Porcelain Figurine Lamp

Something different for your home. If you love clever porcelain things, then you will love these porcelain figurine lamps. In many styles to fit your desires, you are going to enjoy going through the incredibly extensive collection of lamps we have compiled, and your biggest issue will deciding how many of them to get. Take a look and see what we have to off. Your next lamp is in here.

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Matching Occupied Japan Victorian Porcelain Figurine Lamps By Tea Rose Fashion Eclectic Table Lamps

Matching Occupied Japan Victorian Porcelain Figurine Lamps By Tea Rose Fashion Eclectic Table Lamps
I don't like these figures with lamps, but my mum loves them. They have got the Japan Victorian design, porcelain construction and colorful finish, too bright for me, by the way.

Porcelain figurine lamp occupied japan

Porcelain figurine lamp occupied japan
Designed by Japanese artisans, the table lamp boasts of a gorgeous base with a hand-painted lady figurine, crafted from porcelain with attention to every detail. So, if your home oozes with oriental accents, this can be a great addition to the decor.

Vintage victorian porcelain figurine

Vintage victorian porcelain figurine
These charming table lamps with Victorian figurines are a lovely way to decorate the interior. Figurines depicting the two characters have been adorned with gold details and the charm of the characters.

Antique vintage shabby chic porcelain

Antique vintage shabby chic porcelain
Porcelain figurine lamp with antique finish. Perfect as decoration and additional source of light in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Pair Brad Keeler California Pottery Pink Flamingo Figurine 47 Style Lamps

Pair Brad Keeler California Pottery Pink Flamingo Figurine 47 Style Lamps
The most striking detail of these vintage table lamps are for sure their sculptural bases with flamingo figurines, colored white with pink tint. Still, the shades also draw the eye with their abstract print.

Vintage Victorian Porcelain Figurine

Vintage Victorian Porcelain Figurine
Designed in vintage style, those Victorian lamps have a figurine design with attention to details, hand made of quality porcelain. Each lamp rests on a round base and has a slender, twisted pole covered in a brass finish.

Capodimonte lamp shade

Capodimonte lamp shade
A marvellous table lamp featuring a base in the form of detailed figurines of 18th-century woman and man in a parlour. It's of quality hand-painted porcelain. A creamy fabric shade has blue and silver edges, is frilled and tied with bluish rosettes.

Our advice Buying Guide

A lamp is a lovely feature to have in any home, and aside from making the room more warm and comfortable when it's dark outside, there can be very attractive to look at too. If you want to have a feature lamp in your home, you should ensure that you're prepared beforehand and have taken into consideration all the necessary questions.

What problems can you expect when buying a porcelain figurine lamp?

Being aware of any issues in advance of buying an item is very useful, and it's good to be prepared for anything that could go wrong. With porcelain items, this is particularly important, since they can be costly, if not impossible, to replace. If you are planning to buy a unique lamp made from porcelain, inspect it closely to discover any problem areas. This could mean that you are able to request that the item is thoroughly repaired before you buy it, or it could mean you opt for a different item altogether.

How much is a porcelain figurine lamp?

Some lamps, depending on the brand, style, and age, can be very expensive to get your hands on, so think about this in advance. You may already have a budget in mind, but if you don't, do some research so that you have an idea of the cost of the lamp you want. Unless it's a unique item, you may be able to source the porcelain lamp that you want from another company or seller. Antique items can often be purchased at a bargain, and sellers are usually willing to negotiate on the price.

Wht kind of figurines are featured on porcelain lamps?

Modern figurine lamps can be found with many different characters. From replicas of classic women and statues to popular Disney characters and other loved TV personalities, you'll find a huge variety to choose from. The figurines can also be seen in different sizes. Some lamps will have a large figurine, which may block out some of the light depending on its position. Others will have small figurines which are not as easily noticeable, but yet provide a great way to add character to your home. Depending on how many feature items you have already within the room, you should adjust the size of the figure according to this.

How to look after a porcelain figurine lamp?

Looking after your porcelain lamp can be a challenge, especially if a mark or smudge appears on it that you need to clean off. When you buy the lamp, buy cleaning products which have been designed specially for porcelain cleaning. Do not scrub or clean the item too harshly, since this could cause further damage and even break the lamp. If the porcelain is cracked, be careful how you handle the lamp until you manage to get it fixed. Before buying, it's a good idea to get the contact of a tradesman or company which specializes in porcelain repair. This will give you peace of mind that, should anything happen, you can call a professional who will be able to deal with the problem. This is particularly important if you are purchasing an expensive or fragile lamp.


Antique Victorian Couple Porcelain Figurine Lamp On Antique Patina Brass Base

Antique Victorian Couple Porcelain Figurine Lamp On Antique Patina Brass Base
Familiarize yourself and go on a journey into the past with a real aristocratic couple who made of porcelain is hand-painted and sits on the black, decorative basis of your antique porcelain figurine Victorian lamp.

Vintage Victorian Porcelain Figurine

Vintage Victorian Porcelain Figurine
This pair of porcelain lamps constitutes a custom designed example of figurine lamps. They enchant both with the ornate, detailed design and solid materials, such as antique brass and porcelain.

Porcelain 33" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Porcelain 33" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade
It is a table lamp that has got a rectangular shade and is made of light blue crackle porcelain. It has got a very adorable look and is great for bedroom, living room and more. It adds style and beauty to any home.

French figurine lamp musketeer on horse

French figurine lamp musketeer on horse
This porcelain figurine lamp presents a musketeer on a horse with a lady, referring to the romantic chivalry times. Made in Germany around 1930. It measures approx. 9 1/4" wide, 4" deep, 8" tall.

