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Hail to the King! Elvis is back, but only in these fun and decorative lamps, his handsome visage cast on every single one. If you are a fan, or know one, then the next item you should pick up must definitely be an Elvis Presley lamp. Don't be a Devil in disguise, but love these lamps tender. See our extensive collection of Elvis Presley lamps .

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A fabulous, retro table lamp that will be a perfect gift for all the music lovers. It features an elegant base with a high gloss finish and an unusual shade with the photos of Elvis Presley. A great option for an entertainment room or a club.

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Elvis Presley Lamp Rare Life Size Bust Vintage 1970s Only 1000 Made Rock

Elvis Presley Lamp Rare Life Size Bust Vintage 1970s Only 1000 Made Rock

Original table lamp with bust of Elvis Presley on the base. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Sophisticated decoration for each room.

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Elvis bust lamp 1

Elvis Presley Touch Lamp

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Elvis presley vegas sp small touch lamp ev6

Elvis Presley Vegas SP Small Touch Lamp #EV6

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Elvis presley lamps 2

Really rare Elvis Presley show lamp with cool blue lamp shade. It has some cool writtings on the shade and posture of Elvis himself surrounded by round ray of light. The base of the lamp is made of his blue swede shoes!

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Elvis presley lamps 6

Elvis '68 Signature Guitar Table Lamp

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Elvis lamps

US $99.00 Used in Collectibles, Lamps, Lighting, Lamps: Electric

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Elvis Presley Touch Lamp 4

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Elvis presley lamps

Elvis Presley: The Legend Lives on in a Table Lamp

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Elvis Presley Lamps

Buying Guide

Elvis was perhaps one of the most iconic performers in the 20th century. The man has touched, impressed and moved a lot of today's generation, which is why Elvis merchandise is still trendy including the Elvis Presley lamp. This lamp makes an incredible statement piece with its iconic twist, and it provides an essential function of being a source of lighting as well.

If you don't know yet, there are many varieties when it comes to Elvis Presley lamps. In fact, the shopping task can be confusing if you are unprepared. To help make things a bit simpler, this article is going to be a buying guide for Elvis Presley lamps. Let's get started!

When it comes to Elvis Presley lamps, there are three major types. First is your standard-looking lamp but with an Elvis figure on the bottom area. The second variety is a picture of Elvis imprinted on the lampshade. Lastly, there's an Elvis figure, and the light is coming within.

Since the first two are similar to buying a standard lamp, you need to consider if you want ambient or task lighting if you choose to buy any of these types. As a quick generalization, ambient lighting comes with the purpose of providing general illumination. On the other hand, task lighting is used in giving light to help you do some paperwork, draw, read and any other desk task.

The third type is generally for aesthetic purposes. Hence, if you want this type, your primary concern should be how the lamp's style fits into the overall theme of the desk and/or room.

If you are buying the third type of Elvis Presley lamp, then the height is not a big concern. Just buy something that's proportionate to the desk or table. When buying a standard type, the height of the lamp is important. Thankfully, you can follow the eye-level rule to ensure that you don't get the lamp with the wrong height.

The general idea of this rule states that the bottom part of the lampshade should not be higher when compared to the user's eye-level. The purpose of this is simple. If the lampshade is higher, then your eyes will have a direct line-of-sight to the bulb. This can be a source of discomfort because of the intense brightness of the light.

Hence, you'd want to measure the distance between the top of the table, and your eye level. Also, you'd want to do this while being seated. Once you have the measurement, simply shop accordingly.

Having plenty of options is always a good thing as there's no need to buy something that's mediocre. On the downside, too many options can be confusing. The trick here is to know how to quickly exclude unsuitable choices. Hopefully, you now have a better idea on what you are looking for. If you are still left with too many options, then you can narrow down your choices further by filtering through budget and color.

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