Art Deco Lamp Shades

Art deco was the 50s idea of what the future will look like. Sadly, they were wrong but that doesn't mean the style doesn't still exist. And if you love the look of art deco and I've been in the market for lamp shades for a while without any luck, then we have some art deco lamp shades you should take a look at. They are stylish and we have plenty to choose from.

Best Products

Dynamic Art Deco Ceiling Lamp Light Glass Shade Fixture Kitchen Bath Porch

Dynamic Art Deco Ceiling Lamp Light Glass Shade Fixture Kitchen Bath Porch
Such a sophisticated, rich design for a ceiling lamp shade, made out of cream colored, matte stained glass. Perfect for an elegant, stylish kitchen, bound to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance with its unique look.

Tiffany Sty Stained Glass Art Deco Lamp Golden Daze W 20 Shade Metal Base

Tiffany Sty Stained Glass Art Deco Lamp Golden Daze W 20 Shade Metal Base
Presented here art deco lampshade - is unbelievably beautiful! Tiffany's lamp is inspired by falling gold and mint leaves. The lampshade has a form of the umbrella - and it stays on the bronze ground.

Lampshade made of wood with cut outs

Lampshade made of wood with cut outs
A charming chandelier with a lamp shade made of wood with decorative cutouts. It's a nice combination of a green color with natural wood one. The lamp shade will suit interiors with a contemporary decor.

The Peacock Goddess Torchiere 41" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

The Peacock Goddess Torchiere 41" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This marvelous table lamp in style Toscano is a real treat for art lovers. A beautiful figure supporting a delicate shade is a work of art. Beautiful details make unable to be detached from her eyes.

Art Deco 28.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Art Deco 28.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Gorgeous single light table lamp with sculptural base stylized to peacock, while the seminal shade resembles of peacock tail feathers with its harmonious coloring. The base boasts gold finish with stylish patina.

Art deco lamp shades

Artistic table lamp with a durable metal frame and round base for support and stability. It features no lamp shade and its light area is surrounded by round metal elements. The whole lamp looks stylish and it resistant to wear.

Light fixtures and shades

Light Fixtures and Shades

Our advice Buying Guide

Art deco lamp shades have those incredible funky shapes and colors that say “bohemian” or “crazy artist” like no other style. They can also be used in ordinary sorts of décor especially modern or postmodern. One thing they certainly are not is understated or ordinary. If you are looking for a way to set off your minimalist interior, these could certainly be the ticket.

How to identify Art Deco style?

The term ‘Art Deco’ is heavily overused today and sellers will often add it to their product descriptions to be able to inflate the price tag. Plus the art of counterfeiting has been brought to barely recognizable levels. Make sure you take the purchase seriously if you care for authenticity and buy only from well-known sources. Also, read up about the difference between Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Art Moderne and Art Deco Revival, which are newer pieces created to resemble Art Deco pieces. Revival pieces tend to be cheaper than genuine art deco pieces. Unfortunately, only a connoisseur will be able to notice the difference.

What are art deco lamps and shades crafted from?

The Art Deco movement is known for the use of materials such as bronze, gilt-bronze, steel, chrome plating and a variety of glass. Frosted, clear and colored glass which exudes a warm, subdued glow are most common in art deco lamps.

What are some most interesting designs of Art Deco lamp shaeds?

  • Pendant Industrial Light

This one could easily be part of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. A wide bell provides an excellent downward reflection of the light from the bulb in the center of it. This makes it a good light for a real laboratory, mechanic shops, or art studios where good, clear lighting is a must. Highly utilitarian, it could also figure in a steampunk décor.

  • Yellow Teardrop Pendant Light

Imagine a room with yellow teardrop pendant lights coming down from the ceiling, deep egg chairs, and an amazingly white molded table. Set the table with thirsty orange dinnerware and molded plastic cutlery for a futuristic style that just won’t quit. You could easily imagine Captain Kirk, Captain Janeway, and Captain Picard all sitting down to tea in such a room. The total effect would be clean and comfortable, but a place where it would be easy to batten down the hatches.

  • Lamp in a Box

Oh, shades of the industrial age! Several bulbs encased in storm lantern chimneys are arranged inside protective box of slats. The slats are bound at the corners with riveted metal. The effect is light without direction, allowing bright illumination for all corners of the room.

  • Lamp in a Metal Cage

An Edison bulb encased in a bell of curved metal wires is another fabulous Art Deco lamp shade design. The bottom is left open for ease in changing out the bulb. This one will fit well with a loft, art deco, or even modern décor. While it does not draw attention to itself, it could easily be accompanied by other furnishings that incorporate wires, gears, and similar accouterments.

  • Stained glass Art Deco lady lamp

Art Deco lamps with slender female figures as base works perfectly for bedrooms or side tables. The silhouettes hold brightly colored glass torchieres suitable for framing almost any kind of light source. To look at this one, you can almost hear the glasses clink and the low voices of men and women gathered at tables beneath clouds of smoke, against the gentle backdrop of a rink-a-tink piano.


