Porcelain Ginger Jar Table Lamp

In the style of a ginger jar or a traditional urn, we have a lovely collection of porcelain ginger jar table lamps for you scrutiny. Take a look and see the colors and styles of these fetching lamps, and imagine where the would best fit in your home. The answer: is pretty much anywhere. Take a look in this collection and see if one of these is for your home.

Best Products

Porcelain ginger jar table lamp 1

The beautiful porcelain ginger jar table lamp is an excellent idea for a spectacular interior lighting. Beautiful white openwork design captivates the details and has an impressive form. The lid adds all charm.

Large oriental porcelain ginger jar table lamp 15 hand painted

Large Oriental Porcelain Ginger Jar Table Lamp 15 Hand Painted Signed
This large porcelain ginger jar table lamp is a beautiful example of a handmade item. Hand-painted, adorned with adorable floral motives, it will bring in a smooth, oriental atmosphere to one's interiors.

Blue and white ginger jar table lamps

Combining porcelain and brass, this ginger jar table lamp enchants with its high-quality finish. The navy blue mosaic will add a fresh, elegant touch to any living or dining space.

Porcelain ginger jar table lamp

I did a lot of searching for oriental table lamps, before I bought this one. It features the English floral hand-painted pattern, which is hand-painted on the porcelain structure. The base has the ginger jar base with a drum shade.

Porcelain ginger jar table lamp 2

This beautiful table lamp has a body made of porcelain with striking floral design, while standing on an espresso-finished base. It holds an off-white fabric imperial shade with a decorative gold finial.

Ginger jar lamp shade

A gorgeous addition for contemporary interiors, this table lamp knows how to illuminate your room with elegance and sophistication. Its body is made of porcelain with striking floral design, standing on an espresso-finished wood base and holding an off-white fabric imperial shade.

White ginger jar lamp 1

Spruce up your decor by adding a visually appealing and modern-styled piece to it. This white ginger jar lamp base will allow you to fit it nicely in your master bedroom or living room, adding the significant boost of class to any space.

Our advice Buying Guide

A ginger jar lamp is a fine choice for a table lamp for several reasons. For one, it comes with a rich history, which makes it stylish and gives you an aura of sophistication. It's also the ideal choice if you want to pay respect to your Asian roots. Since it's also a lamp, it can provide you with a lighting source. With so many advantages, it's no wonder why a porcelain ginger lamp is still in demand these days.

Keep in mind that ginger table lamps come with a signature shape. They also have different varieties. For the average consumer, choosing the right one can be a confusing task. To help you with that, this article is going to provide you with a buying guide for ginger lamps.

What is a ginger jar table lamp?

Let's start with the basics. A ginger table lamp is a modification of the ginger jar. The original ginger jars feature a rounded ovoid shape with high shoulders.

This iconic jar originally came from China. In the past, ginger was one of the main exports of China, and the container was called the ginger jar. The iconic shape or form had been adapted to many forms, including the porcelain ginger jar table lamp.

What types of ginger jars are there?

There are different types of ginger jars. Knowing the different variations brings you one step closer to the specific porcelain ginger jar table lamp you are looking for.

  • Blue and White - When it comes to ginger jars, this is the oldest. As the name suggests, this type of ginger jar table lamp features artistic depictions using blue and white combinations. This type of ginger jar lamp is often considered as the classic.
  • Orange, Red, and Yellow - Traditionally, the ginger jars that come with these colors are rare. This is because these colors are often used by the emperor. Hence, they are treated as luxury goods.
  • Imari - This type of ginger jars originated from Japan. It often features elaborate artistic designs with red, blue, and orange shades. The tell-tale sign of an Imari ginger jar is the traditional Japanese artwork.
  • Famille Verte - This type of ginger jar comes with a green theme. Hence, the name, Family Verte, which translates to "green family." This type of ginger jar was very popular during the Ming dynasty of the 16th century.
  • Famille Rose - This type started to became prevalent during the 18th century. It features a signature opaque pink shade, which is also the reason why it's called "Famille Rose.”

How to find the right height for a porcelain ginger jar table lamp?

