Lily Tiffany Table Lamp

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Lily Tiffany lamps add a touch of the fantastic to any room, be it in your home or office. Impress your company, treat yourself to the subtle beauty of one of these lamps, and enjoy the soft light and romanticism of Tiffany's craftsmanship. Glimpse the style and beauty of old world class meeting modern convenience in this collection.

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Updated 22/12/2022
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Polyresin lily tiffany lamp

Polyresin lily tiffany lamp

Inspired by the pond lily, this Tiffany lampshade is crafted from 1008 pieces of hand-cut glass. It stands on a tough bronze-toned polyresin base which depicts an intricately carved lily pad design.

Designer Advice:

This classic Tiffany lily lamp is just what you need to add whimsical flair to a bohemian room with Victorian influences. Think rich brown or dark stained ebony floorboards with Turkish-style rugs in rich burgundies or navies. Place a weathered leather trunk with a book stack and a couple of small plants on top for a pop of green.

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Amber lily table lamp

Amber lily table lamp

Here we have an elegant Tiffany lily lamp with six delicate Amber Favrile-style shades made from mouth-blown art glass. The base is constructed from a zinc alloy bronze base with a rich mahogany patina.

Designer Advice:

This beautifully designed lamp could be a great way to add old-world charm to a functional contemporary room such as a study. You can help zone the space by having one of the walls finished in a different color or texture, and you can add structure and visual interest with a Persian rug or two.

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Mahogany bronze tiffany lily pad lamp 

Mahogany bronze tiffany lily pad lamp 

Elevate your space with this pretty Tiffany-style lamp. It boasts a mahogany bronze metal base with a lily pad design and five handcrafted lily shades with a delicate pink and white finish.

Designer Advice:

This lamp is the perfect complement to an art nouveau living room with soft pink walls, dark brown leather wingback chairs, and polished wood floors. It could also work in a home office with dark academia influences such as antique wooden furniture, dramatic burgundy curtains, and tufted Victorian chairs. You can accent these dark, gloomy elements with muted colors of camel, blush pink, and mustard.

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Novelty tiffany lily lamp

Novelty tiffany lily lamp

Add some dazzle to your space with this refreshing novelty lamp. It features a metal lily pad base in a mahogany finish and ten white lily glass shades that are suspended from winding stems. It stands 22 inches high and operates on a rocker switch.

Designer Advice:

This lamp emits a relaxed ambient light that would look perfect in a British Colonial space with rich mahogany wood floors, woven furniture with white linen upholstery, and pastel-painted walls in shades of peach, cream, blush pink, and teal. Lean into the nature theme by incorporating a wide range of tropical plants in woven baskets.

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Accent tiffany water lily lamp 

Accent tiffany water lily lamp 

Illuminate your bedside table with this accent Tiffany lamp. It’s made from a zinc alloy base in a bronze finish and a hand-made glass lily shade with a warm LED bulb. It’s a corded lamp that stands 15 inches high and comes with a rocker switch.

Designer Advice:

This lamp would perfectly complement a space with rich, bold textures, hardwood furniture, and stainless steel or brass hardware that will take on a beautiful patina over time. Add a stunning elegance with an antique chandelier or an antique gold sculpture with a distressed bronze finish. Hang a couple of antique frames with botanical prints to create a nostalgic feel.

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Lily Tiffany Table Lamp

Buying Guide

A lily Tiffany table lamp brings old-world elegance to your living room. These are extremely atmospheric decor pieces that set the tone through their moody and sometimes colorful lighting.

A Tiffany lamp traditionally uses a tungsten GLS light bulb which is an excellent source of light but is not energy efficient. Despite the brightness of the bulb, you’ll find that the glow your lily Tiffany lamp gives off depends on the color of its glass lampshade.

Lily Tiffany lamps with pink glass shades emit a warm, rosy glow that is perfect for a relaxing, romantic evening in. If you intend to use the lamp as a light source for reading or other visually demanding work, you should opt for a product with white glass shades to ensure the light the lamp gives off is as bright as possible.

For a darker, moodier glow, consider choosing a purple and yellow stained glass Tiffany lamp that gives off colorful light streams to set the tone for your home movie night or cozy family gathering.

