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Motion lamps are timely, artistic ways to light your home. These vintage motion lamps depict quite a few scenes that can show anything from a sled in the snow, to a person skiing, and all on an ornate, ornamental lamp. They are practical, lovely, and a very nice conversation piece. Browse this selection of lamps in our collection. You might find one that fits your style.

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Updated 10/10/2022
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Vintage New York Motion Lamp

Vintage New York Motion Lamp

Take in the old New York skyline with one of these vintage motion lamps from the 1980s. The base of this motion lamp is approximately 6.5 inches in length. It features a plastic cylindrical spinner that lights up with the New York City skyline. 

Designer Advice:

Add a sense of whimsy and show off your love of the Big Apple by incorporating one of these antique motion lamps into your home space. You can set it up on a side table and turn it on for a little ambiance. Or you can showcase it on your wood bar and let it do its thing during happy hour. 

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Niagara Falls Vintage Motion Lamp

Niagara Falls Vintage Motion Lamp

This antique motion lamp allows you to proudly display the popular Canadian landmark, Niagara Falls. The base of the motion lamp is a wood stump with a bronzed cast metal frame and a miniature couple in front of the falls. When turned on, it casts an ethereal glow across the water. 

Designer Advice:

Bring a sense of Canadian pride to your home space with one of these vintage motion lamps. Due to the retro feel and design, they make a great addition to any traditional den or family room. You could also showcase it on any bedside table to cast the softest glow at bedtime. 

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Rotating Fish Motion Lamps Vintage

Rotating Fish Motion Lamps Vintage

For those looking to live under the sea, this rotating fish antique motion lamp makes an inspired choice. It’s 13.5 inches tall with a high-polish chrome finish on the base and top. The motion lamp displays an array of tropical fish “swimming” around. 

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Train Themed Antique Motion Lamp

Train Themed Antique Motion Lamp

Ride the rail with this vintage Econolite motion lamp. It was made in the 1950s and features three vibrant trains on the tracks. When it’s turned on, the plastic interior tube rotates with the heat of the lamp, and it appears that the trains are in motion. 

Designer Advice:

Due to the fact that this is an antique motion lamp, there can be some wear and tear. For instance, this motion lamp has a small crack in the base that’s been repaired. There is also some slight discoloration, but it all adds to the utter charm vintage motion lamps bring to a space. 

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Motion Lamps 

Buying Guide

Are you looking for unique ways to add vintage appeal to your home’s décor? Consider the addition of a vintage motion lamp to one or more of your rooms. These tabletop cylindrical lamps illuminate from the inside and feature images around their outside. Not only are they an excellent way to add warmth to your spaces, but they also do so in a way unlike any other lamp in the room can.

Because you’re purchasing a vintage piece, it’s critical that you take extra care during maintenance. Maintaining the elegance of these lamps require light cleaning with a soft, clean cloth that’s been dipped in warm water mixed with a mild detergent. The majority of these lamps are made with a plastic shade so, before removing it, be careful it hasn’t become brittle to prevent cracking from occurring.

While these vintage motion lamps are beautiful, some care and considerations are important for you to make before incorporating them into your designs. For example, even though the image on the lamp features images that are whimsical and would appear appropriate for children, these lamps are fragile and break easily. Therefore, they’re more appropriate for an older child’s bedroom.

When you begin shopping around for your vintage motion lamp, you’re going to find a plethora of options. Everything from Christmas to railroad themed lamps is available depending on your interests and decorating sense. The timeless beauty of adding a vintage motion lamp to your room not only creates a beautiful glowing ambiance but it also adds a unique focal point as well. You’ll also find the colors featured on these lamps are that of warm tones reminiscent of yesteryear, rather than the bolder ones found in today’s design accessories.

When looking at the descriptions of many of these lamps, the standard measurements vary between 8 and twelve inches tall. The average circumferences aren’t listed but, when viewing the pictures, they appear to be the same size as a small lamp base.

Because of the size of these lamps, it’s essential that you’re thinking about the scale of the room. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to put a small vintage motion lamp in a spacious living room. Instead, these lamps work better in smaller rooms including guest rooms, bedrooms, dens, and smaller living rooms. It’s also important to remember that these lamps to give off as much light as a standard lighting solution. Therefore, these lamps should be used as a secondary source of decorative lighting.

