Wicker Light Brown Lamp Shades

For a different way to dress your lamps or hanging lights, might we show you what we have in wicker. These wicker light brown lamp shades are a neat way to decorate your lights, and your home. It gives off a very coastal, relaxing vibe, and the wicker defuses the light just enough to keep it cool, but not allow the space to be too dark. A neat idea.

Best Products

Rattan Lamp Shade

Rattan Lamp Shade
Set of two rattan, wicker lampshade inspired by tropical style. Round shape lampshade is constructed of real wicker with matching colour lining inside. Top spider and parts are powder coated with matching colours.

Wicker swag lamp pendant light hanging

Wicker swag lamp pendant light hanging
This wicker hanging lamp will for sure enchant all fans of eco-friendly products. It's made entirely from natural materials: wicker, rattan, fabric, bamboo. Available in two colors (brown or white) and three sizes (15.5", 18", 20" wide).

Hippie boho vintage hanging swag lamp

Hippie boho vintage hanging swag lamp
The 70s are mixing here with the Middle Ages. The lamp is made of brown rattan strips - which are woven together with colorful rick and velvety stripes trims. For this was added a metal frame and a pull chain, Wooden elements were painted in bronze and orange.

Beach house capiz shell chandelier

Beach house capiz shell chandelier
Creative and innovative shell chandelier in the beach house. Everyone likes shells so why not use them to make a chandelier? This one has a brown wicker frame and many beautiful shells inside. It looks even better with lights on.


The vintage inspired table lamp. This little thing was made by reuse of old porcelain jug mixed with the wicker light brown shade. It brings into a mind a memory spend with the grandparents on the countryside.

16" Hard Back Linen Cylinder Lamp Shade

16" Hard Back Linen Cylinder Lamp Shade
Drum shade for floor lamp or table lamp. It is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Wicker hanging light

Known from summer houses or tropical hotels, this woven rattan lamp shade will bring in positive associations with summer, sunshine and leisure. Carefully crafted, solid and durable item.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are wicker lamp shades fireproof?

Most wicker furniture is made from natural materials that are flammable, which is why you need to check if the wicker lamp shade you are purchasing has been treated for fire resistance.

However, wicker refers to the technique for weaving the lampshade rather than the materials used, so some wicker lamp shades may be made from synthetic materials that are fireproof or at least heat resistant to withstand the heat emitted from the light bulb.

If your wicker light brown lamp shades are made from willow, vines, or palm fibers, they pose a greater fire risk than those made from polyester or PVC.

It is not enough to assume there shouldn’t be an issue as long as the bulb isn’t directly touching the wicker. For safety, it’s ideal to seek a wicker lamp shade that is lined with a fire retardant material like plastic styrene or has been treated with a fireproofing spray.

Always ensure your lightbulb wattage is appropriate for the lamp and the circuit in your home to reduce fire hazards.

How do you clean a wicker lamp shade?

To keep your wicker light brown lamp shades looking their best, you may need to perform a thorough cleaning annually, which can be done using warm water and mild soap. Start by filling a sink or bucket with warm water and adding a few drops of soap. Remove the lamp shade from the lamp and dip the wicker shade into the water.

Do this several times, never leaving it in the water too long. Rinse it with clean water and then run a clean towel over it to remove excess moisture from the surface. Let the lamp shade sit out to air dry for 6 to 12 hours to ensure it’s completely dry in all the crevices before you return it to the lamp.

In between these deep cleans, you can wipe down the exterior of the lamp shade with a dry cloth to remove dust.

What lamp base does a wicker light brown lamp shade go with?

Wicker light brown lamp shades have a lot of texture, despite their neutral color.

This can make these kinds of shades excellent choices to add visual interest to your room without overwhelming the room.

To this end, we’d pair these types of lamp shades with neutrally-colored bases, such as cream, grey, black, or white. In addition, we’d avoid overly-shiny bases, opting instead for natural textures such as stone, iron, or ceramic to complement wicker’s natural vibes.


Wicker lamp shades on outdoor patio shangri la wicker floor

Wicker Lamp Shades on Outdoor Patio Shangri La Wicker Floor Lamp

Wicker lamp 1

Eye-catching traditional ceiling lampshades hand-woven of natural wicker with finishes in creamy and brownish tones. Some of them are spherical, the others have conical and ovalish shapes. Natural gaps allow the light to permeate outside.

Rattan lamp shade 1

Rattan Lamp Shade

Wicker lamp shades

A great example of a cool 1960's retro hanging lamp. Made from wicker rattan, it will endurably add warmth and brightness to the interior. All in natural styling is perfect for modern interiors.

Wicker lamp shade

Complete your interior with this wonderful lamp shades. Made from wood, shades will create a delicate, warm light. Fancy design of the shade helps hide bad looking bad bulbs and will fit to many styles of decor.

