Galle Lamps 

What do you think about table lamps? If you are one of those who appreciate such elements, especially when they are artistic, then you have come to the right place. Have a closer look at the designs, shapes, sizes and colours that you can see below, and decide if any of them would be a nice thing for you.

Purple Floral Galle Lamp Original

Purple Floral Galle Lamp Original

Purple Floral Galle Lamp Original

Sitting tall at 55 centimetres, this galle lamp is an art nouveau style with vibrant purple and green floral etchings. The shade is a round mushroom shape that rests on top. There are decorative painted florals and darker etchings along the base. 

Rose Pattern Galle Lamp

Rose Pattern Galle Lamp

Rose Pattern Galle Lamp

A vintage piece from the 1960s, this galle lamp measures 20 inches tall. The entire lamp is crafted out of glass that’s decorated with an intricate red rose pattern. The rounded shade is 14 inches in diameter, with lighting and etchings on the base. 

Designer Advice:

If you’re looking to add a retro and feminine flair to your living room, one of these galle lamps will add function and beauty. It can plug into any outlet, and the painted red roses and patterned etchings cast a soft glow. 

Yellow and Red Galle Lamps Original

Yellow and Red Galle Lamps Original

Yellow and Red Galle Lamps Original

An abstract light source, this style of galle lamps features red and yellow painted artisanal glass paste painted in a speckled style. The lamp is 50 centimeters in height. There are two bulbs, one in the shade and one in the middle section of the body. 

Designer Advice:

Allow your artistic vibes to truly shine by incorporating one of these red and yellow galle lamps into your space. You could set up this galle lamp on your desk in your home office to help get the creative juices flowing. 

Blue and Orange Galle Lamp

Blue and Orange Galle Lamp

Blue and Orange Galle Lamp

Find yourself thinking of summertime with this blue, orange, and green galle lamp. This vintage-style galle lamp is handmade out of painted glass. There are two interior lights and etched dragonflies, florals, and greenery around the entire unit. 

Grape Leaf Galle Lamp Original

Grape Leaf Galle Lamp Original

Grape Leaf Galle Lamp Original

Made in the 1960s, this design of galle lamps is a more compact version. It’s 17 inches tall and features a glass body with an empire-shaped glass shade. There are orange, brown, and red grape leaf and vines painted etchings. 

Designer Advice:

Galle lamps have the ability to add both a sense of whimsy and imagination to a space. Use this particular galle lamp in your bedroom on your side table. Not only will it offer additional lighting for reading, but it will allow you to bring in a delicate and decorative accessory. 

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Galle table lamp 18

A real miracle, an Art Nouveau galle table lamp, Émile Gallé, signed on the shaft and on the lampshade with the star Galle. Multi-layer glass, brushed, etched, lightly polished. Gray-violet flowers on a light mustard background.

Galle table lamp 3

A breathtaking table lamp with a mushroom-like shade, and a streamlined body with a bulb inside, finalised at the bottom with a round base for stability. This gorgeous lamp boasts of a dragonfly design and is entirely made of opaline glass.

A stunning antique e galle style thick glass mushroom table


Galle lamp 3

Beautiful Art Nouveau lamp. We can’t even tell if this is still a lamp or an art exhibition piece. Be it as it may, it may be the most beautiful lamp we’ve ever seen. Dim colours will spark your bedroom with romantic, mysterious atmosphere.

Large French Triple Overlaid Cameo Art Glass Table Lamp After Galle

Large French Triple Overlaid Cameo Art Glass Table Lamp After Galle

The design of this revolutionary galle table lamp in the XIX century comes from France and its name comes from the name of Emily Galle, the pioneer of this glass project. In this case, characteristic floral patterns appear in shades of red, pink and yellow.

Emile galle lamp

A fantabulous table lamp with a glowing shade and body, perfect for cozy bedrooms or magical kids' rooms. The whole lamp is beautifully adorned with different types of plants, and stands on a pitch black round base.

Art nouveau lamps reproductions

It's a sophisticated table lamp by Gallé, and which is made of the glass. I like this warm shade of brown or honey color and floral pattern on the shade. You will love it!

Galle table lamp 1

galle table lamp

Art Nouveau French Cameo Art Glass Acid Etched Tip Galle Flowers Table Lamp 18

Art Nouveau French Cameo Art Glass Acid Etched Tip Galle Flowers Table Lamp 18

Undoubtedly a real "gem", a rarity on the antiquarian market, a symbol of the early twentieth century, especially in Europe. Glass, hand-made galle table lamp, with organic shape and shades of mustard yellow or sunny orange.

Emile galle 1846 1904 roses cameo lamp circa 1900


Lg Galle Cameo Glass Table Lamp All Orig Perfect Condition Of The Period

Lg Galle Cameo Glass Table Lamp All Orig Perfect Condition Of The Period

The Art Nouveau times in lighting were very fruitful, which we owe eg. Emily Galle, the creator of this glass galle tale lamp referring to the shape of a mushroom. Its bowl has been four times etched with brown pruszeniami and decorations of brown leaves.

Galle style table lamp cut glass floral pattern 1


Galle table lamp 32

Stunning midcentury table lamp featuring a glossed, rounded black base and a colorful white top. The lamp also comes with a half globe lampshade, neatly imprinted with stunning flower motifs for outstanding visual appeal and an impeccable balance of colors.

Galle table lamp 13

Emile Gallé is the inventor of this type of lamp. Galle table lamp here presents colors of orange, yellow and floristic motifs characteristic for this kind of lamps. Today these table lamps we can have at home or found them at the Musée de l’École de Nancy.

Galle table lamp 15

This combination of the art of making colored glass, with stained-glass design and the basis precisely carved in bronze - is a characteristic feature of a galle table lamp. Organic forms and a mushroom-shaped connection will delight all lovers of nature.

Galle table lamp 17

Rowan fruit, various shapes and types of leaves - the use of abstract forms and the art of producing hand-blown glass - resulted in a yellow-mustard galle table lamp with round shapes and a glass base, inspired by leaves.

Makenier Galle Vintage Double Lit Chrysanthemum Table Lamp, 6.7 Inches Lampshade

Every item from galle table lamps family is a unique, handcrafted work of art. Natural variations, in the wide array of materials that we use to create each of them,make every item a masterpiece of its own. Here we see dark, blue flowers on yellow background.

Galle table lamp 5

A fantabulous table lamp, designed in the 1900's and gorgeously adorned with floral patterns. The lamp stands on a circular base for stability, has a slender body with brass finials, and holding a mushroom-like, beautifully-glowing shade.

Galle table lamp 2

Attractive and functional table lamp with a durable construction based on cameo glass. This French styled lamp features attractive pattern with yellow leaves on a white background. A base features a stable round shape.

Fine art lighting galle style table lamp

Fine Art Lighting Gallé Style Table Lamp

Galle lamp

The market for Gallé glass is international and consistent, attracting collectors from around the world.This galle table lamp is unique and contemporary because it refers to the floristic exotica in shades of green ferns or pink and red on a light background.

Galle table lamp 28

To perform this characteristic for the Art Nouveau period the galle table lamp - used glass cameo, and wrought iron to make its base. Amber shade, decorating nasturtiums or leaves - they enrich and create an unreal symbol of the twentieth century.

Emile galle cameo glass table lamp sale number 3045b 1

Emile Galle Cameo Glass Table Lamp | Sale Number 3045B ...

032198 galle reproduction art glass table lamp h 23