Cranberry Glass Lamps

Cranberry is such a lovely shade and if you appreciate the fruit or the color then you'll love our collection of lamps. These are quite fetching and come in more styles than you can possibly imagine. From everything starting in hurricane lamps and working its way all up to more modern styles, we guarantee we have the cranberry lamp that will fit your home perfectly.

Best Products

Fenton hobnail cranberry glass lamp

Fenton hobnail cranberry glass lamp
This original reddish lamp is an original option of creating sensual atmosphere into your interior. Can be used in any room. Made of high-quality material would be very durable and will attract a lot of attention.

Vintage fenton cranberry opalescent glass hobnail gwtw lamp

Vintage fenton cranberry opalescent glass hobnail gwtw lamp
Having a fancy centerpiece and feet, stands 24.5 inches tall with chimney, Shade is 10 inches tall, 7 inches top ruffle diameter, 4-inch shade fitter, the frosted chimney is 12 inches tall, 3-inch fitter.

Fenton gwtw lamp ruby red glass gold

Fenton gwtw lamp ruby red glass gold
An exquisite choice for brightening up your home with old-fashioned shine. The 1950's table lamp is very beautiful, designed of cranberry glass with gold accents. It stands on a round, black and white marble base.

Vintage Cranberry Glass Lamp

Vintage Cranberry Glass Lamp
Vintage hurricane hanging lamp with half-translucent glass cranberry base. For those who'd like to variegate their interior ambiance a bit with a fine retro accent that complements the existing lighting.

Vintage pair of etched cranberry glass

Vintage pair of etched cranberry glass
A pair of flawless table lamps for decorating your home with antique chicness and breathtaking silhouette. They are charatcerized by cranberry glass hurricanes with brass metal accents, standing on white marble square bases.

Antique fenton cranberry glass lamp w milk glass base

Antique fenton cranberry glass lamp w milk glass base
A wonderful antique electric table lamp modelled on a kerosene one. Its grooved pedestal base is of milk glass, ovalish 'tank' and tulip-like lampshade - of glass in purples with white floral motifs, 'chimney' - of clear glass, fittings - of brass.

Antique cranberry glass lamp victorian duplex banquet lamp

Antique cranberry glass lamp victorian duplex banquet lamp
The cover of this oil lamp seems to be a flower. It has a trendy ombre, finished in raspberry color. The oil lamp is made of cranberry glass. Introduces a unique antiquity atmosphere of Regency, or Victorian times.

Our advice Buying Guide

A specific type of glass lamp which looks beautiful at Christmas, but also every other day of the year, cranberry lamps are a unique and interesting accessory to consider. The cranberry color means that it's difficult to miss this lamp when you walk into the room, and it is ideally suited to homes which already have some red décor, or are themed mainly with brown or black shades. Before buying, let's take a look at some of the points you should consider.

Where should I put the lamp?

A key step to think about before buying any medium or large pieces of furniture for your home is where you are going to position it. People may wonder why this is such a crucial step – can't you just buy the lamp and then decide later where to put it? Although some people may have the luxury of doing that, a lot of people will have limited places in their homes which will be suitable for a cranberry glass lamp.

Many people choose a small side table as the place to put their glass lamp. While this is a suitable place, you should be careful not be buy an item which is so large that it blocks any views. If you have a table in between two seats in the living room, ensure that any lamps positioned between the seats don't obstruct the view.

Which style of cranberry glass lamp should I get?

One of the main reasons people choose a cranberry glass lamp is because it gives off a warm ambiance and contributes towards a cozy atmosphere. There are styles which will accentuate this, such as darker shades of glass or longer slimmer shapes, and there are others which will create less of a warm red effect. You should decide which effect you prefer, as this will help you to decide which lamp to buy.

The tulip shape is a popular style for cranberry glass lamps, since the color resembles common flowers such as roses and tulips. This can suit red floral wallpaper, or furniture which has elements of red designs. However, any style of cranberry glass lamps work very well alongside plain wooden furniture, such as cherry or oak wood.

What do I need a cranberry glass lamp for?

Some people choose glass lamps for their workspaces, so the primary purpose is to give off some extra light. Others want the lamp for a bedroom, where it will induce sleep and create a warm effect.

Some cranberry lamps are adjustable, allowing you to swivel the lamp around or point the light at a certain angle. Others allow you to adjust the height of the lamp, which is a useful feature in many circumstances.

Decide before you buy whether you want any extra features for your lamp. Once you've purchased it, there is usually no scope to customize the lamp, and doing so could come with more costs than simply buying an entirely new lamp.


Vintage ruby glass hurricane oil lamp

Vintage ruby glass hurricane oil lamp
If you loves old-fashioned style, this antique oil lamp will be perfect for you! It has beautiful kickstand made of red glass and glazed lampshade. It is not only pretty, but also very useful for when the electric goes out!

Vintage fenton student lamp coin dot cranberry glass nightlight base

Vintage fenton student lamp coin dot cranberry glass nightlight base
Students' nightlife, as well as their nightly education, obliged them to have appropriate lamps, preferably economical in use. Here is an oil vintage cranberry glass amp made of delicate glass, for a student who likes a pink shade.

