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Thomas Kinkade it a lovely painter of many wonderful and lovely works, usually in the wheelhouse of cottages and mountain scapes. And if you are a fan, we have some attractive Thomas Kinkade lamps for your home decor and viewing pleasure. These will give your home the color it might be missing in a beautiful work of porcelain art.

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Updated 25/01/2023
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Elegant Thomas Kinkade Lamp

Elegant Thomas Kinkade Lamp

Rustic yet stylish, this Thomas Kinkade lamp easily elevates the ambiance of your living spaces. The glass lampshade has a bowl shape and features a gorgeous reverse-painted serene cottage scene. The base has a sturdy build of bronze metal.

Designer Advice:

We love the retro-chic/gothic vibes this Thomas Kinkade lamp gives off. It's perfect for a cozy mountain cabin or lakeside cottage. The base is sturdy and wide, so it’ll take up a lot of space wherever you place it. The glass lampshade makes it a delicate piece of decor that is easy to damage if you have kids or pets.

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Thomas Kinkade Accent Lamp

Thomas Kinkade Accent Lamp

If you’re looking for accent lighting pieces that double up as decor when unlit, this Thomas Kinkade lamp is a smart choice. It has a sturdy base with a lighthouse structure and a bell lampshade with a lighthouse and cottage scene.

Designer Advice:

This painted Thomas Kinkade lamp is the perfect accent light for a nursery, study, or reading corner. Its brown and yellow tones emit a warm glow if you want to create an intimate and cozy vibe in your house. The lamp is quite large and requires a significant amount of table space for display. It’s a great centerpiece in the daytime

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Vintage Thomas Kinkade Lamp

Vintage Thomas Kinkade Lamp

Bring old-school charm to your living space with this classic Thomas Kinkade lamp. It features a beautiful cottage structure on the base and a worn-out soft pink lampshade in a round bell shape. Both the lampshade and cottage light up.

Designer Advice:

This Thomas Kinkade lamp is perfect for traditionally-styled homes, and the design elements and worn-out aesthetic make it a treasure for those who love vintage decor. It has a sturdy base and build, so you can put it anywhere in the house. The three light fixtures can be used as a simple reading lamp, office lamp, or bedroom night light.

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Contemporary Chic Thomas Kinkade Lamp

Contemporary Chic Thomas Kinkade Lamp

If you need something classy yet modern for your stylish urban home, this Thomas Kinkade lamp is a great option. It comes in a fashionable cylindrical body that features a tranquil cottage scene. The lamp is battery-operated and touch activated.

Designer Advice:

This Thomas Kinkade lamp is the best solution for turning any space in your house into a relaxation corner. Its wooden base and white body with peaceful scenery give the lamp a flawless appearance that’s great for minimalist or modern decor styles. The lamp has a compact frame, so it takes up very little space on your bedside or entryway table.

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Ceramic Thomas Kinkade Lamp

Ceramic Thomas Kinkade Lamp

Showcase traditional American decor in full splendor with this vintage porcelain Thomas Kinkade lamp. It has a sleek creamy finish with a scene of The American Flag and cut-out moon shapes at the top edge. It has a curved base.

Designer Advice:

This Thomas Kinkade lamp is a must-have item for art history lovers. It has a simple frame and design that works well with any decor style. The creamy porcelain ceramic with intricate details and cutouts reflects light beautifully and creates a welcoming atmosphere. It works best as a mantlepiece lamp at night or an eye-catching decor piece during the day.

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Thomas Kinkade Lamps

Buying Guide

Not only will a Thomas Kinkade lamp brighten up a room, but it can also serve as an attractive focal point in traditional, vintage, and antique settings.

Having this lamp on display is a form of expression, especially if the painted shade resonates with you. Besides, there's a multitude of painted lamps to choose from, such as A Light In The Storm, A New Day Dawning, and Lamplight Bridge. Needless to say, Thomas Kinkade lamps are colorful, boast a charming appeal, and feature intricate details that are sure to attract eyes, evoke emotions, and inspire you.

Thomas Kinkade lamps are full of colorful details just like his actual paintings.

Therefore, to avoid a cluttered or busy feel, we recommend that you place them against a monochrome or neutral background. Also, avoid adding too many ornaments or decorative elements next to them.

You want your Thomas Kinkade lamp to stand out and become one of the most eye-catching pieces in your room!

Best Ideas

Thomas kinkade reverse painted lamp new day dawning with cottage

Thomas kinkade reverse painted lamp new day dawning with cottage

This wonderful reverse painted lamp is a truly enchanting piece of furniture that will not only brighten up the room, but also add much charm and warmth to the place. The reverse painted globe is about 15 1/2". The base is about 7" wide.

Thomas kinkade on ebay

Thomas Kinkade Mountain Retreat Lamp

Thomas kinkade painting reverse painted glass lamp nwot

Thomas kinkade painting reverse painted glass lamp nwot

Stylish table lamp with glass lampshade decorated with floral theme. Pedestal base is made of metal. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Thomas kinkade lamps 3

Thomas Kinkade Collectibles - Figurines, Jewelry, Home Decor,

Thomas kinkade ebay

Coming with the characteristic reverse painted glass shade, this Thomas Kinkade lamp delights with charming, vintage appeal. Maintained in an impressive condition, constitutes a must-have for all antique collectors.

Thomas kinkade lamps 4

Beautiful and charming - this table lamp will bring the design of pure class and elegance to your inteiror, while the painted shade catches everyone's eye mainly due to the detailed look and color burst.

Ebay thomas kinkade

Elaborate vintage lamp with one-of-a-kind handpainted shade depicting an idyllic landscape scene, with lots of pink and green hues. The other distinctive feature of this lamp is its base, embellished with nature inspired sculpting.

Thomas kinkade lamps 5

- Cottage Thomas Kinkade Nature’s Paradise 13 1/2" Brass Swag Lamp ...

Thomas kinkade lamps 24

Lamp design Thomas Kinkade

Thomas kinkade lamps 22

Thomas Kinkade "Everetts Cottage" Table Lamp w light up base 4 way switch Shade

Thomas kinkade lamps 27

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Thomas kinkade reverse painted table lamp a light in the

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Thomas kinkades a light in the storm lamp w coa

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Thomas kinkade lamps art at your home warisan lighting 2

Thomas kinkade lamps - art at your home! | Warisan Lighting

Thomas kinkade lamps art at your home warisan lighting 1

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