Baldwin Brass Lamps


Baldwin, a top name in home lighting, has given us access to their extensive catalog of lamps for your purchasing pleasure. These are lovely, can come with one light source or more, and the polished brass will further illuminate your space. They are very sturdy, and come with their own custom lamp shade. See our Baldwin lamp collection today.

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Our Picks

Original baldwin serpentine bouillette brass lamp no reserve

Original baldwin serpentine bouillette brass lamp no reserve

The beautiful form of this great Baldwin brass lamp is a perfect combination of elegant black and gold. The shape of the candlestick is also reminiscent of some musical instruments. The whole works perfectly in the living room or bedroom.

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Baldwin Brass Serpentine Bouillotte 23 Inch Lamp Shade Excellent Forged In Usa

Baldwin Brass Serpentine Bouillotte 23 Inch Lamp Shade Excellent Forged In Usa

Simply, breathtaking in its form, this 23'' table lamp is a vintage work of art. Its excellent silhouette includes a beautifully scrolled design with a round base and a decorative finial - all made of well-polished brass, beautifully contrasting with the imperial black shade.

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Baldwin Lamp Brass 3 Candelabra Stencil Green France Shade Bouillotte Vintage

Baldwin Lamp Brass 3 Candelabra Stencil Green France Shade Bouillotte Vintage

A luxury vintage table lamp having a brass base composed of a round concave foot, a tall stem with a finial and 3 trumpet-like arms with sockets (for candelabra bulbs) in forms of trumpet bells. A shade of dark fabric has brass ornaments and edges.

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Baldwin Brass Trumpet French Horn 3 Arm Bouillotte Table Lamp Orig Shade Vtg

Baldwin Brass Trumpet French Horn 3 Arm Bouillotte Table Lamp Orig Shade Vtg

This is a true, very musical baldwin, three arm bouilotte tamble lamp. If you are a jazz lover, you should have this at home. Its base consists figures imitating a trumpet. An interesting solution was to use highly polished lacquered brass and gold trim.

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Baldwin brass lamp and lampshade marked 24 tall euc

Baldwin brass lamp and lampshade marked 24 tall euc

This solid lamp features a durable and attractive brass frame with some decorative elements and attractive finish. Traditional shade of this lamp is finished in neutral white color that looks attractive in any room.

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Brass lamp baldwin brass small brass

Brass lamp baldwin brass small brass

Baldwin is one of the most recognizable companies producing brass lamps. This one has a serrated stepped bottom base and the stand has form of the candlestick. This lamp with a little, white lampshade was inspired 19th century brass candlesticks.

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Ledu Candlestick 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Ledu Candlestick 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

This is a very stylish, subdued and elegant lamp. It has a very slender and delicate leg and shade is in the Empire style. It is perfect for elgant and stylish interiors which it can brighten up. Chick and charm.

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Vintage baldwin american forged brass

Vintage baldwin american forged brass

Old-fashioned candle holder, which is dedicated for every antique style's lover. It has base with fancy shaped handle - it is made of brass covered with gold. On the top there is glazed chalice with candle.

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Details about baldwin brass trumpet horn candelabra table lamp 1

Details about Baldwin Brass Trumpet / Horn Candelabra Table Lamp #1 ...

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Baldwin brass lamps 7

Baldwin Brass Williamsburg Candlestick Table Lamp Orig Shade Laurel ...

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Baldwin Brass Lamps

Buying Guide

Baldwin brass lamps come with a lot of history as they are one of the first companies in the United States to master metal. Aside from that, most Baldwin brass lamps are a work of art. These are just a few of the many reasons why Baldwin brass lamps are sought after by homeowners.

Keep in mind that Baldwin brass lamps come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Each of the lamps has a specialty, and it's best that you buy the one that is a perfect fit for your situation. This article is going to help you with that.

Lamps are often categorized into either for ambient lighting or task lighting.

