Antique Japanese Lamps

Crafted in the old style by master lamp makers in Japan, we give you our collection of antique Japanese lamps. These are lovely and exemplify the Japanese culture and style every carving and sweep of the paint brush. You will feel a deep connection to Japanese culture every time you switch one of these lamps on and we have plenty to choose from in this extensive collection.

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Antique japanese lamps 3

Measuring 28-1/2'' tall(without harp), 7'' in diameter, this antique lamp embodies well the Japanese design. It has been restored to a soft satin/ antique finish and sealed it for lasting beauty.

Antique japanese lamps 1

Made in ancient Japanese style floor lamp is a combination of unusual form and functionality. Beautiful base and subtle lampshades blend into a subtle and very stylish interior design element. Perfect for the living room.

Antique japanese lamps 2

An oriental lamp with a Japanese styled jar. This antique bronze and enamel footed jar lamp is not only durable, but it also provides good level of aesthetics on a table. Its round base features wooden construction.

Antique vtg blanc de chine reticulated cut out japanese seyei

Antique Vtg Blanc De Chine Reticulated Cut Out Japanese Seyei Vase Dual Lamp
This is an antique Vintage Reticulated Blanc de Chine Japanese Cherry Blossom Porcelain SEYEI China Lamp on a black base. Once a vase, converted afterwards into a lamp. It measures approx. 24" high, incl. a harp and wood base.

Antique japanese studio celadon porcelain lamp 1

Antique Japanese Studio Celadon Porcelain Lamp
Celadon glaze is an unprecedented finish of an antique japanese lamp - hence the quality and uniqueness of the presented piece. It refers to the Japanese style from the 1920s. Silk wires and wooden base only add Japanese nobility.

Antique japanese champleve enamel bronze working lamp

Antique Japanese Champleve Enamel Bronze Working Lamp
Made in antique Japanese style, the lamp is a charming combination of beautiful style, design, and color. The whole atmosphere of the cozy atmosphere will captivate and delight in every interior design.

Antique japanese cloisonne vase lamp dragon bird floral designs

Antique Japanese Cloisonne Vase Lamp Dragon Bird Floral Designs

Our advice Buying Guide

If you want a lamp that is colorful and intricately decorated, try one of the available antique Japanese lamps. The colors in these home decor accessories that help to light our way include cream, dark brown, blue, red and green. They have a place in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, entrance ways and anywhere you want to place a throwback that is graceful and elegant. Two styles/techniques that are common in antique Japanese lamps are:

  • Cloisonné 
  • Satsuma

What are Japanese Cloisonne lamps characterized by?

This kind of item is characterized by using enamel to decorate a furnishing with colorful designs. The patterns on the piece are separated into sections. Originally, wire separated the sections, but, later, wire was not always used. The ornamentation on cloisonné pieces includes birds, trees, plants, buildings and even people.

One example of a cloisonné piece is a vase lamp featuring colorful bands of deep blue, white, red, and gray. Birds and dragons are featured on this striking lamp. It goes well in a room filled with antiques, on a table in an entranceway, in a bedroom, a bathroom or anywhere else you want a tall table lamp that boldly pints to Japanese culture. Its base is round and this lamp has two lamp bulb sockets. 

What are Japanese Satsuma lamps characterized by?

Satsuma is a type of pottery that originated near Kyushu in the southern part of Japan centuries ago. At first, it was plain and dark. Later, however, this pottery evolved into being elaborately decorated and, usually, beige with a glaze. glaze.

One Satsuma lamp looks at if it has a gilt finish, but it is the hand painting on it that gives it that look. The people pictured on its base are clothed in gorgeous garments. Other details include a tree and a pagoda applied in form of decoration called moriage, a technique that uses raised enamel.

The motifs on this lamp seem to fill almost every inch of it. The effect of this is to give the lamp a 3-D-like effect. This piece shouts excellent craftsmanship and subtle elegance. 

Can antique Japanese lamps complement a modern room?

If you want to know if antique Japanese lamps are available for a room styled in contemporary decor, the answer is yes. An example is one in deep brown that looks like an upright tree twig. This lamp stands on three symmetrical legs. At the top, Its white shade is nestled in between two asymmetrical twigs.

