Uno Lamp Shades

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Uno is a large style of fitting that applies to a very special type of lamp. And finding shades for an uno lamp can be tricky. But not today. We give you our collection of uno lamp shades. Decorative or plain, we have the right uno lamp shade to suit your aesthetic desires.Take a look and see if we have the uno lamp shade you have been looking for.

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Updated 02/11/2022
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Rustic Uno Lamp Shade

Rustic Uno Lamp Shade

This Empire-style threaded uno fitter lamp shade is an impressive addition to your traditional American home, farmhouse, or lake house decor. It features a rustic oiled parchment shade with a russet red faux leather trim on the top and bottom.

Designer Advice:

We love the earthy tone this uno downbridge lamp shade throws across the room. It is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere during family games or movie nights. The design is barebones and simple but looks stunning at night and when turned off during the day. It’s a suitable uno lamp shade for antique floor lamps or table lamps.

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Classic Uno Lamp Shade

Classic Uno Lamp Shade

This uno lamp shade is a stunning addition to your study or living space. Its unique build features organic mica materials in a smooth bronze finish that provides a multi-dimensional amber glow. Its hexagonal drum shape focuses the beam of light.

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Elegant Uno Lamp Shade

Elegant Uno Lamp Shade

Winston Porter

Functional beauty in off-white, this slip uno lamp shade pairs well with traditional decor styles. It has a simple empire-style silhouette with a pleated linen shade. The lampshade is an elegant piece during the day and lights up brightly at night.

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Cozy Chic Uno Lamp Shade

Cozy Chic Uno Lamp Shade

One Allium Way®

Bring a touch of French country charm to your holiday home with this light and fresh threaded uno lamp shade. It features a drum-shaped shade made from 100% linen with a fringed bottom trim. This lampshade is available in three colors.

$44.99 $54.99

Designer Advice:

Made with natural linen fabric, this threaded uno lamp shade is an excellent hanging lamp. It lends a homely charm to the space and will be a great addition to your living room or bedroom. It comes in three colors that suit a minimalist-boho aesthetic. It is suitable as an accent light to create a soft and warm glow in your interiors.

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Sophisticated Uno Lamp Shade

Sophisticated Uno Lamp Shade

Harriet Bee

Give your home a calming atmosphere with the soothing tones of this uno lampshade. It features a drum-shaped shade in gorgeous light blue with decorative patterns. The lampshade will work wonderfully with modern-chic and contemporary decor styles.

$23.99 $37.99

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Uno Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

Uno lamp shades are a type of shade that goes with the Uno shade adapter – no, it’s not a card game or a lamp shade with Uno cards printed on it. Although those would be pretty cool. Uno means “one” in Spanish, and that is what we have here. One adapter that will let you use a lot of different kinds of lamp shades and that will work on many different sorts of lamps.

The Uno lamp shade adapter fits on the lamp socket, just below the light bulb. If you’ve lost the lamp harp – that’s the technical term for the metal wire that holds up a lot of lamp shades – you can still use the lamp. That’s good news if you’ve got a favorite lamp base that you don’t want to get rid of. Uno shades holders are one of the three most common lamp shade fixtures and are commonly used on small to medium sized shades.

  • Simple White Conical Shade

Often used on bedside or end table lamps, the simple white conical shade blends well with most décor choices. It isn’t flashy, but it does a good job of shielding the bulb to prevent glare and diffuses the light, so it becomes a soft glow. It is an excellent choice for a candlestick or even for fat vase-style lamp bases.

  • Drum Barrel Lamp Shade

Drum barrel-shaped lamp shades come in a variety of sizes, but they all have one thing in common: a cylindrical shape with straight sides. Within those parameters, they can be attached to lamps with a variety of fittings, Uno in this case, and all do a good job of diffusing and softening the light from a bare light bulb.

  • Pleated Lamp Shade

Available in a variety of colors, the pleated lamp shade adds interest to simple conical or drum style lamp shade. The pleats are usually held in place by ribbon bands, one at the top and one at the bottom of the shade. The pleating breaks up the monotony of a modern or Mondrian room theme without creating a jarring interruption of style.

  • Elegant Bell Shades

Bell-shaped lamp shades are another way to lend style and grace to a restrained room decoration theme. The shade material can be plain, or it can have a pattern woven into it or printed on it. They can imitate a Tiffany lamp by having braid added to the seams, and perhaps even a fringe on the bottom of the shade.

  • Extra Fancy Touches

Printed designs are one way to add something extra to a lamp shade or painting a design onto the exterior. You can purchase painted shades or do them yourself. If going the DIY route, be sure to select non-flammable fabric paints. Woven-in patterns are another way to enliven a basic lamp shade shape. Bell-shaped shades are not the only ones that can have a trim of various sorts added on.

