Reverse Painted Lamp Shade

Most lamp shades are painted on the outside. These are a little different because they're painted on the inside which still makes them very attractive but also makes the decorative designs a little softer and more eclectic by the nature of a reverse painted concept. If you are curious what a reverse painted lamp shade might look like in your home, we have plenty to choose from.

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Reverse painted lamp

Reverse painted lamp
This beautifully painted table lamp is a combination of a solid base in an antique glass shade. The tune harmonizes beautifully with the country style with the old note. Beautiful coloring of the landscape of the painting captivates.

Bronze Art Deco Reverse Painted Glass Lamp Shade W Roses Approx 17 Tall

Bronze Art Deco Reverse Painted Glass Lamp Shade W Roses Approx 17 Tall
Add an Art Deco design to your apartment with this painted lamp shade. It features the glass construction, bronze finish and roses motif. It measures the 17 inches tall. Great addition to the home library, office space or living zone.

Lamp with reverse painted puffy shade flowers

Lamp with reverse painted puffy shade flowers
A beautiful and floral piece to grace any interior in your apartment. Try this reverse painted lamp shade with puffy colorful flowers and enjoy the extra light next to the bed or sofa.

Antique reverse painted art deco lamp shade phoenix

Antique reverse painted art deco lamp shade phoenix
This exquisitely made lamp with a fabulous lampshade of the dazzling milk glass with lovely the pattern is a perfect combination of beautiful design and functionality. Solid steel base adds all strength and an exceptional climate.

Phoenix reverse painted vintage lamp harbor scenes free shipping

Phoenix reverse painted vintage lamp harbor scenes free shipping
This Phoenix reverse painted lamp, adorned with harbor scenes constitutes a vintage masterpiece. Standing on a brass base, it will be a solid proposition, that will withstand the test of time.

Reverse painted lamp shade

This beautiful set of replacement glass shades constitutes a great way to enhance your bedroom with new value. Available in various colours and patterns, all the compositions will add a modern some modern look.

Antique jefferson reverse painted lamp shade 1886 24 tall 18

Antique Jefferson Reverse Painted Lamp Shade #1886 24" tall 18 ...

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Reverse painting is believed to have originated in the ancient Byzantine empire. But it was during the Renaissance period that the art form became more mainstream, especially for creating religious symbols.

Eventually, it was replicated on lampshades in extremely intricate forms and designs by Philip J Handel. When clubbed with the subtle illumination casted by oil wicks, reverse painted lamp shades took over the world of décor by storm.

If you are a first time shopper looking for authentic reverse painted lamp shades, then here’s a brief guide to help you get started.

What is reverse painting?

Reverse painting is a technique that requires great skill and precision. Paint is applied on the back or the underside of the glass and then viewed by turning it over.

Unlike other types of painting, the details are painted first and the layering and filling color in the larger areas is done later.

Ancient reverse painted lamp shades usually have landscapes, collages, patterns or floral designs. In extremely rare cases, there might be religious symbols or motifs as well.

How to tell if the lamp shade was hand painted?

It’s much easier to create reverse painted shades today with the use of decals and automation. But authentic lamp shades were hand painted by skilled artisans who sometimes signed the painting after completion.

The easiest way to know if the painting is hand painted, is to look for minute imperfections. If it’s a floral design, each leaf or flower will have tiny differences. It does take a skilled eye to spot them though. Mass produced lamp shades have more uniform images.

What are the best known manufacturers of reverse painted lamp shades?

Manufacturers like Handel, Pittsburgh, Jefferson, Phoenix Pairpoint created beautiful brass and copper lamps with reverse painted lampshades. Today, Pairpoint and Handel lamps are considered to be the most valuable. A Pairpoint Puffy lamp in mint condition can cost a fortune. Recently, one sold for a whopping $12000 at an auction. Go figure.

You can look for marks, logos or patterns on the wick finder or the flame spreader to identify the manufacturer, which can give you an idea of the actual value of the lamp. This can also be very helpful if you are looking for an authentic replacement lampshade for a damaged one.

Another way to spot if you are dealing with an antique lampshade or one produced in a backyard factory in China, is to analyze the glass. The glass used in antique lampshades were usually blown by hand (or mold blown) resulting in random imperfections, much like the paintings themselves. The surface might be slightly uneven. There might be traces of sand or other debris left behind during the sand blasting process.

How to care for a vintage reverse painted lamp shade?

An antique reverse painted lampshade requires special care, especially if it’s an electrified one. Start off by using a very weak LED bulb for the fixture. One that doesn’t let off too much heat that can cause the delicate paint to flake or peel. Avoid sunlight exposure as well as it can cause the paint to fade.

And if you are shopping on a shoestring budget, you can always look for hand painted reproductions of vintage designs. These will be cheaper than authentic ones but will give you the same design and colors.


Reverse painted lamp shade 1

Extraordinary inverted bowl or umbrella lamp shade with Handel style forest scene painted artistically by hand. The painted landscape gives a stunning effect when the light shines through it. There are trees, lake and blue sky.

Reverse painted lamp shade 2

Table lamp made of glass with a very unique reverse painting of a landscape in a forest. The colours that dominate are blue, yellow and orange. It is an antique lamp created more than one hundred years ago with a bronze finish metal.

Reverse painted lamp shade

Thanks to this spectacular table lamp, you can enjoy seascape every time you turn on the switch. It has a round base that looks like a stump of a tropical palm, and a hand-painted shade with a stylish black finial.

