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J Hunt home table lamps are a very sturdy and functional way to light your interior space. They have a style and appearance all their own and can accent just about any décor. And we have plenty of these table lamp options in our extensive collection of J Hunt table lamps. Take a look and see if we have the table lamp you've been looking for and pick one up today.

Best Products

26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Subtle and very feminine - we are sure that this J. Hunt table lamp in shabby chic - may be the first choice of a woman. The bright ivory lampshade is completed by a white cylindrical base made of ceramic with subtle floral patterns.

27" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

27" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Add this stunning table lamp to your interior and complete its appeal with the elegant drum shade and the classy, pastel finish of the base made from the high quality porcelain to ensure a look of pure class.

27 inch blue crackle table lamp

27 inch blue crackle table lamp
The smooth base of the blue crackle table lamp makes the whole in combination with the standard bright shade light. Beautiful and straightforward form in a pastel shade of blue is elegant and perfect for the living room.

J. Hunt Home Ira 33 H Table Lamp With Drum Shade

J. Hunt Home Ira 33 H Table Lamp With Drum Shade
This device is a table lamp that provides light in small interior areas. Its solid and original base provides stability and enhances aesthetics. Upper area of this lamp includes a stylish drum shade in neutral color.

J. Hunt Home Round End Table

J. Hunt Home Round End Table
This kind of element is an end table that has got a functional character and also decorates indoors. Its wooden frame is solid and it has got a neutral white color. The top has got a round shape and it is equipped with a small drawer.

23" H Table Lamp with Oval Shade

23" H Table Lamp with Oval Shade
Measuring 23"H, this table lamp is finished with a classic oval shade. Painted off-white with one creamy color covering the whole lamp, it will add a cool shabby chic accent to your interiors.

Silver shimmer lamp

Silver shimmer lamp
A beautiful addition for indoors; this captivating table lamp boasts of its curvaceous silhouette and striking silver finish. The table lamp stands on a round base for stability, holding a stylish drum shade designed of a matching-body fabric.

Our advice Buying Guide

A common type of table lamp for the home is the J Hunt table lamp. Various suppliers will stock these lamps, so it shouldn't be difficult finding one. However, there isn't just one set design – you may come across variations of this lamp. It's important to know what you're looking for and what you need to think about before you spend any money on a new lamp.

How to select the right size table lamp?

Since it is a table lamp, the height is likely to be somewhere between 12 and 30 inches. The size you choose will depend on a few factors, including the size of your table and the amount of light you want to achieve in the room. Larger lamps are suitable for large cabinets and tables (3 feet wide or larger), while smaller coffee tables or corner cabinets (less than 3 feet in width) will benefit more from a stall J Hunt home table lamp.

What are the most popular lamp stand designs?

There are many different designs for table lamps, so the variety you will see could range from simple and plain to grand and elegant. Here are some common designs you are bound to come across during your search:

  • Twisted lamp stand effect: This involves a ceramic or wooden stand which has been molded into a shape to create a twisted effect. It creates a shabby chic effect, and the more natural wood stands suit many homes.
  • Glass lamp stand: Almost looking like a vase to store your flowers, this style is a rounded glass stand which comfortably holds the rest of the lamp. Very often, the glass is tinted to add color and ensure that any mechanism behind the glass doesn't distract the attention.
  • Spherical lamp stand: An alternative for the modern homeowner, this stand is light and airy and avoids taking up too much space on your table. With a circular base which is usually around 15-20cm in circumference, curved metal or wooden beams fix together to create the sphere effect.
  • Wooden branch effect lamp stand: Ideal for country homes and cottages, or for anybody decorating their home in a natural or woodland theme. Some lamp stands resemble a crooked tree trunk, while others have several yet thinner branches which are grouped together to create the lamp stand.

What color table lamp should you choose?

