Antique Slag Glass Lamps

Antique slag glass lamps retain so much of the old-time charm. The elaborate lampshades make a unique effect when the light is on. Perfect for a relaxing reading nook where you can sink in a squashy armchair with a page-turner and just drift away. Check the beauties below.

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Antique slag glass lamps

This beautifully designed antique lamp is a combination of a solid metal leg with a decorative lampshade representing an incredible scene. The whole is beautifully decorated in beautiful colors, and the subtle glass lampshade is delightful.

Antique miller art nouveau slag glass lamp

Antique Miller Art Nouveau Slag Glass Lamp
This classic table lamp is made only of brass and glass. Lampshade is one color version of stained glass work - it looks very original, because it presents natural motives and scenes from every day, rural life.

480 antique slag glass lamp salem brothers 1


Antique glass lamps

Astounding art nouveau lamp in Tiffany style, with green slag glass umbrella (or upended tulip) shade. Curvilinear design incorporates foliate and floral scrolling. On top there's a fancy finial. The base is bronze.

Slag lamp

If you think that's something's missing on your table, then, you could easily spice it up with this marvelous table lamp. It's made of green glass that sits in the rustic frame with amazing metalwork. Measurements: 23 3/4" H x 20" W.

Bradley and hubbard lamps

A beautiful antique electric table lamp having a brass frame with a round base with floral patterns and a club-like vertically grooved stem. Its dome-inspired hexagonal lampshade of colourful glass features intricate floral designs in a lower part.

Old glass lamps

With such a magnificent lamp, the desk in your den will shine like never before. Designed in 1910s, the lamp features a mushroom-like shade with 8 glass panels and amazing metal overlay with a Greek key pattern.

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No other material created during the Art Nouveau period has produced as much adulation as slag glass. From lampshades to décor pieces, marbled glass in a bounty of interesting colors with those alluring swirls was everywhere.

Imagine sitting in a room lit by an antique slag glass lamp. The swirls of light cast mysterious shadows on the wall making for an incomparable experience.

Today, slag glass or malachite glass is no longer produced the way it used to be. However, antique slag glass lamps in mint condition command a hefty price tag and are considered a collectible.

Having said that, the market is rife with cheap replicas and counterfeits. It pays to be aware of what to look for if you are out shopping for one.

What is slag glass?

Slag glass was created by adding a metal ore to amber glass which is what gave it the distinct color and pattern.

Some of the most popular colors created in the early days were purple, blue, turquoise green, golden and brown (extremely rare).

The most noted manufacturers were Sowerby, Greener and Davidson in Europe and Challinor, Taylor, and Co, Westmoreland and Akro Agate in America.

How do you identify authentic slag glass?

The chances of that antique slag glass lamp that you fancy being marked by the manufacturer are extremely slim. Most manufacturers in those days just added a series of numbers below the base of the lamp rather than adding an ornate logo.

So, the only way to identify an authentic slag glass lamp might be to carry it to an expert and qualified antique dealer. The other and easier option of course, is to buy from a reputed source. Definitely not eBay.

Beware of too-good-to-be-true deals

Time and again, we come across too good to be true deals for antique slag glass lamps. Well, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably junk.

Authentic slag glass lamps can be priced anywhere between $150-$2000 and more, depending on the condition and the item. If someone’s selling one for $25, then it’s most likely a fake.

Slag glass lamp designs

From Tiffany lamps to silhouette lamps and even elaborate chandeliers, slag glass was used in just about every style of lighting in those days.

While you can always stay safe with your choices, there are some very interesting and creative pieces like Tiffany’s umbrella or mushroom shades, the Philippine shell inspired designs and the five-light lily lamps.

The base and the frame

You’ll often find Slag glass in metal frames and overlays with intricate designs, mosaics, and motifs. Brass, bronze, solid oak wood and iron are commonly used materials for the frame and the base.

Your choice should depend on the intended use of the lamp. If it’s a bedside table, then Tiffany lamps or silhouette styled lamps work best.

When it comes to silhouette, you can pick from an array of interesting motifs to cast on the walls. Tiffany styled pedestal lamps with a long arm make for fantastic focal points in living rooms.


Antique slag glass lamps will be a perfect addition to your home, especially if your décor draws inspiration from vintage arts and crafts periods like Art Nouveau or Art deco.





Pair of really nice antique wilkinson slag glass lamps for

Pair of really nice Antique Wilkinson slag Glass Lamps for sale in ...

Antique slag glass lamps 14

Glass lamp with a durable construction that includes a solid, round base with improved stability. The frame features decorative carvings and provides support to a nice and practical shade. This lamp is ideal for table use.

Antique slag glass lamps 7

antique slag lamps | Antique Slag Glass Lamp | eBay

Antique slag glass table lamp 1

A chic antique floor lamp with a base of bronze finished mahogany wood. It's built of a 4-arm foot (with carved ram heads) and an ornate split angular tapered up stem. A flower-like lampshade of creamy slag glass has a brass frame, edges, ornaments.

Slag glass lamp 2

This slag glass lamp is like an intercontinental journey - we will find the shadows of the statue of liberty, the Parisian tower, the palms of the exotic beaches - all on the delicate lampshade's fabric that rests on the brass lamp leg.

Slag glass lamp 14

A stunning table lamp with an antique touch. It's a highly decorative piece made of metal, which overlays a shade made of green glass. The light will beautifully sparkle through the holes in the metal. If features a cool, distressed look.

Slag glass lamp shades

Crafted from solid oak wood, this antique lamp has a tree-like design, while standing on a double square frame. The shade is made of stained glass embedded in the frame, with a beautiful combination of green and yellow.