Peacock on Branch Porcelain Jar 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Peacock on Branch Porcelain Jar 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Inspired with classical oriental motifs, this table lamp adds something special to any decor. It has vase shaped base with appealing motif depicting a peacock sitting on a branch. The bell shade is pure white.

Anchor 28" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Anchor 28" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
A splendid addition for nautical home décor. This 28-inch height table lamp features a plastic body, and a unique Anchor design. Also includes a light brown bell shade, a 3-way switch, and accommodates 40W incandescent bulbs.

Porcelain figurine lamp 2

Handmade and hand-painted, this Victorian table lamp is characterized by a lovely mix of very detailed design and antique looks. The base is made in shape of porcelain figurines with a porcelain bell shade hanging above them.

Vintage 1950s porcelain figurine table lamps 2 of them made


Porcelain figurine lamps

Porcelain figurine lamp depicting four women, all of the different age. One is playing the violin. Detailed, rich finish and decorative character of this figurine are what makes it so good at enhancing an interior with a traditional vibe.

Porcelain figurine lamp ebay

Porcelain Figurine Lamp | eBay

Vintage 1950s porcelain figurine table lamps 2 of them made


Porcelain figurine lamp 6

Von Schierholz DRESDEN Lamp Antique Porcelain Figurine Putti Stunning Art #DRESDENSCHIERHOLZ

Figurine lamp 29

Phenomenal table lamp in the French style. Carefully carving base is made of high quality porcelain. Lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with decorative frills. Elegant addition to the living room, bedroom and more.

1950s occupied japan victorian figurine bedroom porcelain bisque lamp light

1950's Occupied Japan Victorian Figurine Bedroom Porcelain Bisque Lamp Light

German meissen or dresden italian capodimonte figurine porcelain lamps

... German-Meissen-or-Dresden-Italian-Capodimonte-Figurine-Porcelain-Lamps

Figurine lamp

With the amazing and utterly beautiful art deco structure and the figurine theme with a charming dog this lamp is surely a fine choice for your interior and a perfect way to compliment the antique styled home.

Antique porcelain figurine lamp 1

Antique Porcelain Figurine Lamp

This beautiful vintage porcelain lamp was made in germany it

This beautiful vintage porcelain lamp was made in Germany. It is table lamp with figurines of a French Musketeer gentleman on his white steed with a feather in his hat and holding a horn. There is a lady friend that seems to be of another era that is offe

Dresden porcelain lamps

Transform your home decor into a breathtaking state of art with this remarkable 3-light candelabra enhanced with a golden / bronze finish. The design pictures a stunning, porcelain crane rising on an open work Rococo style base.

Antique lamps with figurines

Figurine lamp made of high quality porcelain. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Antique french ormolu porcelain flowers figurine gilt lamp candelabra ebay

Antique French Ormolu Porcelain Flowers Figurine Gilt Lamp Candelabra | eBay

Figure lamp

Vintage Lamp Porcelain with German Figurine | eBay

Figurine lamp 3

Enchanting with its detailed, subtle crafting, this unique table lamp is embellished with a pair of figures, presenting a couple from the French romanticism. It shall attract particularly the fans of shabby chic style.

Vintage porcelain figurine table lamps 2 of them 9272 3


Vintage figurine lamps

Adorned with Fired 24 Karat Gold Paint, these hand-painted porcelain figurine lamps constitute a breathtaking proposition straight from Italy. Designed to bring refinement and chic.

Figurine lamps

Traditional porcelain figurines turned into small lamps. Great for cottage-style houses. Radiant, lively colours are the best way to spark some new life into an interior and create romantic mood inside your house.

Antique victorian couple porcelain figurine lamp on antique patina brass

Antique Victorian Couple Porcelain Figurine Lamp On Antique Patina Brass Base

Huge rare italian porcelain figurine lamp 2170167

Huge Rare Italian Porcelain Figurine Lamp, #2170167

Pair vintage porcelain german figurine lamps couples love serenade pink

Pair Vintage Porcelain German Figurine Lamps Couples Love Serenade Pink Bedroom

Italian capodimonte chandelier sweet roses would look great with a

Opt for a lavish and beautifully styled piece like this Italian chandelier. It comes with the sweet roses on the glass shades and the charming floral accents on the base itself, as well as the charming cherubs.

Capodimonte lamps ebay

Everyone needs original adornment in his house, so if you fan of baroque style, this antique figurine will be perfect decoration to your home. It is made of ceramic and hand-painted. This figurine looks very artistic and luxurious.

One pair dresden white porcelain victorian figurine table lamp base


Figurine lamp 14

On the face of it this lamps looks quite ordinarily, but if you have a second look, you will see that bronze figurine which is kickstand present the war between people and robots. It gives food for thought!

Cybis papka porcelain victorian half man woman figurine lamps 1


Figurine lamp 2

German design for an antique porcelain figurine lamp resembling a classical dancer with a pink dress. This one would surely look nice in a garden as a night light replacement to light up your backyard during the night.

Dresden germany porcelain figurines

Antique Volkstedt Dresden Lace Porcelain Lady Lamp Base Figurine Germany | eBay

Royal doulton lamps

Meissen 19th Century Hand Painted Porcelain Porcelain Lamps Pair | eBay

Blue figurine table lamp

Blue Figurine Table Lamp.

French figurine lamps vintage french lamps porcelain lamps

French Figurine Lamps Vintage French Lamps Porcelain Lamps

Vintage porcelain figurine lamps with custom silk shades

Vintage Porcelain Figurine Lamps with Custom Silk Shades

Vintage porcelain figurine lamps marked germany from

Vintage Porcelain Figurine Lamps marked Germany from ...

French style porcelain figurine boudoir table lamp man


Vintage lamp victorian porcelain figurine brass base original

Vintage Lamp Victorian Porcelain Figurine Brass Base Original