Sea Glass Lamps

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Sea glass is a simple clear lamp based medium but comes in many shapes and sizes but all of which have the hefty support you would need to keep your lamps sturdy and functional. And if you are looking for an elegance and a basic table lamp then look no further than sea glass lamps. They are attractive enough to accent a room but not so overbearing to require a decorative shift.

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Updated 01/03/2023
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Sheep Figurine Sea Glass Lamp

Sheep Figurine Sea Glass Lamp

This adorable sea glass lamp is the perfect decor item for an art or animal lover’s abode. It has a delicate metal wire and sea glass construction in copper and off-white. You can put fairy lights inside the sheep statuette.

Designer Advice:

Your guests will find it difficult to take their eyes off this fine sea glass lamp. It is a nice display item for your mantelpiece or shelves and looks good even unlit. Unlike regular lamps, the figurine is lit by fairy lights. The unique sea glass frame looks stunning when lit and throws beautiful patterns on the walls and ceiling.

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Tiffany Style Sea Glass Lamp

Tiffany Style Sea Glass Lamp

This glass lamp will add color and elegance to your traditional American home. It has a classic frame with a brass stand and a square lampshade that features green and white sea glass connected with a gold adhesive.

Designer Advice:

Light up your study or home office with this exquisite lamp with a sea glass lampshade. Its classic elements work well with vintage, glam, or even coastal-style spaces. It emits ample light, so you can put it on your work desk or use it as your reading lamp. Its green and off-white sea glass pieces make the room glow a warm yellow when lit.

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Classic Sea Glass Lamp

Classic Sea Glass Lamp

This traditional-style lamp is perfect for a sea lover’s old-school home decor. It has a conical lampshade in plain off-white and a rounded base with polished symmetrical sea glass pieces. This 16-inch lamp requires a lot of space.

Designer Advice:

If you want a sea-themed lamp that will suit most decor styles, this one’s perfect for you. Its classic frame, off-white lampshade, and simple design blend easily with most color palettes. You can use it as a decorative item or a functional lighting fixture in various spaces, like the living room, bedroom, dining room, or home office.

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Ornate Sea Glass Lamp

Ornate Sea Glass Lamp

Add an artistic touch to your space with this cool glass lamp in a rectangular block design. The sculpture features green sea glass with warm white LED lights cast in resin. It glows green and yellow when lit.

Designer Advice:

This dazzling lamp is sure to make a statement no matter where you put it. It stands tall and sturdy while occupying very little space on the tabletop. The lamp works great as a night light and is a gorgeous art piece when turned off. We suggest putting it on your bedside table or your nighttime reading spot.

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Abstract Sea Glass Lamp

Abstract Sea Glass Lamp

This funky lamp is an art piece and lighting solution in one. It features a thick driftwood base in a natural textured finish and a shade with sea glass pieces. The shade is short, but the base is 39 cm long.

Designer Advice:

We love this one-of-a-kind glass lamp and how much beauty it adds to any space. It creates a welcoming atmosphere in the room with its natural elements and white and green sea glass pieces. It works best with coastal or organic modern decor. The lamp has a simple frame that emits a cool white glow ideal for nighttime reading.

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Sea Glass Lamps

Buying Guide

A sea inspired glass table lamp uses shades of blue and green to reflect warm and enchanting waters. Without being given a specific color shade name, it is obvious that they are simply known as sea green or sea blue. Glass works its magic in absorbing light and mimicking the sea's natural beauty.

Found in both bases and glass shades, colors from the sea offer soothing accents to many styles of decor. Textures of stained glass, stones and historic sea glass shards create balance or focal points in various applications.

  • Glass - Different forms of glass are used in bases to deliver a clear picture of a peaceful sea. Clear bottle bases may reflect a note in a floating bottle of days past. Tinted glass of blue or green can set the backdrop for smaller ocean crested objects. Twine can bring an interesting display of the sea when creatively wrapped along the glass base.
  • Acrylic - Acrylic offers the same function as glass only more durable. Translucent and molded into various artistic shapes, a floating effect can even be present. Open bottoms of large acrylic bases enable you to place plants, sea shells or other memorabilia inside for decoration.
  • Polystone - A sea glass table lamp can take on the form of ocean dwellers. For instance, a Polystone sea shell can give a solid, yet delicate, look to a lamp when created out of distressed white Polystone. Other forms of crustacean or rocks can also act as magical displays of the sea.
  • Glass Tiffany Shades - Tiffany glass shades are famous for presenting ocean blues and greens within small copper wiring. Beach sand tans and whites often accompany the colors with swirls and light textures. The base will lean more toward metals that are not in competition with the beauty of these shades.

Light and airy spaces are accepting to a sea glass table lamp. A pair is often used to bring symmetry to a living space. Cottage chic, coastal, transitional, contemporary and tropical style are perfect for adding sea-like beauty into a room. White, neutral and light warm colors introduce the relaxing feel of slapping waves and bright blue skies that surround the sea.

If using a pair of lamps next to a sofa, the bottom of the lampshade should be at eye level for someone sitting on the sofa. A typical lamp that is resting on a table will measure 58" to 64" from the floor to the top of the shade. Bedroom nightstands should be in proportion to the lamps. The headboard also needs to be considered. Most nightstands are 25" to 30" in height and the lamps should not exceed this. A foyer table can hold a single sea glass table lamp on one edge. A narrow table with a dimly lit lamp that casts light beyond the table will make this area appear inviting.

Best Ideas

Devin glass jar table lamp base

Devin glass jar table lamp base

This sea glass table lamp will be an enchanting addition to every living room or bedroom, either traditional or modern. Covered with stained glass, it is a sustainable example of DIY pottery barn style.

Colored glass table lamps 4

This blue coloured glass table lamp constitutes a beautiful proposition for the most refined interiors. Its glazed, light retracting silhouette can create a wonderful glowing experience.

Sea glass table lamp

A beautiful table lamp that sports the sublime base made from glass in a charming turquiose color, contrasting perfectly with the grey tone of the shade. It will work for your bedroom nightstand or living room end table.

Wallington Glass Table Lamp

Wallington Glass Table Lamp

Evoke the timeless simplicity with this glass table lamp with a base that will allow for endless number of styling choices. The glass construction in original and the shade makes for a nice way of adding warmth to the atmosphere.

Demijohn table lamp 8 colors

Demijohn Table Lamp - 8 Colors

Atrium glass table lamp way too expensive going to find

Atrium Glass Table Lamp...way too expensive ...going to find a way to make this thing

Sea glass table lamp 12

sculpture artist sea marine life glass Jellyfish Lamp lighting ambient blown glass Home-decor Joel Bloomberg

Sea glass table lamp 37

By the Sea glass coastal home table lamp from Regina Andrew in gorgeous shades of sea blues, with swirling textured wave-like patterns. Topped off with a brilliant white with silver fabric lined shade.

Seaglass lamp

Tutorial for making a table lamp out of a glass vase which you can fill with whatever decorations you'd like!

Sea glass table lamp 29

Sea Glass Lamp - Aqua | Pier 1 Imports

Colored glass table lamps 3

Avant-garde design for a sophisticated table lamp with a luxurious appearance. The frame of the lamp is made out of colored glass in a cobalt blue color with a gorgeous, purple shade with a cone shape, giving the piece an elegant look.

Sea glass table lamp 25

Pacific Coast Sea Glass Table Lamp

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Aqua sea glass table lamp

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