Slag glass lamp

Antique, elegant lamp. It has ceramic kickstand with sculptural base. Lampshade is made of green opaque glass and has frame made of the wood. This beautiful lamp will make every interior more chic. You can use it as table lamp.

Antique slag glass lamp with lighted base circa 1915 1

Antique Slag Glass Lamp With Lighted Base Circa 1915
Antique approach to a slag table lamp made out of wrought iron frame elements surrounded by matte, opaque glass in a yellow color. The frame of the lamp has a second light inside of it, making the glow even brighter.

Antique slag glass lamp 1

Antique Slag Glass Lamp
Stained-glass antique lamps are usually associated with the Tiffany elegance - but there are also more affordable, commercial projects such as the one - slag glass lamp with a mosaic creating in the glass and a black frame urban landscapes.

Slag glass lamps for sale

Sophisticated design for an antique, American art nouveau style carousel table lamp with a fairy themed decal. The lamp is fitted with numerous colorful depictions of nature, giving the lamp a one of a kind appearance.

Antique slag glass lamps 11

This eight-panel slag glass and filigree table lamp constitutes a great example of the antique design. Ornate shade and equally ornate, golden base will add a refined character to any space.

Antique slag glass lamp 5

A beautiful table lamp, designed in Tiffany style and decorated with vintage accents. The lamp features a quality metal base with a distressed finish and a black frame shade embedded with multiple shards of slag glass.

Antique slag glass lamps 21

Stained glass slag lamps are a fantastic decoration in the Art Nouveau style. In this case, the lampshade adopted a slightly different form, inspired by Philippine shells and their pearl-like coating. With iron, decorations create an unlique lampshade.

Antique slag glass lamps 15

The Tiffany-style slag glass lamp offers quality in itself - in this case, stained-glass windows have been enriched with marbled amber with its warm color and pink glass decorated with cabochons. An elegant visiting card of old times, based on a resinous base.

Antique slag glass lamps 10

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848 – 1933) was an American artist and designer who worked in the decorative arts and is best known for his work in stained glass in the Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements....

Antique slag glass lamps 2

Table lamp with antique finish. Frame is made of metal and covered with glass. Perfect as night lamp or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors.

Slag glass lamp 5

Stylish table lamp mounted on richly decorated base. It is made of metal and glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant accent for living room, bedroom and more.

Slag glass 144 antique slag glass lamp


Antique slag glass lamps 13

Antique Arts & Crafts Bradley & Hubbard Slag Glass Lamp

Antique slag glass lamps 22


Antique slag glass lamp shade trees cottage etc ebay

Antique Slag Glass Lamp Shade Trees Cottage Etc | eBay

What a fantastic slag glass lamp exquisite

What a fantastic slag glass lamp. Exquisite.

Slag glass lamp antique slag glass lamp shades slag glass

slag glass lamp antique slag glass lamp shades slag glass lamps slag ...

Beautiful antique bradley hubbard blue slag glass lamp 1920s art

Beautiful Antique Bradley Hubbard Blue Slag Glass Lamp 1920s Art Nouveau
Elegant table lamp for each place according to taste and need. Metal base is finished with sophisticated ornament. Lampshade is covered with glass and decorated with interesting pattern.

Antique edward miller co 16 panel curved slag glass iron

Antique Edward Miller & Co. 16 - Panel Curved Slag Glass & Iron Table ...

Phil taylor antiques ottumwa ia

Phil Taylor Antiques – Ottumwa,IA

Antique slag glass lamps 1

This vintage table lamp is a beautiful metal construction with a fabulous lampshade that captures the cetaceans with fantastic light. Beautiful decorative motifs enchant and unique. Ideal for living room or bedroom.

Antique slag glass lamps 19

Stained Glass Peacock Lamp from Seventh Avenue ®

Antique art crafts deco bent carmel slag glass miller bradley

Antique Art Crafts Deco Bent Carmel Slag Glass Miller Bradley Hubbard ...

Victorian lighting one on each night stand just my style

victorian on each night stand....just MY style.

Early 20s slag lamp love the scenes with the 2

Early 20's slag lamp. LOVE the scenes with the 2 different colors.

Antique slag glass lamps 20

Table lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Metal frame with antique finish is decorated with interesting pattern. Lampshade is covered with colorful glass and gives warm tone of light.

An antique slag glass lamp and shade bronze tone cast

An antique slag glass lamp and shade~Bronze tone cast metal base~Slag glass lamp shade with an Art Nouveau motif to the pierced patterns

233 vintage slag glass table lamp


Blue slag glass lamp 1

Blue slag glass lamp;

Slag glass lamp 6 panel floral design

Slag Glass Lamp 6 Panel Floral Design

Antique slag lamps antique empire green slag glass lamp

antique slag lamps | Antique Empire Green Slag Glass Lamp

Slag glass lamps

Unique table lamp as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. Lampshade is covered with colorful glass and gives warm tone of light.

384 antique victorian slag glass table lamp all origi

384: Antique Victorian Slag Glass Table Lamp, All Origi

Stunning antique amber slag lamp shade handel bradley hubbard tiffany

Stunning Antique Amber Slag Lamp Shade Handel Bradley Hubbard Tiffany Era
A gorgeous table lamp with bright yellow light that is going to bring romantic ambiance into your home. Designed in Tiffany Style, this lamp has beautiful metalwork and looks like a magical, glowing mushroom.

Antique slag glass lamp cast base


Antique slag glass table lamp made marked miller circa 1920s

antique slag glass table lamp, made & marked Miller, circa 1920s.