Screw On Lamp Shades


Easy to screw off, easy to screw on, these lovely and decorative screw on lamp shades will fit almost any lamp you need a shade for. Attractive, colorful, or maybe you just want a plain lamp shade, whatever your lamp shade desire, we have it in this extensive collection. Take a walk through the virtual isles and see if you can find the right lamp shade for your needs.

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Our Picks

Screw on lamp shade

An elegant traditional lampshade intended for lamps with an (usually adjustable) arm. It's crafted of quality plain white silk. It has white inner lining and white edge trims. It's threaded fitter can be screwed into a socket.

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18" Classic Paper Empire Lamp Shade

18" Classic Paper Empire Lamp Shade

A pretty round classic lampshade with a wide bottom part and a narrow top one. It's handmade of laminated real green cocoa leaves and hand-stitched to a frame of wrought iron. It fits all standard harps.

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Excellent Quality Bridge Lamp Shade Floor Lamp Shade Screws On Socket

Excellent Quality Bridge Lamp Shade Floor Lamp Shade Screws On Socket

Add beauty and style into the home, with this amazing floor lamp shade. It features the floral pattern on the cover, with beige color and pastel finish. Great addition to the bedroom and cozy nook.

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Screw on lamp shades 2

Handcrafted in North Carolina foothills, this genuine mica lamp shade with metal frame emits a very warm dramatic light which creates a beautiful subtle romantic atmosphere reminiscent of fireplace light.

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Vtg White Painted Frosted Diamond Geometric Screw Top Glass Tube Globe Shade

Vtg White Painted Frosted Diamond Geometric Screw Top Glass Tube Globe Shade

Presented here screw on lampshade was made of frosted glass, that is produced by the sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass. Another interesting part is the diamond geometric texture of tube, globe lampshade.

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Lamp shade screw cap

A classic bell shade for replacing your worn-out one. This 12'' off-white fabric shade is suitable for floor lamps, and it has a threaded Uno fitter, so you could easily screw it onto the bottom end of a socket.

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16" Classic Paper Empire Lamp Shade

16" Classic Paper Empire Lamp Shade

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12" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

12" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

With the traditional style this soft bell lamp shade offers a fine boost of class and elegance to your interior, while providing a charming way of lighting up your household. It will work in any possible decor.

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Hexagon mica uno lamp shade for bridge arm floor lamps

Hexagon Mica Uno Lamp Shade For Bridge Arm Floor Lamps 7"x12"x7.5 ...

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3x5x4 Granite Gray Burlap Lamp Shade - Pleated Clip-on Candelabra Shade

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Screw On Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

A good lamp shade can brighten up the room, dimming some of the light and creating a pleasant ambiance that will increase comfort, relaxation and calmness within your home. Some of the easiest lamp shades to fit to your light bulbs and posts are the ones with a screw on design. They are easy to use, easy to fit, and still give all the same benefits to your home.

A screw on lamp shade is mounted on top of a shaped wire, which is attached to the lamp base and goes around the bulb. It is then secured in place by a screw-on decorative finial on top of the lamp.

Here are some of the most attractive screw on lamp shade designs you may find:

Leaf screw on lamp shade

The pattern of this lamp shade is very natural, appealing mainly to owners of cottages and small homes. The lamp shade can be screwed on to the post, and when you switch the light on, you'll see the warmth green leaf pattern brighten up your room. This is a natural look, embedded into a cone-shaped lamp which would suit some bedrooms, kitchens, and conservatories.

Frosted diamond screw on lamp shade

This is not a traditional shape of lamp shade, and this design is circular but longer in size. The tall lamp shade has a frosted diamond pattern all around it, and is normally seen in white, grey and pink. The screw is positioned right at the top of the lamp shade.

Moroccan style gold screw on lamp shade

To inject some color instantly into a room, why not check out the Moroccan style golden screw on lamp shades? With the screw on feature which is so easy to use, these lamp shades are made from colorful glass and then embellished with golden swirls and other detail at the top and bottom. When the light is switched on, it completely changes the atmosphere in the room, allowing a subtle glow to enter which reflects the color you have chosen for the lamp shade.

Bright and bold floral screw on lamp shade

For something that livens up the room and attracts many compliments from those visiting your home, a bright and bold floral screw on lamp shade could be the way forward. With colors mainly in various shades of pink, blue, purple and orange, it's easy to see why this pattern is so bold. Almost cartoon in style, it's a great choice for a child's bedroom or kitchen that needs to be brought back to life.

Bell-shaped screw on lamp shades

One of the most popular screw on lamp shades that you will come across is the bell-shaped variety. This is available in a huge array of colors, including pale yellow, red, blue, pink and white. While bell-shaped lamp shades made from glass are the most common type of material to see, you can also find other materials if you like, such as fabric, metal, and ceramic.

Glass screw on lamp shades

You will find these in different shapes, with some of the most popular being circles, hexagons, and pyramids. They often have detail along the rims, typically made from artificial gold or sterling silver.

Best Ideas

Bell shaped lamp shade 34

Bell lamp shades are ranked into timeless classics. For me, a bell shade gives a subtle nod to vintage styles. This particular yellow & white bell lamp shade is hand blown to recreate an authentic Victorian design.

Bell shaped lamp shade 3

This antique bell-shaped lamp can be a real bargain for vintage enthusiasts, especially those loving art deco. Deriving from around 1940, it enchants with its exceptional condition, thanks to the use of high-quality materials.

Screw on lamp shades 26

White pleated lamp shade crafted out of thick fabric. Probably the most classic look of a lampshade on Earth. Name a décor style it wouldn't blend into... Pretty common and easy to be replaced, too. My fav.

Bell shaped lamp shade 17

Bell lamp shade mounted on metal frame and covered with fabric. It is compatible with any standard table lamp. Elegant accent for each place. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

9x18x14 Gray Bell Shantung Lamp Shade

1940s lamp shades

This type of lampshade is dedicated for table lamps. It has narrow top and wide bottom. This lampshade is made of blanched canvas and has plastic frame. Due to its simplicity it will be fit to every type of interior.

Screw on lamp shades 21

Glass lamp with shade in TnT's Garage Sale in Omaha , NE for $8.00. Missing the screw to hold on the shade but we've still used it for years. Works great.

Bell shaped lamp shade 1

A beautiful traditional bell-shaped lampshade manufactured of quality iridescent glass (i.e. changing colours depending on angle of view) in dark brown and amber yellow shades. It has flared wavy edges with a black rim.

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