Angels Table Lamp


There is plenty of mythos about the concept of angels and their beauty. And if you are a big fan of the concept of an angel and want to see them alight, glowing in all their splendor, then you want an angels table lamp. These table lamps are very well made, and each is adorned with plenty of angels to light your space in a majestic glow. See collection for more.

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31" Guardian Angel and Nude Woman Black Beauty Theme Table Lamp OK LIGHTING OK-3205

Artfully designed table lamp featuring a neatly sculpted image of an angle. The lamp also comes with a strong rounded base and stunning graphite-like finish that will add impeccable décor value to your spaces. You will also get beautiful art deco detailing all over.

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Exquisite Vintage Cherubs Rhinestones

Exquisite Vintage Cherubs Rhinestones

This angel lamp is truly one of the most fitting additions to any decor for when you want a significant and visible boost of charm and warmth, since it simply oozes class and vintage appeal due to the crystals of the shade and the detailed base with two little boys.

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Antique Vintage Cherub Angel Table Lamp Light Fixture With Shade R

Antique Vintage Cherub Angel Table Lamp Light Fixture With Shade R

Antique lamp inspired of Baroque style. It has carved brass base and kickstand decorated of little cherub angel's figurine. Apparently simple lampshade is covered with puckered silk. It will be perfect table lamp.

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River Of Goods Prayer Angel Accent 8.5 H Table Lamp

River Of Goods Prayer Angel Accent 8.5 H Table Lamp

The light of this lamp is the bright cover of the beautiful angel. Sitting and praying with the great hope - an angel is made of bronze. Handmade to the detail. Angel dress is flashing with warm orange inside.

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Angel lamp 7

Antique chandelier with cherub holding a pendant lamp, showcasing a unique pale pink glass shade, formed as waved flower petals. The angel figurine features matte bronze finish - not exactly my choice, I'd see sth shiny here.

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Angel lamp 2

Elevate the appeal of your home by opting for a charmer like this stunning lamp. It offers the antique design with the French angel in a gold finish with a slightly distressed vibe to it, holding a lamp that will illuminate any interior.

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Antique Vintage Cherub Angel Table Lamp Fixture Light W Stained Glass Shade

Antique Vintage Cherub Angel Table Lamp Fixture Light W Stained Glass Shade

An antique table lamp with a decorative frame and a stained glass shade. The frame of the lamp is made to resemble an ancient statue depicting an angel, standing on a monument, and the colorful shade gives the lamp a cozy look.

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Angels table lamp 8

Thoughtful Angel Table Lamp by Home Locomotion | Catholic Shopping

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Angels table lamp 1

Well-built table lamp featuring a beautifully sculpted image of an angel in wings. The lamp is built from metal and comes with a distressed gold plated finish for outstanding opulence. You also get a stable rounded base and a slender design that makes it a great table accent.

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Angels table lamp 12

Antique Vintage Cherub Angel Table Lamp Fixture Light w Green Slag Glass Shade

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Angels Table Lamp

Buying Guide

There are numerous areas in the house where you can flaunt your angels table lamp, such as on your console table, coffee table, and end table if you want to elevate the appeal of your living room. Angels table lamps not only make a great table accent, but they’re also functional for those in need of a little ambient glow. That being said, this whimsical table lamp can prove to be useful while you work on your desk. Moreover, angels table lamps can bring a unique touch to your bedroom with their ornamental details when placed on the nightstand or dresser.

An angels table lamp is a statement piece. Statuesque and striking, an angels table lamp will become the focal point of a room—so let it be just that! Try not to add too many other statement pieces; instead, accentuate the angel with other smaller pieces that are made of the same or similar materials (or feature similar colors).

Getting two angels table lamps, one on either side of a couch (for example) may result in a nice symmetrical look.

Best Ideas

Vintage adorable 1960s angel cherub table lamp very good condition

Vintage Adorable 1960s Angel Cherub Table Lamp, Very Good Condition ...

Angels table lamp 5

Table lamp mounted on richly decorated base with angel theme. Lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with sophisticated pattern. Great as night lamp or extra source of light.

Art deco winged angel table lamp tla pl023 clrckle local

Art Deco Winged Angel Table Lamp TLA-PL023/CLRCKLE | Local ...

Vintage cherub chandelier table lamp 1960s 1

Vintage Cherub Chandelier Table Lamp 1960s

Vintage cast metal cherub angel table lamp light

Vintage Cast Metal Cherub Angel Table Lamp Light

Vintage patinated angel table lamp ornate base pot metal

Vintage Patinated Angel Table Lamp Ornate Base Pot Metal

Table lamp angel themed

Table Lamp Angel Themed

53770 antique cherubs angels bisque and prisms table lamp


Table lamp angel themed 1

Table Lamp Angel Themed

Large vintage italian capodimonte angels table lamp 20


Angel table lamp ebay

Angel Table Lamp | eBay

Guardian angel off white 17 lamp shade end table

Guardian Angel Off White 17" Lamp & Shade End Table ...

Angel touch lamp 4 with polished brass base table lamps

Angel Touch Lamp 4 with Polished Brass Base - Table Lamps ...

Gas portable table lamp with angels dtr antiques

Gas Portable Table Lamp with Angels | DTR Antiques