The lamp stand isn't something that you can change, but the lamp shade is. This means that although part of your table lamp is a fixed object, you can alter part of it as you please. With that in mind, it's a good idea to buy a table lamp stand which is neutral if you intend on adding different colored lamp shades in the future. A colored lamp stand can look great, but only if you intend to use colors which match well.


Pierce bedside lamp modern table lamps

Pierce bedside lamp modern table lamps
A lovely hand-hammered antique silver lamp. It catches the attention of the bowl base, glittering from afar. It will create a magical lighting experience during the evenings.

J. Hunt Home Shimmer 32.25 H Table Lamp With Drum Shade

J. Hunt Home Shimmer 32.25 H Table Lamp With Drum Shade
The 32.25'' table lamp is able to illuminate your room with classic accents, beautifully complementing its entire decor. It features a drum shade made of a grayish fabric, and a matching base in a stylishly distressed silver finish.

30 inch crackle table lamp

30 inch crackle table lamp
This vintage table lamp will be a touch of style in your room. Made from ceramic with nickel accents, gives you 3 ways of light adjusting to your mood. It pairs with linen hood which makes it a classy addition to your decor.

Spring green lamps with linen hardback shade set of 2

Spring green lamps with linen hardback shade set of 2
Set of 2 table lamps with drum lampshade covered with fabric. Base is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Great addition to the bedroom. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

Bronze Decorative Uplight

Bronze Decorative Uplight
Beautiful and elegant table lamp. It is a bronze decorative uplight that will provide you not only light but also a spirit of an old style to your space. It is really gorgeous and adorable decoration.

28.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

28.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Enrich your home with the sophisticated elegance of this lamp. With a faux silk taupe softback shade, this lamp creates a rich ambiance that will warm your home. Constructed of mercury glass with steel base, it has smoke gold finish.

34" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)

34" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)
Enrich your home with the modern feel of this lamp. With a cotton hardback shade, this lamp Creates a rich ambiance that will warm your home. Constructed of clear glass with steel base, it resembles a soap bubble.

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J. Hunt Glass & Brushed Steel Lamp

Featuring a stylish round base with brushed nickel accent pedestal and finial with a 3-way switch, this J hunt table lamp comprises glass and brushed steel, providing solidness and elegant charm into the space.

Hunt textured sphere table lamp with gray stack shade includes

Hunt Textured Sphere Table Lamp with Gray Stack Shade (Includes CFL ...

J hunt home table lamps 1

A small, stylish and solid lamp that has got a small size. It is a table lamp that is made of durable and good looking materials. It has got a steel finish. The overall size of this lamp is 24.500H x 11.000W x 11.000D.

J hunt table lamps

Radiating with its gorgeous design and curvaceous silhouette, this table lamp has a beautifully shaped body - made of blue glass and attached to the metal rod with a matching ball finial on top. The drum shade is designed of a quality off-white fabric.

J hunt and company

A pretty contemporary table lamp featuring a unique stem from a curved gnarled and cracked piece of unfinished wood with a round base. A simple cylindrical lampshade is crafted of quality plain beige fabric.

J hunt home table lamps 4

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J. Hunt Metal Urn Table Lamp Bronze Finish Shade Included

Two transitional table lamps. Solid metal (steel vase) bases finished bronze, with subtle details: harps and finials. Taupe square shades with soft brown trim come in the set. The shades soften the light and add even more refinement

J hunt company

A wonderful gourd, table lamp made of high quality ceramic. It appears in light blue color with a metal base. The lamp will be a top choice for people who appreciate functionality and minimalistic style.

Hunt home end table 4

Hunt Home End Table

J. Hunt Carved Fleur-de-lis Table Lamp

Table lamp as additional source of light in the living room, bedroom and more. Richly decorated base is finished with floral theme. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light.

The j hunt madison table lamp set consists of 2

The J Hunt Madison Table Lamp Set consists of 2 all-steel table lamps

J hunt home table lamps

This kind of product provides additional level of light in a house. It is a table lamp created of high quality glass. It is not only durable, but it also looks very interesting in different interior stylizations.

