Western Lamp Shades


Give your home a western motif with some of our western lamp shades that are both classically stylish and well made. They will shed your light perfectly while still allowing the proper illumination of your home with the western contrast. If you are looking for a different style of lampshade then look no further than our collection of western lamp shades. Take a look and see what we mean.

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Our Picks

Pb basic cowhide lamp shades

Pb basic cowhide lamp shades

Add an instant Western hint while boosting the ambiance with proper lighting - these classic lampshades feature white and brown cowhide wrapping and genuine leather trimming. Rustic and unique - there's no two identical pieces!

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Western lamp shade with a silhouette of

Western lamp shade with a silhouette of

Suitable for country designs or for the fans of western movies, this fine lamp shade is covered in a quality tan rayon fabric. It features a silhouette of two galloping horses, accentuated with a barb wire border.

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Leather blanket stitch tapered drum lamp shades

Leather blanket stitch tapered drum lamp shades

If you want to upgrade your old lamp, instead of buying a new one, you can try this stylish drum shade. The whole is designed of a durable brown leather and beautifully detailed with leather whipstitching.

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Vintage 1950 60s Cowboy Western Horse Lamp Foto Vues Weatherford Texas

Vintage 1950 60s Cowboy Western Horse Lamp Foto Vues Weatherford Texas

Feel like a hero from Western. Cross the Grand Canyon in search of a lost herd of cattle - be being inspired of this cowboy lamp whose square shades includes a printed cowboy scene and the base of the lamp is a stately horse on a wooden ground.

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Western lamp horseshoe and spur

Western lamp horseshoe and spur

This attractive western styled lamp with horse harness elements is an excellent way to create a countryside climate in the interior. The beautiful details of the stars on the leg of the lamp and the impressive lampshade blend beautifully.

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Cowboy lamp shade 10 x 12

Cowboy lamp shade 10 x 12

Lamp shade with a traditional shape and very original design. It features an interesting pattern in the form of cowboy pictures on its surface. This attractive element is also durable, so it will last for years.

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Western lampshades

A vintage country style slip-on lampshade for standing lamps. It features a beautiful colourful hand-painted scene characteristic for the Wild West and showing a.o. a roper, a longhorn steer, cacti. It also has hand-laced edges.

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Western lamp shades vintage table desk tv lamp w fiberglass

western lamp shades Vintage+Table+Desk+TV+Lamp+w/+Fiberglass+Shade ...

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Western lamp shade 3

Refresh your interior with easy and cheap manner, and change your lamp shades! This one is a Buffalo Horse Petroglyph Rawhide lamp shade, with western design. It's a nicely finished and hand painted product.

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Western lamp shade

Western Lamp Shade

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Western Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

The era of the westward movement, the age of the cattle rancher and dusty settlements, along with the establishment of the railroads was relatively brief. But it spawned a lot of interesting artifacts that have been duplicated and expanded upon. Western lamp shades carry on the theme of the cowboy, the cattleman and the rodeo rider with shades and lamps that harken back to the twenty or so years that saw Europeans expanding from the Eastern seacoast toward the west. Television shows such as Bonanza and Rawhide sentimentalized the era, and it was further glamorized by more modern productions such as the movie Tombstone.

Since the movement west put many people into a land where they were on their own, far from cities and small towns where people could afford to specialize, they had to learn to manufacture items that they might have purchased from merchants when they were “back east.” Both pig skin and sheep skin can be tanned into fine leather that will let light through, so pig skin and parchment (another name for sheep skin) could be used as lamp shades. Metal would have been scarce, so the originals might have been stretched on hoops of willow or hickory – any tree that might have been flexible. Modern versions are stretched on metal forms, such as might be used for any lamp but laced with strips of leather as a sort of memory of the way things once might have been.

  • Emulating More Affluent Westerners

Not all people who went west were cowboys, sheepherders or hard-scrabble farmers. Some got rich in various ways. A beautiful mica lampshade depicting a silhouette of a moose and evergreens is a reminder that there were ranchers and townspeople who developed fortunes in those short years.

  • Rodeo Riders

The memory of the westward movement is often kept alive by traveling or seasonal rodeos. The word rodeo comes from Spain, traveling through Mexico into the United States, means to surround or go around and originally referred to seasonal roundups of cattle. Today, rodeos are primarily contests that reflect the skills once needed to herd recalcitrant, long-horned cattle. Some of the lamps considered to be “western” are ordinary shades with scenes from historical or current rodeos – bucking horses, herds of cattle with those big, long horns, a vaquero with his range-riding gear. These are often accompanied by lamp bases that depict worn cowboy boots, barbed wire, saddles, rearing horses or wagon wheels.

The west, like many cultures, focused on making do with the things that they had. One way to do this was to reuse the metal from tin cans. (tin cans were invented in 1910. The cowboy era was from around 1865 to 1880.) A can could be flattened and the sides pierce with a nail to make a shade that could surround a candle or a tallow lamp. Pierced tin lampshades that cast interesting shadows are a continuation of that custom.

Best Ideas

Cowboy lamp shade

Traditionally leather western lamp shade is a combination of unusual style and functionality. Attractive embroidery, beautiful colors and impressive finishes make the interior design take style straight from the wild west.

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Western lamp shades

This Longhorn Skulls Rawhide Lamp Shade is a proposition for all western lovers or rustic, vintage styles enthusiasts. It has a classic shape and a wire frame, designed for table or floor lamps.

Western style lamp shades

My husband is a big fan of western design, so he bought this ''Calf Roper'' western lamp shade. It has the cowboy and the cow motif on the dark brown shade. Everyone is impressed how cool it looks at our home.

Cowboy lamp shades

This Whiskey Bottle lamp shows how easily you can create your own stylish, refined decorations. The silhouette is the bronco and cowboy that's on the Pendleton whiskey bottle.

Rustic rawhide lamp shades for western decor

Rustic Rawhide Lamp Shades For Western Decor

Western lamp shades 27

Cottage in the mountains, next to the forest - demands rural elements in the arrangement. Such a forest example can be this western lamp, whose core is an imitation of animal antlers and the lampshade has images of spruces on a brown background.

Western style floor lamps

For all enthusiasts of western movie flicks, this lamp could easily be the eight member of the Magnificent Seven group. Its shade is made of leather and rawhide trim, hand-painted with wagon and six horses galloping through a mountainous landscape.

Western lamp shades 19

We invite you on a journey to the Wild West! On the trail of Indian tribes and cowboys from the best western movies, a trapezoidal western lampshade with a strong hem and a shadow of a cowboy can be found in such a piece of lighting.

I love metal work simple rustic

I love metal work, simple & rustic.

Western lamps for sale

A cool rustic style table lamp featuring a base in the form of a big antler fixed to a tree stump. It's of resin in beige and brown tones. A conical shade features edge stitching and an image of a deer at rutting ground visible when the light is on.

Western lamp shades 2

Cowhide Lamp Shade from Down the Fence Designs | Stylish Western Home Decorating

Sand painting rawhide lamp shade

Sand Painting Rawhide Lamp Shade

Buffalo cave art rawhide lamp shade

Buffalo Cave Art Rawhide Lamp Shade