Robbins icff rattan lamps fishing basket lamp salvaged lamps

... Robbins, ICFF, rattan lamps, fishing basket lamp, salvaged lamps

Wicker swag lamp

There are many things one can craft out of rattan, but rattan lampshades are less obvious than e.g. wicker furniture. Wicker light brown lamp shades nail the essence of country style. And they're cheap!

Rattan light shade

This nice rattan wicker lamp shade will enchant all, who like the positive, summer vibe concealed in rattan. The top part of the shade is about 5 inches, while the bottom is nearly 15 inches. Manucrafted in the 1980s.

Wicker rattan bamboo sea grass sisal rope 171

Wicker, Rattan, Bamboo, Sea Grass & Sisal Rope «

Wicker light brown lamp shades 1

Stylish and well-designed; this lamp shade is crafted of beautifully woven wicker and drowned in a dark brown finish. It's very sturdy, and perfect for accentuating contemporary interiors. Dimensions: 4.75'' x 11'' x 8''

Wicker lamps

Wicker Lamps

Rattan lamp shade 3

Rattan Lamp Shade

Hanging wicker lamp

Find 14 Woven Rattan Lamp from 7 Woven Rattan Lamp suppliers ...

Wicker light brown lamp shades

A neatly-woven lamp shades that brings durability, elegance, and warm light to any home decor. The pendant light is designed of sturdy wicker, allowing the light to slip through the gaps, creating a lovely effect of light and shade.

Wicker hanging lamp shades

If you like a rustic style of a French village, you can easily create it at your home by decorating it with wicker items. The picture presents a simple lamp with a wicker shade next to a wicker basket filled with artificial flowers.

Decorative wicker lampshade can be made of many different materials

decorative wicker lampshade can be made of many different materials ...

Wicker light shade

Vintage, wicker lamp shade, hanging light, wicker, electric plug in ...

Arowana Wicker Pendant

Kenroy Home 93300 Thicket 1 Light Wall Washer Sconce,

Tahitti 17217 Bronze 34-inch Table Lamp With Walnut Wicker Shade

An aesthetic table lamp of resin in a beautiful bronze shade. It has a round base, a thin round stem, a ball finial. It's equipped with a dimming switch and a waterproof bulb enclosure of durable plastic. A cone shade is hand-woven of resin wicker.

Contemporary country rustic rattan woven shade pendant ceiling light

... Contemporary Country Rustic Rattan Woven shade Pendant Ceiling Light

Light brown wicker table lamp textured linen fabric shade size

Light Brown Wicker Table Lamp Textured Linen Fabric Shade size 8/12 ...

Siam Circus Medium Brown Burlap Drum Lamp Shade

Wicker swag lamp brown or white pendant light hanging lamp

Wicker Swag Lamp Brown or White Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Shade 5.5 ...

Wicker lamp

wicker lamp

Wicker light

#wicker #light by @alisonhoneywoods was liked by the outdoor wicker furniture experts!

Wicker hanging light fixture

Light Brown Wicker Table Lamp Textured Linen Fabric Shade�size 8/12 14/19 x 12 OvalCompliments almost any color. � 3way switch 150W 30 inches in heightAlso see lamps below under related productsThanks for shopping with

Wicker lamp shades chandelier

Wicker Light Shade Dark Brown / Used on by Daysgonebytreasures, $16.00

Brown french cane bamboo wicker lampshade ceiling light shade rattan

Brown French Cane Bamboo Wicker Lampshade Ceiling Light Shade Rattan ...

Java 15207 Bronze Floor Lamp With Walnut Wicker Shade, 60-inches Tall

Wicker lampshades

Details about Vintage Brown Wicker Hanging Light Swag Lamp Shade

Wicker light brown lamp shades 2

Made of wicker lamp shade, the interior gives you a cozy atmosphere and pleasant atmosphere. All in natural styling is perfect for modern interiors. Beautiful combination of the interesting form of lampshade delight.

Wicker hanging lamps

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Siam Circus Medium Brown Burlap Coolie Lamp Shade

Empire lampshade in simple form. It is compatible with floor and table lamp. It is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light.

Uttermost 21832 Knotted Rattan Mini Pendant

The knotted rattan pendant hanging lamp. Made by the light brown delicate wicker. The long black wire added to each of this makes possible to use many of them to lighten even if the space is very high.

Padma's Plantataion Wicker Partition Lamp, Large

Gorgeous large ornate white wicker electric lamp light shade

Gorgeous Large Ornate White Wicker Electric Lamp Light Shade ...

Kenroy Home 93307 Thicket 3 Light Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture,

Lamp shades 27

Lamp Shades

Wicker lamp base

Rattan ball ceiling light lamp shade pink green tea l


Kichler 43254 Rum Cove 2 Light Wall Sconce,

Natural lamp shade vintage retro browns panel light lampshade neutral

Natural lamp shade vintage retro browns panel light lampshade neutral WICKER & WOOD unusual angled geometric kitsch warm glow trendy