Faux Leather Lamp Shades


Faux leather lamps shades offer all the benefits of leather without any of the drawbacks, no need to treat them as you would leather. The collection below features looks that are sure to add some rustic charm to your living space.

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Our Picks

15" Faux Leather Empire Lamp Shade

15" Faux Leather Empire Lamp Shade

This stylish empire shade is designed of faux leather, with a with rawhide stitched design. The shade is medium size, with a clip-on attachment type and polished brass spider fitting. Accepts LED, compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent bulb types. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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Leather lamp shades

This lamp shade looks as if it was made of expensive leather, but actually it's a paper shade that looks like a lizard leather. It's a perfect solution for people who look for smart, but inexpensive ideas.

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Faux leather lamp shades 2

This brown faux leather lampshade provides a unique stylish experience, enhancing every space with the classic vibe. You'll love how faux leather will give a rustic touch to the interior.

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Faux leather lamp shades 2

This beautiful lamp shade imitates leather, therefore constituting an inimitable, eclectic proposition, that will for sure add refinement to more than one interior.

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Antler lampshade

This classy lamp shade looks as if it was made of expensive leather, but actually is faux one. The thick material will guarantee delicate light. It comes in a nice brown color and it will match the interiors with a touch of the 80's.

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Uttermost marius marble and metal table lamp

Uttermost marius marble and metal table lamp

The solid table lamp for the hunter's living room. The based was made by mixed black, brown and ivory marble with the wrought metal details. The faux leather lamp shade ensure the smoky light, what creates a romantic atmosphere.

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6" Faux Leather Bell Lamp Shade

6" Faux Leather Bell Lamp Shade

This stylish bell shade is designed of faux leather, and decorated with brown accents. The shade includes a clip-on attachment type, and eye-catching red color, offering perfect enhancement for contemporary homes.

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Faux leather lamp shades 1

The excellent performance of faux leather shade lamps combined with an attractive base of antlers creates a haunting atmosphere in the decor. The whole is impressive and very stylishly captivating in every detail.

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Faux leather lamp shades 14

A unique approach to a stylish and inexpensive floor lamp lampshade, made out of faux leather which actually resembles real leather. The lampshade is made in a cone shape and has a decorative seam of material on the bottom.

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Urbanest 1100504c Chandelier Lamp Shades 6-inch, Hardback, Faux Leather, Laced Trim, Clip on (Set of 6)

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Faux Leather Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

Faux leather makes it possible to enjoy the natural warmth of leather without the cost or maintenance. Faux leather lamp shades are appealing when light mixes with fabric to reveal an earthy tone that highlights many different styles. A popular choice for anyone wishing to make a decorating statement.

When it comes to lampshades, fake leather will present a more even and smooth appearance than that of genuine leather. Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), dyes and plasticizers are added to make it flexible and available in hundreds of shades. A second method for creating faux leather requires taking cotton or polyester and coating it with a special type of polymer. Both are used in manufacturing upholstery and accessories and mimic the essence of real leather.

Lamp shades come in assorted styles to bring harmony to specific decors. The lamp base is also important. The shade should fit the contour of the base. If unsure of the style, stay on the conservative side with a drum or coolie shade.

  • Drum - Round and shaped like a drum, there can be a slight curvature in the middle. Distressed or plain, a drum faux leather shade is virtually well suited for all types of decor. The lamp base is key in adding a modern, chic, western, or contemporary feel to a room.
  • Empire - An empire shade has a smaller opening at the top and flares down to the bottom without any curves. Faux leather lamp shades of the empire style will present a touch of elegance to a traditional or contemporary living space.
  • Coolie - The coolie resembles an empire shade except that the bottom opening is larger and more pronounced in comparison to the top. Fits well on large body lamps. Traditional decors appreciate the unique change of color and texture as a stunning asset.
  • Square - Wired with four prominent sides, the square shade can come in straight or slightly flared designs. Faux leather square lamp shades can be casual or sophisticated.
  • Rectangular- The rectangular shade is similar to the square type with four wired sides. However, it takes on the look of a rectangular in front and back as opposed to even sides.
  • Hexagon - A hexagon-shaped shade can be straight or fluted and constructed with six distinct turns. These lamps are great for a rustic look when cowhide strips are added along the seam lines.
  • Bell - Close in looks to a hexagon shade, the bell shade affords more options for trims and elegant lines. The bell shape fits many types of decors with a contemporary flow that blends well.

A faux leather shade is only as good as the sizing that is provided. The height should be 2/3 the size of the base height. Always make sure that your shade is wider than the widest part of the base.

Best Ideas

Rawhide lamp shades wholesale

The two antlers at the base connect together with the fangs at the bottom, the long floor lamp that is covered with bell shade and antler crown finial. What is important the lampshade is made of faux leather.

Leather lamp shade

A beautiful rustic style bell lampshade for table or floor lamps. It's crafted of artificial leather in beige shades with a white bottom edge. It has a frame of thin metal wires and is equipped with a spider fitter.

Faux aged leather lamp shades

Faux Aged Leather Lamp Shades

6" Faux Leather Bell Lamp Shade

6" Faux Leather Bell Lamp Shade

Faux-Leather Bell Lamp Shade with Spider Assembly

For charles antler masterpiece 6 across top 16 across bottom

for Charles' antler masterpiece. 6" across top. 16" across bottom. 11" on the slant. Faux leather

Faux leather lamp shades 7

Dolan Designs Soft Back Square Lamp Shade Faux Leather 8" 140032 | LampsUSA

Faux leather lamp shades 6

Classic lampshade designed from faux leather. The shade looks so distressed and comes in a neutral pearl finish that should match up with most classic or vintage-inspired table lamps in your home. The shade should also last you for a long time thanks to its sturdy construction.

7.5" Classic Silk Empire Lamp Shade

7.5" Classic Silk Empire Lamp Shade

This stylish empire shade is durable and lovely, perfect for contemporary homes or offices. Designed of silk, the shade brings extra charm and long-lasting appearance, serving you well for many years to come.

Leather lamp

This rustic lamp shade will be great proposition to redecorate your old lamps. Rustic style, made from faux stretched leather will be great addition to your summer house decor. Perfect for antler themed lamps.

Faux leather lamp shades 3

Give your home a dash of classic appeal with this beautifully designed faux leather lampshade. The shade comes in a superb light brown finish. It’s also a low maintenance piece that will deliver excellent service for years.

Faux leather lamp shades 4

faux leather lamp shades Traditional Leather Lamp Shade | 320 x 214 ...

Leather lampshades

Bronze and Faux Leather Shade Table Lamp

Faux rawhide lamp shades

Faux Leather Lamp Shade 7.75x18x9.5 (Spider)