There are different ways of finding the right height, but following the eye-level rule is perhaps the easiest. The first thing to do is to sit down on the nearest chair in relation to the table where you want to place the porcelain ginger jar table lamp. While seated, you want to measure the distance between the top of the table and your eye-level.  Don't buy a lamp that comes with a lampshade that is higher than the eye-level. The eye-level rule ensures that your eyes can't directly see the bulb.


Ginger jar lamps

A beautiful traditional electric table lamp featuring an adorable Chinese vase-like base of gloss porcelain with intricate floral patterns in blues and white. A base has a round brown and gold foot. A classic lampshade is of quality plain white silk.

Clear base lamps

A creative idea, which will let you distinguish your apartment a bit. Filling up the clear glazed base of lamp. This wide one is now full of matches. An original solution to add a bit of funk and style to the surroundings.

Sky 29" H Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Sky 29" H Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Lovely table lamp boasting harmonious coloring scheme, with bulky base in light blue that resembles clear sky, and white empire shade. The design is pretty classic and it will blend with many types of decors.

Pair porcelain blanc de chine ginger jar asian table lamps

Pair Porcelain Blanc De Chine Ginger Jar Asian Table Lamps Japan W Silk Shades
Vintage table lamp. It has white lampshade made of canvas and very original kickstand inspired of Chinese lantern. It is made of porcelain and has floral pattern. This lamp will be fit to bright, spacious interior.

White ginger jar lamp

Made of quality ceramic by Asian artisans, this lovely porcelain ginger jar table lamp is, simply, exquisite in its form. Bbeautifully hand-painted with flowers and dragons, the lamp rests on a round wood base for balance.

20" H Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade

20" H Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade
This 20-inch height table lamp features a multi-colored, porcelain body that rests on a sturdy, round base. The bell shade is designed of an off-white fabric, and accommodates 100W compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. LED Compatible.

Pair of mid century ginger jar ceramic

Pair Of Mid Century Ginger Jar Ceramic
Table lamps that feature ginger jar themes. These green lamps made on the basis of ceramic materials look very attractive and they are also resistant to many forms of wear or damage. Their green color decorates almost any indoors.

Imari Ginger Jar Porcelain Table Lamp

This amazing table lamp sports a beautifully detailed structure of its base that brings to mind the Japanese styled art and comes with a neutral shade to match it completely and to elevate its looks.

Asian accent 29 fine chinese porcelain ginger jar white orange

Asian Accent - 29" Fine Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar White & Orange Floral Oriental Table Lamp

White ginger jar lamp 13

In the elegant interior, you need elegant accessories, and as you know, porcelain is synonymous with elegance. Especially when her white is combined with blue painted flowers - and decorate a majestic white ginger jar lamp.

Red ginger jar lamp

Classic Ginger Jar Table Lamp

Ceramic ginger jar table lamp 3

Such a cute, refreshing design for a table lamp with a traditional, hand painted decal which looks like a cute parrot! Gives this one a unique, vibrant appearance, perfect for a vintage bedroom to put on a night stand.

Ceramic ginger jar table lamp 28

With the ceramic structure and a really unique base that looks a bit like a palm tree or a shell this table lamp will help you create a welcoming vibe in your interior, while the all white finish adds a certain amount of appeal and simplicity.

Porcelain ginger jar

1stdibs | Pair Of Blue And White Porcelain Chinese Temple Jar Lamps

Southern charm porcelain ginger jar tuscan table lamp

Southern Charm Porcelain Ginger Jar Tuscan Table Lamp

Porcelain ginger jar table lamp 4

East Enterprises LPRR4054 Ox-Blood Porcelain Oriental Table Lamp

Jar table lamp

Vintage Chinese Blue White Gold Porcelain Ginger Jar Table Lamp Hand Painted 22"

Fine porcelain ceramic vase lamp with a classic ginger jar

Fine porcelain ceramic vase lamp with a classic ginger jar body and domed lid. (It's the green and the birds that make me want want want)

White ginger jar lamp 7

Aesthetic stylish table lamps featuring bases in forms of squabby jars of white ceramic adorned with Chinese characters and floral motifs in blues and narrow golden rims close to top edges. Short stems of metal in gold end with black plastic sockets.

Ceramic ginger jar table lamp 11

A pair of gorgeous, ginger ceramic table lamps with handy holders if you’d rather hang them on the wall than the display on the table. These ones come in a dark, cobalt color which gives them a mysterious, mystique appearance.

