Globe Floor Stand

When thinking about decorating your study there is an accent piece that just belongs and brings the room together and that is a globe on a floor stand. It was a staple for decades in many studies throughout England and now can be yours for your home study. With many styles to choose from make yours from our collection. They are wonderful.

Best Ideas

Prestigious Wood and Metal Globe

Prestigious Wood and Metal Globe
This globe stands on three wooden legs and is meant to be used on the floor. The globe itself is made with a mix of wood and metal. Its mapping is very detailed - the manufacturer provides you with the most recent maps.

16th century italian style 20 inch globe bar

16th century italian style 20 inch globe bar
This is a product that was created for people who love elegant, classic style. It is a globe bar that plays the role of a storage solution for drinks, wine and glasses. It is a hand-made product, so its quality is extra high.

Spherical Concepts Artline 12 Acrylic World Globe With Stand Silver Red

Spherical Concepts Artline 12 Acrylic World Globe With Stand Silver Red
An interesting vintage world globe manufactured of durable transparent acrylic glass and having continents marked in a silver colour with black lettering. It has a simple stand with minimal traces of wear.

Munich Duo Illuminated Floor Globe

Munich Duo Illuminated Floor Globe
Modernly designed floor globe with slanted stem that supports the classically stylized globe with blue oceans and political world map. The base is illuminated. The stand is made of stainless steel for trendy look.

Globe Drinks Cabinet Floor Stand-White

Globe Drinks Cabinet Floor Stand-White
Globe drinks cabinet for each elegant interior. Construction is made of wood and mounted on wheels for easy movement. It has the best reviews for a stylish look and more.

Italian old world globe with stand signs

Italian old world globe with stand signs
This vintage Old World Globe with stand derives from Italy, around 1960s. To emphasize the climate of the past centuries, it is mounted on a spinning axis and is covered in antique paper with drawings of sea monsters, ships, compasses and much more.

Celestel 3 Light Floor Lamp

Celestel 3 Light Floor Lamp
Floor lamp featuring three lights, metal construction and glass shades. Base of the lamp features appealing chrome finish. Additionally, the lamp includes on/off button cord switch. It's a perfect addition to any living room.

17" Ambassador Opal Globe with Three Leg High Stand in Silver

17" Ambassador Opal Globe with Three Leg High Stand in Silver
Decorative floor stand standing on silver three legged high stand supporting opal globe. The oceans are crafted in silver, while every country is made up of gemstones, cut by hand and indigenous to particular region.

Standing globe

The antique 18 inch globe on the black metal stand. The globe was made of wood covered with the world's map painting. Such an accessory could be a perfect decoration in a private office or home library.

World globe on floor stand

Vintage floor standing globe on tall (32 inches) wooden base that still retains its good condition - such a stylish globe might be a finishing touch in a vintage layout. And it's educative by the way.

Globe floor stand 24

Large Globe on Floor Stand

Globe floor stand 3

Era World Globe floor stand model by Zoffoli Italian Globes

Floor globe with stand

An antique freestanding metal globe showing the dark blue heavens with golden stars and constellations images. A cast iron (with brass undertones) frame is built of 3 curved legs with tiny feet and carvings and a hemispherical openwork globe holder.

Globe floor stand 28

There is never been a more classic or traditional looking world globe than the Lafayette 16-inch Blue Ocean Illuminated Floor Standing World...

How to make globe stand

prettiest globe ever?

Globe floor stand 3

An antique standing globe showing the Earth rimmed with a metal graduated parallel. A woody base is finished in brown with dark red undertones. It's built of 3 straight turned legs with ball feet, a 3-arm stretcher, a circular holder with an apron.

Cambridge 16" Antique Walnut World Globe

Cambridge 16" Antique Walnut World Globe

Unique Art 36-Inch by 13-Inch Floor Standing Black Onyx Ocean Gemstone World Globe with Silver 4-Leg Stand

Maitland smith 1330 269 aged regency mahogany and pewter finished

Maitland-Smith 1330-269 Aged Regency Mahogany and Pewter Finished Aluminum Floor Standing Globe with Brass Accents

Floor stand 1

Floor Stand:

Globe floor stand 1

A stunning world globe that offers the floor standing design and would accentuate any interior almost instantly. It will work for a traditionally styled home and is a piece of true class and sophistication.

