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Not your typical idea when you think about a mermaid lamp, this extensive collection of mermaid lamp concepts is very interesting, and covers many aspects of oceanic lore, beyond just mermaids. There are table lamps, standing floor lamps that are very tall, and even hanging lamps. Take a look and check out all these clever mermaid, and other creature, lamps.

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Our Picks

Coastal Decor S 2 White Washed Mermaid Table Lamp Nautical New

Coastal Decor S 2 White Washed Mermaid Table Lamp Nautical New

The beautiful combination of mermaid and lamp motifs makes the whole look phenomenal in every interior design. Beautiful lampshade adds lightness and interesting style. This is the ideal solution for a bedroom or living room.

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Large Art Deco Bronze Mermaid Tiffany Floor Standing Lamp Light Body Lights Up

Large Art Deco Bronze Mermaid Tiffany Floor Standing Lamp Light Body Lights Up

Durable and decorative lamp with a meramid design. This floor standing lamp features a bronze finish and a glass mosaic body. It also includes a mains adapter and a functional switch fitted to wire and bulb.

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Mermaid lamp 39

Do you believe in beautiful mermaids?With such a lamp you will begin to trust them as they will illuminate the interior of your home.The bulb flashes in the shell, the whole is made of iron and hand carved.Round base is made of dark marble.

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Mermaid lamp 13

Sweet little mermaid animated lamp, perfect for kids’ room. If your little girl loves Disney, then maybe such a lamp is just what she needs? Colourful and lively, will enhance the whole interior not only with light but also cheerful atmosphere.

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Mermaid lamp 10

Globe Shade Mermaid Lamp...I have her and she's one of my very favorite things!

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Mermaid lamp 1

What a smart design! This stunning piece merges Tiffany lamp with dramatic end table. A beautiful, long-haired mermaid leans against a sculptural rock, and as the lamp is concealed within mermaid's tail, her fishtail scales glow gold.

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Mermaid lamp vintage

Searching for a unique table lamp to the bedroom? If you like nautical theme, you should have this white mermaid lamp with drum shade. It measures 20 inches height by the 10.5 inches.

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Gustav gurschner austrian 1873 1971 a nautilus shell and patinated

Gustav Gurschner (Austrian, 1873-1971), A nautilus shell and patinated bronze table lamp, c. 1899

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Mermaid lamp 16

Artfully designed mermaid floor lamp beautifully sculpted to deliver that unique art décor accessory that you want. The lamp also features a strong rounded base and a superb two-tone finish that will take your breath away. It’s glossed all over to enhance its overall style and appeal.

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Mermaid lamp 31

Mermaid lamp

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Mermaid Lamp

Buying Guide

There is a wide range of mermaid lamps available on the market today, allowing you to find the perfect style for your home, whether it’s rustic or modern. To find the right fit for your modern home, look for a mermaid lamp that exhibits modern design features like simple, clean lines, natural tones, or a monochrome color palette.

Search for mermaid lamps in light browns, creams, or white color schemes to complement your contemporary living space. Rather than a lamp that is intricately adorned with a mermaid, you can opt for a mermaid-themed lamp that has a sleek, clear base full of shells and a minimalistic cylindrical shade.

Mermaid lamps are appropriate for all ages. If you have an affinity to these mystical, mythical creatures, you have a broad array of lamp styles to choose from, some whimsical, some more somber.

If you want a mermaid lamp to light up your home, the blues and greens often associated with merfolk complement earth tones beautifully. Look for classic figures of mermaids in bronze as the lamp’s base for a more mature style. Steer clear of any well-known mermaids, like Ariel, on lights that are not intended for a child’s room.

Sometimes you can give the impression of a mermaid’s underwater glamour in a lamp without the physical image of a mermaid being present. Search for a lamp with reflective surfaces, teals, and aquamarines, and a well-placed shell to achieve this look.

Best Ideas

Theres a light at the end of this dark tunnel

theres a light at the end of this dark tunnel, sure it will be the exit! ...

Mermaid lamp 22

Star Catcher Mermaid Table Lamp

Mermaid table lamp

Elegant floor lamp mounted on mermaid base. Lampshade is made of glass and gives warm tone of light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Mermaid lamp 20

Mermaid Lamp

Mermaid lamps sale

Original, functional and unique chandelier in the form of an octopus. This solid lamp is made of mateirals that are durable and very attractive. Its sea colors are very attractive in different indoors.

Mermaid lamp 4

Mermaid lamp

Our romantic dreaming mermaid lamp will bring a warm captivating

Our romantic dreaming Mermaid Lamp will bring a warm, captivating ...

Mermaid lamp 26

Art Deco Hanging Mermaid Lamp by M. Verdur France 1930's

Mermaid lamp 21

Mermaid Tiffany Style Lamp

Want to see more check out all of my projects

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Green and Blue Crackled Glass Sculptural Mermaid Accent Lamp

Mermaid lamp 33

Dual Mermaid Slag Glass Lamp

Mermaid lamp 14

Add a drop of sophisticated style by choosing this octopus chandelier, which is designed by the Mason Parker. The all construction is made of the stained glass with colorful details.

Mermaid lamp 20

✯ Bronze Nymph Shell Lamp with outstretched Hands within a Wave . Also the Bronze is shaped to fit Nautilus Shell Shade :: Artist Gustave Gurschner ✯