Lily Tiffany Table Lamp


Lily Tiffany lamps add a touch of the fantastic to any room, be it in your home or office. Impress your company, treat yourself to the subtle beauty of one of these lamps, and enjoy the soft light and romanticism of Tiffany's craftsmanship. Glimpse the style and beauty of old world class meeting modern convenience in this collection.

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Tiffany style 15 lily glass table lamp

Tiffany style 15 lily glass table lamp

Lily Tiffany table lamp. It resembles antique lamps, and that’s where the beauty comes from. Not to even mention the rich colour of glass, which will enhance the atmosphere in your bedroom in a way that no other lamp can achieve.

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Tiffany style pink fushia 5 lite lily pond table lamp

Tiffany style pink fushia 5 lite lily pond table lamp

Unique table lamp with 5 lights. Metal base with floral theme is fitted with glass lampshades. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Perfect addition for home, office and more.

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Lily tiffany table lamp 8

Beautiful table lamp with a sturdy base and a long-lasting metal design. The lamp is built for that whimsical touch of elegance and it also features intricate detailing and a unique design that will grab the attention of anyone who sees it.

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Louis c tiffany reproduction pond lily table lamp w 15

Louis C Tiffany Reproduction Pond Lily Table Lamp w 15 Lights Stems Shades | eBay

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Lily tiffany table lamp 7

Whimsical and well-built table lamp with a beautiful gold plated metal design. The lamp also features a unique shade that has a combination of small bells for excellent style. You also get amazing detailing and beautiful craftsmanship that will transform any space.

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Lily tiffany table lamp 12

Superb table lamp with a distressed vintage look and a beautiful whimsical design. Standing on a stable metal base, the lamp comes with a beautiful balance of colors, including a dark black metal shade and little touches of brass at the top.

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Lily 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Lily 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

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P add a beautifully feminine touch to your living room

Add a beautifully feminine touch to your living room or bedroom with this delicate lily blossom table lamp that gracefully hangs from a single branch to light up your room.

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Tiffany lily lamp

Many lily flowers - like in the garden. But it is a lily tiffany table lamp, which combines many chalice of lily flowers, which make up for its individual lilies.

The whole base is made of bronze in a dark brown color.

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Tiffany Lily 7.25" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Tiffany Lily 7.25" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

It is an amazing decorative table lamp with novelty shade and beautiful colors. It is perfect as a functional lamp, decoration accent and gift for your friends. Everyone will be impressed how great this table lamp is.

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Lily Tiffany Table Lamp

Buying Guide

A lily Tiffany table lamp brings old-world elegance to your living room. These are extremely atmospheric decor pieces that set the tone through their moody and sometimes colorful lighting.

A Tiffany lamp traditionally uses a tungsten GLS light bulb which is an excellent source of light but is not energy efficient. Despite the brightness of the bulb, you’ll find that the glow your lily Tiffany lamp gives off depends on the color of its glass lampshade.

Lily Tiffany lamps with pink glass shades emit a warm, rosy glow that is perfect for a relaxing, romantic evening in. If you intend to use the lamp as a light source for reading or other visually demanding work, you should opt for a product with white glass shades to ensure the light the lamp gives off is as bright as possible.

For a darker, moodier glow, consider choosing a purple and yellow stained glass Tiffany lamp that gives off colorful light streams to set the tone for your home movie night or cozy family gathering.

The detailed lampshades, meticulously designed metal bases, and overall vintage character of lily Tiffany table lamps make them a perfect decor statement for traditional, art deco, eclectic, vintage, and antique interior design. Besides, these decorative lamps are available in a myriad of colors and designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your color scheme and home aesthetic.

You can either incorporate your lily Tiffany table lamp in a room with a neutral palette or one that already has bright and colorful decor.

Best Ideas

Indus Tiffany 23" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Indus Tiffany 23" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Empire shade of this Tiffany style table lamp has been composed of stained glass in amber and black. The base features meticulous design with elaborate detailing. The lamp is just a stunner in any decor, classically themed in particular.

Pond Lily Mantelabra 13" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Pond Lily Mantelabra 13" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Charming antique style lamp for candelabra bulbs. A rich detailed metal fixture has a bronze finish. It has an oval base and 3 arms with flower-like shade holders. Uplight bell shades are of mouth-blown glass in pinks. It has an on-off switch.

Tiffany style golden poppy table lamps set of 2

Tiffany style golden poppy table lamps set of 2

A gorgeous pair of Tiffany table lamps that boast of their breathtaking design and vintage appearance. Each lamp holds a detailed shade made of stained glass and supported by a slender body with elegant metalwork.

New warehouse of tiffany table lamp style lily glass table


Lilly lamp

Find your favorite color and choose it between four options: blue, pink, purple and gold. The Tiffany style table lamp with lily shade is a beautiful decorative piece to spruce up any ambiance.

Lily tiffany table lamp 1

A beautiful Tiffany table lamp with a captivating floral design and lovely metalwork. The whole lamp is shaped like a five-light blooming lily, featuring a metal base with 4 large- and 2 small stems, and elongated shades made of green and yellow stained glass.

Lily table lamp

This amazing Tiffany lamp is a great way for overflowing your home with warmth, coziness, and soothing light. The lamp comes with a metal base in shape of curved stems - with each holding a blooming lily shade made of stained glass.

Lily tiffany table lamp 4

... & Garden Home Decor Lighting & Ceiling Fans Tiffany Style Lighting

Lily tiffany table lamp 11

20" Water Lily Tiffany Lamp & Stick Base

Lily tiffany table lamp 17


Lily tiffany table lamp

Meyda Tiffany 2 Light Pond Lily Table Lamp

Lily tiffany table lamp 5

Tiffany Studios New York "Eighteen Light Lily" Table Lamp

Tiffany lily lamp 3

Designed in the 1900's, this fantastic Tiffany table lamp looks like a true, vintage masterpiece. Includes 18 elongated stained glass shades - each in shape of a beautiful lily flower. The well-shaped base is made of durable metal in rustic finish, holding 18 matching stems.

Lily tiffany table lamp 13

Dale Tiffany Poelking 2-Light Table Lamp - Pink Lily at