Sherbrooke ii world globe with floor stand from brookstone

Sherbrooke II World Globe with Floor Stand from Brookstone

Mid century floor globe with wooden stand

Mid Century Floor Globe with Wooden Stand

37" 3-Leg Bronze Floor Standing Blue Lapis Gemstone Globe

Globe floor stand

Great Floor Standing Globe

Ultimate globes exclusive the 16 inch landen globe is by

ULTIMATE GLOBES EXCLUSIVE! The 16-inch Landen Globe is by far one of the best designed floor standing globes on the market. Featuring an antique color globe ball with raised relief and over 4,100 up to date named places and points of interest, this globe

Globe floor stand 2

Era Floor World Globe

Merske Bianco Italian Style Floor Globe Bar, 17-1/2-Inch Diameter, White

Ingenious, remarkably decorative bottle stand. Its frame represents a replica of medieval navigation map outside and a fresco replica inside. It has 3 blue wooden legs. Bottles are stored in an upper globe-like container or on a lower round shelf.

Black world globe

Unique style for an antique, old-fashioned globe with an unusual, cute twist. The globe pictures an old-school world map with pink used instead of blue to mark water, which provides a nice contrast with the dark, wooden frame.

Globe floor stand 22

Floor standing Lucite globe

Globe floor stand

fabulously expensive vintage globe! DIOR HOMME VINTAGE + EXPENSIVE BY: ALEXANDER V WESLEY SIZE 38 - 42 * SUIT 48

Illuminated floor globe w dark cherry finish stand

Illuminated Floor Globe w Dark Cherry Finish Stand

Zoffoli art 809 gea floor standing globe


Globe floor lamp 8

Modern and immensely appealing due to its simple yet creative design - this globe floor lamp sports a spacious and big size of the structure and will drown your interior in light and some new-found brightness.

Globe floor stand 13

Gemstone Globes Floor Stand Models. Illuminated

3 globe floor lamp

This 3 globe floor lamp constitutes a proposition directed to all contemporary interiors. It will fit well both to the bedrooms, as well as the living rooms, adding a minimalistic, modern spirit.

Globe floor stand 27

12 inch floor globe $80

Merske 20-Inch Diameter 16th Century Italian Style Floor Globe Bar

Inspired by a gorgeous Italian style, this 16th Century Floor Globe Bar in Old World Finish is completely handmade. Crafted from such quality wood like Rosewood, Mahogany and Teak, the table features a sturdy base with caster wheels for easy mobility.

Globe floor lamp 24

Modernity has three spherical heads today. Like a three-headed dragon, the globe floor lamp has more power and gives more light. The round base ensures an elegant finish. The modernist style is especially visible in the chrome finish.

Globe floor lamp 6

Small floor lamp with a globe stylization. This element of design looks very simple and matches different stylizations. It is made of attractive and durable glass finished in classic milk white color.

Munich Duo Illuminated Floor Globe

Munich Duo Illuminated Floor Globe

Always dreamed of finding a cheap vintage standing floor globe

always dreamed of finding a cheap, vintage standing floor globe

Globe floor stand 20

Ampersand Vintage Modern: Affordable Industrial & Mid Century Finds | Apartment Therapy

Globe floor stand 2

always dreamed of finding a cheap, vintage standing floor globe

Floor stand steel copper oak brass

Floor Stand: Steel, Copper, Oak, Brass

Globe floor stand 21

1971 Lampadaire Lamps | Design: Garrault-Delord | France

Unique Art 36-Inch by 13-Inch Floor Standing Red Lapis Ocean Gemstone World Globe with Gold 4-Leg Stand

Globe floor stand 1

World Globes > Floor Stand Globes > Columbus Floor Globes >

Large outdoor globe sculpture sample

Large outdoor globe sculpture sample

Globe floor stand 11

DIY Black & Gold Globe « Love & Renovations