Antique Cherub Lamp

Here's something for all fans of decorative accessories. Antique cherub lamp might be an eyesore but it has some potential when handled with an ingenious interior design idea on mind. Check the styles presented below.

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Antique vintage gold gilt white italian ceramic 4 putti cherub

Antique Vintage Gold Gilt White Italian Ceramic 4 Putti Cherub Large Lamp
This large ceramic lamp made in antique vintage style decorated with gold is a beautiful and very impressive interior design element. All beautifully decorated will be the decoration of the stylish living room, garden and more.

Antique vintage style detailed cherub floor lamp unique one of

Antique Vintage Style Detailed Cherub Floor Lamp Unique One Of A Kind
Antique floor lamp fitted with 8 lights. Carefully carving base is made of high quality stone and metal with gold finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Stylish accent for each place.

Antique victorian cherub kerosene lamp unique

Antique Victorian Cherub Kerosene Lamp Unique
Antique table lamp in Victorian style. It has brass kickstand decorated of Cherubs figurine. Porcelain lampshade with gold finishing is decorated of hanging crystals. This old-fashioned lamp is stylised on old kerosene lamp.

Gorgeous 31 vtg antique cherub lamp prisms marble crystal globe

Gorgeous 31 Vtg Antique Cherub Lamp Prisms Marble Crystal Globe Shade Cast Iron
This unusual and very original table lamp is a combination of antique vintage style, beautiful detailing of cast iron legs, and beautiful crystal shade. The whole is unique in its elegant interior.

Antique cherub oil lamp

Antique Cherub Oil Lamp
Oil lamp mounted on richly decorated base made of metal. Round lampshade is made of glass. Sophisticated addition for all kinds of interiors.

Htf rare vintage italian blanc de chine cherubs sculpture lamp

Htf Rare Vintage Italian Blanc De Chine Cherubs Sculpture Lamp Early 20th
Straight from the early 20th century, this vintage Italian lamp has a body in shape of a gorgeous sculpture of two cherubs. The whole rests on a round base, making an awesome focal point to your home décor.

22a vintage cherub lamp glass globe

22A: Vintage Cherub Lamp, Glass globe

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An antique cherub lamp can easily be part of your Victorian décor. That might seem a bit startling since this is the same era that put ruffles on piano legs and referred to human arms and legs as “limbs.” To fully understand how a cherub lamp (which can come in several different styles) might be acceptable, you need to think about both mythology and medieval art conventions.

Cupid, Eros the Cherubim, and Putti

Cupid was the Greek god of love, best known for the story of Psyche and Cupid, in which gentle Psyche disobeys her lover, and raises a lamp to look at him. Startled by his beauty, a bit of hot oil falls on him and he is forced to flee. Eros is the Greek counterpart of Cupid, sometimes considered to be the son of Aphrodite, but sometimes said to have been the first of the Greek gods, the child of night and the Deep. Eros mated with Chaos and brought forth the races of humankind.

Alongside these, there are the cherubim of the old Hebrews, possibly derived from still earlier beliefs. Originally, these beings were said to be the direct servants of God, and they were said to have four wings, four faces – an eagle, an ox, a human and a lion. By the 1400s, they had become associated with putti, plump children with wings. They were still a force with which to be reckoned, for they were thought to be the second level of angels and to have the ear of God. Consequently, they were depicted often in medieval religious art, especially that of Raphael.

Victorian Cherubs

Cherubs, in the Victorian era, were symbolically significant. They could represent the supreme and terrible innocence of the cherubim, watching over and sometimes interceding for humankind. In the third century, BC, Bishop Valentine was martyred – supposedly for marrying Christian couples against the will of the Roman emperor. Somehow, his feast day became associated with romantic love and with fat little-winged angels who carried a bow and arrow, the better to pierce the hearts of mortals with love and desire. This meld of divinity, myth, and romanticism made cherubs acceptable decorations – at least in some places.

Antique Cherub Lamps

A cherub lamp might include the figures of Cupid and Psyche, usually depicted as slender young people, or it might show Cupid alone. Sometimes they were decorated with putti, the fat little-winged babies so loved by Raphael. Either way, these figures were steeped in tradition and were acceptable even when the glimpse of an ankle was considered erotic.

Variations on a Theme

Often made of white porcelain with the figures supporting the bulb, cherub lamps might also venture into whimsy – such as a little putto sitting astride a crescent moon, dangling a star at the end of a string, much the way a child might dangle a fishing line into a stream. This one is relatively modern, made of resin and glass. But far more of a collector’s item, another cherub lamp made of brass depicts slender androgynous angels draped in classical robes.



