Aladdin Lamp Shades


If you love lamps, and you like to change your shades on a pretty regular basis, then you must add some of these fetching Aladdin lamp shades to your rotation. In many styles and colors, these will take your lamps to Agrabah, where the sands and sun will give them an air of mystery and wonder of the likes you have never seen. Look into this collection for more.

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Our Picks

Antique 1920s Complete Aladdin Model 11 Kerosene Lamp W No 501 Aladdin Shade

Antique 1920s Complete Aladdin Model 11 Kerosene Lamp W No 501 Aladdin Shade

Designed in the 1920's, this complete Aladdin kerosene lamp is a true work of art amongst antique home accessories. It comes with a well-polished metal base that supports a milk glass shade with a clear glass hurricane hidden in it.

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Aladdin lamp shades

A fantabulous lamp shade that will keep your room warm and cozy, filling the whole interior with warm light. The shade is designed of milk glass and shaped like a king's crown with detailed royal pattern.

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Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. 10" diameter Crystal Lampshade - 501-9R Model #9 Crystal

Vintage lamp shade - a part of Aladdin mantle lamp, a type of kerosene oil lamp - in ivory, with textured crystal like glass detailing. Apart from subtle embossed details, the top part of the shade has a pearl like sheen to it.

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Vintage Lincoln Drape Alacite Aladdin Kerosine Oil Lamp Glass Lamp Shade

Vintage Lincoln Drape Alacite Aladdin Kerosine Oil Lamp Glass Lamp Shade

Aladdin Lamps are the brightest kerosene-burning lamps ever. And when they have vintage drape alcite finish it's even better. This aladdin oil lamp has a white ceramic base, with elements of gold and subtle flowers painted on the lampshade.

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Vintage Washington Drape Green Aladdin Kerosine Oil Lamp Crystal Lamp Shade

Vintage Washington Drape Green Aladdin Kerosine Oil Lamp Crystal Lamp Shade

Green Aladdin lamp shade made of durable glass with decorative accents. This decorative and functional lamp features a round base that provides good stability. Its upper illuminating area is finished in white color.

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Aladdin lamp shade

Have you ever dreamed about the Aladdin lamp? Now, you can have it! This lamp shade has got the glass construction, brass finish and Victorian design. Everyone will be delighted how beautiful this lamp is.

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Aladdin 10 opal white milk glass oil kerosene lamp shade

Aladdin 10" opal white milk glass oil / kerosene lamp shade Vintage Coleman lamp #AladdinColeman

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Lamp shades on ebay

Details about Aladdin Frosted Satin Glass Student Mantle Lamp Shade

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Aladdin lamp ebay

Lehman's - Aladdin Brass Oil Lamp and White Student Shade

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Aladdin amber ribbed glass oil lamp shade 1

Aladdin Amber Ribbed Glass Oil Lamp Shade

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Aladdin Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

Lamp shades can be used to add a cozier and romantic feel to your home. And it’s not just about the cozy lighting. Lamp shades are also designed to act as important accessories for your internal decor. There are many different types of lamps but contemporary Aladdin lamp shades have become quite popular in the recent years. Their simple and creative built makes it possible for homeowners to get the full décor and lighting value that they offer. But before you buy Aladdin lamp shades, there are some things you need to know.

Aladdin lamp shades do come in different shapes. However, the most common options feature a rounded top with a heavier rounded base, square tops and a square shaped base, or a combination of both. The shape of the lamp doesn’t really affect how it works but it does affect how it looks. Rounded designs tend to be much classier and different and are highly recommended. However, it’s all about your taste and preferences.

The finishing too determines how the Aladdin lamp shades look. This is something that most people overlook but it can play a central part in your décor. There are many finishes and each of them can add meaning to your space. For example, fluted shades are elegant, traditional and much more refined. On the other hand, pleats tend to give a homey and more casual vibe. But if you are going for a relaxed and more gracious ambiance, perhaps you would be better off with scalloped shaped edges on your shades.

The color on the shade can play two roles. First, it can determine the amount of light a lamp emits and secondly, it can determine the kind of effect the shade has on your overall décor. Naturally, lamp shades tend to be bright at the top so that as much light as possible can be emitted from the lamp. But then again, not everyone wants too much light. If you simply want to set a mood then darker colors that limit the flow of light would be a great choice. However, darker colors may pose a challenge to the décor. Since the lamps tend to mostly be used as accessories to furniture and other décor pieces, they need to be brightly colored to deliver the best results.

The combination of colors from the lamp’s base and the shade may also affect its décor value. For example, if you are using crystal type bases, it would be best to get white or bright colored shades at the top. This also applies if the base features polished metals or antique brass. But in case your lamp has a wooden base with that earthy, natural look, you can complement it with practically any shade. Also, don’t forget to consider the fabric on the shade. It doesn’t have to be just plain white or a plain color. Fabrics with small accents can be very beautiful.

Aladdin lamp shades can help revamp your interior décor by accessorizing furniture and other pieces in the room. The tips above will help you choose quality lampshades.

Best Ideas

Aladdin lamp shades 3

Enchanting with its oriental form, this Alladin shade for kerosene lamp measures 16" diameter. It catches the attention with its fluted parchment finish, adding a rustic appeal to the space.



Lamps shade

lamps shade

Aladdin champagne glass oil lamp shade

Aladdin Champagne Glass Oil Lamp Shade

Antique aladdin 6 brass oil kerosene lamp lantern coleman glass

Antique Aladdin 6 Brass Oil Kerosene Lamp Lantern Coleman Glass Shade

Shannon lamp service inc lexington ky new and antique aladdin

Shannon Lamp Service, Inc., Lexington, KY -  New and Antique Aladdin Lamps Above, this Aladdin G-311, Golden Lustre is 24½" high and is Circa 1950. Complete with choice of fabric lamp shade. Includes light in base of lamp. Available for $175.00.

16" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

16" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

Bell lampshade covered with fabric. Frame is made of metal. It gives warm tone of light. Applications in all kinds of interior according to taste and need. Received great reviews from customers.

Aladdin lamps ebay

Now you can bring some Geenie magic into your living room by choosing this pretty oil lamp with a white procelain base adorned with a blooming rose pattern. The hand-blown hurricane is designed of clear glass.

Aladdin ruby beehive b 83 lamp and rose gold burner

Aladdin Ruby Beehive B-83 Lamp and Rose Gold burner with Original Shade Minty!!

Antique vintage aladdin white spiral painted oil kerosene lamp shade


Antique aladdin oil lamps

The lamp shade of Alladyna lamp is an atmospheric and exceptionally attractive way to decorate the interior. The hand-painted lampshade impresses and presents itself perfectly in every climatic decor.

Antique aladdin lamps

Beautiful Alladin lamp shade is an easy way to refresh the look of an old lamp. Straight glass and very original shade captivates the details and creates a unique atmosphere in the interior. The whole is presented perfectly.

Aladdin lamp brass with shade 700602

Aladdin Lamp Brass with Shade 700602

Aladdin ruby ribbed glass oil lamp shade

Aladdin Ruby Ribbed Glass Oil Lamp Shade