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Art Nouveau lamps can be a stylish addition even to contemporary interiors. Check my collection below to find their elaborate lines and chic details.

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Our Picks

Stylish art nouveau lamp with a fabric shade

Stylish art nouveau lamp with a fabric shade

Fleur De Lis Living

19” high, this lamp is the perfect accent for art nouveau rooms: the harmonious lines of its base and the decorative crystals are guaranteed to make a strong statement. This lamp will also match your other black or iron elements. 


Designer Advice:

Consider fabric types and thickness when choosing your new art nouveau lamp. Translucent shades (white or particularly thin fabric) result in a brighter effect, diffusing the light around that area. So, they’re better suited for ambiance lighting. Opaque shades (thicker or darker) direct pools of light upwards and downwards: perfect for task lighting.

Tiffany style art nouveau lamp

Tiffany style art nouveau lamp

Bloomsbury Market

Nothing says ‘art nouveau’ louder than a Tiffany lamp! 24”, this model showcases an iconic stained-glass lamp shade with a versatile brown base. It’s available in four different blue designs in a cold palette or with warmer accents. 


Torchiere lamp in an art nouveau design

Torchiere lamp in an art nouveau design

Astoria Grand

This 13” art nouveau lamp displays a show-stopping shade. Made of glass, it has a bell design in a warm alabaster hue. It’s ideal for creating a special ambiance in your living room, while the brown base might even match your room’s wooden finishes. 

$43.99 $49

Designer Advice:

Given its quirky torchiere design, this art nouveau lamp can be used to create compositions or complement some other items visually. For example, you could place it next to some shorter books to inspire a sense of verticality. If it’s on an end table, on the other hand, position it next to a taller pot with flowers. 

Art nouveau lamp in a warm palette

Art nouveau lamp in a warm palette

Alcott Hill®

This Tiffany lamp reaches a whopping 25” in height. So, you can use it to make a bold statement in your living room. At the same time, the eye-catching metal base relies on a versatile neutral finish: perfect to match most palettes.

$232.99 $299.99

Designer Advice:

Of course, you can choose art nouveau lamps in the same colors as your palette. However, here’s another creative idea: in a room that mainly relies on cold colors, get a lamp with warm hues (and vice versa). This will turn it into a noticeable accent, helping it stand out. Just include some small items in the same colors to keep everything cohesive.

Art nouveau bronze lady lamp 

Art nouveau bronze lady lamp 

This lady lamp statue is a triumph of art nouveau design. Her colorful skirt is the lamp shade. Because it includes warm and cool colors, it’s bound to work with most palettes. Use it as a decorative statement rather than for task lighting.

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Art nouveau lamp woman as a decorative accent

Art nouveau lamp woman as a decorative accent

This art nouveau lady lamp is bound to become a popular conversation starter in your living room. Just under 24” in height, its female figure holds the two light bulbs almost like a scale, but the tilted angle breaks the lamp’s symmetry masterfully. 

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Art Nouveau Lamp

Buying Guide

If you're looking for something stylish but classic and useful yet beautiful all rolled into one piece of furniture for your home, look no further than the chic art nouveau lady lamps. Available in a wide range of styles that are bound to take your fancy and appeal to a variety of tastes, here are the main things you should consider when buying one of these items.

How to decorate with an art nouveau lady lamp?

Art nouveau, or new art, is a style in itself that encompasses a range of designs. If you don't want something plain for your home, this is the ideal alternative that means you don't have to add much else to the room. In fact, adding much more detail and design to one room could cause it to seem busy, so if you're buying a lady lamp with lots going on, be minimalistic with the rest of your décor.

Some art nouveau lamps have such beautiful designs that homeowners have decided to use them as the main centerpiece for the room. This could be in the middle of your dining table, if the size of the lamp is suitable, or you can position it on a small table in the middle of the room. While larger lamps should be kept in the corner of a room, smaller lamps can look very elegant and suitable on tables which are more central.

Can art nouveau lady lamps be used for task lighting?

While you can use the lamp as a way to control the lighting levels in the room, they are also very useful as desk or table lamps. The ideal companion for studying in the evening hours, you can use an art nouveau lady lamp to brighten up your night. The different styles mean that you'll always find one in the right shape for whichever table or desk you need it.

What are art nouveau lady lamps crafted from?

Most of these lamps are made from sturdy materials such as metal or glass, so they will last a very long time. The downside to glass lamps, is that they can be easily smashed if you don't take care when handling them. Not recommended for homes where there are young children, a metal lamp would be more suitable in this situation. However, you should ensure that lamps are kept out of the reach of young children at all times.

How to style with an art nouveau lady lamp?

Not only can you buy art nouveau lamps at auction or online which have been around for years and have become quite valuable at antiques, but you can also find lamps which are highly authentic. If you're decorating a room with a vintage feel and you want to contribute even further by adding a lady lamp, look for one which has candle holders. You can choose between using candles and burning a real authentic flame, or you can fix a bulb to the lamp and enjoy the light using a power source. Whichever option you choose, it's great to have the choice and such a versatile item which can work to suit you.