Pair of vintage capodimonte italian porcelain cherub table lamps metal

Pair Of Vintage Capodimonte Italian Porcelain Cherub Table Lamps Metal Base B559
A pair of vintage cherub table lamps, created of Italian porcelain, with a floral design and patina-covered base. Both lamps are handmade and emanate with antique accents, and they have no shades.

Antique angel lamps

Originally, an oil lamp that is discretely converted to use electricity, this cherub beauty is here to enhance your home with antique accents. It uses a tiny low-wattage bulb at top under the hand-blown, glass chimney.

French antique pair torcheres torchieres lamps candelabras putti cherubs cupids

French Antique Pair Torcheres Torchieres Lamps Candelabras Putti Cherubs Cupids
An astonishing pair of antique French torchieres with upper attached candelabras. Those beauties are going to really improve your room with luster. Each piece is made in shape of a beautiful cherub that holds above his head a vintage candle holder.

Vintage antique cherub putti brass table lamp ornate detail 26

Vintage Antique Cherub Putti Brass Table Lamp Ornate Detail 26 Fine Condition
Vintage table lamp with a very nice cherub theme. It features a durable metal base in gold finish. This lamp assures good interior illumination and it also improves interior aesthetics at day and night.

Vintage art deco cherub brass crystal table lamp

Vintage Art Deco Cherub Brass Crystal Table Lamp
A vintage take on a decorative, ornate table lamp made in an oriental-style with a sophisticated precision. The lamp is made out of shiny brass with little crystals hanging from the frame and a glass lampshade on the top.

Antique bronze cupid figural cherub table lamp estate old

Antique Bronze Cupid Figural Cherub Table Lamp Estate Old
You do not have to be afraid of Cupid - he knows what he's doing by sending love to your home. Cupid froze over time in the form of a brass antique cherub lamp, in a natural shade of brass on around high base. A nice decoration at the entrance to the house.

Brass cherub lamp antique 2

Brass Cherub Lamp Antique

Vintage mid century cherub banquet lamp w french drop prisms


Antique victorian french cherub putti grapes figural bronze wash marble

Antique Victorian French Cherub Putti Grapes Figural Bronze Wash Marble Lamp Set
Designed in antique Victorian style, this pair of French figural lamps has a marble base with ormolu feet and two cherubs made of quality metal with a bronze patina. Each lamp is 29 1/2" high and weighs 9 1/2 pounds.

Antique gone with the wind victorian oil lamp cherub baby

Antique Gone With The Wind Victorian Oil Lamp Cherub Baby Face Gwtw ...

Fabulous antique banquet oil lamp w cherub base and pink

Fabulous Antique Banquet Oil Lamp W Cherub Base And Pink Cherub Shade
Richly decorated oil lamp with floral theme. Base is made of metal with antique finish and fitted with glass lampshade. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Antique cherub lamp 26

Antique approach to an old-fashioned and worn-off outdoor garden lamp made out of painted ceramic with a weathered layer of paint, resembling a cherub which holds an oversized light, giving the lamp a unique look.

Stunning vintage cherub gwtw barbola rose swag hurricane lamp w

Stunning Vintage Cherub Gwtw Barbola Rose Swag Hurricane Lamp W Crystals
This stunning vintage cherub lamp will enchant with its ornate finishing. Catching the attention with tiny crystals, this rose hurricane lamp embodies the best features of the shabby chic design.

Antique cherub lamp hollywood regency set of two brass glass

Antique Cherub Lamp Hollywood Regency Set Of Two Brass Glass And Marble 1930s
Cherub lamps are somehow controversial decor accessory, but when two authentic vintage pieces from 1930s are in game, things change! Brass cherub gropes the ornamental base with crystal glass element and marble foundation.

Tall antique banquet oil lamp w cherubs font holder marble

Tall Antique Banquet Oil Lamp W Cherubs Font Holder Marble Centerpiece
Oil lamp with round lampshade made of milk glass. Richly decorated base is made of metal and finished with marble accents. Classic form and timeless style for any interior.

Antique polychrome cherub table lamp image 2

Antique Polychrome Cherub Table Lamp image 2

Vintage filigree shade cherub angel chandelier fixture antique rewired reserve

Vintage Filigree Shade Cherub Angel Chandelier Fixture Antique Rewired Reserve
A stunning vintage rewired chandelier with metal fixture in gold hues. It's built of a stem modelled on a cherub, an ornate top canopy, 3 curved arms. Flower-like lampshades (3) for up to 60W bulbs are adorned with filigree and clear floral jewels.

