Indoor Lamp Post

An odd choice in indoor lighting, for a definite conversation starter, consider an indoor lamp post as your interior lighting medium. Just like their outdoor counterpart, these are sturdy, built to last, but also very fetching and can be paired with several types of decor styles. DIstressed wood is a perfect complement for an indoor lamp post. See collection for all that we have available.

Best Products

Royce lighting outdoor portable post lantern

Royce lighting outdoor portable post lantern
A beautiful, indoor floor lamp that looks like a street light. The base is a long, narrow post made of black metal. The top of it is a charming lamp shade with transparent glass. It will create a rustic and romantic atmosphere.

Portable Post 1 Light Post Lantern Set

Portable Post 1 Light Post Lantern Set
The portable one-light post lantern set, which imitates the real street light. The base was made of stainless steel covered with the black paint. The smoked-glass shade generates the dimmed light. It is the ideal solution for the open antechamber.

Bayport 72" Solar Lamp Post

Bayport 72" Solar Lamp Post
The iron and aluminium, contemporary black solar lamp post. 72" post with traditional lamp on top, LED bulb type gives light from dusk to dawn. Rust, water and weather resistant, may be used all year round.

Trinity 74" Composite Lamp Post

Trinity 74" Composite Lamp Post
This composite lamp post offers a naturally elegant, sturdy and classy design and is crafted to last, adding an attractive accent to any yard, with all of the beauty of natural wood, while it can accommodate solar or wired lamps.

Evergreen 1 Light 7" Outdoor Post Lantern

Evergreen 1 Light 7" Outdoor Post Lantern
This 1-Light 7-Inch Post Lantern in Rustic Brown/Black Finish is characterized by durable metal construction, and accommodates 1 x 60W A-19 incandescent bulb. The lamp is able to withstand weather conditions, and is suitable in wet location.

Indoor lamp post 4

If you love the London city and cannot get by without its architecture this lamp perfectly find a potential owner. 6 ft high, 1 ft wide, could be placed inside and outside. Made by solid black plastic and glass.

Indoor street light

The indoor lamp post of black massive brass - seems to be taken from the old London streets. Romantically decorates the interior of the house, with its rich sculpture and antique shade.Under the lampshade, it has a small tube that can be used as a hanger.

Our advice Buying Guide

Lamp posts are traditionally seen outside the house, so putting them indoors creates a new and exciting feel. Complementing rustic homes as well as the more modern styles and designs, indoor lamp posts are a great feature for many homes and can be very attractive and appealing to both those living in the house and also your guests. Here are some designs you may like to consider in advance if you're thinking about purchasing one for your home.

What are the most common designs of indoor lamp posts?

  • Arched wall lamp

Rather than buying a stand-alone lamp, a slightly different style to consider are the indoor wall lamp posts. These are often cheaper, and while there is some more work involved to affix them to the wall, they can save a lot of space and create a warm and brightening effect. This may be a style where a horizontal beam extends from the wall, with a further curved beam bending around the wall for a less harsh shape. The lamp then hangs either at the end of the horizontal beam or halfway along the beam.

  • Multiple bulbs

An indoor lamp post may have more than one light bulb, which is ideal if you want something which can provide a fair bit of light. Some lamps are used for creating the warm softer tone for the evenings, while others are required to give off much more light for a larger room. Indoor lamp posts which have 2-3 bulbs are more strong and bright than just one, so this is definitely something to consider. No matter how strong the light bulbs are that you purchase for the lamp, there's only so much light it will be able to emit.

  • Single wall lamp

Taking up less space than most of the other styles you'll see, including the arched wall lamp, a single wall lamp is a lovely way to have the outdoor lamp feature inside your home without taking up a lot of space. You can fix a single lamp to the wall around 6-7 feet up from the ground to allow easy reach of the switch. These lamps are rarely bought as just one item for one room, however, and are often seen in groups of four around the room or two at opposite ends.

  • Grandfather clock style

If you're looking for something traditional yet different, consider the grandfather clock style. Rather than being just a lamp, it has a light but also boasts a rustic style of clock. It then has the design of an outdoor lamp post for the actual post, so you're able to achieve the outdoor lamp post effect but inside the home and with the extra features too.

  • Thin post style

This is a version of the traditional black outdoor lamp post style but is much thinner to suit the modern and contemporary tastes. It is also less 'chunky' or 'blocky' than some of the other styles, so it is able to fit well within homes which have more defined or thinner furniture. Often made from metal, but occasionally made from wood, this style may be found most commonly in black and white, but some supplier will custom-make them in a color of your choice.


Indoor lamp post 5

This lamp looks like a street lamp, but it's actually a smart option for an indoor lamp. It 's in the shape of a post with a small lantern on the top. It will bring your room a feeling of the old world.

Indoor lamp post 1

This rewired lamp post evokes associations with 19th century crowded English streets. Once outdoors, now adds a great rustical and mystery vibe inside. It will fit ideally to all rustic, retro interiors.

