Vintage Milk Glass Lamp

Drawn out of antiquity, these vintage milk glass lamps are an elegant addition to a classically decorated home. They come in many styles, heights, and can go anywhere you need an attractive lamp. Don't know what a milk glass lamp is? Take a walk through this collection and get a feel for what was commonly a commonplace fixture in many homes.

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Vintage milk glass flower design

Vintage milk glass flower design
Made in the style of vintage milk glass lamps with solid brass construction is a perfect solution for any stylish interior. Beautiful decorative details make the interior of the living room gain an exciting atmosphere.

Vintage milk glass hobnail lamp pair

Vintage milk glass hobnail lamp pair
Authentic vintage hurricane lantern with hobnail design, milk white glass shade and fully working lighting mechanism, sold as a pair of identical pieces. The base features brass elements and some wire.

Vintage hobnail milkglass lamp hurricane

Vintage hobnail milkglass lamp hurricane
This wonderfully crafted vintage milk glass lamp is a beautiful combination of antique styling and functionality. Nice details fascinate by what the whole is presented correctly in the elegant lounge.

Matching pair vintage milk glass lamps

Matching pair vintage milk glass lamps
Gold and white is an immortal connection. This two pretty hobnail lamps with a metal accents are the wonderful addition to the vintage style living room or bedroom. The size (10.7 inches tall) causes that it will not be too decorative for any place you decide it to have in.

Vintage opaline glass andalusian lamp re

Vintage opaline glass andalusian lamp re
Thanks to this geometric lamp, your living room will shine like never before. Characterized by a vintage Arabic design, the lamp has a beautiful frame made of well-polished brass that is filled with triangle shards of milk glass.

Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp

Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp
Vintage lamps are cool, everyone knows that. This one here is made from milk glass and tin. It’s a shame we can’t see it lit, as we’re sure it would cast the most beautiful of reflexes!

Vintage hobnail white milk glass lamp hurricane lamp

Vintage hobnail white milk glass lamp hurricane lamp
Vintage lamp with a solid base that includes decorative carvings and accents. Upper area is made of milk glass with some decorations. Practical combination of glass and metal is very stylish and durable.

Our advice Buying Guide

Vintage milk glass lamps make elegant additions to rooms. While a lamp is often necessary for lighting living spaces, it's better to choose the one that's capable of adding some ambiance to a room where it was previously lacking. An effortless decorating feature like a milk glass lamp can drastically change a room's look and feel. There's a wide variety of milk glass lamps available in the market today, which means you're guaranteed to get the lamp that fits your decorating needs.

Milk glass lamps, as you may already know, are similar to porcelain glass lamps. They may or may not come painted with designs like flowers which provide the vintage pieces with personality and uniqueness. A lot of us think they're out of bounds as these lamps can come with a hefty price tag. Although we won't deny the fact that they can be expensive, that doesn't mean you need to go broke just to get a single vintage milk glass lamp. As a matter of fact, you'll be able to find a lamp that's fitting for your budget, style, and personal preferences.

What you'll find below is a couple of pointers that will help you choose the best milk glass lamp for your home. Check them out!

How are you going to use your milk glass lamp?

To get the best glass lamp for you, you first need to consider how you'll be using it. For instance, you may need it to give you sufficient light when you're reading. If so, then you need a lamp that's wide enough as it'll allow enough light to get diffused over where you plan to sit, relax, and read.

Where to display a vintage milk glass lamp?

After you decide on your new lamp's use, the next thing you need to consider is where you'll place the lamp. It is important that you identify the lamp's placement as it will give you an idea on whether you'll use it as a room's focal point or a light source and accessory that will complement your room's décor.

What size of bulbs are suitable for a milk glass lamp?

If your intention is to install a high wattage bulb, then you need a larger lamp or at least a vintage lamp that comes with a wide top opening to ensure that the heat that's created within the lamp is capable of escaping.

How to measure for a vintage milk glass lamp?

Lastly, you'd have to make sure that your lamp is at the right height and width so the switch and light socket are covered. If this proves to be difficult, you'll need to add a riser or put a harp of a different size. Both will help raise a shade.

Ideally, the shade's height should measure ¾ of the base's height. This means if you have a base that measures in at 24 inches in height, then the shade's height should be 16 inches tall. The width of the shade, on the other hand, should be of the same measurement to the base's diameter.


Vintage white milk glass hobnail lamp

Vintage white milk glass hobnail lamp
If you looking for a vintage decoration to the home library, bedroom, living room you have to choose this glass hobnail lamp, which has got the milk glass finish. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks in your home.

Vintage milk glass table lamp hobnail

Vintage milk glass table lamp hobnail
If you love antiques, you should buy this vintage element. It is old-fashioned table lamp with elegant kickstand. It has fancy shape and it is made of ceramic and brass. There is no lampshade, you can choose at will!

Vintage Milk Glass Table Lamp

Vintage Milk Glass Table Lamp
Decorative and very useful table lamp with a solid glass construction in neutral milk glass finish. This lamp provides good level of illumination at night and it also decorates tables and desks at day.

Vintage milk glass hobnail table lamp

Vintage milk glass hobnail table lamp
If you are a fan of vintage pieces, you just need this amazing milk glass table lamp. It features the aged brass accents, bell shaped shade and a light bulb in a set! Fits to French country or shabby chic style.

Retro vintage milk glass table lamp in

Retro vintage milk glass table lamp in
Finished with milk glass, this stylish pale pink table lamp will be a real bargain for all, who love vintage or retro design. Its original style will catch the attention of everyone entering the room.