The detailed lampshades, meticulously designed metal bases, and overall vintage character of lily Tiffany table lamps make them a perfect decor statement for traditional, art deco, eclectic, vintage, and antique interior design. Besides, these decorative lamps are available in a myriad of colors and designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your color scheme and home aesthetic.

You can either incorporate your lily Tiffany table lamp in a room with a neutral palette or one that already has bright and colorful decor.

Best Ideas

Tiffany style 15 lily glass table lamp

Tiffany style 15 lily glass table lamp

Lily Tiffany table lamp. It resembles antique lamps, and that’s where the beauty comes from. Not to even mention the rich colour of glass, which will enhance the atmosphere in your bedroom in a way that no other lamp can achieve.

Tiffany style pink fushia 5 lite lily pond table lamp

Tiffany style pink fushia 5 lite lily pond table lamp

Unique table lamp with 5 lights. Metal base with floral theme is fitted with glass lampshades. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Perfect addition for home, office and more.

Lily tiffany table lamp 7

Whimsical and well-built table lamp with a beautiful gold plated metal design. The lamp also features a unique shade that has a combination of small bells for excellent style. You also get amazing detailing and beautiful craftsmanship that will transform any space.

Lily tiffany table lamp 12

Superb table lamp with a distressed vintage look and a beautiful whimsical design. Standing on a stable metal base, the lamp comes with a beautiful balance of colors, including a dark black metal shade and little touches of brass at the top.

Tiffany lily lamp

Many lily flowers - like in the garden. But it is a lily tiffany table lamp, which combines many chalice of lily flowers, which make up for its individual lilies.

The whole base is made of bronze in a dark brown color.

Pond Lily Mantelabra 13" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Pond Lily Mantelabra 13" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Charming antique style lamp for candelabra bulbs. A rich detailed metal fixture has a bronze finish. It has an oval base and 3 arms with flower-like shade holders. Uplight bell shades are of mouth-blown glass in pinks. It has an on-off switch.

Lily tiffany table lamp 1

A beautiful Tiffany table lamp with a captivating floral design and lovely metalwork. The whole lamp is shaped like a five-light blooming lily, featuring a metal base with 4 large- and 2 small stems, and elongated shades made of green and yellow stained glass.

Lily tiffany table lamp 17


Lily tiffany table lamp 5

Tiffany Studios New York "Eighteen Light Lily" Table Lamp

Lily tiffany table lamp 2

Phenomenal table lamp with glass lampshades. Base is made of high quality brass with gold finish. Elegant design for the living room, bedroom of others interiors according to taste.

Lily lamp 1

Lily tiffany table lamp is great for creating spot lighting that will give the interior of your living room an intimate, cozy atmosphere.Distinguished by a decorative metallic lampshades in the form of a lily chlihce,it is undoubtedly a beautiful a accent.

Warehouse of tiffany 3 way lily 16 h table lamp

Warehouse of Tiffany 3-Way Lily 16" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Eighteen light lily table lamp by tiffany studios for

"Eighteen-Light Lily" Table Lamp by Tiffany Studios For ...

Tiffany studios a twelve light lily table lamp circa


File pond lily table lamp louis comfort tiffany made by

File:Pond Lily table lamp, Louis Comfort Tiffany, made by ...

Tiffany studios patinated 12 light lily table lamp

Tiffany Studios Patinated 12 Light Lily Table Lamp ...

Tiffany studios new york flowering water lily table lamp

Tiffany Studios New York "Flowering Water Lily" Table Lamp ...

Tiffany lamps 10 things you need to know christies 1

Tiffany lamps: 10 things you need to know | Christie's

Tiffany studios a rare and important pond lily table


Tiffany studios a fine and rare pond lily table lamp


Tiffany studios ten light lily table lamp bronze finish

Tiffany Studios Ten-Light Lily Table Lamp, bronze finish ...

Tiffany studios eighteen light lily table lamp circa


Dale tiffany water lily tiffany replica table lamp 14

Dale Tiffany Water Lily Tiffany Replica Table Lamp - 14 ...

Tiffany studios an eighteen light lily table lamp