J hunt lamp company

The sphere table lamp with a grey shade. The base made by the burned up clay formed in a sphere is a solid base for a stack shade. The smoky light and the small size caused that it could be a great bedside lamp.

Ira Table Lamp

Constructed of durable resin and covered in aged silver finish, this table lamp knows hot to impress with its flawless charm. It holds a stylish drum shade, designed of a fashionable gray fabric. Dimensions: 33" H x 13" W x 13" D, 6.5 lbs.

J. Hunt Glass & Brushed Steel Lamp

The old wanderers looked longingly at the lights shining in the dark. The illuminated house meant a safe haven.You can create this with a fashionable J.Hunt home table lamp, with the stem surrounded by stylized glass, hand blown and gray traditional lampshade.

20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

J. Hunt 20" Silver Leaf Accordion Lamp

Arranging the lighting of the living room or bedroom, you should decide to buy a J.Hunt home table lamp. Recall the origami work of paper opening oval forms - from them in a copper shade, this metal base of an elegant lamp is created.

Home home decor lamps table lamps 19 bronze poly table

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J Hunt Classic White Table Lamp

This white table lamp offers a pure and refined look that is still fitting for every household and will let you ensure utmost functionality everywhere it goes. It will work for your bedroom as a bedside lamp.

Hunt home table lamps on david hunt david hunt azt4321

Hunt Home Table Lamps on David Hunt David Hunt Azt4321 Tru1522 Aztec 1 ...

J. Hunt Steel & Crystal Lamp

Enchanting with its spherical base, this J. Hunt steel and crystal lamp can be a good way to add refinement to your traditionally designed living rooms or bedrooms. Its beige shade will create a warm, alluring ambiance.

J hunt table lamps 2

A pair of table lamps in a elegant, classy style. The shades are simple, in standard white color. What makes the lamps exceptional are beautiful bases made of mirrored glass, which gives them a chic, glossy look.

Hunt lamps

This intricate tree table lamp will delight everyone with the multiplicity of various decorative details. Despite its lack shade, it will provide much bright and coziness in the decorated spaces.

J hunt table lamps 4

The flagon-shaped lamp base in a wonderful shade of blue. This one-bulb lamp could be connected with random people type of shade. So it depends only for imagination how your dreamt-up lamp would look like.

J hunt table lamps 3

This charming table lamp brings so much warmth to the interior. Beautfiully embossed shape, covered in silver with white cotton hardback shade. Especially recommended for spaces covered in cool coloristic.

J. Hunt Silver Leaf Lamp with Cotton Hardback Shade

Silver accents serve as alternative to gold tones bringing no less glamorous vibe, and they're welcome if your interior utilizes cool tones in dominance. This table lamp features silver base and white cotton hardback shade.

Mirrored Round Side Table (Black) (27"H x 18"W x 18"D)

Classic Mirrored End Table in Black Finish is crafted from solid wood for good durability, and offers many improvements for contemporary and modern interiors. Legs are beautifully sculpted, holding 1 bottom shelf for storage or displaying decorations.

Home table lamps dar dar tal4223 s1103 tala 1 light

Home » Table Lamps » Dar » Dar TAL4223/S1103 Tala 1 Light Table ...

J hunt home lamps

An elegant traditional table lamp for 1 bulb. It has a base of a durable material with a dark metallic finish. The base is composed of a round tapered up foot with collars and a vase-like stem. A cylindrical shade is of plain dark grey fabric.

Hunt barcelona table lamp

Hunt Barcelona Table Lamp

Strapped Steel Ball 22" Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Strapped Steel Ball 22" Table Lamp with Drum Shade

J hunt home black chrome rectangle contemporary metal table lamp

J Hunt Home Black Chrome Rectangle Contemporary Metal Table Lamp W Shade Nwt

25.25-in Brown Indoor Table Lamp with Fabric Shade