Original art deco skyscraper milk glass

Original art deco skyscraper milk glass
Designed in Art Deco and boasting of vintage accents, this skyscraper lamp is perfect for any type of home decor. Made of milk glass with a brass chain, the lamp generates bright light, illuminating the whole room with soothing atmosphere.

Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Table Lamp

Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Table Lamp
Add this vintage table lamp to your bedroom, and enjoy the unique product. It is made of glass and silk with milk finish. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks on your nightstand.

Milk glass lamp 2

A pretty authentic vintage electric lamp. It's of milk glass and features a surface with lots of tiny convex beads. It looks like an oillamp, has a round foot with a beaded edge and a wavy top edge. A metal band above the foot has traces of tarnish.

Vintage milk glass lamp 11

These beautiful lamps made on a wooden base with milk glass are a beautiful way to decorate the interior. Nice decor and unusual design will bring to the room a slightly exotic oriental atmosphere.

Milk glass lamp

This milk glass lamp embodies the charm and warmth of the vintage items. Its creamy white, grail surface will fit into rustic or retro interiors, illuminating the space with a romantic glow.

Vintage old antique hanging cast iron kerosene lamp with milk

vintage old antique hanging cast iron kerosene lamp with milk

Found another lamp the milk glass part of it matches

found another lamp! The milk glass part of it matches my old lamp ...

Vintage white milk glass hobnail lamps by heartlandvintageshop

Vintage White Milk Glass Hobnail Lamps by HeartlandVintageShop

Vintage milk glass lamp southern vintage wedding rental

Vintage Milk Glass Lamp~ Southern Vintage Wedding Rental

Vintage milk glass lamps

vintage milk glass lamps

White hobnail lamp

Milk glass lamp. Just bought one of these at a flea market... any thoughts on what kind of shade to use?

Rare coolidge drape blue milk glass oil kerosene lamp in

Rare Coolidge Drape Blue Milk Glass Oil/Kerosene Lamp in Collectibles, Lamps, Lighting, Lamps: Non-Electric | eBay

Antique milk glass lamp 1

A chic vintage table lamp having a decorative base composed of a brass foot joined with a milk glass bulb. An upper part is built in a very similar way but a base has a wavy collar and a bulb is spherical. Bulbs feature cherub and floral designs.

Milk glass light

Vintage and glassware - does it say anything to you? It reminds us of the extraordinary elegance of this vintage milk glass lamp from ancient times. Looks like someone inside has spilled milk in it. It has an interesting structure on spherical elements.

Hobnail lamps

milk glass hobnail ruffled pendant. This is perfect, I inherited a large collection of Fenton hobnail milkglass. I really like the look of this light. I may incorporate rose bowls and light fixtures like this in both the kitchen and bathroom. -CAB

Milk glass hobnail

Truly gorgeous in its form, this table lamp improves anything it touches, emanating with soothing light, full of warmth and positive energy. The drum shade with a rose and blue ribbon looks, simply, exquisite, creating a perfect match to the beaded, white base and body.

Antique milk glass lamps

Life as a Thrifter: Fun Find: Hobnail Milk Glass Lamp

Vintage glass lamp base

Vintage table lamp stylised on kerosene lamp. It has very stylish lampshade made of old, ceramic vase - it is decorated of hand-painted flower and little stripes. It will play its role the best as a night light.

Milk glass table lamp 45

These two table lamps offer a nice option of bringing and inviting some retro appeal to your home setting and with the milk-glass finish of the base that blends perfectly with a wide variety of shades they will instantly elevate your decor.

Pink fenton silvercrest cased glass lamp

Pink Fenton Silvercrest Cased Glass Lamp

White hobnail milk glass

Table lamp decorated with floral theme. Base is made of metal and milk glass. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Amazing vintage milk glass hob nob hurricane lamp works perfectly

Amazing Vintage Milk Glass Hob Nob Hurricane Lamp. Works perfectly ...

Milk glass hobnail lamp

70's era milk glass lamp refinished in blue powder coat with gold pearl.

White milk glass lamps

Antique Milkglass fixtures

Vintage blue and green floral milk glass lamp by mymilkglassshop

Vintage Blue and Green Floral Milk Glass Lamp by mymilkglassshop, $24.50

Aniston 26" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Aniston 26" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

White vintage lamp

Antique design for an old-fashioned, vintage harvest bowl with a lid, made entirely out of white ceramic. The bowl is made in a decorative shape with depictions of grapes and leaves all over the frame, which gives the piece a nice finish.

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Ruby milk glass vintage table oil lamp

Ruby & Milk Glass Vintage Table Oil Lamp

Lighting america an adjustable height holder oil lamp blue diamond

lighting, America, An adjustable height [holder, oil] lamp, blue diamond font, milk glass shade, [brass frame with finger loop]. circa 1876-1925

Vintage hobnail milk glass lamps

Vintage Hobnail Milk Glass Lamps

Vintage milk glass hurricane lamp

Vintage Milk Glass Hurricane Lamp

Fenton Art Glass, Hobnail Pattern, Identification & Value Guide

Vintage italian murano cased glass pendant chandelier found at www

A charming Italian style vintage hanging lamp in the shape of a slender pear or vase. It is constructed of a beautiful frame of black metal wires with delicate scrolls filled with quality milk glass.

Fenton hobnail lamp

love hobnail glass!

Lamp Shade White Glass Traditional 10'' Fitter | Renovator's Supply

Vintage fenton hobnail amberina glass fairy lamp unmarked by garagesaleglass

Vintage Fenton Hobnail Amberina Glass Fairy Lamp Unmarked by GarageSaleGlass, $24.99

Vintage light fixture

Vintage light fixture