke outside, you could have a strong case for buying one. They come at a much higher cost than regular ashtrays though, which can be purchased for a few dollars at many local stores. Making sure that you actually need one or would make use of one is an important factor to consider before buying.

Free-standing ashtrays are available in various heights, making them suitable for a wide range of scenarios. If you have an area which has seats, you should aim for an ashtray which is around 70-80cm high. This should be short enough for people sitting down to reach easily, but high enough to create a balance for those who may be standing up.

For areas where you know most people will be standing up when using the free-standing ashtray, opt for a height of around 120cm. This will allow most people to use the ashtray comfortably while smoking.

What are free-standing ashtrays typically made of?

Here are some common materials which are used for free-standing ashtrays:

  • Ceramic: You will probably have seen this material used in the manufacturing of regular table ashtrays since it is cost effective, heat resistant and easily customized. While the entire item may not be ceramic, the top part is often made from this material.
  • Metal: This is a popular material for free-standing ashtrays. Not only is it cheap to manufacture metal ashtrays, making them popular with those who are sticking to a budget, but it is also a look which is well-liked by people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Glass: You can expect to pay more for an ashtray which is made from glass, and free-standing ashtrays are a popular addition to your garden or workplace. In some cases, the glass will be stained, adding some color and interest to the ashtray, but very often, it is plain and sleek.

Best Ideas

Vintage metal ashtray stand

Vintage style free-standing ashtray made from wood. The piece is designed with a beautiful rounded base and comes in a natural wood finish for impeccable style. It also offers two tiers at the top and practical counter height for ease of use and added functionality.

Standing ash tray

Incredibly stylish and practical free-standing ashtray designed to fill your living room with modern charm. The ashtrays stand on a strong rounded base and offer a stunning two-tone finish, including a dominant light brown stain, touched up by silver at the bottom and the top.

Antique standing ashtray

High-quality free-standing ashtray featuring a stunning female art deco and a unique high-end design. The ashtray sits on a square wooden base and is finished in a glossed black shade, accentuated with elements of glass, and lacquered in dark turquoise for incredible style.

Vintage ashtray stands

Free Standing Aluminium Cigarette - Hard wearing and rust resistant brushed aluminium finish.

Retro floor standing ashtray

Renwal Free Standing Ashtray Vintage Dollhouse Furniture Fits Ideal Marx Plasco #Renwal

The koa 25l managanese grey free standing ashtray from rossignol

the koa 25l managanese grey free standing ashtray from rossignol

Stand ashtray

2 Hollywood Regency Mid Century Modern Ashtray Stands Grape Leaf Motif Turquoise FREE SHIPPING on Etsy, $185.00

Standing ashtray with flexible stand 70cm spinning top pushdown

Standing Ashtray with Flexible stand 70cm, spinning top, pushdown ...

Antique cast smoking stand standing floor ashtray

Antique Cast Smoking Stand/Standing Floor Ashtray

Free standing ashtray 5

Standing Spinning Top Ashtray, pushdown, spin-off ashtray

Standing ashtray vintage

1930's Wooden Cigarette Box with Perpetual Calendar and Metal Dog by thelittlebiker

Ashtray stands

Decorative Ashtray All your biker friends can "park their butts" in this decorative Harley Davidson, free standing ashtray. Stands about 2 feet tall. Hand painted squirrel is wearing his leather and drinking a Bud Lie. Even a squirrel brain knows never to

Free standing ashtray

Vintage Ashtray stand, Free standing 12 inches with Green glass

Groundskeeper Tuscan Receptacle

Groundskeeper Tuscan Receptacle