Designers Fountain 1923-BK Riviera Post Lanterns, Black

Eight sided lanterns with clear beveled glass offered, available in three sizes. Inspired by the Old English street lanterns, will help you create a marvellous vintage climate in your environment.

Indoor street lamp

A pretty traditional wall-mounted post for indoor lamps. It's made of black-coated metal. It's composed of a straight horizontal arm with a right angled end, a short chain and a heavily bowed support.

Mini city street light

Mini City Street Light

Indoor lamp post

Reflecting the characteristic classic style of the 19th century, this beautiful indoor post lamp will take you on a journey to the old-time London. It enchants with a variety of subtle details

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An aesthetic contemporary lamp post in the antique style made of aluminium with a rusty finish. It has a tapered up base and a tall round stem adorned with collars. A quadrangular flared lamp has glazed arched panels and a dome roof with a finial.

Saving garden lamp post incandescent indoor garden decor lights

... Saving Garden Lamp Post , Incandescent Indoor Garden Decor Lights

Indoor post lamp

one way to do the lamp post in a Narnia nursery

Indoor post lamp street lights for indoors

Indoor Post Lamp Street Lights for Indoors

Indoor street light lamp

Vintage, tall lamp which will be perfect to use on the patio. It will give you a magnificent light, so you will feel like in old times. It is also great decoration on Christmas yard. Wonderful, stylish, vintage decoration.

90305 tectum post lamp outdoor light

90305 Tectum post lamp Outdoor light

Pole lamps indoor on 90329 tectum post lamp outdoor light

Pole Lamps Indoor on 90329 Tectum Post Lamp Outdoor Light

European 4 Light 80" Outdoor Post Lantern Set

European 4 Light 80" Outdoor Post Lantern Set

Indoor street lamp post bronze color 48

Indoor street lamp post, bronze color 48''

Black lamp post

Black standing iron lamp. This could be accomplished on a front yard or in your garden. Also looks nice indoors. Could be decorated with your favourite flowers. Nicely finished with some rustic accents.

Buy lamp post 9

Electric candle lantern in traditional form. It is mounted on wooden frame. Great addition to any interior as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Street lamp floor lamp

An original lamp post that looks like an old-fashioned street light, but is actually an indoor lighting. It consists of a narrow post with three branches that feature beautiful lanterns with transparent glass.

Pole lamps indoor

lanterns hanging from the tree indoors

Lamp post floor lamp

Even though I currently live in PA, I have Onion lights, lanterns & post lights. I even have them in the bathrooms!!

Buy lamp post 7

Gorgeous and elaborate design for an outdoor wall sconce made out of dark-painted iron. The sconce resembles a dragon which holds the lantern in his mouth, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Patio living concepts cape cod outdoor electric light post lamp

Patio Living Concepts Cape Cod Outdoor Electric Light Post Lamp Black

Antique street lamp

Antique Street Lamp

Lighting indoor on visual comfort indoor outdoor marine wall light

... Lighting Indoor on Visual Comfort Indoor Outdoor Marine Wall Light

Outside lamp post clock ridgway merchant

Outside Lamp Post Clock | Ridgway Merchant

40" Tall Lighted Lamp Post Christmas Blow Mold - Outdoor Christmas Decor

Elegant Mini Black Painted Metal Triple Head Light Post

150cm light up lamp post indoor outdoor chritsmas festive decoration

150cm Light Up Lamp Post Indoor Outdoor Chritsmas Festive Decoration ...

Indoor christmas lamp post

sphere firework chandelier

Pagoda Solar Lamp Post and Eight-LED Lantern

Pagoda Solar Lamp Post and Eight-LED Lantern

Indoor lamp post 21

To have these hanging from the ceiling...Wonderful!

Buy lamp post 4

A decoration lamp wall sticker. The French style gas lamp was a common type of lighting in the XIX century. The form is so lovely, so it is very often met on the pictures, photos or the other products of mass culture.

Indoor lamp post light 1

Use old lamp parts to create a glass post! I love it!

Indoor lamp post 27

Add an industrial vibe to your space with concrete lighting pendants or planters. #etsy #homepolish

Designers Fountain 1923-WH Riviera Post Lanterns, White



Indoor lamp post 26

Swinging chair!

Indoor lamp post 22

Retro Recycled Cassette Lamp

Indoor street light lamp 1

: 19 Ιδέες που αποδεικνύουν ότι τίποτα δεν πάει χαμένο και όλα μπορούν να αξιοποιηθούν.

Designers Fountain 20613-BAC Berkshire Wall Lanterns, Burnished Antique Copper

Posts elstead os6 oslo twin head lamp post bathroom lighting

... posts elstead os6 oslo twin head lamp post bathroom lighting indoor

Indoor lamp post 16

LIGHTS by Bruce Munro, Cheekwood

Indoor lamp post 19

Spray paint looking glass, amazing! I might actually get my mirrored table after all.... will have to try it on a small scale first to see how it looks.