Though this furnishing is clean, airy and unobtrusive, it, nevertheless, could be a conversation piece. Another lamp with a modern look is a green glazed vase lamp set on a black base made of wood. Its sleek and simple style emits a calming aura. Its harp holds two bulbs.

Other materials for antique Japanese lamps are porcelain and cast iron. Some lamps are reticulated, which can create beautifully illuminated silhouettes. Quite a few of these lamps do not come with shades, so you have to buy your own. What a nice way to customize it 



Japanese bronze lantern

Japanese Bronze Lantern
Made from the antique bronze, this unique lantern lamp embodies the oriental art of East Asia. Richly adorned with elephant figures, carrying on a birdcage. A great way to add a glorious, refined character to one's living room or bedroom.

Large antique japanese satsuma pottery vase lamp hand painted moriage

Large Antique Japanese Satsuma Pottery Vase Lamp Hand Painted Moriage Figures
Hand-crafted by talented Japanese artisans, this table lamp is, just, gorgeous in its form. Sparkling with antique design and detailed hand-painting, the lamp stands on a round base for stability, holding a captivating, rustic shade.

Pair of japanese lamps circa 1970

Pair Of Japanese Lamps Circa 1970
The Japanese style of this unique table lamp makes the decor an Asian elegance and harmony. Antique details and a beautiful combination of a solid base with a light and subtle lampshade blend perfectly.

Antique japanese lamps 6

Rare cast iron Japanese lamp - a genuine antique! Metal lantern from Japan, characterized by bell shape, equipped with lattice doors on either side. How old could it be?? Its ancient looks impress me a lot!

Jpg set_id 2 542


Vintage art deco japanese greek key dragons cloisonne shield vase

Vintage Art Deco Japanese Greek Key Dragons Cloisonne Shield Vase Lamp Light
Japanese Art Deco sounds like an oxymoron, right? But it doesn't have to be like that when you take a look at this antique Japanese lamp in art deco style. The whole stem is carved in distinguish way and dark brown color with dragons and Japanese ornaments.

Antique japanese lamps 2

Finished in antique bronze, this stylish pair of dragon lamps embodies perfectly well the ornamental art of the Orient. Handcrafted, each of them enchants with its detailed finish.

Rare antique art deco nippon hand painted cherry blossom vase

RARE Antique Art Deco Nippon Hand Painted Cherry Blossom Vase Lamp Base | eBay

Over scale japanese style pottery table lamps 1

Over Scale Japanese Style Pottery Table Lamps
This beautiful lamp inspired of Japanese style come from a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps. It has simple, black lampshade and incredible, over-scale kickstand made of wood with original pattern.

Rare pair of original antique 1880 japanese satsuma bronze banquet

Rare Pair Of Original Antique 1880 Japanese Satsuma Bronze Banquet Oil Lamps
Those twins know how to impress with their unique silhouette and antique appearance. Designed in the 1880's by Japanese artisans, each of those lamps features a bronze base, a porcelain body, a blue stained glass shade, and a hand-blown clear glass hurricane.

Japanese oil lamp

Every culture is packed with amazing elements that can be used in interior design.Examples are these antiwue japanese cloisonne lamps.Made of bronze.They have a slender form,globed at the bottom like a dress. Decorated with handmade paintings.

Antique vintage japanese arts craft awaji studio pottery art nouveau

Antique Vintage Japanese Arts Craft Awaji Studio Pottery Art Nouveau Vase Lamp
Are you a fan of oriental, antique or vintage style? Now, you have got everything in this Japanese lamp. It features the glass vase with green color. Add a touch of unique look into your home, and choose this product.

30 antique japanese satsuma lamp h 29

30: Antique Japanese Satsuma lamp. H:29".

P modern art with antique japanese tansu chest thomas schonnemann

| P | Modern Art with Antique Japanese Tansu Chest / Thomas Schonnemann Photography

Antique japanese lamps 14

Pair of Japanese Cloisonne Lamps | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Vintage old 1960s eames era panton antique owl motif japanese


Antique japanese kutani lamp 37in high

Antique Japanese Kutani Lamp 37in High
Do you need some Oriental Japanese Asian style? The Kutani lamp with antique style measures the 37 inches of high. It's great for the bedroom and living zone.