Depending on their age and condition, these lamps could range in price from $9.99 to $249.99. When making your selections, be sure to read the descriptions carefully to ensure the lamp is high-quality, doesn’t have any damage, and still works. Under some circumstances, the seller will list a vintage motion lamp that no longer works, is defective, or has damage that doesn’t show in the picture.

Best Ideas

Vintage 1957 Econolite Motion Lamp 766 7 Winter Snow Scene Sleigh Christmas

Vintage 1957 Econolite Motion Lamp 766 7 Winter Snow Scene Sleigh Christmas

Motion lamp stylised on Chinese lantern. It has drass round kickstands and ornate bracket. On lampshade, there is illustration representing church in the forest on winter. This lantern will be perfect decoration on Christmas Eve.

Vintage 1955 econolite mothion lamp forest fire scene

Vintage 1955 econolite mothion lamp forest fire scene

A fantastic table lamp from the 1950's. It features a decorative, metal structure at the bottom and an unusual lamp shade that depicts the scene of the forest fire. It was hand painted with vibrant colors and it will be the highlight of the room.

Vintage motion lamp rotating fountain of

Vintage motion lamp rotating fountain of

A funny, rotating table lamp in a vintage style. It features a brass base with a golden finish and a shade that depicts an image of a peeing boy. The picture was painted in a skilful manner making the lamp a beautiful accent of the room.

Vintage 1949 Econolite Roto Vue Jr Forest Fire Working Motion Lamp

Vintage 1949 Econolite Roto Vue Jr Forest Fire Working Motion Lamp

Maintained in a marvellous condition, this beautiful vintage motion lamp will still add a romantic glow wherever appearing. Crafted in 1949, shall be a real bargain for all retro enthusiasts.

Vintage motion lamp 5

Original table lamp in vintage style. Lampshade is finished with train theme. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Vintage 41 year old christmas motion lamp

Vintage 41 year old christmas motion lamp

This 41 years old Christmas Motion lamp constitutes a great example of the vintage decor. Bring in some magical ambience into your interiors and celebrate the one and only Christmas time.

Vintage motion lamp 22


Vintage forest fire motion lamp inner cylinder is missing still

Vintage Forest Fire Motion Lamp Inner Cylinder is Missing Still Nice Display

Vintage motion lamp 11

Vintage look for an old-fashioned, 1950s stylized table lamp with a frame made out of metal with a brass finish and a decorative engraving. The middle of the lamp is fitted with a Boat Race painting of Robert E Lee Natchez.

Vintage rotating animated motion lamp bearcat model t cars last

Vintage Rotating Animated Motion Lamp Bearcat Model T Cars LAST CHANCE

If you love vintage motion lamps this vintage econolite forest

Outstanding vintage motion lamp featuring a minimalist design and impeccable color balance. The lamp comes with a rounded design and finished in waterfall-inspired imprints with lush green forests on the background. It’s also super energy efficient!

Vintage motion lamp 8

Vintage Motion Lamp Light Forest Fire Cabin Scene in Action Chicago 1930 | eBay

Vintage motion lamp 4

1950's Fountain of Youth Motion Lamp. Space #125. $85.00.

La goodman motion lamp

A phenomenal motion lamp that will be a vintage accent of your room. It features a magnificent lamp shade that depicts an image of the forest fire. It's in beautiful tones of black and red, which matches a bronze base.

Vintage motion lamp 7


Waterfall lamp antique

Vintage Motion Lamp Niagara Falls Scene In Action with Cast Iron Bottom and Top

17 best images about vintage econolite motion lamps on 1

17 Best images about Vintage econolite motion lamps on ...

17 best images about vintage econolite motion lamps on 2

17 Best images about Vintage econolite motion lamps on ...

Vintage econolite 1954 butterflies motion lamp motion


Econolite motion lamp 774 jets antique appraisal

Econolite Motion Lamp #774 "Jets" antique appraisal ...

Antiques on kent sold 1979 psychedelic motion lamp

Antiques On Kent: Sold ~ 1979 Psychedelic Motion Lamp

Vintage 1957 l a goodman steam trains racing motion lamp

Vintage 1957 L.A. Goodman Steam Trains Racing Motion Lamp ...

Vintage motion oil rain lamp half nude goddess table lamp

Vintage Motion Oil Rain Lamp Half Nude Goddess Table Lamp ...

Vintage the fountain of youth motion lamp ebth

Vintage "The Fountain of Youth" Motion Lamp | EBTH