Porcelain Rose Lamp


A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet, and a porcelain rose lamp by any other name would not glow as brightly. These porcelains rose lamps are beautiful and will fit well in any home especially if you're decorative style is a little more classic and warmer. Take a look at our extensive collection and pick your next porcelain rose lamp. We have a few to choose from.

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Our Picks

Vintage capodimonte porcelain lamp roses flowers pink floral regency decor

Vintage capodimonte porcelain lamp roses flowers pink floral regency decor

A beautiful table lamp that will turn heads wherever you place it. The piece is made of porcelain with wonderful, decorative roses at the top. It's supported on a pretty, brass base, which adds to the vintage character of the lamp.

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Porcelain rose lamp

A truly enchanting set of lamps. Porcelain rose finishing along with golden base, create a charming atmosphere. The lamps feature an urn form with figural wings and detailed flowers composition.

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Porcelain rose lamp 6

Excellent porcelain rose lamp designed with immense style and superb vintage appeal. The lamp is neatly glossed and finished in pearl white. It’s then topped with a well-sculpted rose, hanging neatly from one side and finished in pink for excellent style.

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Brass flower chandelier with porcelain

Brass flower chandelier with porcelain

Brass flower chandelier with porcelain roses and candle holders. Made from porcelain, with colorful flower design pattern in the shades. Cool and old-school brass finish makes it look like from another century.

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Porcelain rose lamp 8

Extra compact table lamp designed with impeccable vintage appeal. The lamp is constructed from porcelain, finished in a glossed white, and topped with a pink rose flower motif for elegant style. It also sits on a thick rounded base for safety and stability.

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Vintage cordey porcelain handled urn table lamp pink porcelain double

Vintage Cordey Porcelain Handled Urn Table Lamp Pink Porcelain Double ...

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Porcelain rose lamp 4

Well-built porcelain table lamp finished in white and accentuated with a beautiful flower imprint. The lamp also features a series of beautiful detailing and its superb vintage appeal will add immense character to any space.

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Gorgeous porcelian rose lamp

Gorgeous Porcelian Rose Lamp

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Best cottage vintage shabby chic french style porcelain rose lamps

Best cottage vintage shabby chic french style porcelain rose lamps

A pair of gorgeous table lamps in a vintage character. They feature a decorative, bronze base with a rose motif and beige, linen lamp shades with a lace at the edge. They lamps will give your space a rustic appearance.

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Antique oil lamp unique aladdin lamp

Antique oil lamp unique aladdin lamp

A charming, antique oil lamp that consists of two porcelain parts joined by a brass structure. White porcelain features two delicate, hand painted roses and a golden decoration at the edges. A cool, rustic accent of the room.

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Porcelain Rose Lamp

Buying Guide

The addition of lamps is not only a lovely feature in your home, but it's also a beautiful way of adding ambiance and lighting up dark corners. Utilizing a porcelain rose lamp doesn't have to be reserved only for bedrooms as they can make gorgeous additions to living rooms and hallways as well. With many options to consider, we're going to help narrow your focus here.

When selecting a porcelain rose lamp, especially if you're buying from an online retailer, don't take a photograph at face value. For example, smudges in the paint or other marks that appear like they could wash off may be irregularities, damage, or blemishes that have been baked into the glaze. The best recourse is to make your buying decisions in person. If this isn't possible, then request additional photographs from the seller if you aren't sure of the condition of the lamp. Maintaining the piece requires the use of porcelain cleaning products. Be sure not to scrub too harshly or else you may break or cause cracking in the delicate surface of the porcelain. Regular maintenance can include routine dusting to ensure build-up isn’t occurring.

Despite many lamp manufacturers using these words interchangeably, there's a difference between ceramic and porcelain. Therefore, when purchasing your porcelain rose lamp, it's critical you ensure it's genuine. Ceramic is a piece that's made from natural clay that's been mixed with water and various other formulations, shaped, glazed, and heated until hardened. Porcelain is a white body of clay with a chemical composition of silica, quartz, kaolin, and feldspar that's used for making very smooth pieces that are hardened by fire. Porcelain is still very smooth even without glaze whereas clay pieces aren't.

In home decor, porcelain lamps double as functional lighting and a way of adding artistic expression to interior spaces. Not only do these lamps vary in size from small to significantly large, but you can also find them in matched pairs for formal living rooms. When decorating a room, you can achieve a balanced look by placing a porcelain rose lamp on end tables featuring a wider top than the lampshade's bottom. Create unification in your room's design scheme by pairing porcelain lamps with the same color shade and base design on end tables in living rooms and on hallway tables. These styles will also work well in bedroom decor, as well.

The addition of vintage porcelain lamps to home decor adds a touch of class to decorating styles including Mid-Century Modern and shabby chic. Regarding a shabby chic living room, consider a porcelain lamp featuring pink roses with gold gilding against a snow-white background. Mid-Century Modern rooms could opt for the same rose pattern, but without the rose gilding, against a turquoise backdrop. The shape of the lamp base also plays into the style of the room. For example, a traditional room could feature a base in the shape of a ginger jar.

Best Ideas

Porcelain 24" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Porcelain 24" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

It is a table lamp that has got an empire shade, 24 inches high and is made of porcelain. If you looking for a table lamp with oriental pattern you need to buy this one. It is perfect for office space, bedroom and living room.

Rose Medallion 18.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Rose Medallion 18.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

18.5 inch high table lamp with bell shade and porcelain base. Additionally, the latter is hand crafted, hand painted and features finish inspired by the culture of the Far East. It can accommodate up to two 40 watt bulbs.

Porcelain rose lamp 25

Stunning lamp featuring a beautifully crafted gold-plated metal stand and a nicely finished porcelain base. The lamp is finished in white and topped with an impeccable rose flower motif in the middle for super elegance. It also features a unique antique look that will blow you away.

Porcelain rose lamp 3

Excellent porcelain table lamp featuring a vase-like design and a superb rounded base. The table lamp is finished in a nice white shade and topped with a red flower motif in the middle for the ultimate balance of colors. You also get several gold-plated accents to complete the design.

Details about vintage porcelain lamp with rose design


Vintage cordey porcelain lamp with shabby chic roses and gold

Vintage Cordey Porcelain Lamp with Shabby Chic Roses and Gold Trim

Tole porcelain rose floral shabby cottage chic lamp lamps photo

... Tole Porcelain Rose Floral Shabby Cottage Chic Lamp Lamps photo 4

Porcelain rose lamp 5

Porcelain Roses Lamp Like Granny's on one Kings Lane $455.00

Limoges lamps antique

So, someone decided to put the piece of art on the fabulous vase lamp. Painted rose, remindes of the greatest paintings. This porcelain rose lamp, with a beige shades and realistic hand painted flowers - can be called a lighting masterpiece.

Cordey porcelain handled urn table lamp pink porcelain double roses

... Cordey Porcelain Handled Urn Table Lamp Pink Porcelain Double Roses

Porcelain rose lamp 17


Porcelain rose lamp 3

Porcelain roses lamps are super sophisticated, hey? They remind me of my granny's living room, where she kept dozen of them. This beauty looks charming! I looove this tine roses around its base and beautiful rectangular lampshade!

Custom lamp royal albert old country roses teapot china lamp

Custom Lamp - Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot China Lamp ~ Beccas Treasures

Porcelain rose lamp 19

"Araña Cerámica 3 luces del antiguo Iluminación floral Made in Germany" Tiempos Antiguos y Modernos, aire Suavidad Coconfouato [Iluminación d ...