Art deco lamp shades for sale

Make a style statement with Art Deco inspired ceiling lamp shades. A unique contemporary design utilizes gold colored metal wires, forming futuristic geometric cubes, to impress all the guests passing by.

Vintage art deco lamp shade

Vintage Art Deco Lamp Shade

Quoizel TF6668 Gotham 2 Light 25" Tall Table Lamp with Tiffany Glass Shade,

Lamp made in contemporary style with glass shade that looks really stunning with connection of good quality light. This product was finished with vintage bronze with lighter bronze highlight and semi gloss finish.

Art deco lamp shades 25

Being a fantastic example of the Art Deco design, this beautiful lamp shade constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to have add a bit of eclecticism to their bedrooms.

Art deco lamp shades 1

Modern lamp base with a superb combination of colors and a unique stable design. The base is supported by four square-shaped metallic legs, each with a nice chrome-plated finish. It’s then topped by a strong square-shaped top that adds extra support for the lamp.

Daum and le fer forge table lamp shade engraved daum

DAUM AND LE FER FORGÉ TABLE LAMP shade engraved DAUM NANCY with the Croix de Lorraine base impressed LE FER FORGE H.F acid-etched glass and patinated hammered wrought iron 19 in. (48.3 cm) high 9 1/2 in. (24 cm) diameter of shade circa 1925

Deco lamp shades

A smooth tutorial, teaching how to do your own art deco lampshades from paper. Easy to make, affordable for anyone, can constitute a perfect party theme. Catches the attention mostly with the crinkle-cut cylinder.

Vintage art deco nouveau uranium agate vaseline desk table lamp

Vintage Art Deco Nouveau Uranium Agate Vaseline Desk Table Lamp With ...

The stylish art deco lamps

The Stylish Art Deco Lamps

Art deco lamp shades 21

Oceanside slipper-shade wall bracket from Rejuvenation.

Art deco lamp shades

Art Deco Modernist Alabaster Pyramid Table Lamp

Meyda Home Decorative Art Stained Glass Lamp Fixture21"W Delta Jadestone Replacement Shade

Art deco lamp shades 10

Holiday lights with mini lamp shades for Lucy's room.

Art deco chrome stepped base standard lamp with white stepped

... Art Deco chrome stepped base standard lamp with white stepped shade

Custom sizes ask art deco lamp shade

CUSTOM SIZES - ASK Art Deco lamp shade

Art deco glass lamp shades

Nickel Torch Sconce - Rectangular shield shade in polished nickel (Holds two 40W candelabra bulbs)

Art deco lampshade

Zenzational FOTO lamp - IKEA Hackers

Art deco lamp shade 2

Art Deco Chandelier

Art deco floor lamp shades

This beautiful lamp registers the splendid art deco style. The item is a bold combination of gilt bronze and cameo glass. Comes from Italy, designed around 1925. Measures 41 5/8 in. (105.7 cm) high.

Art deco lamp shades 17

El Tiempo (Time), Edificio López Serrano: The vestibule of the López Serrano building is paved with terrazzo designs, stylised ceiling lamp shades and red Moroccan marble walls. The highlight is the nickel-silver relief El Tiempo (‘Time’) designed

Lamp shade 7 1 4 wide 3 1 4 tall

Lamp Shade. 7 1/4" wide, 3 1/4" tall, 2 1/4" across top. Has an Art ...

Art deco lamp shades 5

Art Deco Chandelier. @designerwallace |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

Art deco lamp shades 14

David Bromstead making lamp shade out of ping pong balls.

Art deco shades

Timorous Beasties Lampshades - If we went for drum shades over Nelson lights, these are nice.

Art deco lamp shades uk

Sorrelli Stardust Earrings. Art Deco crystal earrings that are fabulous. This earring lends itself to day, evening-wear & bridal.

Essentials Deco 29" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Essentials Deco 29" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Art deco lamp shades 19

DIY Photo Lamp - how cool is this lamp shade? Use your special photos and create a one of a kind light!

Art deco lamp shade

Art Deco Lamp Shade

Art deco lamp shades 20

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Art deco glass light shades

Paris Art Deco by colros, via Flickr

Art deco lamp shades replacement

Art Deco Lamp Shade : Lot 825

Art deco lamp shades 23


Art deco lamp shade 4

Art Deco Lamp Shade

Art deco table lamp shades

This original table lamp in Art Deco style is built like a globe - it has metal, burnished base with characteristic hold, but instead of the globe, there is a metal lampshade in a shape of hemisphere

Cassette lamp shade

Cassette lamp shade

Art deco lamp shades 15

Ribbon covered lamp shade tutorial

Art deco lamp shades 13

Air Filtered | Church Stage Design Ideas

Art deco light shade

DIY these Tiny Table Lights.. so Cool ...give your table a classy cheery and above all a warm reflecting feeling. With this simple wineglass makeover Cheers

Recycled metal projects bed springs lamp shade

Recycled Metal Projects - bed springs lamp shade

Art deco lamp shades 12

Chestnut paper origami lampshade grey

Art deco lamp shade 3

Art Deco Lamp Shade

Art deco lamp shade art deco light stained glass table

Art Deco Lamp Shade Art Deco Light Stained Glass Table