Antique fenton glass lamps

This cranberry glass lamp is made of gold dust spun with a beautiful pink glass finish. It is a perfect way to recreate the cool, vintage ambience. Hanged on wall, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Lighting antique cranberry lighting antique glass lighting antique oil

... lighting antique cranberry lighting antique glass lighting antique oil

Cranberry glass lamps 1

This antique New England etched cranberry glass oil lamp catches the attention with its bulbous shaped reservoirs etched with overall floral decoration. Ruby red ball marble finials and custom paper shades included. Measures 26" H.

011135 cranberry glass hanging lamp c 1880 h 10


Antique new england etched cranberry glass oil lamps c1880 for

... antique New England etched cranberry glass oil lamps c1880 - For Sale

Pair of cranberry glass font table lamps

Pair of cranberry glass font table lamps

Fenton cranberry glass

Simple and very effective cranberry glass lamp is an excellent way to original design. Beautiful oil lamp Victorian charm impresses with a beautiful lampshade and fine detail of the base. A good solution to the old interior design.

Cranberry glass lamps

The gorgeous combination of pink and gold in this beautiful cranberry glass lamp makes the decor unique. Unusual details and fine form make the light a real treat for lovers of vintage styling and accessories.

Fenton cranberry daisy fern lamp with prisms

Fenton Cranberry Daisy Fern Lamp with Prisms

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Cranberry nicci hurricane table lamp

Cranberry Nicci Hurricane Table Lamp

Fenton glass lamps cranberry

A sweet example of a cranberry glass lamp. Although it does not mean that it has this fruit in the middle of a round shapes - it offers us a raspberry color of glass, combined with greenery and an iron topper with an iron handle in vintage style.

Cranberry glass diamond elegante lamp listed in cranberry glass 1

... cranberry glass diamond elegante lamp listed in cranberry glass

Cranberry glass lamps 1

With such a fabulous table lamp, your home will be shining like never before. Designed in Victorian style, the lamp holds an imperial shade that hangs on an urn-like cranberry glass body attached to the gold-finished base.

Home glass lamp shades by shade style cranberry stained glass

home glass lamp shades by shade style cranberry stained glass lamp ...

Fenton oil lamps

Unusual bohemian type red/cranberry glass victorian candle holder

Vintage red lamp

Table lamp in the unique shape. It is made of colorful glass and finished with interesting pattern. Sophisticated addition for each room according to taste and need.

Cranberry glassware antique

Converted into electric, so to adapt it to the contemporary needs, this antique lamp enchants both with its ornate base, as well as beautifully cranberry lamp shade. Representing the Victorian style, it will add style and chic to your interiors.

Cranberry glass lamps 2

Sporting an immensely stylish and beautiful base this glass lamp will truly make for a wonderful choice for your interior and will really elevate the look of your home study or office with the pink tone of its structure.

Cranberry glass lamps 4

Vintage Cranberry Glass Lamp

Cranberry depression glass

Choose original beauty with this cranberry glass lamp that sports the antique structure and look and will add a bit of color and elegance to your space, while letting you bask in the glory of the olden days.

Cranberry glass lamps bing images

Cranberry Glass Lamps - Bing Images

August 5 features our vintage cranberry glass lamps

August 5 features our vintage cranberry glass lamps!

Victorian antique cranberry glass lamp converted to electric 1

Enchanting with its ornately designed silhouette, this antique cranberry glass lamp (converted to an electric one) embodies perfectly well the intricate Victorian design.

Lamp unique shape in glassware fenton glass show tell fenton

... lamp unique shape in glassware fenton glass show tell fenton glass 199

Cranberry glass oil lamp

Vintage Fenton lamp cast in metal, outfitted in cranberry opalescent glass with classic retro hobnail pattern. The shade sports petals shaped, flowing lines top. The base is dressed in globe shaped glass to match.

Antique victorian oil lamp having an original cranberry pink shade

Antique Victorian Oil Lamp having an Original Cranberry Pink Shade with Pink Glass Font supported by Brass Base ~ Circa 1900

Ruby glass lamp

Miniature Opalescent "Cranberry with White Swirl" Oil Lamp !!!

Vintage cranberry glass

Finished in a beautiful cranberry colour, this antique lamp shade enchants with its rustic appeal and unique tulip shape. It will create an inimitable lighting experience in the evening.

Brass oil lamp w original cranberry glass shade

Brass oil lamp w/ original cranberry glass shade

Cranberry glass lamp 3


Cranberry glass lamps 3


Cranberry glass lamps 6

Gorgeous fairy lamp

Kichler Lighting Posies 1-Light 12-Volt Landscape Path & Spread Light

Vintage fenton lamps

Delighting with the characteristic Cranberry lamp shade, this floor standing oil lamp will be a real bargain for all antique fans. It stands on an antique brass, solid base.

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Fenton cranberry hobnail lamp

Fenton cranberry glass lamp

Cranberry glass lamp shade

cranberry glass lamp shade

Cranberry glass lamps 3

I LOVE antique ruby glass. depression glass etc

Cranberry glass lamp we just got from our favorite shop

Cranberry glass lamp we just got from our favorite shop. - Dusty Old Thing

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