Coolie Lamp Shade

If you want an interesting lamp shade that resembles the hats worn by the workers in the rice paddies in Vietnam, then look no further than the coolie lamp shade. They will fit pretty much any lamp, and are very simple in design, but their flair out style allows them to emit more light. See collection for our available options in coolie lamp shades.

Best Products

Off White Coolie Lamp Shade

Off White Coolie Lamp Shade
A stylish indoor decoration that will successfully replace your worn-out lamp shade, drowning your home in soothing, wawrm light. The imperial shade is made of a quality off-white fabric and reinforced with steel wire.

Coolie Lamp Shade

Coolie Lamp Shade
Classic Coolie lamp shade. Empire shade, dramatically flared, crafted out from soothing cream white linen fabric. Could complement elegant contemporary décor flawlessly, the design is truly versatile, I assume.

Medium brown burlap coolie lamp shade

Medium brown burlap coolie lamp shade
Stylish and very cool at the same time coolie lampshade is an excellent performance and beautiful design. The whole retained in a pleasing and burlap finish material is perfect for nautical or rustic interior design.

Off White Coolie Lamp Shade

Off White Coolie Lamp Shade
Give your lamp a new look with this coolie lamp shade. White polyester tint and polycarbonate finish. It fits into any kind of lamp, porcelain or brass. White and polyester are a truly neutral solution.

Indoor 1 light ceramic table lamp

Indoor 1 light ceramic table lamp
A nice coolie lampshade. It's interesting shape is what makes this lamp so good at enhancing interiors with a laid-back, cool vibe. Gentle white and brown colours make this lamp excellent for the bedroom.

Off white coolie lamp shade

Off white coolie lamp shade
Classical and very subdued shade lamps are a perfect combination of functionality, versatility and stylish detail. White finish makes the whole is phenomenal and fascinating in the decor, and type of room.

Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

Fabric Drum Lamp Shade
With the black finish and neutral design this lamp shade in drum shape will prove to be an ideal addition to your decor and a nice way to both brighten up your home and add a nice atmosphere to the room.

Our advice Buying Guide

Lamps are great in presenting an artistic flair to your interior design. However, without the proper shade, the entire effect can be lost. A coolie lamp shade is the icon of perfect symmetry and helps to draw attention to your creative lamp. With different sizes, fabrics and illuminating properties, you can set the mood and the perfect style in a living room or bedroom.

What's the most universal type of a coolie lamp shade?

The right choice for those that are unsure as to what type of lamp shade to buy. Universal in simplicity and versatility, fresh linen fabric filters light through an off-white liner to create a gentle glow for ambient lighting. Use wherever an overcast of soft light is wanted. Quality beige linen highlights a base that can be made of metal, ceramic or wood.

What lamp shade pairs best with a fine crystal lamp?

A fine crystal lamp will look stunning when set under the balloon of a silk pleated white coolie shade. Perfect for a traditional bedside or living room table, the soft glow of light will bring elegance to the cut crystal. Also a great choice for contemporary decor that utilizes brass lamp bases aside furniture in a living room setting. Quality hand-fitted linen material will give years of beauty with minimal care.

Are there faux leather coolie lamp shades?

If dreamy eye-catching design is needed for your traditional living room, look to a faux leather lamp shade for distinction. Neutral living room colors will come to life when accented with brass-based lamps and a faux leather shade. White lining reflects the perfect shade of ambient lighting and highlights decorative patterns, if there are any, for a soothing mood. Consider using in your southwestern decor, as well.

What kind of coolie lamp shade will best complement a modern style?

Modern styles call for creative accessories and a ceramic base that swirls with deep colors is a perfect way to show off your artistic flair. Topped with a black pleated linen shade, the lamp will resemble a treasured art collection. Go with a 3-way light to set your illuminating presence for the changing light of day. Quality linen material guarantees protection against sunlight and smoke for many years of aesthetic beauty.

What interiors are the perfect fit for a burlap coolie lamp shade?

Casual and chic living rooms look to natural and durable for accessories. When a burlap shade is used over a carved wood base, the right touch for simplicity and character are achieved. Choose the color that will accent your base by looking at the overall color scheme of the room. If there is a mixture of modern straight lines in bold tones, select a black shade. When a more natural feel is required, stay with a neutral and natural burlap that brings a room of comfy furniture and rattan area rugs together.


6" Bell Lamp Shade

6" Bell Lamp Shade
It is very classic and romantic bell lamp shade. It adds style, elegance and gorgeous look to any room in your home. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this lamp shade is. You need to have it.

20 white cotton coolie shade


Coolie style lamp shades

Now you can refresh the look of your worn-out table lamp, by deciding on this fashionable imperial shade. Designed of a quality off-white fabric, the shade is durable and easy to install, beautifully complementing contemporary interiors.