  • If you are looking for a lamp with the primary purpose of illuminating the room, then what you are looking for is ambient lighting.
  • If the reason that you're buying a lamp is because you need a light for reading purposes or doing some other task, then what you are looking for is task lighting.

Although some lamps can do both, they're generally inefficient choices as they are either more expensive, they only do an "okay" job at being a task or ambient lighting or both. When purchasing a Baldwin brass lamp, you must first determine which one of the two you want or need.

Because the primary purpose of ambient lighting is to provide general lighting, the lampshade is designed to allow the light to escape sideward and upwards. Hence, the lampshade should be translucent and should not block the light.

Another factor to consider is the shape of the lampshade. Generally, you'd want a shape that allows light to be redirected upwards. Thus, your best choices would fall into an upside-down cone or drum shape.

As mentioned above, task lighting lamp is designed to provide you with light when you are reading, drafting or doing some other task. The light should be blocked from going out the sides and should be redirected towards the bottom.

Thus, you'd want a lampshade that comes with a black color on the outside and a shiny and reflective material on the inside.

When choosing the right shape, your best options are empire, coolie and bell-shaped.

The height of the lamp is another essential factor that you need to get right. There are a couple of methods to determine the right height, but one of the simplest is the eye-level rule.

The idea behind the eye-level rule is straightforward. You just need to make sure that the bottom part of the lampshade is lower when compared to your eye level. The eye-level rule ensures that you don't have a direct line of sight with the bulb. Otherwise, the glare or the brightness may be uncomfortable or painful to the eyes.

Knowing if you should get an ambient or task lighting lamp and determining the right height are among the first things you need to take care of to ensure you get the right Baldwin brass lamp for your home.

Best Ideas

Baldwin brass lamps and shades

Baldwin Brass Lamps and Shades

Vintage solid brass lamp with shade and baldwin brass finial

Vintage Solid Brass Lamp with Shade and Baldwin Brass Finial Lamp Is ...

About vintage baldwin brass three column candlestick table lamp

... about Vintage Baldwin Brass Three Column Candlestick Table Lamp

Baldwin brass lamps 4

Classic Baldwin desk / table lamp with unique brass base - the design employs columns motif (three columns on brass plate), and it sports a truly beautiful sheen. A nice colonial accent in vintage interior styles.

Essentials Devon 4 Piece Table Lamp and Floor Lamp Set with Empire Shade

Essentials Devon 4 Piece Table Lamp and Floor Lamp Set with Empire Shade

It is a four piece set that includes two table lamps, one desk lamp and one floor lamp. They have got an Empire shade and old world brass finish. Switch is located on the socket. It is perfect set for your home.

Brass lampshades

This can by your own Alladin's lamp. A smal table lamp is made of brass and glass.This is not pure glass but stylized with light fog. This kind of hurricane lamp is a type of lighting hat uses kerosene, paraffine as a fuel. This is an unusual solution.

Baldwin brass lamps 5

Old-fashioned element inspired of Baldwin style. It connects lamp and candle holder. Bottom part of lamp is both kickstand and candle holder - it is made of brass. Elegant lampshade is covered with black leather.

Baldwin lamps

An attractive vintage table lamp featuring an unusual base looking like a candlestick made of brass and having a round base, a stem composed of 3 French horn stylised holders for bulbs and a tall finial. Its dark blue shade has brass-finished edges.

Baldwin brass lamps 1

Vintage Baldwin Brass Candlestick Lamp

972003 baldwin brass three light table lamp


Baldwin brass candlestick holders

Beautiful wooden oak desk, requires adequate lighting. For example, the famous Baldwin lamp with a black, classic shade on a brass foot with gold trim.The lampshade inside is made of gold fabric.

Baldwin brass lamps 9

Brass & Lucite Desk Lamp

Baldwin brass lamps for sale classifieds 1

Baldwin Brass Lamps - For Sale Classifieds

17 baldwin brass colonial williamsburg solid brass

17" Baldwin Brass Colonial Williamsburg Solid Brass ...