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One of the most iconic characters of all time in the Disney universe is Tinker bell. That cute outfit, the tight ponytail, and her attitude, make her a model character for the whimsy of Disney. And if you are a fan, we give you your very own, licensed, Disney tinkerbell lamp. Now, you can see your favorite fairy whenever you want as she makes your room glow.

Animated Tinkerbell lamp

Animated Tinkerbell lamp

Animated Tinkerbell lamp

KNG America


Make your kids’ bedroom even more magical with a Tinkerbell lamp that sways and bends. The delightful pink shade looks like it’s covered in pixie dust, and the base is a beautiful flower garden. This lamp measures just under 17” in height.

Designer Advice

These cartoonish lamps are ideal for very young children. Thanks to their decorative designs, your little ones will get to admire them during the day, too (as well as when it’s time to turn off the other lights). You could place their new lamp on the nightstand or a bookshelf. With the latter, however, you must first check that you have enough space above it.

Tinkerbell lamp with 3D lights

Tinkerbell lamp with 3D lights

Tinkerbell lamp with 3D lights


Showcasing Disney’s most iconic Tinkerbell design, this lamp offers plenty of color options. It can be controlled via a remote, too. It’s a great compact choice for small rooms and nightstands: it only measures 7” x 0.15” x 6.4”.

Night lamp with Tinkerbell light

Night lamp with Tinkerbell light

Night lamp with Tinkerbell light



One thing’s for sure: nighttime will no longer feel scary with this Tinkerbell lantern. Depicting our favorite pixie on a flower, it glows when tapped. This lamp is rather compact, measuring only 5.5” x 4.13” x 5.5”. 

Designer Advice

This type of Tinkerbell light is a practical portable solution. Of course, your children will be able to use it as a night light when they wake up or if they don’t want to sleep in complete darkness. At the same time, however, they can also use it during playtime no matter where they are in the house (and beyond). How about turning it on when reading stories inside a blanket fort?

Disney Tinkerbell lamp in different colors

Disney Tinkerbell lamp in different colors

Disney Tinkerbell lamp in different colors


This LED lamp lets your children get creative when it comes to lights. In fact, they’ll get to choose among sixteen colors! This Tinkerbell lamp can be controlled with a remote and recharged with a USB cable. Less than 9” tall, it’s a fairly compact option.

Designer Advice

An LED Tinkerbell lamp is a wiser choice if you’re looking for an evening light. For example, you can turn it on when reading bedtime stories to your kids. If they’re not ready to sleep in complete darkness, this lamp can also be a magical solution. However, unlike more traditional designs, it’s not particularly decorative or appealing when switched off.

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Tinkerbell light

Cute and really pretty. Perfect lamp to put in your little princess’s bedroom. The colourful, beautiful design with a wonderful, Tinker Bell figure is bound to make your little girl happy if she loves Disney!

Disney Princess Tinkerbell Fairies Sculpted Lamp

I'm an adult, but I would gladly have this Tinkerbell lamp in my own bedroom. Sculptural pastel green base features Disney movies Tinkerbell figurine. The shade is shaped as tulip, cast in beautiful light pink glass.

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New Disney Tinker Bell Solar Light Lamp Lantern Garden Outdoor Light Japan

New Disney Tinker Bell Solar Light Lamp Lantern Garden Outdoor Light Japan

Tinkerbell lamp designed for outdoor use. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with frosted glass. Stylish accent for the garden, porch, patio and more.

Disney tinkerbell lamp

Bedside lamp with little figurine of Peter Pan character - Tinker Bell (she sits on the leaf). Kickstand is simulate flower stalk and lampshade looks like bright bellflower. This cute lamp will be perfect for girly bedroom.

Tinkerbell lamp 5

If there's just one detail missing in a Disney theme girl's room, it might be a Tinkerbell lamp. Here the color dominating is lavender purple or lilac. Turned base is semi-transparent for a crystal-like look.

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Tinkerbell lamp shade

This cute table lamp will be a perfect gift for a little girl as it features a motif of Tinkerbell character from Disney's cartoons. The lamp itself looks like a huge mushroom in a beautiful combination of vivid colors.

Tinkerbell lamp 6

Ideal for nurseries or kids' bedroom, this Tinkerbell lamp constitutes a lovely example of a Disney themed decor. If you want to bring in some wonderful, fairy climate, check out this collection.

Tinkerbell nightlight

Disney Tinker Bell's Magic Musical Table Lamp

Disney tinkerbell fairy flower globe lamp

Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Flower Globe Lamp

Disney tinkerbell lamp 3


Disney tinkerbell stained glass lamp

Disney tinkerbell stained glass lamp

Add this true piece of art and beauty to your interior and enjoy an upgraded feel that it offers to your interior - this Tinkerbell stained glass lamp is a charming choice for your little ones' room.

Disney tinkerbell lamp 7

Walmart: Disney Tinker Bell Scallop Table Lamp, Multi-Color

Fairies lamp and shade fabric lampshade purple lamp fairy tinkerbell


Tinkerbell lamp 30

Make sure your little girl has a nice and beautiful piece like this Tinkerbell lamp in her room. It sports the amazingly detailed base with their favorite character and the traditional style of the shade.

Tinkerbell lamp i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant


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