Antique Marble Lamps


Marble is gorgeous, and to incorporate that into a lamp is on par with the great minds that built the Parthenon in Greece. There is something about marble that sets it apart from all other decorative ideas. Maybe it's the mining process or the polishing. Maybe it is the inlaid coloring. Whatever it is, these lamps exemplify it in such an attractive medium.

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Pair Antique French Empire Period Ormolu Bronze Marble Urns Converted To Lamps

Pair Antique French Empire Period Ormolu Bronze Marble Urns Converted To Lamps

Included here is a pair of antique urns from the French Empire period. They have a tapered vase shape with dark patination, are mounted on rouge marble bases, and are fitted with angular handles rising from bearded lion masks.

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Marble table lamp angelo mangiarotti

Marble table lamp angelo mangiarotti

I wasn't aware that antique marble lamps may have such a modern form, I'm pretty surprised. This mushroom shaped marble table lamp was created by Angelo Mangiarotti of a single piece of marble, which was hollowed out and carved.

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Antique 31" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Antique 31" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

A truly stunning piece if you're looking for a nice way to add an antique-like look in your apartment, this table lamp with bell shade will prove to be a top-notch solution. Being both beautiful and classy, it provides a nice addition to any setting.

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Unusual Pair Of Gilt Metal Palm Frond Table Lamps W Travertine Marble Base

Unusual Pair Of Gilt Metal Palm Frond Table Lamps W Travertine Marble Base

A pair of extraordinary table lamps with a tropical character. Each lamp features a simple, stone stand and a base, which looks like a metal palm frond with a golden trim. The linen shades are in a standard shape and color.

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Antique 30.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Antique 30.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

This 30.5-inch height table lamp in an antique bronze finish features a hydrocal material body, and gold fabric shade with brocade. The lamp also includes a 3 way socket switch, and accommodates 100W compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

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Antique marble lamps 1

Vintage urn style table lamp, carved in sleek white marble. It retained good condition, though didn't avoid some small chips. As a whole, it's 27 1/2" tall, and the urn base itself measures 15 inches.

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Antique marble lamps 2

Marble lamps constitute a magnificent embellishment of every interior. This antique one embodies most beautiful features of art deco style. Carved stone marble alabaster is solid and elegant finishing, which will distinguish your space.

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Antique marble lamps 4

Made from the best quality Italian marble, these beautiful table lamps are designed to add a refined character to the most sophisticated interiors. Pretty heavy, yet very solid and durable.

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Pair of antique white marble column lamps the high end

Pair of antique white marble column lamps | The high end of it and classic

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Antique Marble Lamps

Buying Guide

When shopping around for accessories for your home, you may come across antique marble lamps. These are unlikely to be found in many homeware stores, since the majority of antiques are only available online or at specific auctions. If you've decided that the antique marble lamp look is what you want for your home, here are things you should consider beforehand.

The best place to start your search for these lamps is at auctions. Search online to find antique auctions in your area. Marble lamps have been very popular down the ages, so you're bound to see a few of them when you go to auction. You don't have to attend all of the auctions in person either, as many of them have online features which allow you to browse what's available and place your bids.

In addition to auctions, many websites have unique marble lamps which are old and antique. You should always look at the delivery options and check that delivery is available to your location.

Most antique marble lamps are around 2 feet tall, although you may come across floor lamps which are roughly 5 feet in height. There are many marble lamps ranging between those sizes too, but which ones you come across is often down to a matter of luck. Since the items can be few and far between, you might not have a huge amount of choice when it comes to the size of your lamp.

One of the factors which you should take into consideration is whether you want one or two lamps. If you want two lamps, you should aim to buy two smaller lamps, as larger lamps can soon start to look overpowering if there is more than one. For a pair of lamps, the average height is 24-30 inches per lamp.

There are rounded lamps, square lamps, tall lamps, shaped lamps, and many other designs. The rounded style is perhaps the most popular, and can be in the shape of a sphere or a rounded oval. Long tube-shaped marble lamps are also a common type to see, while the even rarer versions are flat and square or shaped like leaves or even human faces.

In order to keep your new lamp in great condition, dust the marble regularly with a clean damp cloth. Ensure the cloth is soft and non-abrasive so as not to cause any damage to the lamp. In the unlikely event that anything spills on your lamp or there are any marks, remove the spillage immediately with a damp, soft and clean cloth or sponge. Following these steps will make your antique lamp a great investment for your home.

Best Ideas

Antique marble alabaster hand carved flowers boudoir lamp with finial

Antique Marble Alabaster Hand Carved Flowers Boudoir Lamp With Finial ...

Antique pair of white marble table lamps

Antique Pair Of White Marble Table Lamps

Antique marble lamps

With the ornate floral design and the metal base this banquet lamp will be a stunning option for your household, while the white marble slab with gray swirls make for a beautiful addition to any home.

Antique marble lamps 3


I have one of the lamps pictured in this pair

I have one of the lamps pictured in this pair of antique marble lamps and I am struggling with posting it to my etsy shop. I am in love with it.

Marble alabaster carved table lamp light urn shape lamps photo

... Marble Alabaster Carved Table Lamp Light Urn Shape Lamps photo 2

Antique neoclassical marble lamps full shade

Antique Neoclassical Marble Lamps full shade

Antique marble lamps 5

482: Antique Marble Kerosene Banquet Lamp

This shop is on vacation 40

This shop is on vacation.

Antique vintage white marble classical urn large scale lamp regency

Antique Vintage White Marble Classical Urn Large Scale Lamp Regency ...

Marble lamp table

Antique Pair of French Empire Ormolu Ebonized Bronze & Marble Lamps

Vintage antique pair 16 carved alabaster marble lamps italy

Vintage Antique Pair 16” Carved Alabaster Marble Lamps Italy

Lamps antique edwardian lighting antique marble lighting antique lamp

... lamps antique edwardian lighting antique marble lighting antique lamp

Set of Two Marble Font Table and Floor Lamp