Coolie lamp shade

You can change your old table lamp with a new coolie lampshade. White polyester tint and polycarbonate finish. It is versatile, so it will be suitable in any interior. Also, the material does not get dirty so you do not have to worry about pure white.

Coolie lamp shade 1

Home » Gloss Black Coolie | 310mm Enamel Cone Shade

Coolie lamp shade 5

Black and white are an inseparable connection like Yin and Yang. This combination was inspired by this coolie lamp with a very large white lampshade, spacious as a hat and black base in the form of a varnished vase.

Coolie main

Coolie Main

Coolie lamp shade 9

This traditional lamp shade adds classic style to any room. Made from off-white poly-cotton, this shade will instantly update your current lamp with its clean lines and matching self-trim. It will add an elegant touch to your bedroom or living areas.

Coolie lamp shade 2

Hardback Coolie Lamp Shade - 50cm - Gravel/Taupe

Coolie shape

Coolie Shape

Coolie style lamp shades 1

Here you can browse through fashionable lamp shades that will make your home decor cozier, warmer, and more appealing. The shades are available in various shapes, materials, and colors, allowing you to easily choose the one you love.

Lamp shades the lampshades shop how to measure lampshade

Lamp Shades: The Lampshades Shop - HOW TO MEASURE lampshade

Coolie lamp shade 10

Beige Linen Coolie Large Shade

50cm lamp shades

A charming classic lampshade for floor and table lamps. It's crafted of quality fabric with a beautiful floral patterns in creams, delicate reds, pale yellows with greenish accents. It has reinforced edges and a metal frame.

Pleated Coolie Designer Lampshade - Black 5 x 20 x 12

Rustic burlap coolie lampshade in many sizes up to 24

Rustic burlap coolie lampshade in many sizes up to 24" wide

Cal Lighting SH-8101/21-CM 21-Inch Bottom Vertical Piped Basic Coolie Shade, Champagne

Pleated Coolie Designer Lampshade with Trim - Antique Gold 5 x 20 x 12

Large coolie shade in white

Large coolie shade in white

Coolie shade

Phenomenal console table in Rcoco style. It is mounted on richly decorated base made of metal. Elegant accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Linen monogrammed coolie shade 30cm

Linen Monogrammed Coolie Shade 30cm

Coolie lamp shade 18

18" Paper Empire Coolie Lamp Shade - Black or White

Black gold liner lamp shades

Coolie Silk Black Lamp Shade Soft Sewn In Gold Sateen Fabric Lining 6 ...

Coolie lamp shade

Coolie Table Lamp Shade - Thumbnail 03

Cal Lighting SH-8101-19 Replacement Shade,

Coolie lamp shade 4

Linen Coolie String Lamp Shade, Soft Luxury Lining 6"x16"x10"; 6.5"x18 ...

Large coolie lamp shades

This eye-catching black and ivory round collie lamp shade makes the whole lamp a unique style. The base with palm motif captivates in a silvery finish, making it an exceptionally elegant piece of living room decor.

Coolie lamp shade 11

13" Coolie Hard Empire Shade

Cal Lighting SH-8101-21 Replacement Shade,

Coolie lamp shade 3

Classic lamp shade made of brass and finished with gold accent. Suitable for pendant or floor lamp. Traditional form and neutral design.

Coolie lamp shade 2

A calssic shade for table lamps that will fill your living room with coziness and warm atmosphere. The inmperial shade is designed of a quality beige material, also excellent for bedrooms, guest rooms, and offices.

Siam Circus Medium Brown Burlap Coolie Lamp Shade

Empire lampshade in simple form. It is compatible with floor and table lamp. It is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light.

Deco style wall lamp coolie shade 30s wl1 ab main

Deco Style Wall Lamp & Coolie Shade - 30S-WL1-AB main image

Home grey coolie 310mm enamel cone shade

Home » Grey Coolie | 310mm Enamel Cone Shade

A Ray Of Light 72314OFF 7-Inch by 23-Inch by 14-Inch Linen Coolie Shade, Off White

Coolie lamp shade 16

Off-White Coolie Lamp Shade with Spider Assembly

Large coolie lamp shades 1

Metal Osaka Cafe Pendant Coolie Light Lamp Shade Retro Modern Ceiling Light

Beige Round Coolie Sewn Shade

Coolie lamp shades 2

coolie lamp shades

Coolie lampshade

Looking for a way to effectively replace your worn-out lamp shade? Try this fabulous imperial shade that is beautifully adroned with a double maple leaf patch placed on an intricate autumn leaf pattern.

Vintage floral coolie shade

Vintage Floral - Coolie Shade

This ceramic table lamp features a beautiful green glazed finish

This ceramic table lamp features a beautiful green glazed finish. A beige tan linen coolie shade completes this striking $102.59

Ore international 624 12 inch ceramic table lamp ivory with

ORE International 624 12-Inch Ceramic Table Lamp, Ivory with Coolie Lamp Shade