  • Upside Down Shades

Uno adapters work especially well with upside down shades, such as might be used on a central bulb or a pole lamp.

Best Ideas

Uno lamp shades

Stylish and classy, this lamp shade is characterized by a natural burlap design, creating cozy atmosphere and spreading its warm light through an entire room. The shade is durable and easy to install.

Blue and white floral uno lampshade

Blue and white floral uno lampshade

Richly decorated lampshade designed for floor lamp. It is covered with fabric and decorated with floral ornamentation. Tasteful accent for each room.

Burlap tapered drum uno fitter lamp shades design ideas is

Burlap Tapered Drum Uno Fitter Lamp Shades Design Ideas Is Great For ...

Downbridge lamp shade

Uno Lamp Shade Floral Lampshade in Vintage Embroidery, hard to find Bridge Lampshade

Shannon lamp service inc lexington ky uno fitter lamp shades

Shannon Lamp Service, Inc., Lexington, KY - Uno Fitter Lamp Shades

Uno lamp shades 1

Beautifully decorated with floral motifs uno lamp shade delights with details. The colorful floral compositions on the steel frame of the lampshade blend perfectly and beautifully fit into the interior.

18" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

18" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

Wearing-proof, beige linen empire lamp shade with plain design. Makes the lamp light mellower to easily create a cozy atmosphere that one often needs, especially during long and cold winter. It comes up in other colors too!

Lamp shade uno

As they say - beauty lies in simplicity, and this lampshade intended to floor or table lamp is a proof that this sentence is correct. It is made of bright canvas. Due to its simplicity, it will be fit both with the classic or modern lamp.

What is an uno lamp shade

Uno Shade Fits Arm And Gooseneck Floor Lamps

Uno Lamp Shade Has 1.25" Wide Threaded Fitter That Screws Onto The Electrical Socket Commonly Found On Bridge Arm Floor Lamps And Other Floor Lamps That Have Arms

Lamp uno fitter

Delightful amber lamp shade. Constructed on a hexagon plan, so 6 sided, made using natural mica. Fitting for vintage bridge arm floor lamps - standard Uno lamp shade. Vintage style. Available in one size only.

Slip uno lamp shade

A chic classic lampshade of quality delicate creamy silk. It has a bell-like body, features a wavy bottom edge and subtle stitching along edges and ribs. It's frame is of brass. It's designed for bridge lamps and has a fitter screwed to a socket.

Natural burlap drum table lamp shade

Natural Burlap Drum Table Lamp Shade

10" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

10" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

Bell shaped lamp shade in ivory. An exact accessory to have when you want your lamp light to be diffused in order to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. It's especially fitting for traditional interiors.

Uno blue toile lampshade

Uno blue toile lampshade

The sleek shade lamp is a perfect finish and stylish detail that captivates you. Beautiful floral decorations with figures delight in blue on a white background. The whole is exquisitely impressive and elegant.

Threaded uno fitter lamp shades

Handcrafted in the beautiful North Carolina foothills, this Mica Uno lamp shade delights with its unique material as well as original hexagon shape. American made, measures 7"x12"x7.5".

18" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

18" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

An empire lamp shade that will work for any traditional styled apartments, providing both plenty of style and functionality, while the linen structure brings charm and warms up any setting instantly.

Uno lamp shades for floor lamps

Mix and Match Bell-Shaped White Accent Uno Lamp Shade -

Tan hexagonal toile bell lamp shade 6x11x11 uno

Tan Hexagonal Toile Bell Lamp Shade 6x11x11 (Uno)

Uno threaded lamp shade

Bell-shaped uno lamp shade - aged cream faux leather. I wonder whether it would fit better for a traditional interior serving as shabby chic accent, or in Wild West inspired decor. Either way, possibilities are numerous.

Natural basket table lamp shade 13 75 dia x 9

Natural Basket Table Lamp Shade 13.75"Dia. x 9.8"H; 1.37" Uno socket

Uno lamp shade

Stunning antique torchiere floor lamp with off-white flaring shade and one bulb. Sure to make an uforgettable impression with its ornamental cantilever post in dark bronze. Floral motifs were an inspiration here.

Uno lamp shades threaded or slip fitters lamp shade pro

UNO Lamp Shades - THREADED or SLIP Fitters | Lamp Shade Pro

Homespun uno lamp shade beige cream 10 12 w lamp

Homespun UNO Lamp Shade Beige, Cream 10-12"W | Lamp Shade Pro

Drum shade sale lampshade uno fitting for downbridge lamp

Drum Shade SALE Lampshade Uno Fitting for Downbridge Lamp