Best Ideas

Tiffany Style Art Deco Nouveau Flying Lady Figural Stained Glass Designer Lamp

Tiffany Style Art Deco Nouveau Flying Lady Figural Stained Glass Designer Lamp

This Tiffany styled art deco lamp will prove simply perfect for any study or living room, not only providing the needed light for any space but also adding a significant amount of style due to its beautifully stained glass.

Tiffany wisteria lamp museum quality

Tiffany wisteria lamp museum quality

This Tiffany style lamp represents art nouveau at its best. Made from high-quality stained glass, it will provide wonderful glittering experience for many years, brightening up your living room or bedroom.

Vintage nouveau lady lamp art deco statue

Vintage nouveau lady lamp art deco statue

If you are looking for the original lighting for your living room or office this impressive art nouveau lady lamp with beautiful lampshade will delight. The stylish design resembling a statue is unique and very impressive.

Nude lady art deco alabaster table lamp

Nude lady art deco alabaster table lamp

This alabaster table lamp constitutes a good example of the Art Deco wave. Depicting Venus rising from the waves, it enchants with its detailed handcrafting, stylishly embellishing one's living room or bedroom.

Art Nouveau Art Deco Nude Lady Boudoir Illuminated Glass Lamp Light Sculpture

Art Nouveau Art Deco Nude Lady Boudoir Illuminated Glass Lamp Light Sculpture

This exquisite glass lamp is made with the art deco style and sports the nude lady themed design to ensure to be a significant boost of charm and pure elegance in your interior, especially with the gold tone of the finish to it.

Original Max Le Verrier Art Deco Lady Lamp Lampe Light For Restoration

Original Max Le Verrier Art Deco Lady Lamp Lampe Light For Restoration

The Original Max Le Verrier Art Deco Lady Lamp Light can be a great decoration for dens, office, and living rooms. The lamp is missing its marble base, and it weighs 2.2 kg and stands approximately 19 cm tall.

Art nouveau lamp

Figurine lamp in Art Deco style. Glass shade is finished with peacock theme. Sophisticated decoration and additional source of light in all kinds of interiors.

Antique art nouveau figural statue nude lady lamp

Antique art nouveau figural statue nude lady lamp

Being a good representative of the art nouveau style, this figural statue lamp depicts a nude woman, covered with leafs and branches. The item features a double candle holder, creating a romantic illumination.

Art nouveau lady lamp

An aesthetic lamp with a base in the form of a figurine of an attractive nude woman of bronze. She's standing (in an ovalish open top frame) on a square dais and handling a round tray with a spherical lampshade of milk glass with pinkish tones.

Huge vintage crosa signed art nouveau resin lamp nude lady

HUGE Vintage Crosa SIGNED Art Nouveau Resin Lamp, Nude, Lady and Man, Antique Alchemy

Reproduction art nouveau tree lady lamp

Reproduction Art Nouveau Tree Lady Lamp

Art nouveau lamps

Stylish figurine lamp mounted on carefully carving base made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant design for each home.

Lamp art nouveau 1

A piece of true beauty and class beyond measure - this Tiffany lamp will become the center of attention in any room, adding an irresistible appeal and sophistication to it with its rich, espresso finish of the frame and warm colors of the glass.

Antique newel post lamp newel post light fixtures newel post

Antique Newel Post Lamp - Newel Post Light Fixtures, Newel Post Lamps

Art nouveau lady lamp 6

Looking for a nice way to illuminate your dark den? Well, this gorgeous Tiffany lamp could be an answer to your searchings. It has a stunningly designed base in shape of a brass lady that holds above her head an umbrella-like shade of stained glass.

Art nouveau lady lamp 3

Improve your luxurious den with this fantastic Art Nouveau 21'' lamp with chunk glass shade. The design is characterized by a beautiful lady in a dress, holding a stunningly design shade with floral ornaments.

Art nouveau table lamps

With this art deco lamp you can really boost your home decor. The lamp is in shape of two ladies standing on a round base (with an on / off switch), holding a large bowl shade designed of glass.

Antique bronze statue lamps

If you are looking for original table lamps, this one would be a lovely example of the art nouveau design. Coming with a beaded shade, it features a brass-made mermaid as a base.

Art nouveau ceiling lights

Very original figural lamp with a decorative and solid bronze frame that provides support for a practical and original glass shade. Interesting gold finish makes this lamp very aesthetic in any kind of room.

Lady lamp

A stunning lamp in shape of a lady in evening gown, for your den, or office. Embellished with original golden patina and silvered collar and shoe, the lamp stands 13'' tall on a round onyx base.

French art nouveau lady lamp

French Art Nouveau Lady Lamp -

Art nouveau lady lamp holding flower shade


Antique art nouveau lady lamp ebay

Antique Art Nouveau Lady Lamp | eBay

Desk lamp vintage lady lamp stained glass lady desk lamp

Desk Lamp Vintage Lady Lamp Stained Glass Lady Desk Lamp