Antique reproduction lamps 21

This beautiful brass hurricane lamp is an antique reproduction. Crafted by an Italian artist, it has the inimitable smooth vintage vibe, which shall delight all fans of retro decors.

Set of 2 Solar Powered Angel Lighted Lantern Decorative Garden Pathway Accent Outdoor Decoration

Antique reproduction lamps 27

A beautiful, antique lamp with a gorgeous, painted lamp shade with an amazing landscape with a moose looking towards the sunset. Very unique, one-of-a-kind design, perfect for a moody, cosy bedroom.

Tin lamps

Table lamp with a durable and stable base that assures maximum support. Its metal construction is finished mainly in black color. This lamp features two light bulb areas with traditional shades finished in black color.

Antique reproduction lamps 18

Pendant lamp with glass lampshade decorated with sophisticated pattern. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Vintage cherub

Antique Vintage Cherub Table Lamp

Antique reproduction lamps 28

This reproduction banquet lamp constitutes a perfect proposition for all who want to add some antique charm and glamour to their interiors. Standing on an antique brass base, this beautiful lamp delights with the florally adorned shade.

Antique reproduction lamps 20

Original hanging lamp with a durable metal construction and glass walls. This old styled element of design provides light and decorates indoor and outdoor areas. This lamp is suitable for ceiling mounting.

Vintage gilt cherub and crystal 27 lamp

Vintage Gilt Cherub and Crystal 27" Lamp

Antique cherub lamp 8


Tesla I Industrial Cage Pendant Lamp with Plug-in Cord - Vintage Bulb Included

Light bulb trapped in the cage - although rather it came there voluntarily, because together they create an amazing impression of this antique reproduction lamp.Black border is made of metal, in the middle there was needed nothing more but a large bulb.

Antique cherub lamp 30

Antique Vintage Cherub Angel Ring Floor Lamp Lamp Light w Crystals Check It Out | eBay

Cherub table

If you opt for a highly-decorative lamp for your den, you should take a glimpse at this embossed cherub lamp with antique appearance. The upper part accommodates a hand-blown, clear glass hurricane hidden inside of a beautiful, orb-like body.

Vintage cherubs

An exquisite addition for homes that emanate with antique accents and classic elegance. This cherub lamp features a lovely cherub base, resting on a square pedestal and holding a sculpted candlestick with a fashionable drum shade.

Antique cherub lamp 22

Angel Lamp Ornate Lamp Edwardian Lamp by EclecticVintageHome

Antique cherub lamp 15

Antique Cherub Lamp
If you want to bring some antique accents into your home decor, this lamp is the way to achieve it. The 22'' cherub lamp is handcrafted and hand-painted, resting on a marble base for stability, while holding a large orb-shaped shade.

Antique mathew willard banquet cherub oil lamp

Antique Mathew Willard Banquet Cherub Oil Lamp
A stunning antique oil lamp featuring a gorgedly adorned fixture of bronze in the form of a cherub kneeling on a round base with low feet (and a light marble inset) and handling aloft an oil container. A ball lampshade is of ruby-coloured glass.

Antique carved figural putti cherubs alabaster lamp

Antique Carved Figural Putti Cherubs Alabaster Lamp
Antique cherub lamp. It’s made from alabaster, so it’s durable and feels rich. Beautifully carved, this lamp is ready to enhance your home with timeless, luxurious appeal. It will work best in big, spacious interiors.

Antique cherub lamp 12

This is just lovely.

Cherub table lamp

Using those two cherub lamps, you can be sure that your interior design will be properly accentuated. Each of those beauties has a beautifully sculpted body that rests on a round base and holds a white fabric bell shade with stylish fringes.

Antique cherub lamp 24

Pair of Antique cherub Moreau Lamps Large heavy 20lb each antique brass finish

Very large cherub table lamp

Very Large Cherub Table Lamp

Moon Cherub Accent 9.75" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Moon Cherub Accent 9.75" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
If you're a fan of charming and extraordinary decorations, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and unique table lamp! Check it out now and enjoy its intriguing design and the highest functionality.

Via sassytrash

Via Sassytrash

Unusual cherub metal and colored glass lamps antique appraisal

unusual cherub metal and colored glass lamps antique appraisal ...

Antique cherub lamp 27

Antique Capodimonte hand painted cherub lamp