Antique vintage reverse painted glass lamp shade possibly pittsburgh

... Antique Vintage Reverse Painted Glass Lamp Shade - Possibly Pittsburgh

Antique reverse painted lamps on handel reverse painted lamp the

Antique Reverse Painted Lamps on Handel Reverse Painted Lamp The ...

Jefferson reverse painted glass scenic shade lamp

Jefferson Reverse Painted Glass Scenic Shade Lamp

Reverse Hand Painting Glass Shade Rose Flower Pattern Table Desk Lamp Light 12X12X19

A attractive stylish table lamp for 1 up to 60W standard base bulb. A candlestick base of bronze finished metal features embossed patterns and grooves. A dome-like lampshade of glass is hand-painted with charming floral motifs in pastel shades.

Antique pairpoint table lamp w reverse painted shade


Reverse painted shade lamp

Reverse painted shade Lamp

Reverse painted lamp shade 19

Beautiful Signed Bradley Hubbard Lamp Reverse Painted Floral Glass Shade | eBay

Antique table lamp with obverse and reverse painted shade

Antique table lamp with obverse and reverse painted shade

Illuminating lamps reverse painted floral lamp with glass panels in

유 Illuminating Lamps 유 Reverse Painted Floral Lamp with glass panels in shade and base

Antique reverse painted lamp shades

Such a fashionably designed lamp is more than welcome to enhance any type of home decor. Its antique silhouette features a smooth base with an on / off switch, while holding a gorgeous, reverse-painted glass shade with exquisite floral patterns and a beautiful mix of vivid colors.

Inc image 1 jefferson lamp reverse painted hollyhock shade 1884


Reverse painted lamp shade 17

Sporting the utterly beautiful, hand painted shade and the Tiffany, antique styled design this table lamp will compliment any interior perfectly. It is just the most ideal choice for your traditionally styled home.

112323 reverse painted glass scenic shade table lamp


Pairpoint puffy lamps for sale

The majestic and very stylish hand-painted reverse lamp shade is an excellent addition to a table lamp or night lamp for any stylish interior. Beautiful colors and solid construction create a unique whole.

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Handel reverse painted shade lamp lot 1248

Handel Reverse Painted Shade Lamp. : Lot 1248

Pittsburgh reverse painted lamp

Pittsburgh reverse painted lamp

Reverse painted lamp shade 7

Bedroom Table Lamp Bronze Reverse Painted Glass Lamp Shade W/ Roses 12 Tall

Handel style reverse hand painted shade with antique finish base

Handel Style Reverse Hand Painted Shade with Antique Finish Base | eBay

Reverse painted lamp shade 22

Pittsburgh Reverse-painted Glass Scenic Shade Table

Reverse painted lamp shade 21

Vintage Signed Dale Tiffany Stained Glass Lamp Shade Antique Reverse Paint Bas | eBay

Collectibles lamps lighting lamps electric table lamps 13

Collectibles > Lamps, Lighting > Lamps: Electric > Table Lamps

Reverse painted lamp shade 3

Bridge Arm Lamp Shade Reverse Painted Dome Mountains | eBay

Handel lamp shade

Pairpoint Puffy Reverse Painted Lamp Hummingbird Ro

Lamp chipped ice reverse obverse painted glass shade nouveau

... Lamp Chipped Ice Reverse Obverse Painted Glass Shade Nouveau

Antique tiffany lamps art nouveau lamps and chandeliers antique 2

antique Tiffany lamps, Art Nouveau lamps and chandeliers, antique ...

Reverse painted lamp shade 10

Pairpoint D3062 Reverse Painted Lamp Exeter Shade | eBay

Hand painted lamp shades

A charming cottage style table lamp with 2 sockets. It has a metal base with a bronze finish. It has a round base and a fluted stem with top and bottom collars. Its hemispherical lampshade of creamy glass is hand-painted with pine trees in greens.

Antique victorian table lamp light fixture waterfall reverse painted shade

Antique Victorian Table Lamp Light Fixture Waterfall Reverse Painted Shade Glass | eBay

184 reverse painted scenic landscape glass shade lamp

184: Reverse Painted Scenic Landscape Glass Shade Lamp

Antique reverse painted glass lamp shades

Spice up your contemporary home with a bit of antique appearance, while deciding on this reverse painted lamp shade. It is ombre-dyed - moving from green to yellow, with a nice cottage motif surrounded by few green and one leafless tree.

Reverse painted shade and lamp base reproduction of vintage table

Reverse Painted Shade and Lamp Base Reproduction of Vintage Table Lamp Charming | eBay

Quoizel Table Lamp Reverse Painted Glass Q494T

Handel reverse painted shade lamp

Handel Reverse Painted Shade Lamp.

Dale Tiffany 10164/417 Golf Handale Accent Lamp, Antique Bronze

Meyda Lighting 30874 13"W Reverse Painted Tulip Replacement Shade

Reverse painted lamp beautiful but what is it worth

Reverse Painted Lamp -- Beautiful, but what is it worth ...

Reverse painted glass lamp shade by moe bridges co

Reverse Painted Glass Lamp Shade by Moe Bridges Co.

Sold price thomas kinkade cottage garden reverse

Sold Price: Thomas Kinkade 'Cottage Garden' Reverse ...

Reverse painted lamp painting by nancy magnell

Reverse Painted Lamp Painting by Nancy Magnell