Royal everglade 1 light ginger jar porcelain table lamp

Royal Everglade 1 Light Ginger Jar Porcelain Table Lamp
Table lamp mounted on porcelain base in the shape of jar. It is fitted with lampshade covered with fabric. Perfect as night lamp or additional source of light. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Vintage pair of green ceramic ginger jar table lamps

Vintage Pair Of Green Ceramic Ginger Jar Table Lamps
Deriving from the 1960s or 70s, this pair of vintage ceramic ginger jar lamps will be a good addition to your living or dining room tables. They measure 29" to the top of the finials. The bases are 6" in diameter.

Jar lamps

Precise, carefully crafted pattern graces the squab porcelain base of this table lamp. Taking strong inspiration from classic Asian pattern, dripping with songbirds and lily flowers, this lamp makes an impact.

29" H Temple Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade

29" H Temple Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Are you a fan of original and intriguing solutions? Thenm you're gonna fall in love with this charming and elegant table lamp with bell shade! It will bring you a huge dose fof incredible design and functionality.

Vintage ginger jar lamps

Tasteful table lamp for the living room, bedroom and more. Base is made of high quality porcelain and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Bell's lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light.

Jar lamps table lamps

Combining a high-quality porcelain body with polished brass base results in an exquisitely stylish piece of furniture. This ginger jar table lamp is designed therefore to bring refinement to your bedroom or living room decor.

Tall lily ginger jar porcelain table lamp g6965 1

Tall Lily Ginger Jar Porcelain Table Lamp (g6965) .

White ginger jar table lamps

A decorative addition for any decor, that illuminates homes with its warm light and beautiful, white and blue pattern. The jar body is made of quality porcelain, and holds an off-white fabric bell shade topped with a stylish finial.

25.5" H Jar Table Lamp with Empire Shade

25.5" H Jar Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Ornamental jar table lamp with immaculate white empire shade enveloping a single LED bulb. The fixture material is porcelain. Other style details include ornate Asian art inspired pattern. The lamp features 3-way switch.

Ginger jar lamps blue

With its beautiful porcelain ginger jar, this table lamp constitutes a good example of a hand-crafted item. Embellished with birds and beautiful flowers, it will add brilliance to any living room decor.

28" H Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade

28" H Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade


Brass ginger jar lamp

This table lamp is a functional element that also decorates indoors at day and night. Its solid wooden frame includes simple lines and some decorative carvings. Its neutral colored shade perfectly suits different decorative elements.

Add the charming illumination of the tea jar oriental lamp

Add the charming illumination of the Tea Jar Oriental Lamp to your decor and cast your home in a whole new light. The lamp body is a Ming dynasty style recreation of an antiqued blue and sage tea jar, decorated with on two sides with Chinese

Antique chinese ginger jar

Incorporate a bit of the oriental design to your living room and create a refined decor with these traditional ceramic navy blue and white jars. Placed under a console table, they will create a stylish corner.

Ginger jar table lamps cheap

The refinement of this porcelain ginger jar table lamp is visible in the traditional Asian style from the periphery of Chinese villages - cobalt colors combine with white ceramics. A blue and white complicated floral pattern has been applied by hand.

Ginger jar lamp bedside

Spice up your home with this pretty table lamp that emanates with hand-painted pattern of white and blue birds and flowers. The body is made of quality porcelain, standing on an espresso-finished wood base and holding an off-white fabric bell shade.

Ralph lauren ginger jar

Cobalt, cyan, azure, turquoise, blue - the blue color has many shades, and each of them has an amazing story like in this ceramic porcelain ginger jar table lamp in Asian tradition- a lamp base - which offers a well-known white and blue pattern.

Accent 32" H Lighting Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Accent 32" H Lighting Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade
This made on the basis of resin table lamp in antique style is a striking detail that will change your interior in an unusual way. Beautiful detail shade and subtle colors, to complement any interior.

26" H Cherry Blossom Porcelain Jar Table Lamp

15" H Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade

15" H Jar Table Lamp with Bell Shade
For some people, 22 is a lucky number (11 x2) which is a double happiness! Presented here porcelain ginger jar table lamp has a 22" x 15" inc. Hand-painted soft flowers are exposed in shades of pink, white and green. It is based on the black ground.

Large ginger jar table lamp

Large Ginger Jar Table Lamp