Oriental Furniture Fine Asian Furniture and Decor 24-Inch Chinese Black Lacquer End Table with Mother of Pearl Ladies

This astonishing end table was design in oriental style and will be an eye-catching point. It is finished with black lacquer and pear decorative painting. It features a cabinet so can be use as a nightstand.

Antique japanese art pottery lamp period woven bamboo shade

Antique Japanese Art Pottery Lamp Period Woven Bamboo Shade
Antique Japanese lamp with pottery base and woven bamboo shade, made circa 1920. Not an obvious design for a Japanese lamp, but undoubtedly charming. An interior décor lighting and a delightful example of Japanese art!

Vintage glass oil lamp in pink and blue japanese

Vintage Glass Oil Lamp in Pink and Blue Japanese

Japanese bronze table lamp

Japanese Bronze Table Lamp
The carved floral pattern has acquired such a natural and at the same time, thanks to a bronze finish. Together with a simple white lampshade, subtly topped with dark lines on the edges, it forms a coherent whole of antique japanese lamp.

Crowned Cranes Vase 26" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Crowned Cranes Vase 26" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Antique japanese table lamps

Antique Japanese lamp with a Satusma base. This solid base looks very attractive thanks to its multiple colors. It is suitable for people who prefer Asian pieces of equipment. It is also very solid and long-lasting.

Large bronze japanese garden lantern from a unique collection of

Large Bronze Japanese Garden Lantern | From a unique collection of antique and modern garden ornaments at

Luxe Chinoiserie Console Table

Elegant Beautiful Gift Idea for Her - 20" Japanese Design Small Shelf Unit Netsuke Curio Miniatures Display Stand

Moda Japanese Floor Lamp

Moda Japanese Floor Lamp
Inspired by Japanese style, this 47-inch height floor lamp features a slatted frame, crafted from wood, and finished in brown and yellow. Inside the frame sits a barrel-shaped shade that accommodates 40W incandescent bulbs.

Antique japanese lamps 17

A Pair of 1920's Japanese bronze Table Lamps | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Antique japanese lamps 9

japanese lamps I Have a pair of these.

A true simplicity of exotic outdoor furniture collection by koji

A True Simplicity of Exotic Outdoor Furniture Collection by Koji

Antique japanese lamps 4

Entrance of the dragon at its best.Antique japanese lamp, made of traditional porcelain,with gilded bronze ormolu mounts, presents a green dragon and phoenix on a bright yellow ground.It is a replica of Fukagawa porcelain, and reminds of 20th century in Japan.

Antique kerosene oil gwtw chinese japanese dragon parlor banquet victorian

Antique Kerosene Oil Gwtw Chinese Japanese Dragon Parlor Banquet Victorian Lamp
This antique styled Japanese Victorian lamp will provide your interior with a significant boost of style and visual appeal and is just the most fitting option for all those oriental-styled spaces, gracing your household with the beautifully detailed, deep blue finish of the porcelain.

Antique japanese lamps 25

Embodying the beautiful Japanese art, this seascape lamp constitutes a charming lighting fixture. It delights with its handpainted shade, featuring all the shades and tones of a blossoming spring.

Antique japanese cloisonne enameled lamps pair top quality turquoise silver

Antique Japanese Cloisonne Enameled Lamps Pair Top Quality Turquoise Silver Wire
Feel that your interior is in a way not complete without a slight accent of genuine Orient? How about a handsome pair of antique Japanese lamps? Their bulky bases have turquoise enamelling, with original handpainted pattern.

Antique and vintage online price guide 1

Antique and Vintage Online Price Guide

Antique japanese lamps 18

Japanese Meiji Bronze Basket Form Lamp | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

1893 Japanese Funeral Procession Men Lamps Coffin Body

Antique japanese lamps 29

SATSUMA WARE | Antique Satsuma Ware Japanese Table Lamp image 2

Antique japanese lamps 7

Pair Antique Regency Red Japanned Tea Cannister Lamps

Antique japanese lamps 26

Antique Japanese Studio Celadon Porcelain Incised Carp Vase Lamp 1920's

Antique Glass 26.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Antique Glass 26.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Vintage handpainted oriental lamp

vintage handpainted oriental lamp

Japanese hibachi with kiku design

Japanese hibachi with KIKU design.