Art Deco Table Lamps


Brighten up any space with an art deco table lamp. Inspired by geometric shapes and sharp lines, art deco style is timeless and will match both traditional and modern décor. Plus, the lamp sizes range from large to small so you can find the perfect fit depending on the height and width of your table. No matter your preferences, from squares to butterfly motifs, there’s a table lamp for everyone. We’ve selected some of our favorite art deco table lamps below.

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Our Picks

Art deco desk lamp

This unique desk lamp represents the best features of Art Deco style, combining smoothly modern and traditional influences. Made from chrome plated brass, has the dimensions of 15" X 10".

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Art deco desk lamp 21

Vintage-style art deco table lamp with a small but stable rounded base and a superb distressed vintage-inspired metal finish. The lamp also has a stunning balance of colors thanks to its hunter’s green top and little touches of copper accents.

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Art deco desk lamp 15

An eclectically looking art deco lamp, which will embellish almost all kinds of interiors, adding an intriguing character to the space. Its polished, silver design evokes associations with contemporary, minimalistic style.

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Art deco bedside lamps

Excellent art deco desk lamp with a polished chrome-plated rounded base and a beautiful globe that doubles up as a lampshade. The lamp looks super modern as well and the neutral white palette on the globe matches well with the silver stainless steel finishing on the base.

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Art deco desk lamp 24

Whimsical and well-built art décor table lamp with a unique design. The lamp has impeccable color balance with its gold plated finishing, touched up with matte black accents all over. The lamp is also glossed slightly for that impeccable charming elegance.

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Exclusive desk lamp massive glass base style to fontana arte

Exclusive desk lamp massive glass base style to fontana arte

Practical desk lamp for commercial and home office applications. This element features a massive glass base that provides stability for the whole construction. Its black shade features simple lines, so this lamp matches any stylization.

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Art deco desk

Original and creative - this table lamp will keep your guests wondering for a second, while sporting its amazing 20th century design. It sports the French art deco look and you can close it any time you wish to get more space.

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Quoizel Tf7110 Medici Bronze Stained Glass Tiffany Desk Lamp From The Pueblo C

Quoizel Tf7110 Medici Bronze Stained Glass Tiffany Desk Lamp From The Pueblo C

This characteristic Quoizel lamp is made from bronze stained glass, being a refined tiffany desk lamp. It will fit into all vintage or retro offices. Masures 6" x 17" x 18.50" and weighs 8 lb.

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Art deco desk lamp 32

Vintage Art Deco Desk Lamp by Marks de luxe door ESPRITVINTAGE, $150.00

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Flamenca 3.7" H Table Lamp

Flamenca 3.7" H Table Lamp

Amazing, wonderful, inspiring table lamp. Its shape resembles a blooming flower or a jellyfish. Transparent surface perfectly distributes colored light and gives a great light effect. Lighted with a touch of a finger.

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Windham 23.25" H Table Lamp

Windham 23.25" H Table Lamp

Stylish art deco desk lamp copper

Stylish Art Deco Desk Lamp Copper

Art deco desk lamp france around 1925

Art Deco desk lamp, France, around 1925

Art deco desk lamp 28


Art deco desk lamp 13

Steam Punk Science Art Deco Machine Age Edison Lamp by BretJames, $245.00

Deco desk


Art deco desk lamp 19

Antique Art Deco EyeSaver Desk Lamp Cobra Lamp by Jean by RareHeir, $2000.00

Art deco desk lamp 17

Slavia vintage: Art déco

Faries art deco desk lamp

Faries Art Deco Desk Lamp

Art deco desk lamp 20

As they say, beauty lies in simplicity. This simple table lamp will be ideal to your bedroom. It is made of brass and covered of strained silver. It has semicircle kickstand and lampshade looks like bell.

Art deco desk lamp 1

art deco desk lamp

Art deco desk lamp 2

Art Deco Desk Lamp

Art deco desk lamp chocolate brown flourescent gooseneck table lamp

Art Deco Desk Lamp, Chocolate Brown Flourescent Gooseneck Table Lamp, Dorm Decor.

Mid century goose neck industrial desk

Mid century goose neck industrial desk

Desk lamp in the Art Deco style. Frame is made of metal and fitted with adjustable arm. Great addition for the office, teenager's room and more. It is very well appreciated by customers for high quality and elegant look.